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  • Texas is state of Mind

    Krav Maga? Combat is coming soon. No prisoner!

  • JackDeth72

    Nicely done!

    The world needs more “Well Rounded” young ladies….

    Woe betide the young men who try to stake out and pursue Mari and Kiko before the young ladies and their parents decide they wish to be staked out and pursued!

    Though, Sam and Zed may well be into digging and stocking a moat around the Double D by then.

  • The expressions on the childen do not look nice. You should draw them as more cheerful.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Mari and Kiko? Krav Maga? I look into my cloudy crystal ball, and I foresee trouble in the future. Especially anyone that attempts to cross or molest the twins. And after the twins are done with the troublemaker-no-more, Mommy and Daddy will help dispose of c the body and the evidence.

  • NotYetInACamp

    My grandmother was part of a hundreds of years long line of people from the village teaching all of the young children outside of formal school about many of the important things about life that are not taught in schools. The tree is still there in the village that was the center of where the teaching was done. That teaching about important things about life ended in the village in the 1980’s after hundreds of years of continuity. My grandparents left the small Magyar village as so many there saw that a storm like WW1 was soon to hit, and they were encouraged to go to America. The storm hit.
    There are so many things that are needed to be taught that are undermined by the brainwashing in our modern progressive schools.
    I am sure that Naomi has many good things to teach the children that will benefit them for their entire lives..

  • Home schooling does seem far better at times. This will be one of those times.

    • GWB

      Home schooling is almost always better. A lot of people are surprised to find they’re just as smart and knowledgeable as that state-certified teacher.

      • PaulS

        Actually I’m more surprised to find out how stupid and unknowledgeable that State certified teacher is.
        I’m sure there are fine teachers also, but when I hear about the ones that can’t pass their own tests, it’s a little troubling when they blame the test for being unfair.

        • WayneM

          Given what passes for education nowadays, most village idiots could qualify for state certification. Most colleges specialize in cultural marxist indoctrination. The more liberal the college, the less education provided.

  • Bill G

    Physical exercise and discipline are not lessons kids like to learn.

    • GWB

      Unless they get to punch their brother/sister.

    • WayneM

      Both of my kids learned to love exercise and practice self-discipline. Strangely, they did not learn either in the public school system.

  • Pamela

    Krav Maga! Way cool. My Daughter had a friend recommend she learn KM after she was mugged one night on the way home from work. She provided care for his Mom. Mom considered Daughter Family, called her son “D” and informed him of what had transpired. “D” is on the tallish side and on the muscled side. He and a few associates took exception to the assault and put the word out. Hands Off and bring the person(s) responsible for a lesson in manners. “D’s” comment to my Daughter was “For a White Girl, you need to be more careful in some areas. Take lessons and get some pepper spray. He also commented that Daughter had managed to rearrange one of the muggers nose” when she defended herself.

  • JTC

    Contact Combat…if it’s good enough for IDF and USMC it’s good enough for the young’uns on the ranch. Pity the poor thugs illegal or otherwise who pick on these home-school students (not really; they’ll get what’s coming to them and might even alter their social interactions 😉 ).

    • Pamela

      A well placed boot to the Lib/Prog head works wonders for an attitude adjustment.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Would that be a gross attitude alignment? Or a fine attitude alignment? I guess it would depend on the size of the boot being applied.

        • Pamela

          Gross to start, followed by multiple phases until reality starts to bind to the neurons. A full Reboot normally doesn’t work with them.

  • JTC

    Kicking Radical Ass Vigorously, Making America Great Again!

    BZ, GJ/WD DBD!

  • armedandsafe

    The word “KRAV” in Danish/German/Swedish translates to “requirement” or “demand” So, “demand” M.A.G.A. ????

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