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  • JTC

    In this case, just protecting their young, the little maggot.

  • Uhm, Jan? That ain’t one of ours. One of them faking being one of ours.

  • “You cain’t fool them flies”.

  • eclark1849

    Flies are also attracted to pure evil. Hillary is the Chappaqua Horror.

    • I thought she was the Chappaqua Whore!

  • KenH

    Jannie, sweet cheeks?
    The scumbag in question is a RAT
    Get over yourself

  • Pamela

    Maggots do have their purpose in clearing out corruption of the flesh.
    They’re going to be happy little critters with this election cycle.

  • B Woodman

    The e-steamed Speaker doesn’t need to have the window closed. He needs to have his mouth closed. Preferably sewn shut.

  • Shonkin

    Wake up and smell the coffee, friends. Mr. Trump would have had this thing won if he had learned to put his brain in gear before he put his mouth in motion — and if he had stayed off the TWTR account. Ryan has to think about salvaging the GOP majority in the House, because if Cankles controls Congress all is lost. He told House members he was going to concentrate on saving House seats from going to the Jackass party. He didn’t say he was withdrawing his endorsement of Trump; he said he was concentrating on campaigning for House seats. (What he left unsaid was that campaigning for Trump was a waste of breath and resources.)
    Then Trump opened his big mouth — again — and called Ryan names. O-kay! Game over, I’m afraid.
    I’ll still vote for Trump, but I’ll hold my nose while I do it. The idiot has blown his chances to keep Clinton II out of the White House. God save America.

    • Just throwing in the towel, huh? And what if you’re wrong?

      • Shonkin

        I said (quote) that I’ll vote for Trump but I’ll have to hold my nose while I do it. I’m neither a Democrat nor dead, so I only get one vote.

    • Chris Muir

      The GOP has HAD the majority in the House, and they used it to lecture their constituents as they eagerly passed ALL the Democrats’ wish lists.We are not voting our way out of this, inasmuch as we have no party to represent us.Period.

      • David M

        EXACTLY!!! We tried that and got the “Do Nothing” or “Go along to get along” gang.


        The GOP is like a zombie infested with Progressives and until they are purged it will never be effective. There are a few good ones. Dave Brat is one of the best. But… Stick a fork in it. It’s dead.

      • Paladin

        Vladimir Lenin said it best “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves.”

        The progressives have been running both sides for a long time. When I was young I would hear the old timers say “There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between the parties.” Now I understand what they meant. The difference is the GOP says what you want to hear, but won’t actually do it. The Dem’s will say what you don’t want to hear, and will do it.

        • PaulS

          The difference is the GOP says what they think you want to hear, but won’t actually do anything about it. The Dem’s will say what they want you to hear, and will do whatever they want. (fixed)

          Basically, Hitlary ain’t the only politician with nothing but duplicity in action.

          Recommended reading: For recreational purposes only.
          Term Limits – Vince Flynn

      • GWB

        We are not voting our way out of this

        Amen! But it isn’t just because we have no party to represent us. It’s because the entire foundation upon which our Republic was built has crumbled. There is no way to restore the Republic without a wholesale change in the attitude of the electorate.

        The soap boxes and ballot boxes do still have their uses, though. We can stack them for the miscreants to briefly stand on in the shade of a convenient tree.

      • noncom

        The most sense so far was the woman who told Pence if Hillery wins it’s time for revolution….240 years…..I’m shocked we made it that long….

      • RooftopVoter

        Chris, PRECISELY right.

        We gave them the House, they said screw you, we then gave them the Senate, they said screw you.

        We chose Trump, they said screw you.

        Looks like some of our side should learn from Trump, not the other way around.

        The lesson is, when fired upon, fire back. Anybody remember which one fired first? Trumps mistake with Ryan was helping him after the first time he screwed him.

        We sucked it up when they foisted Dole on us, we helped them bring Bush to victory, we sucked it up when they brought McCain then Romney, now WE are the problem when we chose Trump?

        I say SCREW YOU REPUBLICAN PARTY. I think I speak for quite a few more Americans than the Republican party counts as supporters.

        Anybody with the IQ above room temperature should see that.

    • eclark1849

      Considering the media is actively and openly campaigning for Hillary, the fact that Trump’s only down by a few points is nothing short of amazing.

  • Iconoclast

    Urinate on pablo ry-no & the rest of the GOPe quislings. I am *SO* sick of these pusillanimous pussies!

