Day By Day


  • Grunt GI

    Heh. Well done. From one clueless dipshit to another…Obama and Johnson could screw up a one float parade.

    Could you please move Sam’s arm? 🙂

  • Th3o

    Dad would have said of some exceptionally stupid person that he had to be playing “switch.” One finger up his ass and one in his mouth and too stoopid to keep track of which finger was which.

  • Once we can be respected again, we will get them back.

    • John Greer

      Which may not be in our lifetimes.

  • Oh, the P.I. No more Subic Bay, no more Olongapo liberty, no more honey-kos stealing drink chips from each other. No more cracker jacks and dixie cups bobbing up and down the main drags on liberty port call. And the girls were all named Rose or Lily or Anna….

    Those were the days, my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We sing and dance
    Forever and a day….
    Mary Hopkin, 1968

    • Grunt GI

      No more quarter shows, San Miguel beer, mojo, and eating, drinking, and more drinking for $20 a day.

    • No more Jimi Hendrix on the juke box
      No more 33 beer and girls with squid chips on their breath
      No more warm Fresca or ham ‘n’ mofos
      No more arc light and wondering if anyone would survive it

      • Norm

        A couple of VN references tossed in there. “Bier 33” in Saigon. As an Arc Light participant, I actually remember those day fairly fondly.

        • Interventor

          When, one held the bottle up to the light, one could see things swimming in it. There were a few places with draft.

          • Interventor

            All of the above.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      I was in the AF so I never went to Olongapo. Did spend a coupla months @ Clark. Saw good bit of Angeles City, though. No more Nipa Hut and getting your face washed. No more Fire Empire and banana cutters or smoke ring blowers or ping pong balls shot across the room or stciks of pesos picked up and dropped one by one. No more Holy City Zoo. All gone now. {sigh}

  • KenH

    83 days to go for Blunt-Bitch here
    Or less, if he strokes out on cocaine
    Or just dies from a screaming spaz attack
    Happy thoughts

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Gonna take 50 years to fix the last 8’s damage…. Fuckers.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Cargo cultists have gained so much power over the years.

    • pool dog

      Well put sir.

  • WayneDeplorable

    I thought the new revelations re: FBI’s criminal probe would show up. I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂

  • eon

    Like most progressives, The One is a primitivist mystic entranced by the “mystical, enlightened East” and with a soul-burning hatred of the “evil, materialistic West”. The fact that that hated West produced him makes him hate it that much more.

    He either cannot tell the difference between Red china, ISIS, Iran, and the Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, or just refuses to acknowledge that their even is a difference.

    He destroyed Qaddafi and tried to destroy Egypt for having “fallen from the true faith” of mystical, primitivist Islam. In his eyes, they were “insufficiently Islamist” and ‘”too Westernized”.

    He wants to turn back the clock to about 400 BC. Before the Greeks defeated the Persians at Plataea, before democracy was conceived, and before facts supplanted Mystical Revealed Truth as the way the world was run. He wants a world run by self-anointed philosopher kings- like himself.

    I’m sure he thinks that Red China will run Asia benignly. As usual, he knows nothing of history. (Look up “Mongol” “Genghis Khan”, and “Chinese treasure fleets”.)

    I’m sure he also thinks that after their Triumph, the Red Chinese, like the Islamists, will worship him.

    He’ll even magnanimously let Hillary be No. 2 Goddess (behind Michelle).

    As for everyone else, the survivors will be permitted to live like the peasants they “really are”- in a world in which, as the Doctor said of Mandragora, man’s ambition won’t go past his next meal.

    To paraphrase what Jerry Cornelius once said, we’ve had a madman in the White House for eight years but most people have been too busy watchin’ the bleedin’ commercials to notice.

    clear ether


    • tjm

      You are entirely too well read 🙂
      Though it’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Moorcock except the latest Elric pastiche. And I’ve always had mixed feelings about Cornelius.

      To capture the email traffic over today’s gnus: Interpretations of what is going on

      1. Just what it says on the tin: Emails related to the Clinton investigation turned up as a result of a separate investigation and are being routinely screened to see if they represent a material change in the case.

