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  • This is great! You have made my week! At least Chris lets us see what our real time self appointed “masters” won’t even let us consider. By the way, has anyone considered throwing an air dancing party for these pukes? Maybe include feathers and tar for refreshments?

    We had a little excitement here last night. I got almost two inches of rain in about 10 minutes. After it was over, I stood out back and watched a wall cloud go by. Had some whispy funnels that kept trying, but they broke up before they hit the ground. All I could think of was the BLM pukes flying around. We are kinda used to this type of stuff. Again, hooray for Chris for making my week!

    • Chris Muir

      There’s a storm coming alright.

      • xdcpd085

        Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter Lyrics
        Oh, a storm is threat’ning
        My very life today
        If I don’t get some shelter
        Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away

        War, children, it’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        War, children, it’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away

        Ooh, see the fire is sweepin’
        Our very street today
        Burns like a red coal carpet
        Mad bull lost it’s way

        War, children, it’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        War, children, it’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away

        Rape, murder!
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away

        Rape, murder!
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away

        Rape, murder!
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away

        The floods is threat’ning
        My very life today
        Gimme, gimme shelter
        Or I’m gonna fade away

        War, children, it’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        It’s just a shot away
        I tell you love, sister, it’s just a kiss away
        It’s just a kiss away
        It’s just a kiss away
        It’s just a kiss away
        It’s just a kiss away
        Kiss away, kiss away
        Songwriters: JAGGER, MICK / RICHARDS, KEITH
        Gimme Shelter lyrics © Abkco Music, Inc.

      • H_B

        Bravo, Mr Muir. Bravo*.

        (*For both the strip and the above comment.)

      • Oorah.

      • Bill G

        As Doyle had Holmes say, “There’s and East Wind coming”.

  • KenH

    Cracker Bitches??
    Shoot the bastard in the balls, and the guts
    Suck that down, sonny

    • gekko

      I think that was a female, so no balls…

      • John M.

        Half the time, who can tell these days?

    • H_B

      Wrong gender. Not that’s it’s easy to tell with that much well-fed (oh, the trials of the down-trodden) ballast on board.

      • NancyGee

        Roscoe’s restaurant filed for bankruptcy this week. Their menu consists of chicken, waffles and mac&cheese. Can you *imagine* mac&cheese covered in maple syrup?

    • Sol

      My scope’s got white crosshairs in it – for the contrast, y’unnerstand…

      And a green laser, for when I’m in a hurry.

  • Ricardo

    Black Lies Splatter

    • Sam

      Ain’t that the truth.

    • PaulS

      Baracks lies matter.
      Talk about chickens coming home to roost, we ain’t seen nothing yet.
      B,b,b,buh, baby!

  • Cordell

    I think someone messed up and hit the tripwire that sets off the angry grandpa trap. You don’t want to be that guy 🙂

  • WayneM

    Hmmm… Wade or Zed? Someone has a pretty good hand with a lasso.

    • John M.

      In the last frame, Sam is yelling “I got a COWBOY bitch…” so my guess is it’s Zed with the fancy rope work… A man of so many talents!

      • Chris Muir


  • eon

    The true face of the “enlightened elite”. Ethnicity doesn’t matter, looks don’t matter, sex doesn’t matter.

    What matters is their willingness to maim, or kill, anyone who fails to kowtow to them. Or just happens to be handy when they’re running on an “ultra-violence” high.

    As H. Beam Piper said, civilizations die in two ways. Invaded from without or destroyed from within. There are a further two variations; kill off enough of the workers that there’s no one left to get things done, or kill off enough of the brains so there’s no one left with any idea of what needs to be done.

    Modern-day “progressives” define themselves as “workers” (“proletarians”) and “brains” (“enlightened elite'”) simultaneously.

    As such, they believe that they don’t need anyone else. In fact, everyone else enrages them by the fact that they exist.

    Hence the critical, in fact only meaningful, question for this election;

    Do you believe that you can survive under the rule of people who are in a permanent state of rage simply because you exist?

    Anyone who believes that the differences between the “enlightened ones” (in any party) and the rest of humanity are merely “philosophical” or “political” does not understand the situation.

    When violence is the default mode of “discourse” because those engaging in it just get off on it, the barbarians are inside the gates.