  • Calvin

    IF Trump loses the election (he has a chance to pull it out or Hillary could vapor lock deciding the question) and we have to fall back on the backbone of the House and Senate to stop Hillary, we are going to have to demand that the leadership of both houses step down for new people. It is fairly obvious that those 900+ FBI files that Hillary kept for years were of her foes in both houses. Anyone who was in either house before 1996 is probably beholden to Hillary to keep something hidden. The reason that Harry Reid encouraged Obama to run for president in 2008 is that Hillary had no files on him. McConnell has to go from leadership and should leave the senate for the good of the country.
    If it is going to be up to our representatives to stop a Clinton White House then we need people with courage and no Clinton hand holds on them.

    I still have hope that Trump can pull this out or someone else will intervene.

    • oldleprechaun

      “we have to fall back on the backbone of the House and Senate to stop Hillary”

      I’ve waited eight years for them to stop Mr. Obama and we’ve all seen how well THAT worked out. Never in my life have I witnessed such a spineless, gutless group of people as the Republicans in Congress. If we need to depend on the backbone of Republicans, the Republic is indeed, history.

  • JTC

    Do a search for electoral maps to visualize that a sliver of red on the left coast, a wretched hive of it on the right, and a patch clustered up by chitown make that whole sea of red in the middle irrelevant when it comes to politics.

    But the aftermath will make that red sea relevant indeed.

    • JTC

      The sliver, the hive, and the patch are blue of course…durrr.

  • This is completely off topic, so I apologize for gloating, but :

    Final score: Cubs 6 Giants 5 Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!!

    Done gloating! Wrignleyville will be swamped tonight.

    The goat has been dehorned.

    And for what it’s worth, the presidential elections run in cycles. I will only say ‘keep an eye on the USD index’. I do not mean to be mysterious, but please do not give in to despair.

    Everything has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Please do NOT despair.

    • The 300

      Presidential elections RAN in cycles. If Hillary gets in, between 10 million budding south of the border socialists getting citizenship, and a 6-3 liberal Supreme Court, you’ll never see another conservative President again.

    • JTC

      Delilah, your last line is right but the order is wrong. This “cycle” if that’s what you want to call our former Republic, will almost certainly end in the chaos that they want, if the bitchbeast is “elected”.

      The middle? It will not be pretty. Stages of protest, insurrection, secession, and all out war will likely characterize that time…how long? Unknown.

      Then the beginning…the New Republic, what the map will look like is also unknown. What the structure will be? That blueprint was laid out for us 240 years ago.

      An ending. A middle. And a new beginning.

      And an incredibly brave kamikaze mission may be how that scenario starts:

      So be it.

    • Roger

      With schools, from college all the way down to kindergarten, brainwashing children into obedient progressive sheep. With drug use burning out brain cells of millions. With tens of millions obsessed with their electronic devices, lurching through their lives oblivious to all that is going on around them.

      I don’t have much hope that we’ll ever get America back again. The body of America is riddled with cancer, so much that to destroy the cancer would kill the patient.

      Never say never… nothing is impossible… but I think it will take a miracle to turn things around.

      • Driftwood

        Maybe Trump will be the miracle to open the genie bottle?

  • Heltau

    With hilldabeast in the oral office of d.c. the end could be for America.
    Unfortunately we have to wait until Nov. to find out what will happen.
    Just have to have faith that the SMOD will come before Jan 2017 if hildabeast gets elected to the oral office, again.

  • ted

    so good!!

  • Paladin

    The Cubs going to the World Series … surely a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

    • Cliff H

      Should like to point out (Thanks to post on The Truth About Guns) that while the MSM is going ape-shit over The Donald’s comment about grabbing pussy, The Obama(nation) has invited an anti-campus carry – anti-gun – anti Second Amendment group from Austin, Texas, to visit the White House. The name of the group – Cocks Not Glocks – and they run around the U.T. Austin campus wearing and/or waving around dildos.

      • Pamela

        Haz-Mat situation in the offing. Hopefully they have not been used recently.

  • Bill G

    Meanwhile, Haiti is once again in terrible condition, following Matthew.
    But how? The Magnificent Clinton Foundation sprang into furious action following the last disaster. How can it be that there was so much damage easily done?
    Too bad investigative journalism no longer covers liberal actions.

    • nglitz

      Two reasons:
      One. Most of the Clinton Foundation’s money made a circle right back to where it came from.

      Two. Haiti is a dung heap. A s**t hole. It always has been and always will be no matter how much money from any source is dumped in it.

    • Cliff H

      Several reasons for the mess that is Haiti:

      1. Corrupt French colonial government was ousted and replaced by a series of even more corrupt home-grown governments.
      2. The Haitians insist on using Creole and/or French as their national language which segregates them from the majority English or Spanish speaking majority.
      3. The Haitian Constitution prohibits whites from holding political office.
      4. The majority of Haitian politicians are elitist mulattos who despise and abuse the black lower classes.

