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  • Lon Mead


  • JIMV

    Eventually the right will shoot back and then who knows what will happen!

    • We will remove them from the equation, En masse.

  • Grunt GI

    Shouldn’t that hat on his head be pink? Ya know, the ol’ pink pussy hat.
    Likely the closest metrosexual man-child will get to the real thing.

    I quickly noticed that all my liberal FB peeps (yes I have them) quickly picked up the hint from the WaPo leak from the “independent” counsel and quickly changed the subject away from liberal political terrorism. Nary a peep from them about this nut jobs hit list.

    After all, it’s just part of the #Resistance, right?

    • Grunt GI

      OH, don’t these stupid f++ks realize the hell that would rain down on them if their Trump assassination fetish comes true?

      Shoot, all through Obummer’s Presidency I prayed for his safety…oyyy the last thing I wanted was for that loser to become a sainted martyr. Does these poltroons not realize what the 63 million Trump voters might do if some knuckle head actually takes a shot or something equally as stupid?

      I hope the rhetoric calms down, but honestly, the vitriol is all the left has…no agenda, no better ideas, no solutions to real world problem, just Trump hate.

      I don’t know and certainly hope, that it will be enough to get them the election gains they need in 2018 to actually impeach the Donald…but it’s their fetish fantasy.


      • I donโ€™t know and certainly hope, that it will be enough to get them the election gains they need in 2018 to actually impeach the Donaldโ€ฆbut itโ€™s their fetish fantasy.

        Say what? Pardon me, but this sounds like you are one of them. Are you?

        • Grunt GI

          Argh. Proof reading at midnight sucks. Should have said “I don’t know, but THEY CERTAINLY HOPE it will be enough”.
          My point was all the left has is anger. No message, no plan to help average Americans, just rage.

      • Halley

        It certainly appears that what is happening is an attempted coup, as the psychedelic parade of absurd “investigations” doesn’t even have a false veneer of legitimacy left. The anti-American Left cannot accept that power was (mercifully!) wrested from their clutches at the ballot box and are going to take it back by force, bloodshed if necessary. Their only strategic advantage lies in their Orwellian Lie Machine cranking out 24 Hour Hate against Emmanuel Donald Goldstein, ensnaring far too many invertebrate rhinoceri. Anti-constitution coups should not be handled lightly with kid gloves, IMHO.

        • Old Codger

          I don’t see what’s going on as an “attempted” coup, I see as an in-progress coup. Clearly the goal here is to get rid of President Trump or at the very minimum to geld and bring him to heel. It may take a few weeks/months but eventually The Prez is going to be given 3 options:
          1) Kowtow to the Demo and Repo bigwigs
          2) resign
          3) be impeached.

          Since I do not see Mr Trump either resigning or allowing himself to be gelded and voluntarily accepting the Republican Heirarchy’s collar and leash, It is going to come down to a showdown; a political shadow play. The impeachment will look like a real trial but the minds of the jury will already be made up.

          Meanwhile The President will be doing what he does so well and appealing to the people who voted him into office in the first place. Sic Transit American Civil War 2.0.

          • Kafiroon

            As a coup, they would take over control, meaning we are no longer The United States of America. All legal Presidential Succession has been replaced by their person and order.

            What do they think the rest of the country is going to do, sit back and say “oh, OK then.”?

      • Grunt GI

        1. Acknowledgement that Obamacare is a failure, socialized medicine is a failure, and sitting down to really reform healthcare.

        2. Acknowledgment that “global warming” is not settled science and realization that global treaties to “combat” it are just schemes to pick Americans pockets.

        3. Acknowledgment that private industry, not government, drives the economy, so support for tax and regulation reform.

        And most of all

        That unchecked mass immigration does in fact, endanger our country with potential gangsters and terrorists.

        Oh, and one more thing. When Islamic terrorists say they want to kill us in the name of Allah, it would be better if the left takes them at their word instead of always asking “what did we do to make them hate us so?”

