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  • Delilah T.

    Medieval? Worse than that! Hiram Mann’s poem is floating around in this.

    Wait – do I hear muskets loading?

    • Kafiroon

      I do Not plan on going gently or Quietly into that night they plan for me.
      Violently very loud.

    • Old Codger

      For those like me who were not already aware of the Mann poem.

      “No man survives when freedom fails
      The best men rot in filthy jails
      And those who cry ‘appease, appease’
      Are hanged by those they tried to please.”

      ~ Hiram Mann

      I think that, were Mann writing this today, the final line would be:
      Are beheaded by those they tried to please.

      I also think that if the Muzzies’ Caliphate comes to be, the estimates for the duration of the coming dark ages (1,000 years) is off by at least an order of magnitude – if not more!

  • But if they get rid of the white men, who will build the next great civilization to replace the one they’ll destroy once we’re gone?
    They won’t be able to maintain this one once we’re gone.

    • Kafiroon

      That is why it will be known in the future as “The Dark Ages 2.0”

      IF, they ever come out of it. IF.

      • Ain’t happenin’.

    • eon

      They believe they’ve evolved beyond the need for “civilization”, and indeed they loathe even the word.

      Their utopia will be Mystical and Enlightened, and everything will be done simply because they will it. Because their Will must always Triumph.

      Sound familiar?

      If you can find an unabridged copy of Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergiers’ book The Morning of the Magicians, Part Two, titled “A Few Years In The Absolute Elsewhere” is an illuminating read. The resemblance in philosophy, tactics, and unreality of modern day progressivism to Nazism is amazing. Even to Vegenism and a government campaign against smoking, not to mention rabid anti-Semitism. (They just disguise it as “I don’t hate Jews, just Israel” today.)

      Please note that the common version available for free online excises this entire section of the book. I guess they don’t want to upset precious snowflakes who want to read about the miracles of alchemy and etc.

      clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      — But if they get rid of the white men, who will build the next great civilization to replace the one they’ll destroy once we’re gone. —

      Um. Robert Mugabe?

    • John Trauger

      Don’t be silly. White men won’t be gone. They’ll still even be in charge.

      I mean, have you looked at the Democrat leadership?

  • JTC

    “your elite your end”

    It would almost be worth giving them that wish, just to see how long it would take for their beloved OTW to turn on them and devour them…and the shock on their faces as they are consumed…”no wait, we are TOLERANT of you!”

  • Jack Deth72


    Damon is trying to channel Idris Elba’s “Gunslinger” from ‘The dark tower’.

    And Zed is just being Zed….

    Who will The Left trot out to play “The Man In Black”?

    • Pamela

      The Man in Black will not be Bill Clinton or Anthony Wiener. Who on the left is able to channel their inner Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jung and any other bat shit crazy waiting for their turn to shine in the wings.

  • Pamela

    Access to “Healthcare” and Insurance Coverage are two separate things.
    The crux of the matter is some people do not want to pay their own way and get someone else to pick up the tab for both. Morning Joe has his head up his ass trying to lick his tonsils. Everything has a price and the lefty loonies want everyone else to pony up for all the goodies and not pay their own way. As to a new era of tolerance if “White Guys” are done away with, hey bitches your desire as little girls not being able to pee standing up has warped your version of reality.

    • No one has a right to anything that must be provided by another.
      “Free” anything, whether healthcare, education, housing, or food makes slaves out of taxpayers.

      • Exactly. Perfectly said.

  • WayneM

    Here’s a thought… Let’s look around the world at every country where caucasians are not the majority and spot how many are peaceful and tolerant. There are a few of them but they all have one thing in common… they are homogeneous populations, not multiculturalism.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    No whites? “The Dark Ages”
    Well played, well played. Nice double play. And anyone who objects doesn’t know history. Of course, I know Damon is joking.

  • caved1ver01

    No whites equates to no modern civilization. Additionally, when the next extraterrestrial phenomenon that has the potential to wipe out humanity like the dinosaurs, e.g., an asteroid, presents itself it will likely be evil WHITE MALES that save humanity.

  • The_Basseteer

    I’m 70, I will not “Die like a cow in the straw.” “The Thirteenth Warrior” –Micheal Crichton

    • At 30, I believed that I was destined to die laying in bed, shot by an angry husband.
      Now, at 60, I am coming to believe that I am destined to die on my feet, shot by a frightened government.

      • Old Codger

        My preferred way of checking out would be to die 2 weeks after my 105th birthday, shot by the jealous husband of a 20 year old.

        • NotYetInACamp

          That would be me shooting you. 🙂
          That would be my woman.

      • Pamela

        Peter~ the future is unwritten and what you are talking about it the last page of your own story. Don’t go there.

    • Delilah T.