    And when the authorities are prevented from doing anything to stop it by “pressure” from on high, the mob rules.

    clear ether


    • The problem with their philosophy being, it collapses into itself. Always has, always will. And they are too stupid to see the basic truth propounded by several major figures, “those who ignore history, etc etc”.

      • eon

        In my experience (LE), people who get off on acting like Alex in A Clockwork Orange aren’t exactly deep thinkers, no matter how much Marx/ Marcuse/etc. they can spout at the drop of a protest sign.

        Or as I’ve often said (Eon’s first law);

        People follow belief systems and/or “movements” which sanctify their doing what they would do anyway, of their own volition.

        It’s less about them wanting to “be different than they are” than it is about “being applauded for being what they are”.

        They’re looking for justification, and “validation”, not “constructive criticism”. They’d rather deliver that to somebody they don’t like.

        Preferably upside the head with a piece of pipe (masquerading as a protest-sign pole; old SDS trick).

        clear ether


    • Saaruuk

      As the song goes: “When you listen to fools….the mob rules.”

      • Bill G

        What they want is described in more lyrics, from The Who:
        “And the men who spurred us on
        Sit in judgment of all wrong
        They decide and the shotgun sings the song”
        They ignore history and do not know that the useful fools are the second group at the wall once their revolution happens.

      • eon

        Now how did you know what Black Sabbath song was playing in my head? 🙂

        Close the city and tell the people
        That something’s coming to call
        Death and darkness are rushing forward
        To stamp light from the wall!

        Oh! You’ve nothing to say
        They’ll drag you away!
        If you listen to fools,
        The mob rules, the mob rules

        Kill the spirit and you’ll be blinded
        The end is always the same
        Play with fire, you’ll burn your finger
        And lose your hold on the flame, oh!

        It’s over, it’s done
        The end is begun
        If you listen to fools,
        The mob rules
        You’ve nothing to say
        Oh, They’re breaking away
        If you listen to fools

        Break the circle and stop the movement
        The wheel is thrown to the ground
        Just remember it might stop rolling
        And take you right back around!

        You’re all fools!
        The Mob Rules!

        BTW, the version on the soundtrack from the animated movie Heavy Metal (1981) is hands down the best studio recording.



      • John M.

        The only song that comes to my mind when I hear these politicians (and BLM etc.) tell us how we’re supposed to live is Steppenwolf’s Power Play:

        What gives you the right hey you
        To stand there and tell me what to do
        Tell me who gave you the power
        To stop me from livin’ like I do

        Remember if you plan to stay
        Those who give can take away.
        Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

  • Pamela

    Whoa! Hitch that mule to a plow and don’t forget to add the muzzle.

    • Kafiroon

      That jackazz be all fat not muscle. It would not be able to even move an old single furrow plow.
      BUT, I love the idea!

      • Pamela

        The braying gets rather irksome, hence the muzzle.

        • H_B

          As I once responded to someone repeating Biden’s “they want to put y’all back in chains!” comment: “Let’s say someone waves a magic wand and makes slavery legal again. If that were the case, who would want you?? No one wants to be burdened with you!”

          Ironically, that was not received well…

  • B Woodman

    All I can add is a throat clearing, lung emptying, lightnin’ gathering, soul satisfying,


  • JTC

    Listen bitch, I can call me a Cracker all day long and wear that label proudly, I can say it to my friends and they can say it to me, I can even put it in my music, blaring loud and clear Country in my pickup truck…

    BUT when YOU say it it’s a slur and hate speech and you can be prosecuted or killed for using it…sound familiar?

    • Spot on. Karma, what a bitch.

  • So why didn’t Tabasco gut that one?

    • pdwalker

      given its size, he would have tried to mate with it.

    • PaulS

      He thought it was just one of his cows.

  • jackdeth72

    Question to BLM “Muscle”:

    Ever been dragged through a mile of bramble behind a galloping horse?

    Looks like you’re going to find out reaaaallll soon!

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Naw, a fifty yard patch of Pricker and Mesquite should do the trick. 🙂

      • MasterDiver

        Find a patch of green tumbleweed. Like a tangle of bob-whar!