        • PaulS

          Damn! That was thoughtful. Well done!

        • Grunt GI

          1. Socialized medicine…look at Britain’s NHS…or the VA. Nuff said
          2. Let’s review the scientific process…you postulate a hypothesis and then try and DISPROVE IT. Gaia worshippers will tolerate NO dissent or alternate ideas about global warming. DUH, the climate changes all the time…and most of it, in my opinion, is driven by changes in solar activity. The United States has reduced it’s carbon footprint more than nearly all other countries, and NO MATTER what BS the Gaia worshippers say, unless you make China and India reduce their carbon footprint any global warming treaty is useless.
          3. The ol’ “Social Safety Net” should be a safety net, not a hammock. For far too many people, it makes more financial sense to be on welfare than to work. That is messed up and unsustainable.
          4. We have been very lucky so far. I give it another year before we have a major mass casualty event from some Allah worshipper and a big truck. The only reason we haven’t had a major mass casualty event so far is 1) Our cops are heavily armed 2) Those idiots have to wonder if their intended victims are, in fact, packing heat and will shoot back.

          And we have also been lucky cuz Trump has basically used the bureaucracy to slow down Middle Eastern immigration and is actively using ICE to search and destroy Latino gangs.

          Hopefully the Supreme Court will do the right thing and uphold his travel stay…(hint, it’s not a ban).

        • Grunt GI

          1. Way to gloss over the VA thing. And I have read plenty of horror stories about the NHS. No thanks.
          2. Weren’t these the same scientists that in the 1970s told us we were on the verge of anothe ice age?
          3. Oh good grief. Flipping burgers and waiting tables are not intended to be family supporting careers. Everywhere lefty loons have implemented their $15/Hr crap unemployment has gone up. That living wage crap is lunacy pure and simple. Thomas Sowell (I think) said it best when he said the true minimum wage is $0.
          4. While the US has indeed done a better job of assimilation, I don’t expect that to last as more Muslims become more radicalized.

          And no I don’t see a problem with ICE doing their job. None. At. All.

      • GWB

        I disagree that they have no agenda and no “solutions”.

        The problem is their agenda and their “solutions” are antithetical to my vision of America. I like to think my vision of America is the same one the Founders had – maximum freedom, minimum gov’t, pursuit of happiness going on everywhere.
        The solutions of the progressives are always totalitarian, always anti-Judeo-Christian.

        And, with that agenda, there is no compromise. There’s no “sitting down and reasoning” with totalitarianism. No person desiring to be free can accept a “semi”-totalitarian state. “Oh sure, I’ll be a slave on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I get to believe what I want on Sunday, right?”

        As to the followers? They can be reasoned with – maybe. They’re immersed in a worldview given to them by their educators, their entertainment, their news media, their peers (they don’t want to be cut out of the flock). *IFF* you can get them to begin critical thinking about that worldview, you might convert them. *points to Skye*

        But, the leaders? Most likely the only way they will be convinced to leave us freedmen alone is via returning violence on them. cf Venezuela.

        • Grunt GI

          Ahh, true…good point…they would like to turn us into Venezuela.

    • Pamela

      These childish blind mice have no idea what real resistance fighters are like:

      These persons with lives of ease and plenty have never had to put all on the line just to breathe one more minute above ground. They would crumble into quivering blobs of goo.

      • noncom

        Let’s equate these lefty swine to the rebels of the confederacy….how’d that work out for them?….they need to be real careful here….

        • JTC

          The only problem with that statement is that it draws a parallel to the wrong side. Not surprising; it reflects the lies that have been taught in the socialist halls of academia for 150 years.

          Revisionist history notwithstanding though, the establishment of a separate sovereign Confederate state was analogous to the cascade of Trumpism today; in its simplest terms, a revolt against the redistribution of wealth and assets. And the subsequent waging of genocidal war against it, based on false and cruel racist pretense, with the only true goal being to take and retain with impunity that stolen wealth and and the free will of its people? That was very similar to the all-out frothing campaign of the elites and their lackeys in their desperate attempt to wrest back control from people who have legally assumed it.

