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  • formwiz

    Funny, women do that, too.

  • Ozymandias

    Did I miss something? When did Sam push Sky out?? Mark my words, she’ll be back when she has no place else to go. Sam and Zed will take her back in, because even though she is a pain in the ass, Skye is still family.

    • syvyn11

      You question Skye’s beliefs and she’ll see that as a attack against her.

      • Deplorable B Woodman


  • KenH

    Skype is asshurt
    Who gives a rusting FRAK??

    how about, NO

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    No one ever gave the Libtards a dose of “tough love” or said “NO” to them when they were growing up.

    Thanks a hell of a lot for nothing, Dr Spock.

    • Calvin

      Dr. Spock, late in life, admitted that he was responsible for a lot of unhappy, self involved, selfish adults. He manned up at the end.

      • John

        God may forgive him, but his victims must still live with the result.
        Before handing out such advice he should have honestly studied the Real World. There had to be prior instances of such family behavior to study.
        The same goes for dieting and obesity in children. Once upon a time a fat child was a treasure and they grew up just fine. Now parents starve their kids and wonder why they look like Sumo wrestlers when they grow up.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Zed put it spot on — projection, attack (personal, never the idea, facts or principle itself), blame, victimhood.

    Maybe we should resurrect, restore, and adopt the original song that the colonists played when they won against the British — “The World Turned Upside Down”. We know it today as “Yankee Doodle”.
    Just hum or whistle that whenever some pompous Libtard asshat is pontificating. hehehehehe

  • Pamela

    Samantha – Sit down, shut up and listen

    Sisters argue, disagree and fight. Try growing up in a household with four teenagers all on the same cycle. My Dad came back from Vietnam and actual went back for another year’s deployment because it was safer there than being in the same house with menstruating teen females.

    Skye is the youngest and continues to act as such even though she is a grown ass woman with two babies. Her mantra is blame everyone as any abuser and master manipulator will do.

    • jackdeth72

      Memo to Sam:

      It’s not like you and Skye ever fought over the same guy you were both crushing on just out of braces and retainers?

      It’s what “The Fairer Sex” does. You pull hair and try to gouge eyes with style and panache. And get over it the next day.

      While guys just slug it out. Or get drunk for the same woman they have eyes on.

      Securing My Soapbox.

      Carry on.

    • Grunt GI

      Yup, no doubt your dad was safer in ‘Nam…there he could shoot back 🙂

      Skye will always be a PITA and Sam and Zed will always take her back…it’s just what families do….

      And besides, without Skye, who would everyone dump their vitriol on? She’s the character everyone loves to hate or hates to love.

      UNLIKE Hillary, we all just hate her…and her stooge Jill Stein….ALL paid for by Dr. Evil himself…Soros….

      • Kafiroon

        I’ve been being so nice it is upsetting my stomach. So I think I will just rattle some cages and declare Skye is the greatest and you haters just Shut Up! Because…

        • Pamela

          Take a deep breath and have a shot of one of these lovelies because it is 5 o’clock somewhere.

          Does your tummy feel better now?

          p.s. I love the bottles.
          Something you can get your hands firmly around.

          • doc

            Pamela – the bottles look sort of like stylized male genitalia, no?

          • JTC

            Damn, between the contents and the phallic bottles, whaddaya need us for?

          • Pamela


            One is tasty to drink, the other nice to look at, whereas you are in a class all by yourselves. Irreplaceable.

    • JTC

      Pamela, I don’t know squat (heh) about sister battles, but I think that far from an environment that would incubate abusers and manipulators, yours sounds like a pretty healthy upbringing for determined and self-sufficient adults.

      I don’t think Skye is those things either, quite the opposite. Their upbringing provided opportunity for Sam to be intelligent and strong and capable but in Skye it enabled laziness and self-entitlement and dependency. I said about her in another comment that she chooses to be “a poor oppressed female blaming the world and assigning all responsibility and control of herself, her children, and everything else to something/someone else”.

