Day By Day


  • John M.

    Sam, don’t forget to put your shirt on before you answer – a heart attack at this stage in the election wouldn’t be good.

    • Punta Gorda

      Grab it before my link expires

    • Old Codger

      The Z Man has the video of that event up as part of his post for yesterday, the 19th. The camera pans from Gropy Joe to the teleprompter and back, meanwhile showcasing the – perhaps – dozen attendees at the alleged rally.

  • DogByte6RER

    Careful Sam … you might become a New York Post headline … although I think your headline would be quite, well … uplifting, compared to that creepy CNN perv legal analyst’s NY Post headline.

    “Toobin his own horn: Writer reportedly masturbated during New Yorker Zoom call”

    Looks like this Harvard weirdo just nuked his MSM career … maybe he was going for Little Rocket Man. Good riddance all the same …

    • steveb919

      That was one stupid son of a bitch!

    • The 300

      Nah…resume enhancer for a liberal.

    • My Way Or --->

      Anal orifice.

      • Pamela

        Fornicating Constricting Orifice

    • Too Tall

      Toobin was never anything more than a wanker.

    • Pamela

      Thing is, who was the object of his er… affections on that zoomer

  • Pete231

    I think the swimmin’ hole needs a trampoline to help air-dry the patrons once their dippin’ time is concluded. Physical fitness is always a good thing when combatting the current viral scourge. Definitely would make me smile………

      • Grunt GI

        So in this case. How about Sam drops one of her Thanksgiving turkeys on them?

  • cz93x62

    That Toobin faux pas would likely not have gotten out in times past. With the onset of the w.w.w., all sorts of things can and do happen that cannot be buried by MSM once the info bubbles up. One wonders what sort of nonsense and pecadillos have gone unreported and unacknowledged over the decades.

    I think that future history will record that our age released much of the death-grip on information formerly held by MSM and cable news. Sure, the signal-to-noise ratio gets upside-down more often than not, but we can now better discern who to pay attention to and who to ignore with enthusiasm.

  • nonncom

    Facetime would definitely be most interesting with Sam….

  • Steve Peterson

    More like a neutron bomb! Need to save the smithsonion

    • Norm

      Most of it, anyway. Have you read the “mission statement” or whatever they call it for the new African American section. Just amazing!

  • Wood

    Sam’s hair appears to suggest a certain motion… mmmmmm

  • Too Tall

    Red Rides Again!

    (The Superhero, not whatever else you are thinking.)

  • Halley

    From what I can see, Sam is built much more like a Maureen or a Friday than a Sigourney…

    • MasterDiver

      Ah, two of Master Robert’s best characters!

      Zar Belk!

  • Pamela

    Sam~ Watch your knees, cramps behind the knee hurt worse than anything and crash the mood faster than “MOMMY! I need a drink of water.”

    • Too Tall

      Ahh, the wisdom of experience….

  • JTC

    So, the CNN dick was not fantasizing about the hot new reporter but getting off over the group’s play-acting of a “news” conference with all the players represented, complete with scripts for what they might say and how Braindead Biden should respond…with their words soon to be up on the Jumbotron to “remind him.

    Can somebody tell me why this big news organization -I almost said organ 😉 – is doing this?

    • Punta Gorda

      Kickbacks, money, and favors.

    • Henry

      Actually, it appears he was “taking another call” during a break (perhaps a “pantaloon delight”), but somehow his camera stayed assigned to the original call.

  • JTC

    So Roberts and the other far left justices shut down the lawsuit to let Election Day be Election Day in Pa.

    Tell me again about the conservative majority we’ve never had…but soon will!

    • cb

      ”shut down the lawsuit to let Election Day be Election Day in Pa”
      Just wondering… wouldn’t this new ‘Robert’s Law’ apply to all States?

    • John

      We will never have a Conservative majority, but the stampede by thinking people out of the Democratic party and the grifters out of the Republican party will, at least temporarily, give us a more rational government once we contain and put out the garbage.
      The Internet upset the consolidation of power by the Left by giving us a glimpse of what the bastards were hiding to do it.
      All seems like chaos now, but if we strive to give a proper education to future voters we may yet see the reforms we need to prevent this travesty from happening again.
      But I have faith in human nature.
      We’ll invent some new travesty to replace the one we are losing.

    • JTC

      As to SCOTUS, with all the other created crises going on we lose focus on the number one issue in ‘16…which should still be the top plank in ‘20…the American Citizen Replacement Program. Illegal immigration prevention and reform has been a Yuge success for PDJT and Deplorables in spite of some of the most virulent, illegal, and corrupt obstruction in gov history. And that success also pushes the issue back of mind when thugs, dopers, and smugglers have been cut by more than half and hundreds of miles of Big Beautiful Wall have been constructed…out of sight out of mind and media sure as hell won’t report the true success.

      Oh, and btw Mexico DID and WILL pay for it all, and any that deny that are either terminally naive as to what constitutes “pay” or they are again willfully obstructing let alone not reporting the truth.

      If we are overridden by the commies in November all of that progrss will be in immediate jeopardy and the flood gates will be flung open…talk about being swamped. Just one of many actively destructive measures to be taken in their “first hundred days”. That’s if Joe lives that long, and if he doesn’t then we ain’t seen nothing yet compared to the radical left turn of fed government that will come after him.