      Nobody I’ve spoken with or heard from so far believes that.

      2. Emails related to the Clinton investigation turned up as a result of a separate investigation – and an FBI disgruntled at being disgraced by Comey in July told him “do this right – or we’ll bypass you and do it ourselves.”

      3. This is a “bluff” being thrown up to allow Comey a second chance to “clear” Hillary of wrongdoing, while at the same time offering continued distraction from the Wikileaks.

      Or, as Jerry Pournelle put it: “Hillary’s line on WikiLeaks has been to shout “Russia, Putin, the Russians, Putin, all lies, Russia” over and over again; that’s getting weak, so perhaps it’s time to start pointing to Wiener and giggling. Perhaps that will happen. It’s the take of the NY Times and Clinton Gazette.”

      (I later learned that Rush said something like this as well when it broke.)

      4. As received from a correspondent: “The “wikileaks” material is inadmissible (no chain of custody) for anything but “public opinion”, which of course Hildabeast knows. There must be something else, or it’s 1) (see 3 above), or 2) BHO wants Hildabeast disqualified so he can ATTEMPT to cancel the election and remain in power.”

      5. And, last but not least (but not “vetted” as I’ve come to this realization while preparing this without discussing with anyone else), could Huma have received classified-or-sensitive data on her home email account – then forwarded it to foreign interests. Like her mother, who runs the Moslem Brotherhood’s magazine for Islamic women. Or… (And would this indict Hillary for anything other than bad judgement in choosing subordinates, per se, though it would undercut any “it was a bluff'” narrative attempted under point #3.)

      At this point, #3 is the winner as being separately advanced by three people (Though Pournelle’s post discusses other narratives, they are more variations on a theme). #2 has one supporter and is my preferred theory; parts of Berenstein’s piece (about “speculative discussion” in the security community) might support this. #4 has one proponent – but note that I’ve been expecting something like #4, though I figured it would be related to Hillary’s health – and probably more permanent – rather than a replay of the email story, and did not consider it in that context until my correspondent brought it up.

      Note also that it’s hard to see how #3 plays out quickly without Huma being “thrown under the bus”; the proponent of #2 submits that this is likely to backfire, if an intentional plan. The originator (to me) of #3 stands by that this is intended to help Hillary and will succeed in doing so.

      The informal consensus agrees with Berenstein that if it’s #2, something major was likely found. #2 is also the option that is least likely to come to some sort of resolution before the election. But also, #2 is not inconsistent with someone trying to “not let a crisis go to waste” by redirection to #3 or #4, if they think it will work.

      • When I linked the story on yesterday’s DBD in mid-afternoon, I asked “Real deal or diversion?”.

        I’m going with “both”.

        But I’m not going to try to parse it down any further than that.

        When it comes to conspiracy I believe everything because that bitch is capable of anything. I hope it blows up and destroys them all.

      • Bill

        I agree number three. This is a total misdirection to basically suck up all the air in the room so that Come can clear Hillary once again.

      • eon

        I tend toward a combination of (2) and (4) based on my legal knowledge.

        Yes, there are a lot of old line Bureau types, veterans of ORGCRIME investigations going back to the Reagan administration (when the DoJ, at Rawhide’s orders, basically eviscerated the Mafia), who are giving Comey one last chance to redeem himself or be branded forever as a Clintonista “made man”. (Which is fundamentally exactly what he is, really.)

        By the same token, unless provenance can be firmly established, which would almost certainly require an actual “whistleblower” to come forward and testify under oath as John Dean did in Watergate, much of the evidence could and probably would be excluded as hearsay, if not “fruit of the poison tree” (illegally obtained).

        Which pretty much puts the kibosh on any actual prosecution.

        What will make the difference is if somebody is offered immunity, takes it, and turn’s State’s Evidence.

        Of course, in this administration, what you end up with is Lois Lerner being granted immunity and taking the Fifth anyway, in effect telling Congress, “Fuck you, I am above the law- but I still won’t say anything.”