  • Wulfenite

    Few folks have made musical suggestions to go with the toons this week. The proper tunes for these toons is the classic Boots Randolf “Yakety Sax”. If Benny Hill was still alive, he would agree.

  • Jorge_Banner

    Rope goes around the neck.

  • Dastardly Dan

    This has been a fun arc, but I must ask, what were these vermin doing at the ranch in the first place?

    • Pamela

      Donny the Mouth was there hiding out from Megyn. ‘Cuz she was mean to him. He drew the vermin and they are exercising their Right of Assembly.
      No where does the Constitution say they have a right to damage or destroy the property of others. Nor does it allow for the delay or denial of access or the right to trespass or harass.

      • Bill G

        Play by their rules and the Constitution only applies when they want it to.

      • Bill G

        Oh, yeah … to continue the musical references:
        Oh, Donny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling
        From glen to glen and down the mountain side…

      • JTC

        Hey Ted Cruz, how did you get ahold of Pamela’s avatar and what have you done with her? Only you would say that Free Speech engenders violence (disclaimer notwithstanding).

        • Pamela

          Anyone laying hands or other assorted body parts on Moi or my avatar without my permission, will receive a switching that would make my Grandmothers proud.

          Free Speech should engender civil discussions, not violence.
          Unfortunately there are those who do not, and refuse to listen or even contemplate differing or opposing views. Anyone who opposes them is suspect and deserving of a sound thrashing with the requisite property destruction.

          It’s pretty sad state of affairs when a candidate only wants nice fluffy duck questions asked.
          To me there isn’t much substance to Trumps peat and repeat answers.
          Who does Trump think he is? Hillary Clinton.

  • Big Jim

    Trump is visiting the DD again. I wonder who passed the word to the vermin…..?

    • Bill G

      He probably likes to fly low enough over the nearest town to be seen, and anyone there could be ready to give an alert.

      • GWB

        Or, someone on his team leaks where he will be.

    • interventor

      Large private aircraft flights are public record.

  • Bill G

    Reality 001 is a course that the public education system is designed to avoid.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Tabasco isn’t the only Texas Reality these progressive Soros type backed producer haters are running smack dab into.

    Dis is dere hood, and dey more than matter here. They take care of it here.
    They take out the trash when people act like trash. Battering is acting like trash. Defensive protocols engaged.

    Like Sam was warned yesterday, sow we are warned to prepare for the possible sight of a large BLM hog tied for battering behavior. Not a pretty picture to contemplate or behold.
    That also means that Tabasco’s saucy defense of his territory may not be taken care of as quickly as the ranchers would have done. Defending one’s own against attack takes priority over rescuing people who got themselves into a fine mess.
    Tabasco making sauce continues. The humanity. The reality. (The Fantasy. 🙂 )

  • RayLRiv

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT’S how it’s done in TX and OK!

  • GWB

    And the idiot should be glad Zed used a rope. He could have tossed a few ounces of lead her way. Or Sam could have. (I consider anyone leaning into my car to hit me to be a dire threat to life and limb – especially if they outweigh me by a dozen stone.)

    • NotYetInACamp

      Excellent point. we are very kind people as a whole. Too good sometimes, but, I hope not.

  • thoughtdreams

    btw, OFAy is the preferred term for whitey nowadays, per Obama and his billion dollar slush fund.

    of course, he misuses that insult (as he does many words) but he thinks it’s an oh-so-clever inside joke.

    wonder why the MSM never made that connection …

  • A Proud Infidel®™

    I LIKE how that “Person of Tolerance” was dealt with! They WON’T get away with their antics in Red State America like they do in their demo-rat-run liberal enclaves. Anyone ever see the footage of when they tried to “march” in a TX neighborhood? Their crud was NOT tolerated and they didn’t get the chance to try any cheap stunts.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is also why many of those “People of Tolerance®™” live in what seem like bombed out neighborhoods. that is because many were destroyed by the residents, or imported “People of Tolerance®™.” They do not take responsibility for nor take care of their neighborhoods and AO’s. I believe that for many it is a cultural thing. But they will defend their hair culture we have seen lately.

      (Just kidding on the ®™)

      • A Proud Infidel®™

        Even thinking of asking any of those “People of Tolerance” to take some responsibility in their lives is considered “racist”, they’ve been conditioned to think that life and society OWES them everything on a silver platter just because of their skin color and White People are THE sole source of all the world’s ills.

