Day By Day


  • It’s very good and quite proper.

    But remember we readers will understand if you need time

  • Gordon

    Condolences on your loss. This is a very fitting memorial for your Dad.

  • David E

    Very sorry sir. Please take all the time you need.

  • Guitanguran

    Musician by trade, so I can understand expressing your grief through your art. Thanks for putting it out there for us to feel part of it. Prayers on you and yours. May your dad rest easy.

  • Blessings and comfort.
    Tell stories. Laugh and cry and cry and laugh.
    Hug each other and sit quietly together.
    Give thanks.
    There are lots of us out here praying for you.

  • I can not say more than what has been said. When you get your heart right, we’ll see you then.

  • Jrod C

    reminds me of when my Dad died.. take your time…

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