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  • formwiz

    After 11/8/16


  • JTC

    Tribute payment done. Thoughts and prayers, CM.

    As for is, what it is is, sad that 11% still remains undone.

    • armedandsafe

      Hopefully, some will do as I do and contribute a bit when a little extra shows up in the pocket. I try to dribble a bit in throughout the year.

  • It gets stuck for a few days, then it moves a good piece. It’ll be there soon. As for Slick Willie’s library, EMP should do nicely if it’s all computers.

    • Bill G

      Yeah, but molotovs are so much more fun…

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        But…….but……..think of the ENVIRONMENT…….and the POLLUTION………and the CHILDREN………
        then again, best time to teach how to use a Molotov and other fun combustibles is when they’re children.



  • Bill G

    But computers aren’t the normal space for storing manure.

    • John

      Just remember the old programmer’s saw:
      Garbage In Garbage Out

      • Pamela

        And none of it can be used for composting.
        It would be hazardous to introduce it into the food chain.

  • eon

    Alibis always require more “justification” than facts.

    clear ether


  • Deplorable B Woodman

    That poor computer is on a wasted never ending loop.

  • Jeff

    40 million plus e-mails in their Library archive…yet Bill sez he has only ever sent 2 in his entire life…and Hillary? “They are all personal, so I just deleted them”

  • Spin Drift

    On another track, I am surprised that Jeff Session, my former Senator is in fact a part of the deep state. I would have thought that subpoenas and indictments for the e-mails, tax evasion, racketeering and murder would have been exercised by now. I was also surprised by his shift to scuttling the 4th amendment on due process. For that reason alone President Trump (I love typing that) should fire his ass. For a replacement, I still think Trey Goudy would be a good candidate. I think he has a more than passing grasp of the criminal activities of the Gang Clinton and the puppeteer Soros.

    Rope, tree, politician, some assembly required.

    • JTC

      Glenn Reynolds column of 7/24 in USA Today is titled “Forget Russia, I’d fire Sessions over Civil Forfeiture.” and ends with “Sessions is doing exactly the wrong thing by doubling down on asset seizure. The message it sends is that the feds see the rest of us as prey, not as citizens. The attorney general should be ashamed to take that position. And, really, he should just be gone.”

      Yep. Right after this was announced, on a 7/18 blog post in which the writer lauded Connecticut’s recent decision to ban forfeiture without a conviction I commented:

      That beady-eyed little twit that Trump inexplicably chose as national police chief plans to overrule that rule. Not to mention returning to 20-year man-mins for pot…and those things are DIRECTLY related.…/sessions-signals-more-police…

      This shit has more potential to take down DT by turning his own against him than all of the obstruction by leftists of his attempts to fix immigration, health insrance, and even taxes combined, because this one is his own effing doing…and maybe his undoing.”

      More recently someone else mentioned that Trump’s recent appointment of a new communications director with a documented history of anti-2A statements was problematic, but I answered that this guy is just a flack, a ho whose rhetoric bends with the breeze and that he would fall into line with DT’s stated and(so far) proven attitude toward gun rights.

      That is not the case with Sessions…Trump has shown no inclination to return to waging war on some drugs or the inclination of people and states to accept and/or welcome medicinal uses for marijuana…yet this little twit never misses a chance to demonize it and state his personal views and plans to re-engage in that failure and waste more billions of tax dollars and sacrifice thousands of lives on the altar of his own personal mission.

      Same seems to be true of forfeiture; I have not seen DT’s specific position on it but I cannot imagine he would endorse this criminal activity and theft by gov, when curtailing that shit is how he got in the door of the WH to begin with.

      I too love typing “President Trump”. But this more than anything could indicate his strength and control and direction of policy of his administration…and whether or not he loses me.

  • Halley

    To be fair, “is” is a tricky word. It “is”, isn’t it?

  • WayneM

    I wonder if the WJC Presidential Library Supercomputer Complex will be secured better than than the HRC Non-Official Secretary of State Toilet Email Server?

  • Pamela

    Is as in His… as in This… as in This Is His.
    Imagine if there was a different wife, how history would have played out.

    • epilitimus

      Nancy Pelosi-Clinton….

  • NotYetInACamp


    • MasterDiver

      Is-not is not not-is
      Not-is is not is-not
      Not-is-not is not “is”

      -Keith Laumer, The Great Time Machine Hoax

      Zar Belk!

  • James Gemind

    Guys and Chris, I would like to invite you to check out the debate concerning Riot Control going on in Baen’s Bar Forum, Politics. It is about using .22 LR instead of a ‘real’ caliber…

    • Ozymandias

      Seems to me, that boils down to an individual personal choice. My own choice, for a handgun, would be a .45 acp or a .357 magnum. I own both, a Kimber custom classic and a S&W model 27, and shoot both well. Other people my have different preferences, and I would never impose my own choice on them. If that preference happens to be a .22 LR, well.. while it might not be what I would use, it certainly is better than just using harsh language to defend yourself from a deadly threat.

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