        (Most likely because of an unspoken subjunctive clause, that being “Because I’ve committed other related crimes you haven’t found out about yet”.)

        There’s also the “Fort Marcy Park Factor”. Hillary knows where everybody’s skeletons are buried, her Arkansas Mafia has a long reach, and she seems to have no qualms about adding to the landfill, literally as well as figuratively.

        If she decides that somebody-anybody- is in a position to cost her the loss of her last grab at Absolute Power Forever (to be followed by Total Destruction and Revolutionary Vengeance on anybody and everybody who ever dared to not worship her), that person is fucked if they open their mouth, and rest assured that they know it.

        Even the ones not licking their lips at the prospect of being able to go Landru on everybody they hate as part of a Clinton II administration. (“Festival! FESTIVAL!”)

        The swamp needs to be drained, but the alligators are already queuing up to have a go at the reclamation engineers.

        And nobody wants to go against the Queen of the Toothy Ones.

        clear ether


        • GWB

          Don’t drain the swamp, vaporize it. Flash dry it.

      • WayneDeplorable

        Well said, eon & tjm.

  • jackdeth72


    To eat like a God. And drink like a fish. At Double D BBQ!

  • He really is that clueless. Clueless enough even, to believe he wants this:

    “Mystical Revealed Truth as the way the world is run…he wants a world run by self-anointed philosopher kings- like himself.”

    Of course when he gets it, and bows to the greater kings, the Mystic Truth will be Revealed in the form of a long sharp knife and as his head bounces it hears its lasts words before everything goes black: “Stupid infidel”.

    Now that’s clueless.

    • tjm

      There is, of course, the theory that he has not already suffered that sentence for apostasy because he is known not to be an apostate.

    • eon

      Not as clueless as his belief that all the others will bow to the Ultimate Totality God of Everything for All of Eternity- namely him.

      Egomania, megalomania, and narcissism tend to cluster, and they make a very bad package when dealing with the real world. Even assuming that the package in question is not the type who can’t hear the train when it’s two feet from him, and/or just wants to watch the world burn.

      clear ether


      • He does have a pretty high opinion of himself compared to us mere mortals.

        But when it comes to the Mystics, he’s their bitch. He knows he’s their bitch. And they know he’s their bitch.

        And he is so naïve to their reality that he thinks they will let him live as a less Mystic among them.

        He is, was, and always will be, just their pretty bitch.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Those results can lead one to logically conclude that they were planned that way. Also all that has occurred fits with his intentions expressed throughout his life.
    And he thinks like he is in a cargo cult

  • Pete in NC

    Sam’s mole moved! It has always been on her left cheek, and is now on the right. Dude – don’t be messin’ wit our minds like that!

    • May be the image is in a mirror. Which would then appear to reverse the location.

  • Bill G

    “No Democrat Is An Island” is quite correct, at the upper levels. They are interconnected by lines of corruption.

    • Bill G

      OTOH, I’ve just re-noticed that the Hildabeast is calling for full, immediate disclosure. That has got to be the last thing she wants. It’s funny, though, to watch the beast with her own Iron Curtain calling for someone else to come clean.

      • thundercloud65

        Her statement is both propaganda and misdirection. Typical Clintonian tactics.

      • Pamela

        They should pay their compliments to the Lady.
        She does have a rather sharp wit.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      “”I think Hilliy, Barry and their minions need to experience this lovely pastime.

      I DO you mean being on the receiving end. You do; don’t you?

      • Pamela

        Sir Codger-

        I think they might want to have a birds eye view on how pie filling is made

  • Pete231

    If the Dumbocrats ran Saudi Arabia, inside of six months there’d be a shortage of sand……..

    • Interventor

      That’s a version of a joke I used to hear from the Saudis, insert communists.

