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  • Grunt GI


    Seriously though…a Sam, Jan, or even Skye or Naomi pen for the fund raiser would be awesome.
    Just sayin’

    • Sanford Green

      Totally on board with the pen as a fundraiser! Love the ladies, but an Emperor’s pen would rock too! Hey…how about a boxed set?

  • Wayne

    Well done, Chris!!

    To quote the lyrics of a wacky female singer…

    Through their own words
    They will be exposed
    They’ve got a severe case of
    The emperor’s new clothes

  • Shouldn’t that be “the emperor’s new pen”?

  • Brilliant. And I do like Grunt’s comment. Just sayin’.

  • Noelegy

    Nobody wants to see Obama naked!

    • Nohbody

      Presumably Mrs. Obama doesn’t mind, since the Obamas have offspring.

      Personally, however, I’d rather remain ignorant of the details. 😛

      • Bad Cyborg

        I always figured they used a surrogate for the girls. Moochelle’s sperm. Obola’s eggs. In vitro with a surrogate.

  • jane

    Obama naked. #ewwwwwwwww

  • LifeofTheMind

    No Reggie Love characters needed.

    What happened to the special features, character thoughts and links?

    • Chris Muir

      Whenever I link; you simply click on the ton.But it’s up to you th do it and see when your cursor indicates that link.:)

  • Bill G


  • m225

    Grunt GI, you are a visionary, the rest of the world wears Bifocals’s.

    I have my new ones on!

  • Well done sir, WELL DONE! 🙂

  • Ed Brault

    I’ll take a dozen of each, suitable as gifts to certain Congress-critters!

  • Waste of time for congress critters, they would never get the irony.

  • JTC

    Please don’t do an “empress” version; I’d rather see a nekkid BO than MO.

    And really, there’re plenty who see right through the cloak for years, and maybe now enough to prevent a succession (and speaking of empresses you don’t want to see unclothed; Hills? Shudder)…unless they can turn amnesty into votes in time.

  • JTC

    Oh, and “Obama in the pen”? If only. Guantanamo seems about right.

  • RayNAiken

    Hmm? He wears mommy jeans and rides a girlie bicycle. Will this pen of him have lady parts below the waist?

  • Dennis

    I really want to know what happens when you turn Obama’s cell phone upside down….does it expose Pelosi and Reid?

  • Pamela

    There are some sights a person can never do a rewind on seeing.
    An Obama Ken doll is one of them.

    Though the phrase “Move along folks, there’s nothing of great interest to see here” sounds appropriate.

  • emdfl

    Can’t sure about that, Nohbody; there is no proof that those really are his kids…

  • Cargosquid

    “An Obama Ken doll is one of them.”

    Are we SURE those kids are his….because he seems to have the same equipment as Ken.

  • Robert Weekes

    I tried turning the monitor upside down when I read the toon, but nothing happened. Some damn software glitch? Adobe Shockwave?!

    “Comet guy” haha . . .

    Speaking of hah-hahs, I received my DBD money clip, currency, credit card et al in the mail the other day. Chris, I laughed for ten minutes! “Zero dollars”!! Brilliant! Thanks, R

  • Mr Vark

    If you’re giving Obama pens to your liberal friends, it is they, not you who’ll be faced with the naked Emperor THEY elected. Seems like karma, to me!

  • Bad Cyborg

    I’d sure enjoy having a matched set o’ Sam & Jan pens. You might have a problem gettin enough pens to satisfy all the orders!

    • Chris Muir

      Okay, okay-,ext fundraiser there will be a collection of ‘Tip ‘n Strip’ pens featuring DBD characters.

      • Grunt GI

        Heh. I remember those naughty pens when I was a kid. Ah, nostalgia.

        Great idea Chris. -/;)

        Now..about that cheesecake calendar idea…….

  • thecaptain

    YAY! (much whistling and stomping of feet is heard) Er…uhm… ahem
    Excellent Idea Chris.
    I applaud Grunt Gi for the suggestion and You for your acceptance of the suggestion. May I place my name on the list of supporters-to-contact-when-pens-are-ready?

    Kudos for your entire concept and production of this my favorite web-comic.

    stay safe,

  • I’d buy a set as well, if you can tag my email address.

    • Chris Muir

      I hope this year every Republican drops their republican membership and goes independent.

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