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  • Robert Haskin Jr

    It’s about to be on now…

  • Iconoclast

    Well, back-stabbing *IS* normal for the left … and treason is highly regarded, also. Still, Skye playing Brutus seems a bit extreme, even for her. She’s always been portrayed as clueless, scheming & conniving, yet still short of the fonda / shrilldabeest vermin.

    • KenH

      How well y’think she’d do as portraying a corpse?

  • All his fears and worst nightmares coalesce into one word, betrayal.

    • And all of her outer beauty and inner evil captured in two frames. Masterful.

      • H_B

        Still not seeing it. I find Skye just skin-crawly. Period.

        • H_B, click on the ‘toon with comments turned off, take a look at that seductive upside-down spreadeagle pose and comeandgetit eyes, then tell me that the devil don’t come wrapped in a mighty shiny package…wasn’t it the scientist Dr. Venkman that found that out?

          • H_B

            I can’t separate an outer shape from what I know is inside. Or to borrow a comment from someone I knew in high school: “she’s ugly in’na soul!

            Think of one of those Halloween pictures that’s half pretty-face on one side, half corpse on the other and you have an idea of what I see with Skye.

            Do not want.

      • BlaxPac

        My ex has the same qualities…lol…

  • B Woodman

    Whatever it is (and I’m not sure WHAT is going on in the second panel), it will not end well for Skye’s schemes.

  • Gus Bailey

    Heh. Good storyline. Excellent modeling. Skye’s ass looks great.

  • Zek202

    Tan line is gone.

  • I totally hate this. Skye is pure evil. Sam should kill her.

    • KenH

      Should have killed the beastbitch long ago. Or at least LET someone kill her. REMEMBER, the only reason this BITCH IS ALIVE, is because Zed intervened.

      KILL HER

      • B Woodman

        Leftist Libtards? Gratitude? pppffffftttt. Yeah. Right. NOT!!

  • Morris

    Not sure where you’re going with this, Chris. Butt hell it’s interesting!

  • FreedomLover

    Damn this strip is next level stuff, love it. (and I second Gus’s comment, that ass does look great)

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm. Happy Halloween?
    Could it be the crazies are coming out because Saturday is October 31?

  • rickn8or

    There’s a NAME for women who do “tricks.”

  • Greg B

    Isn’t that one of the feds that Wade & Zed rousted off the property in the past?
    I seem to remember some story arc like that.

    • B Woodman

      Oh, shit! You’re right. That IS a DHS po-po. Hopefully Zed can get untangled enough to cuff Mr DHS to Skye, through the bed frame, and make his (naked) escape with Sam, and high tail it back to the DDRanch. ANd then get a thorough disinfection from where Sam sat on his groin.

  • formwiz

    She’s artificially inflated.

  • WayneM

    I’m missing something… Why would Skye need to get naked and jiggy if she wanted to betray Zed? To distract him for a couple of minutes until the feds arrive? It’s not like Zed was planning to escape from his hospital bed.

    • Chris Muir

      No, it isn’t, is it?

      • Gideon Reed

        Oh, for God’s sake.
        It’s just a cartoon.

        Isn’t, it?


        • Not so much.

  • formwiz

    Why do I somehow anticipate naked cat fight?

    • Gus Bailey

      Hee hee!

    • JIMV

      One can hope

    • rooftop voter

      Won’t be much of a fight………………..

  • Eff Cliffy

    Nice trick, Sam!

  • I am not quite convinced everything appears to head advertised. Something else is at play here. Just waiting for the other bra to drop… 😉

  • interventor

    The thread appears to be med induced delusions. Muir is messing with Zed’s and our heads. Good job!

    • eon

      When one of those hits you, it tends to be all your worst nightmares in one monstrous mess. And they’re all somehow connected in the sequence.

      Been there, done that.

      The worst part is, in the internal “dream logic” everything makes perfect sense. And you end up concluding that a vast conspiracy is out to get you.

      Among other things, it’s why UFO believers can so easily convince themselves that “the government” will do anything to stop them from revealing the “truth” about LGMS, etc. There’s a condition called “boundary deficit disorder” which causes some people to have trouble differentiating between dream-states and reality. So, they dream that they’re the targets of this conspiracy and when they wake up, they don’t realize that it was a dream.

