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  • formwiz

    Prolly what she’s really thinking.

  • WayneM

    Heh… sonar on the land whales…

    Never stick yer harpoon into a land whale. Beyond that point, monster lie…

  • Polly Cy

    Doggone, Chris, I’ve had to change my mind so many times I’m thinking of building it a walk-in closet. Just when I’d gone back to thinking that this has all been a chapter in her book or an extended fantasy sequence conjured up by Sam, (Skye? Carrying?) you sneak something in that changes my mind back again.

    I figure it’s one of three things: 1) Skye is under deep cover and infiltrating the normal – I mean fascist – deplorables. She’ll commit some sort of atrocity that will be blames on the right, thus labeling them all domestic terrorists. 2) Skye is deliberately manipulating her Sam & Co. out of desperation and impending poverty. 3) Skye has been pining over that “cute sheriff” and this is her way of catching his eye.

    When I teach revolution, I tell my students that there are two kinds of revolutionaries. There are the “idealist” ones who adopt an ideology, and turn to violence because of the ideology’s precepts. The second type are the ones already prone to violence, who shop around for an ideology that will justify what they’ve already decided they want to do. I’d pretty much out Skye in the second category: She knew what she wanted and tried to find a political movement or ideology that would legitimize her goals. It will be fun to see how this plays out and just how far off the mark I was.

    • Rick

      Polly, I’m hoping this is Sky’s redemption.

  • GaryS

    Manners maketh the man or in this case woman.

    • Interventor

      Or, monster!

    • I’m glad someone else besides me caught that Kingsman reference. 🙂

      • Pamela

        I want one of the umbrellas

  • KenH

    Yeah, sweet

    I thinking more like, she’s not a sucker like RED, and doesn’t trust you, SKANK with her kids.

  • epilitimus

    I’ve been wondering. How do Sam and Skye manage to keep from bouncing free when the shoulder strap falls off their shoulder?

    I’m thinking some type of glue.

    • Grunt GI

      Darn fine question. Clearly too hot in Texas for a bra. Kinda surprised Skye is wearing anything under that dress.

      Loved the first two panels. So true in many cases. I always assumed that SB had a 3 tattoo 3 piercing rule to work there. Or if your were a beta, you could substitute a man-bun.

      Anddddd, yes I do the ol’ Tuck might be in for a surprise, HOPEFULLY a good one when Skye tracks him down. It seems inevitable that when lib girls wise up they look for an alpha authority figure.

      Daddy issues?

    • NotYetInACamp

      That looks to me as though the breast of a nursing mother has freed itself for all to see.

      Society is made free and kept free by enough good people with guns.
      Skye is still not totally defined as to where she stands on that matter.

  • Chris in NC

    Triggly Puff… I used to mockingly say “her parents must be so proud” but sadly they probably are…

  • Well, I suppose with a dress like that, and boobs like those, and a certain sort of mindset, that is a practical carry mode.

    • Pamela

      Skye’s wearing camo panties and showing them in public.
      I swear she’s a few marbles lite. Mom said never show underwear in public so as not to get a certain type of reputation.

      • JTC

        Well, she did say OC. Panties b/c muff-carry is dangerous.

        • JTC

          Nevermind. I though she was doing her appendix-carry in her camopanties. Now I see she’s wearing a tacti-corset.

          Still gotta lift the dress for it to be OC…and of course to send the womyn apoplectic…”see?”

          • Pamela

            Ewww Gross. I didn’t think Skye was an “any port in a storm” woman and is trying to attack heifers.

          • epilitimus

            Consider this from a tactical viewpoint. Mugger is coming, Skye lifts dress….How long to you think it will take for the mugger’s line of sight to rise above crotch level?

  • Iconoclast

    Never heard term “Trigglypuff” before and after doing the research, I’m sure I really didn’t miss much – yet it was an interesting & enlightening intellectual exercise. TY, yet again, Mr. Muir, for your marvelous work in writing, satire, creativity & art. DbD is more important than my morning java and … very seriously, Chris … I do believe the spirit & talents of Thomas Nast were resurrected in your soul.

    • Halley

      “I’ve taken some time out of my busy schedule being fabulous and doing my hair to prepare a speech for you, well, a few remarks, really – Feminism is cancer. Thank you very much”

      – Milo’s epic speech at UMass where Trigglypuff was first spotted being triggered.

    • Unca Walt

      There it is.

  • pyrodice

    I read that as “I am a proud Prius-sized womyn” and wouldn’t fix it for the world.

  • Tiger Tomcat

    I forgot, does Skye carry a Glock 9, .40 or .45?

    • Ozymandias

      If I remember right, it’s a 9mm. Personally, my preference would be a Kimber custom classic in .45 acp.

        • JTC

          Wouldn’t trade the mint ’52 Standard I have for three MKIV’s.

          Sometimes improvements aren’t.

  • Atweber

    Hi Chris. I’m in London with my sweetie. Hope you and all the d-d fans are having as wonderful week as am I.

    • GWB

      Stay safe!

  • Bill G

    Beta luck next time…how much of a chance of that is there in Starbucks?
    If this isn’t a dream sequence that cute sheriff will by along soon.

  • gafling

    “Is the nose ring for towing?” – snerk!

    Spewed coffee on keyboard and my new 24″ monitor …

    Also gonna use the estrogen comment on my recently acquired leftist pony-tailed BIL – definitely a conversation starter.