          Rino One (dishonest abe) serves as the model for the leftist socialist murderous democrats of today…to re-take and maintain power and control and wealth at any and all cost.

          Real History. Get some.

          • Halley

            Speaking of future history – I’m in the middle of Schlichter’s book “People’s Republic” where it’s 2034 and the blue states have seceded (Hillary won 2016) and become hellholes of tyranny and poverty and “progressive” madness, and things get real nasty for the red states… uplifting!

          • JTC

            “(Hillary won 2016)”…

            Talk about revisionist… so I think you can safely ignore the rest of the authors conclusions.

          • Shonkin

            The Democrats and Democrat-apologists forget that the Confederacy was a 100% Democrat-party construct. Once the Republican (i.e., anti-slavery) party got a presidential candidate elected, they had to destroy the Union to preserve slavery. America’s first homosexual president*, James Buchanan, who was pro-slavery, delayed action as long as he was still in office. That cost hundred of thousands of lives on both sides.
            Please don’t equate the CSA with pro-freedom fighters!

            * Andrew Jackson referred to Buchanan and his gay lover William Rufus Devane King, who was briefly Vice President under Millard Fillmore until he died of tuberculosis, as “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy.” They were quite an item in Foggy Bottom.

          • JTC

            Absolutely nothing anti-slavery about Rino One, except as a rallying cry and ruse to take back the land and treasure and freedom from people who had enough of taxation without representation. If that sounds familiar it’s because slavery was to the CW as tea was to the RW, it didn’t mean jackshit to the cowards hiding behind it.

            Do not equate Confederate secession and the establishment of a new and free Republic (very much along the lines of what was discussed and almost certainly would have happened (Texit anyone?) had the Beast been placed in a position to complete the mission of elites and communists with the thugs and thieves and defacto slaveholders of today’s leftists, and are heirs to the socialist redistributionist government of Lincoln. “I don’t give a damn about slaves” he said in his letters…”I just want to keep the union intact (the productive land and assets of the Confederacy) at all costs.”

            As Rino One proved then, D’s and R’s don’t mean shit. And as his Rino descendants are actively proving once again (absolutely the most damaging and obstructionist of the anti-Trump blocs), they still don’t.

      • Ozymandias

        I’ve often thought that, Pam. People who call for the violent overthrow of the government should be very careful what they wish for. It’s very unlikely they would survive if that were to happen.

        • I’ve often noticed that he ones calling for the violent overthrow of the government are the least equipped to do so.

          while the ones best equipped for said task keep saying “don’t make us do this..”. likely because that side has seen war and knows exactly what it will be like.

  • Shooter used an SKS. About the crappiest shooting but most reliable rifle ever made.
    Soviet/ChiCom garbage from 1959, but who needs accuracy when you have 10 million soldiers all shooting at once?

    Naturally the media said the weapon was an AK-16 assault rifle machine gun, with the front part that goes up.

    PS – Grunt GI – Joe Biden was the best life insurance policy ever.

    • PaulS

      The media is always a hoot, someone must sit around thinking of how to sound stupid about this stuff.
      But come to think of it, He probably would have been more effective with the bayonet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thing is, WE know how to shoot. Ready to party, or surrender now. Your choice.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I used to be able to engage in actual conversation and exchanges on the facts with the new liberals. There are fewer of them. They might actually make things better if they accepted and discussed truth rather than followed the handed down agendas, party lines, and talking points in their ‘solidarity.’

    • JTC

      “…not likely to agree on what the “truth” actually is.”

      Ain’t that the truth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As the leftist icon NYT said:

      It was a Freudian slip of course, but there’s more “truth” in that little teevee blurb than has been printed in their catbox liner in the last 25 years…”The truth is hard. Hard to find. Hard to know.”

      But they left off the part that most applies to them and their ilk: “The truth is hard to tell.”

