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    • steveb919

      Didn’t hear a thing on the site? Did I do something wrong?

    • JTC

      Damn that is excellent. People like me mostly hate the genre meaning them that don’t are LISTENING! THEY KNOW IT IS ALL FAKE BULLSHIT AND THAT THEY ARE JUST BEING USED!

      That is a very good sign and bodes well for the Civil Separation.

      TIME’S UP!

  • JTC

    Throw them off…there we go.

    We have the Constitution…
    Now let’s see if we have the constitution.

    Something about a fine free spirit barefoot woman astride a fine free spirit iron horse…

  • Bren

    Let me be the first to say it, Chris. I’mma miss you when they come for you in the night.

    • MasterDiver

      Don’t worry. Chris WON’T miss them!

      Zar Belk!

  • My Way Or -->

    Why does all that is going on now remind me of the things “colonists” did in 1760 and later to let George III know they didn’t appreciate being treated like crap?
    Stamp Act 1760 led to Boston Massacre, and later, tossing crates of tea into the Boston harbor. Those were just a few things that happened.

    And these arrogant asses in WDC think they can run us like that incompetent ruler in England tried to do? The reality is that they are falling all over themselves in their haste to establish something they perceive as their “authority” (which does not exist except at the will of the very people they despise) instead of doing the jobs they were hired to do by voters.

    Is history repeating itself? It’s only been 260 +/- years we got rid of one tyrant….

    Just sayin’.

    • JavaMan

      I don’t think it’s repeating itself, but it’s getting ready to make one helluva rhyme…

    • interventor

      George III had mental problems, as well.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Cartman has more A- THORITAY!

  • ExNuke

    Chris, you have never drawn unsafe gun handling and I’m hard core anti-Safety Nazi but PUT SOME SHOES ON YOUR WOMAN. How is she going to “make you a sandwich” when she can’t walk because she had to put a foot on the ground barefooted?

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      I second that!
      Riding a motorcycle barefoot is a BAD Idea!

      • Chris Muir

        They’re just messin’ around in the front yard.

        • PaulS

          Ain’t it funny how we long time DBDers look out for the safety of the cartoon ‘family’? It’s cute really, they are “real” to us. 😉

          • JTC

            Beyond our cartoon friends’ well-being is the fact that the powerful commentary they illustrate affects real attitudes and behaviors.

            Much like some experts (looking at you Mas Ayoob) presented factual analysis of the killing of Trayvon and George (yes Zimmerman “died” that day too), is the powerful effect that Mas’ WRONG synopsis has/had on others who value his opinion…dangerous as fuck.

            I guarantee you will never see idiotic biking behavior OR bad gun/handling at the hand and by the pen of Zed/Chris and our other beloved -and in many ways completely real- denizens of DBD.

    • JTC

      Chill y’all, she wouldn’t be in a sexy flowing dress or barefoot to ride (nor would Zed after 1 or six Shiners), but like I said upthread she is so sexy posing there that they might end up going for a “ride”. 😉

  • Pamela

    Thigh high stockings and biker boots for Sam.

    • John M.

      Whoof! I remember once when they went riding, and some Karen bitched because Jan didn’t have a mask… YOWZA!!!

  • Halley

    “Our rights trump their wrongs”
    Quote of the year

    • John D. Egbert

      Also remember: “The Left is coming for your Rights . . .”

      • Chris Muir

        And we’re coming for them.

    • WayneM

      I believe genius is the ability to point out truth so succinctly that it can’t be ignored or dismissed. “Our rights trump their wrongs” fits that to a T plus it has a pun wrapped up in it based the legit president’s name.

      • JTC

        Triple pun on the rights…

        Our politics, our veracity, and our Constitution.

        Throw Trump and the warrior mentality in there and…

        Times Up!
        Nothing to Lose!
        Let’s Roll!

        Great line.

  • Halley

    Reading Patrick Byrne and Sundance on how The Coup was able to remove PDT.. both tell of a swamp infected far wider and deeper than anyone imagined. Byrne blames the failure of Stop The Steal mostly on a not-quite-sober Giuliani, and Sundance says Uniparty corruption and plotting against MAGA pervades ALL of DC (incl Barr/Durham), it’s all just a protection racket for the criminals, and the reason Comey et al have been smiling for years is because they’ve known, correctly it seems, that they are untouchable.

