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  • WayneM

    Absolutely glorious!!

    • Swansonic

      God bless A-muir-ica!

  • Grunt GI

    Well, clearly, Sam has nothing to hide. And clearly she is unarmed…and undressed. Well done.

    • Fox2!

      Sam is never unarmed. Just don’t ask where she keeps it.

      • Grunt GI

        No doubt true…Sam brings concealed carry to a whole new level.

  • JTC

    POTUS Sam in that almost bikini would be a hell of a piece negotiator. 😉

    Reckon Hillz has a patriotic t-back?


    • Pamela


      Please wash your mouth out for mentioning Sam the Patriot in the same sentence with Hillz the traitor. If not, you’re cursed and you’ll need mind bleach to get rid of the image of Hillz nekkid in your dreams.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Cruel. But deserved.

        Back to:

        SAM! SAM! SAM! SAM! SAM! SAM! SAM!

        Let she who her enemies called a devil woman do what is right and what we have to do. 🙂

        We all have to do what we think, feel, and believe is right.
        Those times are here. No reliance on any “The One” will work. It takes many more to get the jobs done.

      • JTC

        Miz Pam,

        In my defense, not only are they in *different* sentences, but there’s a space in between; I would not sully (any) gorgeous redhead with direct contact.

        I’ll still wash my mouth out (with the bubbly leftover from sweetie’s Valentine).

        But if nekkid Hillzabeast shows up in my dreams (nightmares) it’s on you!

        • JTC

          And as to those *piece* negotiations, Zed always wins. Her too.

          • Pamela


            Good Sir

            Ok. Said curse is hereby removed and transferred to Baby O, Bern the Socci, Donny T the Ego and Slick Willy the Droop.

          • JTC

            Thank you, P. Happy to have the hex undone.

            And Slick has (presumably) seen it (gag) in the flesh. Hasn’t he suffered enough?*

            *Rhetorical question; even Beelzebub hisownself can’t punish that sack of Droop enough.

  • Big Jim

    The glory a good woman shares with a good man is God’s gift to them both.

  • epador

    Hmm. Double D closed and stripped by Feds. Justice Scalia goes to Marfa instead… and “dies in his sleep” with a pillow across his face.

    And we’re now all Dreamers?

  • Patriot

    I propose Sam be nominated to fill Scalia’s vacancy on the Supreme Court. Now there is a nominee I can get behind!

  • Grape

    At least he didn’t allegedly commit suicide – the details would have been messy.

    No security detail, no autopsy, no check for small puncture wounds, police saw no evidence of foul play – really? They are the experts?

  • Iconoclast

    1) Sam clearly knows *exactly* how her man’s mind works!

    2) Re: Justice Scalia’s passing ….
    a) It’s truly sad when in this (sorta) free nation the possibility of a conspiracy to commit assassination comes so readily to mind.
    b) It’s even sadder when the histories of our putative elected ‘leaders’ lend strong support to the reasonableness of those suspicions.
    c) Still, the man was 79 & living organs can give out decades earlier than this.
    d) He was a powerful & principled intellect whose contributions to the highest levels of jurisprudence we shall all miss. RIP, your honor.

    • At a minimum, autopsy per se or no, blood work is called for.

      • cb

        Didn’t Breitbart’s coroner get a little too much arsenic…? Just sayin’… maybe nobody wanted to get involved.

  • Brasspounder

    Mine eyes have seen the Glory!

  • OpenTheDoor

    Looks like Jerry Ortega will have a new file box behind him on Five-0, labeled Scalia, right next to the one labeled JFK.
    Seems strange an active, healthy younger Scalia is dead and that older fossil Ginsburg lives on and on and on.

    • interventor

      Skinny women live a long time — especially if the devil doesn’t want them.

  • B Woodman

    I like Sam covered in less clothes and more glory.

    O’Bozo couldn’t put on enough clothes to suit (see what I did there?) me.
    (That was fun. Let me try another one).
    O’Bozo couldn’t put on enough clothes to fill his empty suit.

  • JIMV

    Still overdressed but getting better!

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Justice Scalia’s family asked for no autopsy to be done. Wonder, why not? Perhaps there’s a med history they want private?

    • steveb919

      Could be they didn’t want his body desecrated.

      • capn

        I think this is the “Why” on the families part.
        A “Full Autopsy” is extremely damaging to the appearance of the cadaver.
        It Can be done in such a manner as to minimize that damage but most families want their loved one left alone, in one piece and in peace.

        It may well be “natural causes” but what a telling action by the MSM and the “Opposition Press” that cries of foul play are brought out so quickly.

        I fear for our Republic.
        Back to loading magazines.


    The Empress Will Have No Clothes
    For The Entire 8 Years
    Of Her Presidency

  • Spin Drift

    The tell tale that it was enemy action is if the security around the remaining eight is ratcheted up by a few factors. If it is then there is something afoot especially around the left leaning side. Note that one less there brings about the previous status quo. It would be a shame that things have degraded this far but the stakes are high.

    Spin Drift
    P. S. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind so party affiliation should not matter but alas we live in a world composed of imperfect men.

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