      So they don’t. Because they don’t like it, and they don’t accept it. I’m thinking neither do you, JLG. And that is what is corrosive to civil society.

  • KenH

    Try this discourse:
    Run for your life, BITCH, or I’ll blow your balls off…

    • JackDeth72

      Let me know if you need a Spotter…..

      Don’t forget to factor in “Lead” and “Kentucky Windage”.

  • JackDeth72

    Memo to The Moronic democrat Party Which Can Not Shoot Straight:

    To quote a favorite line from the 1970s Spy Film, ‘Scorpio’:

    “Run Fast….

    Run Far…..

    Do NOT Run In A Straight Line!”

    *Alain Delon*

  • Pamela

    It’s summer in Texas and those yahoos are wearing plaid flannels and cold weather gear. Talk about messed up body temps from all the dope they’ve been smoking. Where’s Tucker? He needs to get the butterfly nets out and maybe some of these ‘cuz once they come down from whatever it is, it will not be pretty.

  • Neil Frandsen

    Generally speaking, let well-enough alone is my policy. If folk leave me and mine alone, I shall do the same for them.
    Otherwise, _I_ was raised to cook whatever I hunted.
    Due to a lack of any copies of “To Serve Man” (from a wild Science Fiction tale), I cannot go hunting assassins, of whatever Belief Culture, be they RIFs, Progressives, or any other group that seeks to advance by killing folks who “otherthink”.
    We do have a couple of past examples of what happened when the Mongols went Assassin-hunting, and what happened when the British Raj went Dacoit & Thugee-hunting {c/w a Dacoit-control Law!}…The British Raj did not do well, and did not much good, either.
    Modern-times, the riflers-thru-luggage, and thru persons, found in Airports, and a few other places. look a lot akin to the Dacoit-hunters employed by the British Raj.
    The “Rule of Law” has been getting pretty tattered during the last few decades, so much so that we now see the interesting facade, of actions by members of the losing side in an American Presidential Election, to “prove” the Winners won via use of ill-eagle activity!
    The Crazy Years sure seem to have arrived, and are being acted-out by folk _positive_ that their “Way” is Correct, and all other “Ways” are both wrong, and evil. Proof may be seen by reading the NYT, The Economist, the Washington Post, plus listening carefully to the language used during “News” Reports by 4 or 5 TV Stations, during a weekday evening.


      Yes, you cook what you ‘hunt’, but once in a while you have to take out a mad dog for the protection of society.

    • PaulS

      Hunt it with a flame thrower, Bob’s your uncle.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Nice Heinlein reference (the Crazy Years).

  • Bill G

    One more cut off from the herd. He may not stray again, but one step (or word) away is all it takes for the herd to reject a member.
    Some can wake up, given the right wake-up call. It seems now, though, that some will never wake up before going into ‘that good night’ because their eyes are glued to the false flag of liberal ideology.

  • Gary

    Color me dense – what’s an ‘HBR”?

    • John

      That is actually H8R, text short hand for Hater.
      A wonderful term that points back at the user, just like the use of the term Climate Change Denier points back at an idiot who thinks Climate Stasis is somehow natural and magically achievable.

  • Jakespeed

    What’s really Bad Ass is that the Capitol Police Officers
    went HEAD-TO-HEAD with hand guns against an assailant with a rifle, putting their lives in mortal danger, and killing the idiot with the rifle.

    It is my hope that President Trump honors their bravery and service in a public ceremony.

    With that being said, we are in a Civil War that just got violent. It’s time to respond with LEGAL FORCE against those who would foment revolution against the Constitution of the US and the will of the VOTERS in the last election.

    The longer the government allows this to happen, the more difficult and over the top the response to quell
    The Resistance will be. Those who demand resistance MUST PAY A LEGAL PRICE FOR ANY OF THEIR UNLAWFUL ACTIONS.