      You know, no matter what you do, you’re still gonna die some day, so you might as well dump the gloom-and-doom right where it stands, right now, and enjoy what time you have ahead of it. It would be a bitter thing to look back at what you missed out on doing.

      • Old Codger

        Well, of course, Delilah. Pete’s merely saying he doesn’t expect to die in bed. Everything I’ve seen of Pete tells me he is living life to the fullest.

        How’s the scooter running, Catman?

      • Pamela

        Delilah ~Why is it the Guys always think they are going to die in bed being shot by a jealous husband of a 20 year old? The 20 year old might under stand the mechanics of love making, but is lacking the subtlety and skill in dealing with a man with some miles on him.

  • TJ

    It’s not about race. It’s about culture, and the ability to perceive reality and build on it.
    I will take Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell (despite his support for BHO, and thank God that I can now type that without the “P” in front – the “pbuh” at the end was always optional) and Walter Williams over the whole of self-hating white academia.

    • JTC

      Add this guy to that list:

      Well before the election, he was the first to recognize and call the Trump and Deplorables cascade for what it is, the Pragmatics…far from what passes for Republican or even strictly conservative, they are anti-leftists who have risen up to save themselves, the country, and the world. Smart insightful man. And now another feather in his fighting cap, he’s banned from Facefuck…pretty rarified atmosphere in that group…like DBD f’r instance.

      No TJ, it’s not about race, it’s about racism, as a mechanism to foment hatred of regular whites by elite whites to invite and incite OTW’s to kill off whitey’s culture and take whitey’s stuff.

      Except them of course, they’re “tolerant”. Right.

  • JTC

    You’d think “elites” could take a look south and see the fate that awaits them as they steal the golden eggs and kill the goose that laid them. But they don’t and they won’t, any more than their media; the lot of them are blind to the irony…this story is by the NYT and there’s not even a glimmer that they understand the parallel.

    • They’re not blind to the irony, they believe that they are too smart to fail.
      As once did the elites down south.

      • JTC

        Yes, but that belief in their infallibility in the face of that direct example and history being littered with others, is the very definition blindness.

        Or insanity. Or both. Yep, that’s it…both.

        • NotYetInACamp

          But its different this time!

          Maybe they have the “right” people doing it this time?


          • Pamela

            In this case, the Borg are in a different quadrant of the Universe.

  • Halley

    “Progressives” always claim they want an honest “national dialogue” about race, when in fact it is the very, very last thing they want.

    And who gave them the right to deign themselves “progressive” (without scare quotes) when everyone knows they are merely petty reactionaries? In whatever’s left of their depleted brain cells, they’re already in the Dark Ages.

    • Delilah T.

      They want to follow a more ‘natural’ way of living, right? I think that’s their big schtick, or something like it.

      So, how many of them are homesteading, growing enough food to get through 2 years, making their own clothing, using non-commercial products like their own homemade soap, etc., etc., ? And are any of them willing to give up their electronic toys, ‘special’ coffee stuff, other nonsense too high volume to list?
      It’s nice to be young, naive and idealistic, following the herd while the head bullshitter sucks the brains out of you, but some day, they’ll wake up, realize that they’ve hit mid-50s, and have done nothing with their lives except annoy people. And that’s if they manage to survive that long.

      • Pamela

        Delilah the only thing they will be worrying about in their mid 50’s is trying to figure out who to blame for no one wanting to assist them in using their ED med Prescription. Even the ones that a person would need to pay won’t touch them.

  • Lady Thatcher, I believe, was one of the ones that commented about “what happens when you run out of everybody else’s money”.

  • Bill G

    “This is known as Bad Luck”. RAH

    • Halley

      and “never underestimate the power of human stupidity”…

  • Mort

    I have thought for a long time that just as the fall of Rome
    helped bring on the “Dark Ages”, that the fall of the USA
    would bring on the second “Dark Ages”, because whether
    anyone wants to admit it or not, the USA has been the
    ‘de facto’ leader of the world since the end of World War II.
    Chris`s bringing this to attention, may help to stop that
    from happening.

    • eon

      See Arnold Toynbee’s theory of cyclical history. The short form is that all civilizations evolve toward a Universal State; his example was the Roman Empire.

      This State’s existence is not the sign of a civilization’s peak, but rather of the beginning of its fall. The State goes through a Time of Troubles, with increasing unrest and violence, culminating in its collapse.

      Then comes the Interregnum, the period before the beginning of the rise of the next civilization. This is the true “Dark Age”.

      At the time he created this theory, Toynbee identified seven existing civilizations or empires on Earth; the West, Russia, China, Japan, the various African cultures, the indigenous cultures of Southeast Asia, and Islam.

      He stated that of the seven, only the West was NOT already well into the collapse stage. It was just at the Universal State stage.

      BTW, that was about ninety years ago.