  • CaptDMO

    But…but….now we “have” Cuba!!!!
    Rum and cigars!
    A “new market” for Mexican made (just a LITTLE bit more than) “affordable” little Fords and Carrier AC!
    I’m just trying to think of a time when The Colonies/US revered a sugar cane, and tobacco based economic model…

  • Polly Cy

    I’d like to think there’s a smoking gun or three in the new emails, but part of me also wonders if Comey is reading the tea leaves and realizing that Hillary is headed for defeat. If that plays out case, there are fences to mend PDQ if he wants a post-Obama career. The rats usually desert the sinking ship a bit earlier than this but Comey may figure better late than never.

    It’s so funny to see all the Dems hollering about how this breaks the “unwritten rule” that Justice and the Bureau shouldn’t take any action that might influence the outcome of the election. There are a couple problems with that. First, it dates to a time where information wasn’t instantly accessible to anyone and everyone. It might have been possible when no one knew what was happening, but it’s impossible in the information age. And by publically NOT taking action earlier, Justice and Comey had already interfered in the process. Pressuring Comey to back off back then may turn out to have been a disastrous miscalculation. The cork was bound to pop out of the bottle sooner or later, and there’s no time for Hellary to recover now.

  • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

    Yeah, looks like Comey finally read the tea-leaves of public opinion and saw that The Rednecks In Flyover Country think the FBI is corrupt.

    Imaaagine that!

    So now he wants to “fix” our “mis-perception”. “We’re the good guys. Remember Eliot Ness? We’re the Untouchables! And SEE NOW — we’re gonna go after Hilly!! Really, this time!!”

    Except — less than a week before the election? That’s insufficient time to REALLY “do something”. Only to possibly-maybe-he-hopes persuade somebody who hasn’t been paying attention that His Beloved Fiefdom isn’t as corrupt as the rest of Washington. Which is total BS. They are, and have been for a long-long-long time.

    ((If you’ve read any Clinton tell-all books from Way Back When, you’ll know that our “untouchable” FBI has been covering-up Clintonian corruption since Billy-Jeff first set foot in the White House.))

  • You guys are putting far too much effort into trying to figure out what is/was/will happen. This is my ‘tude on it:

    A – mr. momjeans doesn’t give a shit about anything but leaving a mess behind for whoever is unfortunate enough to get the job when he leaves.
    2 – He said ‘end the ME war’, remember? How come we’re still there and more US troops get deployed there now? Huih?
    Q – I’d bet a jar of dill pickles that the very minute the election results are announced, he dumps the job, turns it over to drunk uncle Joe ‘Shotgun’ Biden and bolts for the next flight out.
    Q(a)4 – Why? Because there was a prediction in 2012 that he’d win that election but would not finish his term in office.
    And finally:
    Z – If he really gave a crap about the job, don’t you think he’d have tried to appoint at least one SCOTUS judge to the empty seat? Think about that for a second.

    Numbering system credit to Buzz from ‘Home Alone’

    • Polly Cy

      I’m a political science prof. It’s my job to dedicate vast amounts of effort to making the simple complicated.

  • ensitue

    Obama is not clueless; he is a puppet but a very well directed puppet working towards the physical destruction of the USA that will occur in the very near future. I hope you have your gas masks w/NBC filters kept near your bed (bunk)

    • Do not confuse clueless and naïve with lack of intelligence/education/indoctrination. I’ve said many time that some of the most educated people I ever met were some of the stupidest.

      Yes he is their puppet and their bitch. So are virtually all of the media establishment, the academics and the celebrities.

      Useful idiots, the lot of them. And the puppeteers are patient. Who do you suppose they are?

  • James/G


    A 54 year old woman was guarding Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame after a Clinton supporter vandalized it with a sledgehammer.

    A gang of Hildabeast thugs harassed and eventually assaulted this homeless woman and trashed her meager belongings.

    Before that happened, Trump had told his lawyer to find the woman to give her a personal gift. Trump now has the lawyer doing more.

    Anyone living in the area, help find this lady, and her attackers.

    Thank you for your time.

    • thundercloud65

      You best me to it James/G. I was going to post the same link.

      I only watched part of it. It made me madder than hell.

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