Day By Day


  • JTC

    Damn. Wrongly taken *and* wantonly wasted.

    Not sure about TX but that’ll get you time up AK way.

    Not so lucky.

    Unless it’s just a joke, and that’s how I’m calling it.

  • KenH

    Ok, brightboy; get your ass in a VEHICLE with WHEELS and toddle on down to the local grocery, and BUY ONE. Blow it up? Don’t come back
    Jesus, Come ON

  • Pamela

    Loaves and fishes fed multitudes.

    That looks like the start for some stone soup.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    (gigglesnort) (chuckle) (ROFLOL)
    Who says CM doesn’t listen to his readers?
    Several people called this yesterday.
    Hopefully ‘Toli and Naomi got a hog as well for pit and pulled pork. Yum.

    Happy Thanksgiving a’ya’all.
    We had a good one, with lots of leftovers, and nary a political word to be heard. Only thankfulness all around.

    • Kafiroon

      Called it!
      Double aught Rules!

  • Heltau

    Now, it is game on for Christmass.

  • Tom Z.

    All of the rounds must have gone into one bird.

  • NotYetInACamp

    A little food production reality is needed for the Israeli and the Russian.
    There are problems with those not familiar with the norms of the culture. Otherwise, they seem to fit well in the culture.
    Personal private property rights made it Thanksgiving Day, not Starvation Day.
    Those turkeys should have taken to their bunkers and hit the Mountain House and sipping the home brew shine, and watched that NatGeo on the screen.

    • Pamela

      They could be watching Kitten videos …

      • NotYetInACamp


  • WayneM

    Oh, Naomi… Bwahahahaha!!

  • John T. Block

    Wild gobblers + mini-gm = turkey salad…. If you can get the sand out of it…. ☺️

  • Today was a good day. Ate well, time with family and friends, a good day.

    • MasterDiver

      The wife and I had dinner out. We let Cracker Barrel do the cooking. Great food, no leftovers-other than Pat brought back her lunch for Friday, Met several fellow vets and we all toasted absent friends and congratulated each other on surviving to retirement. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Don’t get trampled on Black Friday!

      Zar Belk!

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I don’t even go OUT on Black Friday, much less go shopping.

        • MAJ Arkay

          We do not leave the property on Black Friday. There are crazy people out there.

          • MasterDiver

            Got called in to cover at the SC Aquarium. Guess who got to be SCUBA Santa for the kids this afternoon! Great times were had by all!

            Zar Belk!

  • eon

    I always wondered about that whole “lucky rabbit’s foot” thing. After all, it wasn’t exactly lucky for the rabbit.



  • Bill

    Oh well. Hope there’s cherry pie for dessert.

  • canuck49

    Chris, The Wild Turkey Protection League will be after you for this.

  • JTC

    The NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation), far from a wackjob lefty “protection league”, is actually a consortium of hunters and affiliated groups dedicated to the stewardship of turkey for sporting purposes. Like all farming certain practices ensure continued production of a natural resource…in the case of wild turkeys they are nearly single-handedly responsible for the salvation and regrowth of a species that was almost 100% hunted out a century ago, notably in Texas.

    Not some BS feel-good touchy-feely bunch of nutballs, and almost nothing to do with gov except as prescribed by sportsmen, This is real-deal grass-roots conservation. That’s the freedom and responsibility that made America great, and will continue to with our help.

    • JTC

      “dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the protection of our hunting heritage”

  • Interventor

    Rostov-on-Dov was the site of food riots in the Soviet Union. Now, with John Deeres and private property, they export wheat.

    • Interventor


    • NotYetInACamp

      Like the Pilgrims, they eventually realized that they needed private property and reward of efforts to produce benefits for the commonweal. They had some very bad apples that came back from the USA to get rid of first. Many turkeys involved in the soviet catastrophe had recycled back from the USA.

  • WayneM

    It’s all good fun until it’s like the turkeys mount a counter-attack. It’s as if they were… organized… (tip of the hat to Les Nessman)

      • JTC

        Okay, now it’s time for the scattergun…not 00’s but 4’s for safety.

        ID the alpha-gobbler and take his head off, easy peasy.

        I mean even crazy Uncle Joe said get a shoggun, get a shoggun. so every homeowner in America has a gauge, right?

        Oh, wait a minute…


        • JSStryker

          I got my 12ga in the closet atm, it is a slug gun (24″ rifled barrel), nice set up if I were able to hunt.