  • That rope caught about 12 to 14 inches too low!

  • NotYetInACamp

    What I am seeing across web sites, across broadcast media, across comments are the use of a type of psy ops designed to reinforce feelings in people.
    This is being used by many. Facts and issues have little or nothing to do with the effort. The concept is similar to Ted Cruz’s sophisticated program to tell every voter exactly what they want to hear. Cruz’s campaign has programs that identify each voter and all contacts by the campaign are guided by what the voter wishes to hear. A slightly different and more sophisticated method is planting emotional content across the board that triggers emotional agreement in people reading or listening to the information. Facts are again basically irrelevant. The object is to gain the feelings in the reader or listener that will entice and strengthen any feeling to vote for or against that particular candidate. This can be done positively, or negatively, but is based on emotional responses. Feelings.

    Then we have almost no filter au natural Trump crashing through all with his honest responses to questions, issues, and ideas on what he sees as best for the USA, then sometimes modified slightly after he receives feedback.

    I had been watching this methodology for a long while, but it has increased in mass, variety, and sophistication as of late. Trolls gone wild and almost invisible is one way to look at it. Sometimes the ideas had been planted into people, and they spread them.
    Well. We are enjoying our Tabasco sauce. That is a natural reaction and no comment on the natural artistic skill of the toon master. We feel good about many of the feelings evoked here. This is an antidote.

    • S Hooks

      The psyop methodology you describe was also part of the KGB’s long-term strategy for destabilization of the US. Many of the so-called “protest” groups and movements were encouraged and financed by them, and their “activists” were often tutored or trained by them. From our perspective of hindsight, it’s clear that those efforts have been wildly successful, and were one of the best “bang for the buck” investments they ever made.

  • Old Codger

    Sow got off light. Hate to think Sam would’ve done to her. Sad part is now Zed has to burn that rope. Wouldn’t want to rope a bovine with it.

  • RCO

    Scary times indeed … even old Carol’s songs are in vogue.

    Now Smackwater Jack, he bought a shotgun…

  • zeprin

    Here in Florida, the original source for the term, a ‘CRACKER’ is a Cowboy who herds cattle from horseback through the swamps by using a ‘BULLWHIP’ hence ‘Cracker’… Misappropriated and misused , like so many other things American, by the Left.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Cattle have been herded here in Florida for about 500 years.
      – from a Florida Cracker

      Georgia uses the term also.

      Bob Graham, past Senator and Governor of Florida, is a Graham Cracker as well as a Florida cracker. Graham dairy Road is named for his family.
      Walkin Lawton Chiles was a Florida Cracker. Chiles beat Jeb Bush for Chiles’ second term as governor. Thus ensuring that Jeb’s brother, George W, was at bat for the presidency that time, and not Jeb, who the family supposed wanted to be president. Some Florida Cracker history versus carpetbaggers.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Pardon. I had typed but did not stay:
        It infuriates some of the progressive types to no end when I sincerely say thank you to them when they call me a cracker as an insult. Too many riotous times to list. Aint I a stinker! 😀

  • The Pontificator


  • Kevin M

    Chris, you gotta have a sequence that teaches Sam some Krav Maga.

    Copperhead porn!!!!

    • eon

      I’m guessing Naomi’s already been there and done that with Sam. probably Jan, too.

      At some point some SJW’s going to get in Sam’s face, dare her to “shoot an unarmed (person)”, and when one hand touches her , the owner of same is going to wake up in the hospital in the next frame, no GSWs, looking like eight miles of bad road, and wondering WTF happened.

      By which time the video of the beatdown will be viral, thanks to Damon.

      (“Petite’ Redhead Curb Stomps SJW Bluto”, or similar title.)

      Just a guess.



  • Don in AK

    Chris, I am continually in awe of just how well you are tuned in to the mood of the up-to-now silent majority. We are so close to making noise that will be shattering to the chattering establishment and their useful idiots.

  • Big Jim

    Just one small request, and not criticism, Chris—that image of Sam braying is terrible. I realize you reuse imagery to save time, but the use of “Braying Skye” shifted to Sam is….just… nasty. Please, no more….?

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