  • GWB

    Chris, better framing on that fourth frame, man! Just a little taller, so we can see more in the vertical.

    And, interesting thought on the sheriff. I note her indoctrination still has some hooks in her: “is that cute sheriff still running things around here?” Authority figure with a gun must run things.
    Yep, still some totalitarian left in her.

    (Oh, it looks to me like Skye is still rebelling, just in a different direction. Gotta get some real principles growing in there before she goes and does something dumb [again].)

  • JW

    er… I don’t see any concealed carry in panel 4.

  • Brett Bellmore

    Dropping your blouse, that’s an interesting variation on the “Supergirl carry” (Gun under the boobs, rip the shirt open for access.)

    Anyway, you are aware that removing tats doesn’t return the skin to normal, right? Artistic license, I guess.

  • Pamela

    If Skye has that look on her face I truly hope Tucker has been taking his vitamins.
    And I hope he is carrying specialized concealment gear.

    • Grunt GI

      You mean COVER and concealment right?

      • Pamela

        Keep it covered and make sure it comes in a 12 pack

        • NotYetInACamp

          And add Super Male Vitality, some advanced vitamin-mineral formulations and maybe some extra stuff to add to his health and strength.
          It does not hurt to prepare to be up for the challenges.

          • JTC

            “…extra stuff to be up…”

            A “preparation” I have so far resisted.

            But, unlike the inanimate hardness of Ruger steel referenced above, with more animate variables I guess improvements sometimes are.

            Not ready for that yet. But we’ll see.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Funny, funny. And so full of witticisms. Love today’s strip. Thank you, CM.

    “Their estrogen throws off her cycle”
    “Beta luck next time”.

    Fortunately, no liquids in my near vicinity when I read that.
    And the rest, equally so.

  • rocky

    LOL! I just searched wikipedia. There are NO references (“pages”?) to “bronyboy” or “trigglypuff”!!!

    • Kafiroon

      Use a real search engine. I like Ixquick. No Tracking.

      • JTC

        Now merged with StartPage…don’t know how or if that has affected service?

        • Kafiroon

          Nope. Same/same.

      • WayneM

        I use DuckDuckGo for the same reason… no tracking…

        Since Google embraced the Dark Side, I try to minimize any exposure to them.

        Although the Bronies deserve a bit of derision, in my experience, they aren’t part of the Social Justice Wanker crowd. Many, if not most, are gamers and/or anime fanboys complete with neckbeards and pallid skin from their many hours in their room in Mom’s basement…

        Trigglypuff, however, is full-on SJW land whale. There is a lesser known creature called Smugglypuff as well… Not quite as massive as Trigglypuff but more mendacious.

        • Pamela

          There was a time that females like that joined a religious order, or did charitable works as a missionary. Or jumped the first guy that asked them to marry.

          • Brett Bellmore

            My sensei warned me about that. Said that their legs were incredibly strong from walking around carrying all that weight, so they could sprint across the room as fast as anyone. And once they land on top of you, it’s all over.

          • NotYetInACamp

            They can embrace humanity also.
            That WW2 time frame female baseball team movie had a home run hitter who was plus sized and grew up on their farm with her dad, the high school baseball coach. She grew as a person on the circuit, was helped by the etiquette lessons and her teammates who cared for her. Then she met and embraced a man who thought that she was the most wonderful girl in the world. The wrap up showed that they had a wonderful life.
            Or they can descend like trigglypuff types.

          • Pamela

            A League of Their Own. Great Movie
            I have a cousin who at 16 was 6’2″ and 225 lbs. She could pull calves and shoe horses and throw bales of hay better than some men. The family despaired she would ever marry due to her size and “plain” looks. Many of the older female relatives suggested she join one of the Nursing Orders since the chance of finding a husband was rather sparse. She wore her copper penny red hair in a waist length braid and green eyes. Ended up eloping with a War II Vet missing a leg and facial scars. They had 18 kids and were married 50 years.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Pamela. That is a great story. I would have liked to spend my time like that.

          • billf

            Pamela,re: your cousin,there’s somebody for everybody.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Then there was the hard of hearing farmer’s wife who had 18 children.
            Every night when they went to bed, the farmer would nudge his wife and ask “Do you want to go to sleep or what?”
            Of course she always answered “What?” 🙂

  • Norm

    ” … guy that asked them to marry.” That might be the hard part.

  • Spin Drift

    Who gave Skye a weapon? I don’t think that having her armed is a smart thing to do though it is her God given right. I would have just have had the Sheriff do a little more deep vetting at night in a raincoat.

    Sig 938, size a 380 punch of a nine.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      That part is a dream sequence.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Sweet dream ….
    Except for that nightmare aspect creeping in.

    • Pamela

      So does it take a poke in the ribs or cold water to wake you up from a nightmare…

      • NotYetInACamp

        Me. I usually wake up myself. Most of the nightmares are rehashes and new variations of how family members did or the results of their doing dishonorable things. They are mostly just reaffirmation of their bad decisions now. Ones that I would have never made, nor did ever make.

        Now Skye up there. Either one given with gusto would be a pleasure for any of her family members.

  • Big Jim

    The “nose ring” crack I will SO steal and use….LOL

    • NotYetInACamp

      I could be to prevent her from rooting in the garden or yard. Or she may have been misidentified once while at a farm. They are used to control various beasts on farms.

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