    Perhaps a tactical retreat was PDT’s only option. Perhaps.

    Also sounds like Byrne and Sydney Powell might be coming with some fascinating documentation about The Steal…

    • WayneM

      That’s a good’un. Thanks for the link.

      • cb

        Good recipe for green nude eel.

  • My Way Or -->

    Wet? WET?????????

    D’you wanna see the pile of snow in my front yard??? It’s 7’6″ of WET!!!!! And there’s more to come if the weatherbird on TV is right.

  • Blackrifle081

    When I grow up, I want to be Zed.

    • Too Tall

      You and me both, Blackrifle081

  • Jim Smith

    Two words, Chris: IRISH DEMOCRACY. Look it up, everyone.

    • JTC

      The Perfesser was talking about that as the Preference Cascade that swept DJT into office was just roiling back in ‘14 or so…

      Beyond “massive, passive resistance to gov rule“ is massive revolt and replacement of gov with a brand new one, the Constitutional Republic of America.

      The time for passivity is well past and is seen only as weakness and opportunity for the Beast. Likewise more evidence from failed operatives is redundant and useless as “The Steal” is a done deal and justice in the form of revolt is necessary now…

      Power and violence is the only method they understand. We must be ready to take it to them.

      Time’s Up!

      • NotYetInACamp

        That’ s somewhat what Bill Ayers said back in 1970. I hate to break it to you that way.
        Circumstances can differ.
        They finally did take the longer game in a coup.

        • JTC

          Civil disobedience (Irish democracy) has its place, as with the idiocy of Prohibition, which proved that restraining freemarket supply&demand creates crime and corruption, it doesn’t curb it. As it would be with guns but with far more violence. Can you imagine a speakeasy for shooters? Oh wait, we call that a gun show. 🙂

          But the time is past for peaceful resistance and non-compliance. Because what is coalescing as our government now is militant towards us, actively cancelling our culture and free rights in many ways right now and plan much much more.

          Throw it off. Throw it all off and start fresh with just us, our assets, and our Constitution…the rest is just noise.

          Civil Separation creates a division of sovereign governments and laws so that an infringement or incursion is an act of war. There goes the “civil” part but…

          Constitutional Republic of America.

          • NotYetInACamp

            British Colonel Boycott back on ‘his’ lands in Ireland found out the power of the unhappy people when they shunned anything to do with the soon to be poor Colonel due to the actions of Colonel Boycot. His name became synonymous with what they did to him.

  • Pete231

    A few eons ago the Chambers Bros. performed an anthem called “Time” that stuck in the back of my head ever since. Now I know what they were on about. Play it again, Sam …with the volume all the way up !

    • The Real Paul Bunyan

      although some of his trump strategy speculation is thought provoking.

    • The Real Paul Bunyan

      my critique of the above site especially of the leftist leaning (is there any other?) nihilism didn’t make it through I see, well the eugenics/population reduction statements over on there are a dead give away…

  • Kafiroon

    Instead of moping or going out in a blaze of gore, think on history.
    The Continental Rebellion started years before the fighting began in mass events. The Civil War took years setting up. WWI tension and political acts for years. Hitler started in 1919. There’s more.
    Don’t go overboard. This is No way finalized yet.
    Don’t care how many fat ladies try to sing.

  • Capn Jack

    I’m still waiting for the bugles and the Cavalry.

    • JTC

      Gotta be careful we don’t wait so long that we get a horse-drawn hearse and the bugle playing taps.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Good point.

  • Wang Wei Lin

    Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights… revolutionary then, revolutionary now.

    • JTC

      Declaration and Bill of Rights are fluid guides for the CRA;

      Constitution is a rock solid road map.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I had planned on buying silver this week. Somebody put the kibosh on that.

  • Pamela

    Well I do declare. Look at what they finally brought to the field.

    • Pamela

      ah crap

  • Chezz

    The illegitimate Left will not be able to enforce their despotism. Letting their jackass mouths override their hummingbird tails. Military has proof of the steal. Patriots will defeat the Stealers.


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