    Maybe we should start with the Conservative Ideology that if an investigation and trial Finds that any legal action (e.g. the Comey Investigation) was unfounded and frivolous, that the instigator should pay for the cost of the trial.

  • Chris in NC

    OK, someone help me out with the abbreviations. HBR?

    • JTC

      Suffice to say, Chris Muir’s 8’s look a lot like B’s. Got it?

    • GWB

      The font is a little unclear. It’s “h8r”.

  • GWB

    And, honestly, the moment I heard Ryan’s comment that he heard 50-60 shots (apart from the grain of salt I took that with) was that the shooter had to be a leftist or a cop. (Sadly, way too many don’t get the training they should have to be carting about a firearm.)

  • WayneM

    Imagine, if you can, what the USA would look like today if the Hildabeast was grasping the levers of power…

    These progressives were radicalized well in advance of the election. Obama spent most of his two terms pushing identity politics deeper and deeper into the progressive psyche… normalizing political correctness and empowering the progressives already ensconced deeply in the various bureaucracies.

    It isn’t difficult to imagine the various elements of radicals pulling together as they have of late but with a supportive executive branch encouraging them to tear down the few remaining gates to the awaiting barbarians…

  • Chris Muir

    JLG is a concern troll.Was, that is.

    • Grunt GI

      Awww shucks..


      I was just starting to have fun…I like to play with my food…..


      • John

        No great loss GG.
        Though I suppose it is somewhat satisfying to some to be able to reply to the BS we get bombarded with 24/7.
        The rest of us are just tired of it.

        • JTC

          Actually it is a loss. Everyone gets tired of BS and rhetoric, but sometimes it is true conviction.

          You have to engage the enemy to convert it or kill it.

          And yes, either of those can be satisfying.

      • Pamela

        Is licking involved….
        *starts counting the leaves on the pomegranate tree*

        • Grunt GI

          Heh, only if you’re doing it right.

    • JTC

      Well shit, threw away some good words there. FWIW, less a concern troll than an outright lefist I thought, and as GGI said it was an enjoyable and easy debate exercise.

      The “truth” which he, the NYT, and all leftists don’t like and refuse to accept is simply this:

      The duly and legally elected President of the United States is a reflection and an agent of the revolt against the anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist decay in politics and society that very nearly killed the Republic.

      They cannot abide that failure and seek to reverse it after the fact with lies, obstruction, and violence. The first two methods are sadly pretty successful at preventing the implementation of the will of the people. The third method of fomenting armed conflict that they have recently joined, will not be. I do hope they see and understand that before it is too late.

      • John

        The ironic thing is that these pansies simply do not understand that the system they abuse with such wild abandon is propped up by people who actually appreciate living in a civilized society of citizens who are equal before the law.
        And happen to be armed to the teeth because they know what would happen if the parasites get their way.

        • Pamela

          Calling them Pansies insults beautiful flowers.
          Paramecium is more appropriate.

          • Interventor

            Agreed! One day in January saw it rain, snow, hail and sun come out in West Berlin. Pansies outside US Berlin HQ kept blooming. Tough little flower.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m just waiting for “Trigglypuff” to have a “h8r” stroke, while Sam and Skye walk out of the CoffeeBucks and ignore “it” as it lays there strokin’ and chokin’.
    Sympathy? Don’t look to me, look in the dictionary between “syphilis” and “shit”.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    BTW, who is “Lawrence” in the last panel? “Lawrence sympathizes with Arabia”? (note hijab? covered female in lower corner of panel)

    • Polly Cy

      I’m still trying to figure out what that thing on his head is. It’s not shiny enough to be a tinfoil hat.

  • Well, his accuracy is to be expected, since Liberals believe guns are magic death-sticks that go off by themselves, never miss and always kill. Who needs to practice?

    On the other hand, from a liberal you would expect better MARXmanship. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Well played.

  • Interventor

    When no collusion is proved, demand Patient Zero – first to shout collusion – be identified. Charge with sedition and trace down for conspiracy charges.

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