      He also stated that in most cases, a single religion is the glue that holds a civilization together. He opined that Christianity “took over” the Roman Empire precisely because prior to its foundation, Rome had no actual single unifying religion.

      Islam has been trying to supplant Christianity for the last fourteen centuries. It now vies with secular progressivism (“There is no God, only me”) to conquer the West.

      Most religions in history have held that their believers are perfect, and thus entitled to rule everyone else. Islam and progressivism follow this pattern exactly. (“Obey me or DIE!”)

      Judaism and Christianity break that paradigm. Teaching that only God is without sin. But not “perfect”- He is capable of error. Scripture is mainly the record of His attempts to correct errors, some more successful than others.

      This may explain why narcissistic egomaniacs hate Judaism and Christianity. And conquerors tend to be narcissistic egomaniacs.

      clear ether


      • Kafiroon

        In consideration of that, I would expect an Islamic take over would rule for a long time. With internecine warfare constantly keeping everyone on a somewhat equal footing, any rebellion would still be Islamic. Who would be strong enough to oppose them? Maybe ruthless Chinese?

        • eon

          As Wretchard points out in the Three Conjectures;

          Even if Islam killed every non-Muslim on earth they would almost certainly continue to kill each other with their new-found weaponry (WMDS). Revenge bombings between rival groups and wars between different Islamic factions are the recurring theme of history. Long before 3,000 New Yorkers died on September 11, Iraq and Iran killed 500,000 Muslims between them. The greatest threat to Muslims is radical Islam; and the greatest threat of all is a radical Islam armed with weapons of mass destruction.

          Islam is a tribalist, clan-based culture operating on the “Me and my brother against everybody else including anyone in my own family I don’t like” principle.

          Once “infidels” are no longer a factor in Islamic supremacy (either dead or enslaved), the Islamists will first purge any Muslim they consider insufficiently Islamist, then any Islamist they consider “not part of my sect”.

          Then the clan feuds will continue. Some of them have gone on for centuries. “Your great-great-great-great-grandfather stole my great-great-great-great-great-granduncle’s goat when he was six, so I’m going to kill you, your wives, your children and all your relations and take all your property, including your goats.”

          And even after that stage, Islamists will be arguing- and killing each other- over which of them is the one, singular, Most Perfect Servant Of Allah. Because he gets Paradise on Earth.

          A culture which believes that the answer to all questions is to scream “WAAAAHHH! KILL EVERYBODY!!” is bad enough with tulwars, muskets and maybe Mauser rifles.

          With nuclear, biological and chemical weapons they’re a fucking Extinction Level Event. For themselves as well as everybody else.

          clear ether


  • Delilah T.

    Gee whiz, you are so gloomy!!!! Seriously, it’s Mercury retrograding from Earth signs into Fire. We just got through one Merc retro and there are two more coming up: August 12 (Virgo) to September 5 (Leo), and the last one is December 3 to Dec. 22, entirely in Sagittarius (Fire).
    This last one coincided with Earth Day/Science Day marches where the noise was loud and the protesters wore clothing made of synthetics derived from petroleum and left behind piles of trash.
    Mark my words, there will be another episode in late summer, even messier, with louder and more vile rhetoric, and then the final one in December, in the middle of a freaking blizzard.
    Have a little faith, stock up on your favorite comestibles and drinks. And buckle your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride for THEM.

    • John

      Not so bumpy as to shake loose their convictions I daresay.
      I’m afraid the Return to Reason will be long in coming.
      Perhaps Heinlein had it right The only solution is simply to escape their clutches and let them suffer the consequences of their own making.

    • Delilah T.

      I’m not so sure about that, darlin’. There are more people at football games than there are at those silly protests. There were more Cubs fans at the October 2016 Cubs homecoming parade than there were at the protest marches in January 2017. Frenzy can only last so long before it peters out.

    • Pamela

      Don’t forget to keep plenty of 00 Buck ready, and I hope no one invites Willy and Peter to the temper tantrum parties being thrown.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The dark Ages were caused in western Civilization by a murderous controlling pedophile slaver cult breaking out of the Arabian Peninsula and rapidly conquering Egypt, North Africa and much of Spain and quickly fighting in Europe to conquer it.
    Charles Martel defeated the cult’s forces near Tours France in the 700’s and then continued driving them out of France.
    The loss of The Mediterranean Sea as a safe economical travel zone and the loss of the breadbasket of Western Civilization of Egypt were contributing factors to the dark Ages which effected different areas of Europe over time. North Africa lost its food producing capability quickly as the goat owning cult members would place their 60 plus goats per family in the dhimini Christian farm fields. The “obviously” superior cult civilization sent the topsoil into the Mediterranean Sea like it was supposed to be after the ground plants were removed by the goats. There is a layer of silt on the bottom of the Mediterranean that can be identified from this culturally superior event.
    The loss of the Middle Eastern Christian areas that were the heart of the early church removed much of the intellectual discussion from Western Civilization. Rome and Constantinople did not fall to the initial onslaught. The lack of efficient water transport hamstrung Western Civilization. The loss of the library at Alexandria destroyed most of the accumulated knowledge. 10% of the library was saved and transcribed by Muslim scholars who had converted from Christianity so that they would not be executed in the cult god’s name. So the great cult achievement was that 10% of the accumulated written knowledge at the Alexandria Egypt library was saved by former Christians now in the cult.
    Without white men it will bw timw for slavery to return. The slave markets in place in Libya and formerly in Syria can expand worldwide. The million plus slaves the cult captured near the Mediterranean Sea after it spread can be tried again. The highly desired blonde slave girls will be in lesser number as the previous invasions removed so many and the seed of the cult members was passed into much of the area by rape , as called for by the cult’s law.