      And the last bastion of Constitutional Republic defense will be the court as newly refocused by Judge Amy.

      the Court has accepted cases for review under the Amy court

    • JTC

      Appears to be a specific ruling on a specific case in a specific place. Could be cited though I guess.

      Note the “conservative majority” I referenced is the immediate one about to happen at scotus, not the wistful yearnings and learnings of past failures and future world. Baby steps. :l

    • Halley

      The Corleones have a most active DC branch…

      • NotYetInACamp

        DC is the new mob. It is a gang.

    • NotYetInACamp

      We can only suppose they got the dirt on the boy.

  • JTC

    “Trump urges stimulus package bigger than 2.2 trillion”

    Let’s see if this works; the AOTD knows it ain’t the price it’s the prize…will Peelousy stick to her setasides or be dazzled with the $$ to tell the sheeple they won? How will they justify begging for the votes with empty hands? Slick one, DT.

  • Mike-SMO

    Corleone is cute but the big game on the sidelines is the Corruptocrats v Lefties. Both are planning to “win” and control what is now the Democratic Party. The original Antifa was a creation of the KPD (Communist Pasrty of Germany). The KPD/Antifa targeted the Democratic Socialists and weakened them enough to give the National Socialists (NSDAP, Nazis) a leg up. That didn’t work well for anyone. “This time it will be different”. Trump is NYC brash, but he plays a good game and isn’t another Adolf.

    The jargon coming out of the Left (e.g. “Fascist”) is the same as the Bolshevik/Marxist babble from the 1920-1933 era in Europe. The “nationalist” identities (UK, US, German, Italian, Spanish, etc) blocked their dreams of an “international” revolution. They expected a unified revolt against the industrialists/capitalists that woul put them in the cat-bird seat of a dictatorship. The new “identity” for the current scheme is POC but the “national” identity is still a block to their conquest. The nation must be destroyed and/or degraded so the POC can put the new Communists in power. All the riots and statue destruction is part of “The Plan” for conquest.

    President Trump is countering with “Federalism”. He will move the Feds to end the riots/destruction but only if the state/local authorities (Democrats) ask for Federal assistance. The state/local Dems have a choice to betray their rioting “troops” or to betray the businesses and property owners who provide the tax income. Nice play. The President doesn’t “own” that chaos. Who needs cities, anyway?

    The Dems are frantic to get a Harris/Biden Administration to bail them out of the rubble by stealing from the functioning part of the nation/economy. Fortunately, the score is kept via the Electoral College.

    I am confident that there is a plan for the end-game but the time scale is a killer. I admit to being used to a video or TV time scale. Introduce characters, define “The Problem”, explosions, some skin, resolution, all in a few hours with time for potty runs and snacks. The “politics” and the “Rona” run on a time scale of years. There are no team uniforms. There is no rule book or obvious goal line. There’s no “half time” break. It is tough on the spectators.

    Enjoy the Game.

    • My Way Or --->

      Mike, Hitler was a charismatic public speaker. Look up who mentored and trained him. He could get huge crowds of young adults to watch him in stupefied silence; look up one of those old movies of Hitler giving a speech to a crowd of young Nasties.
      The problem is, his mentor died and his ego and hatred got in the way, and he tried to invade the nascent USSR, which by that time was run by none other than THE world’s nastiest control freak, Joe Stalin. And Stalin held him off in eastern Europe, while the Allies crowded him in western Europe. And guess what happened? Stalin dropped the Iron Curtain on eastern Europe, splitting Germany and Berlin in half. Look up the Berlin airlift.
      The idealism these maroons kowtow to is “just wunnaful’, until they get a real dose of what it means. Even Gorbachev, after bankrupting the Soviet Union by trying to annex Afghanistan (yeah, good luck with that!) , admitted that the USSR was bankrupt, dissolved the Politburo and sent everyone home. (That’s the condensed version.) That was on the Russian TV channel live when it happened.
      Now what? They are really, incontrovertibly, undeniably stupid enough to think they can make it work “this time”, when they can’t even figure out how to sew a button on a blouse? (No, you just toss it and buy a new one.)

      I’m cynical enough to know it won’t work. If Putin won’t even bring back the USSR, because he KNOWS it won’t work, and Xi JinPing has removed himself from public view, and Chinese soldiers on the Tibet/India border are found, fed and returned to China, those are the cracks in the mortar and bricks – same as those tunnels in the Berlin Wall that people dug through, and East German soldiers to the south desperate enough to climb razor wire fencing to get the hell out, until the USSR collapsed under its own incompetence.

      Just stock your pantry, fridge and freezer, get off the microwave and do real cooking, and keep your eyes and ears peeled. There are cracks in this BS already.

      When is Jan going to do another Turkey Roast Launch?? Did I miss the last one?

      • John M.

        Isn’t Sam the Launch Master for turkeys?

        • My Way Or --->

          Yes, and after I clicked “Post”, I realized my error. My bad, but Jan can still do it. I think she has better aim than Sam. Or maybe Skye should have a go?