      And that description fits a shit-ton of lefty sheeple, they just want to be taken care of and be able to have a vague belief that they are correct and inclusive and open-minded and a good steward of Mother Gaia. Not active manipulators themselves but subject to them, useful idiots to the true leftist abusers.

      She and a lot of others like her might be lost. It might take a generation or more to filter out by attrition the poison they absorbed. But maybe their children -Skye’s children- will reverse the destructive course and help save America.

  • Bill G

    Oh, poor, pitiful Skye! She regurgitates the liberal message she’s been spoon-fed by the media in the proper teary way and Sam viciously responds with facts when she was supposed to immediately agree.
    Poor thing.
    Now let’s all go outside, and heave.
    For distance.

  • Grape

    Goup hug.

    • Grape

      Dayum – that was supposed to be Group hug.

      Have to wonder if that was a typo or something more sinister.

      • PaulS

        Nice one, Gape.
        Hugging Skye may get one covered in goup.

        • Unca Walt

          We could stat a movement.

          • JTC

            I’m going to have one now. Stat.

  • WayneM

    The “joy” of projection… it’s all everyone else’s fault and they should be ashamed of themselves… I call it the dark mirror.

  • Spin Drift

    Zed, I’d say the photon torpedoes are locked and loaded. I expect you to have mucho fun tonight consoling your betrothed.

    “Illogical” said Skye.

  • JTC

    What would be the polar opposite of a poor oppressed female blaming the world and assigning all responsibility and control of herself, her children, and everything else to something/someone else? How about this?

    And I agree with every word she says. It’s Trump’s call, and I can see his business logic for that person in that position. But she’s still dead right.

    What was that they’ve been saying about Trump’s misogyny and oppression/bullying of women? How he would surround himself with OWG yes-men and sychophants? I guess along with no capacity for logic, reason, and responsibility there is none to understand irony either.

  • JCTPatriot

    Ali MacGraw & Ryan O’Neal got nothing on Sam & Zed.

  • Idahoser

    “Liberalism is…
    always having to say you’re sorry”

  • First 2 name all the kids in Dbd gets sent some goodies.I’m damned if I can remember them all and I want to get them in some scenes soon.
    -old man Chris

    • Kafiroon

      Now you have opened yourself up to having to Read several hundred comments. Condolences.

      • Hah!

        • JTC

          You mean comments like,

          “Damn son, you can’t remember your own kids’ names, the fruit of your loins?”

          Well, drawing hand, but almost the same thing…those characters are pretty real, and more than just caricatures to some…eh, KenH?

    • Pamela

      Mari and Kiko aka Catherine and Caroline, Javier and Carmen, Hugo and Eva. Naomi and ‘Toly’s son not sure

      • Kafiroon

        Good Job! I have not resorted to trolling, as I do Not want to upset Chris.
        But, I was baiting to see what bites. Skye can have given her children great smarts.
        My daughters 3 are brilliant and proven. Husband? Well I did Not shoot him, but he is long gone.

  • Need the son’s name…!almost there…is it Nikolai?

    • Grunt GI

      Pamela is still a goddess….she has almost all of them..

      YES it is Nikolai…Nov 23, 2015 is that strip with his name.

      • JTC

        I have no responsibility or control or say-so over this whatsoever, but I’m calling this one for Pamela…you okay with that Grunt?

        • Grunt GI

          HAHAHA yes indeed Pamela rules…
          I couldn’t remember Damon and Jan’s daughter or the ACTUAL names of Sam and Zed’s

          All Hail Queen Pamela, DBD Jeopardy Champ.

    • Pamela

      Yes it is Nikolai. November 20, 2015

      • U get the goods,pam

        • Pamela

          Gentlemen I thank ye kindly

  • John Trauger

    Seriously, Sam. Not healthy.

  • NotYetInACamp

    So much makes no much sense.
    Welcome to the club.
    Nice porch.
    Nice house.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have never been sorry for love. Only for the lack of it.

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