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  • Too Tall

    Why AI cannot compete with an educated human brain.

  • JTC

    In plain sight because they plain don’t care…and you can bet your ass they know exactly what those words mean.

    They believe the theft is a done deal and irreversible…only one thing they are afraid of now; Deplorables doing exactly what was done 1/6…

    • JTC

      And of course DJT…which is why what their stupid impeachment thing is really all about, to ban The Man from future office.

      • Kafiroon

        “What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?”
        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      • Bill G

        And to give a facade of legitimacy to their blacklisting anyone who has been near him. As well as all us Deplorables.

      • MasterDiver

        Let them. He can always turn his fortune, and holdings towards backing opposition candidates, setting up his own media outlets, and playing the game by the swamps rules. If Soros can do it, so can Trump. Gloves off, no holds barred, no quarter, NO PRISONERS!

        ‘Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.’–H.L. Mencken

        Zar Belk!

  • Pamela

    If you have not already stocked up…

    • Browncoat57

      Not just at Perry but a CMP matches across the country. Perry is where the program is based and where the ‘best of the best of the best’ end up to find out who’s ‘best’.
      ‘… every blade of grass…’ and a CMP certificate.

    • Bill G

      This is what the intelligent ones fear.

    • James Tuttle

      Just remember to start the pruning at the top…

    • Kafiroon

      The response to Admiral Ackbar’s warning about that proposed march is also there:
      “The Retards are Coming!”
      “The Retards are Coming!”

    • Halley

      And the lightning speed at which world media condemned the Jan. 6 “violent riots” “violent invasion of the Capitol” “armed far-right extremist violent insurrection” would indicate that that, too, was a well-planned trap. Their attempts to conveniently exploit the event to cut off communications within MAGA in the final 1st term week would certainly confirm that assumption. At least their Inner Fascist is now entirely visible. What is it they are so terrified of, is the question.

      • Advo

        You left out the ever popular “domestic terrorist” label. That’s all over the news that I’ve seen lately.

      • Bren

        The rally at the mall was peaceful, and the majority of us were unarmed. DC area hotels, on the other hand, housed an armory the likes of which small European armies would envy. And so long as they don’t ban gasoline, the potential is always there for the storm to return.

  • Mike-SMO

    Jo has missed the point and is wrong but has the much better “presentation”. “Optics” are everything today. Like calling Nancy’s Stormtroopers and assasins “police”. City thugs with a fancy logo.

  • FYI… I’ve been supporting and participating in the ‘Stop The Steal’ PEACEFUL rallies in Baton Rouge since the Saturday after the election.
    I was just ‘reprimanded’ by FB for posting a graphic invitation to one of the rallies LAST NOVEMBER… LOL
    Hell… I’ve been posting them every week since.
    Well, ‘I aim to misbehave’

    • Halley

      and FB just “restricted” me for “spreading false news”… they are soiling themselves with fear.

      • interventor

        Breitbart’s censoring me for posting an evaluation of EU’s military readiness (highly unready). What’s going on?

  • Just a test post… Wondering why my avatar disappeared?

  • Paladin

    Why hasn’t the Parks Department published the crowd size Jan. 6th? It was Huge! So maybe 500K-900K were peaceful, and maybe 20 in the heat of the moment, led by 2 Antifa thugs ran a muck?

    • interventor

      They don’t make size estimates anymore.

      • John M.

        Anyone care to wager that they’ll make crowd estimates (inflated, of course) for Biden’s inauguration?

    • Bren

      Can’t account for the level of violence. There were ANTIFA up top outside throwing bottles etc at the cops. More than 20 went into the building, but it looked to me like well under 100. There were about 50 milling around outside the breach after Ashli was murdered.

  • Halley

    Is the “Scratch a Democrat and Find a Fascist” party game out yet?

  • nonncom

    Democrats/socialists/fascists be warned… very careful how far and how hard you push this thing….stealing an election and getting majority approval are two very different things….

  • Halley

    Just noting:
    1. Kamala (fake VP) has still not given up her senate seat
    2. There were literally no joyous screams of “Biden won!” when the Electoral College was shamefully clubbed for Team Dementia last week, neither by the now openly fascist Left nor their slavish Republican collaborators. Wonder why… do they still not smell victory?
    3. Looks like DC is declared an emergency zone until the 24th

  • My Way Or -->

    Oh, Fatherland, Fatherland show me a sign
    Your children are waiting to see.
    The morning will come when the world is mine.
    Tomorrow belongs to me..
    – Cabaret

    Those dum-de-dum-dems should be careful what they wish for. They might get it.

    And they won’t like it.

    Really, this is all part of a cycle. Cycles have beginnings and endings. The beginning was back in the late 1960s. And how would these nimrods get anything done without AI doing it for them? (No offense to Jo. She’ll “get” it before long, I’m sure.)

    Pamela is right: stock your pantry. And ask Hell if it wants to come to breakfast with you. 🙂

    • My Way Or -->

      On another note, on the news this morning was a brief story that on January 16, there are riots planned at all state capitols.
      If so, stock your pantry with party food and invite your friends over so that you can watch it on TV.
      I’m looking for more info on that.

  • GWB

    I love that Jo is anatomically correct, even when in full T-1000 silvery mode.

    • JTC

      The first of the Confederated States of the institutional Republic of America, and its Capitol by unanimous acclaim.

      The First Thirteen need to be making their plans and their platforms right now.

      • Halley

        If it weren’t for the impossible national defence issues (who gets the nukes, bioweapons, space force etc?), then, yes. Do you think they’d go along if we gave them Hawaii and Oregon and kept the rest? They could always merge with Canada… ; )

        • JTC

          Messy yes. Impossible no.

          The Confeds of the CRA (idiot spellcheck changed Constitutional to institutional in my CRA comment above…they got Freud too?) initially have no need for military capability except as it pertains to internal operations. Granted no one trusts Biden not to go all First Rino and turn Civil Separation into Civil War, committing wholesale genicide against his “own” people like Lincoln did? But to a large degree such misuse of the American military would be self-solving as its leaders choose sides themselves.

          So just Texas all on its own, but not for long as the framework of the CRA rapidly takes shape. No “giving”them this state or that state, admission is totally voluntary, even breaking off the red half from places like Cali and even NY…like the mil complex the Confederated states may be whole as currently or divided by choice and allegiance. No need for blood unless that is the choice by those who would employ their palace guards against that freedom of choice…and it probably will be. And that would be their freedom of choice though they would soon regret it.

          All pie in the sky wishin’ and wantin’? Tell it to Texas….

          Messy, not impossible.

  • