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  • Bob in Houston

    I think its actually more of a shade of cowardly yellow.

  • Wayne

    “Purchased” would indicate Boehner has some value.

  • PlainBill

    Orange is, after all, simply yellow and red. How appropriate!

    • RooftopVoter

      Well stated.

  • Uffdaphil

    Over the hill Rent Boy is how I think of the average lifer on the hill.

  • Bill G

    Faith and begorra! An Orangeman! And doesn’t that just explain a lot!

  • Bad Cyborg

    Sorry, Chris, but I do NOT get the “orange” reference. Could (or someone else here who got it) please explain? I know you’re making a statement here (beyond the corrupt politician one – which goes without saying) but I don’t know what it is.

    • RooftopVoter

      Nope, pretty sure sometimes red mixed with yellow is simply orange.

      It is still appropriate his metal matches his color……. ORANGE.

    • Chris Muir

      What OweninGA said.

  • OweninGA

    Bad Cyborg,

    Mr. Boehner has over the years had some very orange fake tans and this has become one of the means of referring to him ever since. He seems to enjoy his spray on tans, though his staffers have tried to deny his tans are fake, no one that I know turns orange in the sun like he does.

    • Bad Cyborg

      Thanx for the update. Had no idea. Guess if he didn’t have a coupl’a little vanities and conceits he wouldn’t have gone into politics. Damned few normal people in that game.

  • Gideon Reed

    The luck of the bad draw and excessive use of tanning parlours, and poor selection of tanning lotions. Many MANY years ago regular people who could not afford the luxury of skin lotions used a mixture of iodine and baby oil. Bad and dangerous? You bet. FDA & EPA. Did not exist. Good times. Good times.

  • LifeofTheMind

    An honest politician is one who stays bought. The common herd can only be rented.

  • “Orange is The New Black.” – Even as much as I liked Taylor Schilling in Altas Shrugged (Part 1), That show is unwatchable.

  • Jedi Loki

    Bad Cyborg;

    Watch Boehner on TV sometime (as painful as that may be).

    The orange is in reference to his usual orange glow that looks like a bad spray on tan job.

  • Ray Van Dune

    I believe Boehner actually has a medical condition that causes the orangish coloration of his skin. I dislike his politics, but I will just observe that if he was black or a woman he would not be mocked this particular way.

    • Oliver Heaviside

      If he was black, he wouldn’t be orange…. 😉

  • Hungry Joe

    Not only he is orange, but he was raised on the milk of my goats!

    • B Woodman

      NOw THAT’S a visual image I wish I could erase!

  • According to Wikipedia, “his father was of German descent and his mother had German and Irish ancestry”. Given his mother’s Irish ancestry, his color would preclude him from from visiting his ancestors in Ireland, except those living in Ulster.

  • Bill

    The real question is are there any tan lines………

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