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  • JTC

    Her shoulder is gonna be sore…

    • epador

      I just use a small shoulder pad when using my KSG… …the trick is to not let the slide hand migrate past the muzzle, however.

    • kadaka

      That’s why you use the Aguila Minishells, get the job done with less kick. Get a box and try them.

      Then when they don’t feed in your particular gun, despite reviews saying they worked for this yahoo’s same model pump, you get the Midland Backpack so the box doesn’t go to waste. Happiness abounds.

      Oh, and there’s a giant discrepancy in the review I linked to yesterday. The two buttpad screws are only for adjusting the spacer stack. To access the storage space you unscrew the swivel stud until almost out and the pad/spacer assy pops off, no tools needed. Maybe someone didn’t read the manual.

  • WayneM

    Another lucid moment from Skye at the expense of Siri…

    Shooting not-skeet must be hot fun in Texas this time of year. If only we could think of a way for Skye and the others to cool off…

    • Are we suggesting the swimming hole, perhaps?

    • JTC

      Speaking of pulling…D)

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Siri-ously in trouble.

  • P

    What are the plans for the bits and pieces created from Skye’s target practice?
    Melt them down or a wood chipper?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Who’s on cowbell? More, Sam?
    With a collaboration, the remnants could be sent into low Earth Turkey orbit as an example. Siri-ng too?
    Not going to be able to sing ‘Daisy?’

    I am listening to Aldous Huxley in a Mike Wallace interview right now. Searing.

  • Wood

    Skynet is coming

  • GWB

    If it were Thanksgiving, Sam could put Siri inside the turkey before she cooks it……

  • clayusmcret

    The answer to her question is also the answer to “How long have you had a phone with Siri on it?”

  • Halley

    Man, is Minerva going to put Alexa and Siri to shame on New Rome…

    • Fox2!

      One would have to be a child of Methuselah to see that. Or a Howard.

  • Sarthurk

    I can see SIRI getting blown apart, and then coming back together like the Mercury cop in Terminator 2.

  • Pamela

    Skye, once you are done with target practice, you need to police the area and render the pieces into dust. Then incinerate at 1000 degree Kelvin.

  • kadaka

    Now think about for how long even basic flip phones have been able to do simple voice commands, and take and transmit photos, or be recorders. Wasn’t it neat when you could first upload your entire contact list so it wouldn’t get lost?

  • Spin Drift

    Pammy, Pammy, Pammy 1000K ain’t hot enough. Kelvin starts at absolute zero so its about 623 C at 1000 K. You might have meant 10,000 K. That would be about right.

    Spin the unrepentant engineer
    1.21 JiggaWatts is a whole lot of Jiggas.

    • Pamela

      Never type anything without enough coffee on board.
      Spin Sweetie, the last Male who called me Pammy ended up in cuffs in the back of a police car. 😉

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        Promises, promises.

      • interventor

        The last female object of my affection named Pamela (long E, Brit pronunciation) was a member of MI5. She visited me in the USA to catch up on handgun usage. Seems even Brit gun agents have problems with range time. Never saw any silver bracelets, save one I gave her.

  • kadaka

    Monday 7/30, just-fired now-former (black) Walmart employee starts shooting, kills two managers. Somehow the news quickly forgets.

    Today 8/3, mass shooting at El Paso Walmart. Clearly it is time to address the pattern of violence and for the government to take bold action, and ban Walmart.

    Here are the 2020 candidates responding to the mass shooting in El Paso; Check out Seth Moulton’s take

    From Seth, still technically a candidate for the Dem presidential nomination:
    We cannot allow this to keep happening in America. Citizens don’t need guns to protect them from government—they need the government to step up and protect them from guns.

    Which has worked spectacularly in Baltimore, NYC, DC, Chicago, etc. When help is needed in seconds the government is minutes away, sometimes hours. Ah heck, even the cops won’t go to that place anymore.

    • JTC

      The question that never gets asked is the same as it has always been: “Okay Senator, Congressman, or Random Other Clown, what are your exact and specific proposals for “gun control””

      And once the babbling about various “common sense” restrictions on the rights of law-abiding Americans stops, the follow-up, “So, how would any of that have prevented this?”

      Way too simple and way too reasonable to ever actually be asked.

      • NotYetInACamp

        My Goodness! You are using logic, facts, request for proposals, projections of results, reasonableness and common sense.

        They will throw the No Fair flag.

    • Too Tall

      Two hours AFTER the shootings, El Paso police arrested the perp at a traffic stop.

      The murderer had more than 20 minutes with ZERO interference to kill 20 and wound two dozen more in a “gun-free zone” courtesy of the the mall owners Simon Property Group and a non-responsive police department.

      The family members of the victims need to sue everyone at Simon Property Group from the kid in the mailroom to the Chairman of the Board for everything they own, and ensure they live out the rest of their days in a cardboard box.

      The citizens of San Antonio need to after the city government and police, convict them of multiple felonies, and sue them into abject poverty.

      • Too Tall

        El Paso, not San Antonio, not enough coffee.

        • Too Tall

          Finally, if a series of extremely unfortunate events were to randomly occur to the leadership of Simon Property Group and the City of El Paso, that resulted in one or more fine, upstanding citizens being falsely accused, and I’m on the jury, it’s acquittal on all counts.

  • Woke?

  • Spin Drift

    Just to take the Latest Gun Control rhetoric to another crime type. What with all the wanton sexual assaults done by Democrats (Bill Clinton anyone) all Democrats should turn in their penises. Makes about as much sense.

    Cold dead hands in a pile of brass.

    • JTC

      The corollary would actually be that we non-violent monogamous types should cut off ours while rapists and molesters keep theirs.


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