  • SOB

    The way I see this cycle ending is simple, considering the lefts favorite tactic for “correcting” the wrong person being elected, if Trump wins, Pence will be president. Considering how pissed off some on the right are at the lefts atrocities, if clinton wins, kaine will be president.

    And folks, I REALLY hope I am wrong

  • Bill G

    And … close the window for the esteemed speaker?
    No, shut the door on him.

  • Dread

    I plan to vote for Trump, simply because it will be a vote against Hillary Clinton having a thrid and fourth term as president. But can’t Trump quit with the stupid for just the next few weeks to get the election done?

    • Pamela

      He needs to be Gibbs slapped or a cognitive recalibration to snap out of it.

    • JTC

      Disagree. Not only is it too late for that now, but it was too late from the beginning. The prog machine created a monster that can destroy them. The only ones to benefit from harnassing and controlling the monster would be them, and would be “reported” as weakness and surrender.

      Fuck that. As I said upthread the only strategy now is all out attack. If that means a kamikaze mission against the establishment -all of the establishment- then so be it.

      Blow that mother fucker up, burn that mother fucker down. Start anew. Then even if we lose, we win.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Trump has been unchained. We will see that winner take them on.

  • Pinakeli

    My dad always says “There are always flies around the horse’s ass”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Speaker Ryan is a tool of the globalists, as was his predecessor.

    I am often amazed that they pile it that high. or I may be mistaken, as JTC pointed out, maggot, but a maggot smeared all over with it.

    Obama was immaculated. they said they needeed the House to act. We gave them the House. They did nothing but submit.
    They said that nnow we neeed the Senate. We gave them the Senate. They did nothing but bow and submit to the globalists and the Immaculated one.

    We take the TRUMP.

    Trump takes it for us by our votes.

    An American in the White House again.

    Then our real rebuilding and innovation work begins.


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m looking for a remote canyon in Colorado. Someplace from which like minded people can rebuild after the collapse.

    • Cliff H

      The fictional Galt Gulch was located in the mountains of Colorado, but that was in the 50’s. I strongly suspect that Texas is now Galt Gulch and where the tide will turn for America and the Constitution.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Beware Austin. It is a progressive outpost. It does have its own central emergency power supply that will function if the Texas grid goes down. Many cities there have many progressives in them now.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Actually, i hope that Trump has all of the experts, including a psychological profile expert, to give him the choice of which of his truthful statements and mannerisms best get his message across. His election is paramount now, done his way.
    We all need slight refining no matter how good we are. His unfiltered truthfulness did get us here, and that is what people want to see. Maybe not all of it all of the time, but sometimes all of it in full blossom. Sometimes there is no other way to describe things.

    All of these fly attractors will be among those he must appropriately order to do the job the people elected them to do when he is in the command chair of the ship of state.

    in the end, Trump is Trump, and he will win for the country.

    I will miss the Lakeland Airport gathering with Trump today at 3PM. I never got the ticket confirmation on my phone, and that place will be packed like all of the others. I do not like crowds usually, except when I have a plan to get in and out with better knowledge than I have now. I’ll get to one of those talks one of these days, I hope.

  • Jess Sain

    Lyin Ryan is flyin.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Flies or no flies, Ryan is right to focus on saving Congress, rather than winning the White House. I don’t think Trump can win it, nor should he. Not because of his policy positions, but he has shown over and over that he’s a bully, he’s shallow, he loses as often as he wins, and that he’s an all-around jerk. I wouldn’t work for his company. I certainly don’t want him as President. Character matters, and he has NONE. Unfit for the office. Sorry, folks, but face it.

    • Kafiroon

      One and Only One point: Consider a 6-3 or 6-2 rabid prog/lib/socialist Supreme Court for the next 20+ years.

    • JTC

      Couldn’t decide which of those statements to respond to since they are all top to bottom so wrong. But I decided on this one:

      “Not because of his policy positions…”

      Yet that’s all that *does* matter…re immigration, 2A, and scotus, a trifecta of “policy positions” that I would like to see you critique, Trump v. Clinton.

      We are all entitled to our opinions and apparently yours is that the good character of the beast and right-thinking of the traitorous maggot will “save” us. That is laughable, but they certainly do deserve each other.

    • NotYetInACamp

      So you surrender to the globalists and the end of the Republic?

      Even if all you say is true, the Republic will be much better off with Trump than with the destruction (fundamental transformation) of America continuing as it has been going under Obama’s rule, as it will continue with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • Mike

    “Character matters, and he has NONE. Unfit for the office. Sorry, folks, but face it.”

    Except for the gender in your statement, would this apply to his opponent do you suppose?

    I guessing you’d prefer the Beast in the White House?

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