      Zed will realize that this is a meds-triggered nightmare when he wakes up. And probably yells loud enough to wake up everybody else on the floor.

      Been there, done that, too.

      Still, kudos to CM. You’ve kept us going on this one. Well played, sir.

      clear ether


      • Unca Walt

        Wow. Not anymore, but back in the Olden Days… that would happen to me, too. The dream would be logical within the framework, but patently impossible.

        Going out onna limb; my guess is The Fiendish Muir (bwuahahaha) is showing an injury-med dream. I submit as a datum point: Zed’s rather large contusions are all gone all of a sudden. That, too, happened to me: even though I was one third hamburger, I was complete (logically) in the dream.

  • Noelegy

    He says “no,” but his hands are on her, and not in a pushing-away gesture.

    • BlaxPac

      Whatever Skyes inner qualities are, the outer wrapper isn’t too bad…

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  • TeaPartyGrandma

    He has no visible wounds. Amazing healing capacity he has, no? For a guy who was so badly injured a few panels back.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I am hoping for the nightmare. I’ve had worse. (And better)
    All of the ideas have plausibility.
    But there is much more of the interesting times until we get to a JR still alive moment, I hope.

  • Grape

    Cuff ’em and stuff ’em. It’ll get straighten out.

  • Chris, you cagey bastard, if this isn’t a dream/nightmare sequence, a vixen has to die. That IS the Homeland snake that Wade made shit hisself, gloating and itching for pay back. This kind of betrayal earns a death sentence, “family” or no.

    • eon

      Keep in mind, your dreams are often where your subconscious puts together disparate facts that your conscious mind hasn’t noticed. August Kekule’, one of the 19th century’s foremost chemists, supposedly realized that benzene had a ring-like structure in such reverie’, or day-dream;

      This might be Zed’s subconscious telling him just what a snake in the grass Skye really is.



    • JSStryker

      well it is Halloween…

  • Joe Greig

    Zeds dreaming, or in a med induced coma. It could be Sam too. They’re still out on the road in the wreck?

  • Bill G

    Nightmare sequence. I’m hoping for nightmare sequence.

  • m225

    Is Skye claiming Zed is the father of her two children???

  • Jrod C

    Called it!

  • Scout

    You, sir, are a story teller. A master of the craft.

  • Bill

    Aaahhhhhh. So this was for medicinal purposes only, to help him get his memory back. Looks like it worked.

  • JIMV

    I’n not sure how this will play out but I am sure the art is amazing. Well done!

  • JIMV

    Perhaps the good woman is simply trying to shock him back to reality…There are worse fates than being seduced by a beautiful woman while in the hospital.

  • Otto Didact

    Shoulda shot that fellating mike foxtrot a long time ago and fed him to the hogs. Hogs’ll eat pretty near anything – even a fed.

    Don’t know ’bout you folks but I’m looking forward to Sunday’s longer strip. This dribbling out the story 2-3 panels at a time is torture. But DAMN! you are one hellova story teller, Mr. Muir.

    • Grunt GI

      Glad to see I’m not the only reader looking forward to Sunday…this is going to be EPIC!

  • Kaos Klerik

    Looks like she was just trying to shock him back to reality and it worked. I know Skye is kinky but why else would there be a cop there?

  • This has got to be nightmare. Remember a while back when someone mentioned one not wanting to go to public hospitals? This has got to be nightmare.

  • capn

    *with his fingers crossed*
    “it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream …”

    Would somebody Please go wake up Chris?

    “it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream – it’s just a dream …”

    I am now recommending a half gallon of ICED water as the wake up tool …

    Devious, devilish and devastating the images in this nightmare Zed is experiencing.
    IF it isn’t a nightmare then I will have to reluctantly side with the “capitol punishment” side of the audience … family or no.

    This next bit is NSFC. Where C= children.
    Texas still has carnivorus ants and I would *guess* that they would still devour (in miniscule but very painful bites mind you) whomever was staked beside the nest which had been shovel stirred and dumped upon their torso.

    Who Me? No I’m not the least bit vindictive. I do however believe in the punishment fitting the crime.