    The cult law is to kill them all if they do not submit. That is the rules of the game they have set up. Those are now the rules.
    When do we play? Doing unto them as they have done to others is the only way this cult has ever been defeated. As I stated, when do we play?

    And Morning Joe is marrying his co host, a member of the evil Brzezinski clan.

    • Old Codger

      NYAC, slavery very much still exists – in every part of the globe held in thrall by that “murderous controlling pedophile slaver cult” you mentioned. It will merely return to the places where its scourge has been eradicated. Seems those cultists have yet to achieve a level of civilization such that slavery is no longer needed or desired.

      If there is one aspect to the coming dark age which is at all pleasant to contemplate, it is this. No Muslim country feeds itself so when the current world-girdling civilization falls it will be the Muslim nations which are hardest hit by the famine resulting from the collapse of the transport web.Without Western food to keep their masses from starving and Western technology keeping other things functioning, the nations under Islam will starve and their effete elites will suddenly have to learn to live as did their ancestors – in camel hair tents in the broiling heat of their native homelands.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The oil price rise caused by the cartel and the embargo resulted in such a mass of cash that the Muslims intentionally grew their mass of protoplasm in the ummah to such a point that they had masses of warriors available for jihad. No education of any substance necessary except Sharia law.

        The Muslim arab nations will mostly starve after losing food importation. They will, of course, immediately attack any target in order to obtain food.
        Israel likely will have to nuke all nearby Muslim populations that could reach them before they starved, in defense of their lives.
        The 79,000,000 Turks will immediately be forced to invade Europe.

    • Pamela


      I am truly amazed at your knowledge base and that is not an easy thing to do. How fast will the LibProgs change their tune when the slavers come for their children? How fast will any kind of Guns and Ammo suddenly be OK to own and carry, and MY RIGHT to Bear Arms will not be infringed. with that crowd.

  • NotYetInACamp

    By the way, if Trump needs people to rise up in the good effort he seems to have begun in the fight of reconquest by America, I’m in the fight. He still is the best this nation has put at the top in a very long time. But he has ventured into a very evil Swamp.

  • S'aaruuk

    Damon’s comment in the 2nd panel had a familiar ring to it. I think it was a line Dan Ackroyd…”Beldar” said to someone in “Coneheads”.

    • Chris Muir

      Hah!Someone got it! I thank you, Earth reader!

    • Old Codger

      How any parent could do such a thing is beyond me. But then Golda Meir had the right of it so long ago:

      “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

      (Note: The above quote might be spurious but that does not make it any less true.)

      • NotYetInACamp

        Their god instructs them to hate the jews. Their god does not demand that they love their children.
        Golda knew a few things from experience.

        • Pamela

          I’m wondering when the Boss Man will render them and any convert sterile. Outside of smiting all of them from the face of the earth. To willingly destroy the Gift of Innocent lives demands a heavy price be paid. They have already forfeited their souls and damned their houses, do they also seek being abjured by the Lord God…

      • Kafiroon

        I don’t quite see what makes that comment spurious. The various Arabs, secular, Christian or Muslim that I know in Israel, that dot on, love, their children, want peace for them and their children’s future.

  • Andrew Benghazi

    Billy Beck calls it “The Endarkenment”.

  • mort

    France may come to regret not electing Marine Le Pen.

    I hope that President Trump is able to avoid the last
    phase of Alexander Tytler`s “Bondage to Bondage”.
    If you`ve never read it, it follows the thinking that a
    Democracy lasts about 200 + – years, I know we`re
    not supposed to be a Democracy, but tell it to a Lib-Pro.
    They already think we are a Social-Democracy.
    Now, that we have Pres. Trump, the Protards are reading
    the Constitution, surprise! We are a Republic.
    You`re responsible for your actions.

    • Old Codger

      Sorry, mort, but you’re only responsible for your actions if someone HOLDS you responsible.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I will not touch the dangerous third rail or nature and nurture and any differences that could and have arisen.

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