    Looking forward to the Sunday expose’ with Otto Didact and others.

    • capn

      carnivorus – carnivorous sigh You knew what I meant right?

      One would think after as many years as I have lived that I would have better control of my own fingers wouldn’t you? Ah, well …

  • Frank Burt

    I spent three days in a coma back in ’02 where a voice in my head tried to convince me I was actually a member of a deep cover sleeper cell for an organization bent on world domination. At that point I figured out I was actually zonked and just went along for the ride. I didn’t come out of it until I imagined I had swallowed a live octopus. Luckily my ICU nurse noticed I was trying to pull my endotracheal tube out by the roots and prevented me from destroying my larynx. Interesting experience, though I don’t recommend it since I almost bought the farm from the CHF that put me there in the first place.

    • Chris Muir

      what’s CHF?

      • I’m guessing it was congestive heart failure.

      • Ozymandias

        Congestive Heart Failure

  • RayNAiken

    This has to be either a drug or injury related hallucination, nightmare.

  • Chris Muir

    Anyone get the motor boating reference?

    • Well I didn’t see Zed blowing on her boobehs, so I guess it ain’t that. And anyway, that might get you into the dock but could also make you need to see a doc. So, spill the beans Muir…what’s the reference?

      • Chris Muir

        He’s in the dock, just not voluntarily-motorboating!

        • Pete

          Oh HE11 yeah! Your artwork makes the prospect more than a little intriguing. Nicely done sir!

    • Gideon Reed

      Rapid and close attention to “each” Boob in rapid order; side to side.
      As a young G.I. in another place we also refered to it as being called “Evinruding”.
      Same-0, same-0
      By the by, did the chubby LEO mean “did the trick” or in Skye’s place “turn the trick”?

  • Gina

    Hoo boy! If this keeps up much longer, I’M going to need meds. Just don’t make it whatever Zed is on…

  • Little-Acorn

    OK, that does it. Clearly this is all a bad dream that Zed is having, probably as a result of the whack on the head he got in the crash, plus whatever meds the docs have him on.

    A burly police officer materializing in the hospital room without Zed noticing?

    And the cop BELIEVES Skye???

    Someone is definitely dreaming.

    • B Woodman

      Libtard Feds will believe ANYTHING that furthers their agenda, rewards their friends (useful tools), and punishes their enemies.

  • Little-Acorn

    My son was in intensive care for a month, a few years back. As he came out of it, he looked at me and told me frankly that there was somebody standing next to me, that he could see as plain as day. (There was no one there.)

    I waved my arms around me, on both sides, and asked him, “You mean here? or here?” He looked puzzled, and said, “Yeah.”

    Hallucinations DO happen, and can be as real and solid as anything. No matter how strange or undesirable.

    Clearly Zed is experiencing the same thing. Both with the cop, and with Skye.

  • The Sheriff should step in and arrest Skye. Put her in the local jail to mellow out. Maybe some cuffs for her as well to play with.
    But yeah…she wants him bad enough to betray him…evil. She cant go back now…

  • Greg B

    By the way, I decided to search the term “Ms Flanagan”, just for the fun.
    And a certain Helen Flanagan popped up.
    Holy Hell.

    • Andrew Benghazi

      Flanagan is Sam and Skye’s maiden name.

  • Gina

    Wait…WTF does Skye mean by “I got sis out of our way”?!?!

  • Pamela

    A man with a concussion and broken ribs is not in his right mind.
    The sex is not consensual.
    Being taken advantage of sexually by anyone other than his wife is called Rape in my book and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The fact that the Government drone is aiding and abetting a crime means he needs to be prosecuted also.

  • Polly Cy

    I’m hoping the “ID” reference means that Zed’s subconscious is working overtime and he’s hallucinating. He sure got nekkid awful fast for someone who’s not cooperating.

  • Uncle Mike

    Well, hell. If it isn’t a painkiller/fever – induced nightmare, our sociopathic socialist Ms. Skye needs a whuppin’. And, no, not the kinky sort – the only thing sexual about the whuppin’ that she needs to get is when she lies there and moans that it FSCKING HURTS!

  • Lonny Bridges

    Anyone notice that all of a sudden “Skye’s” hair is red?

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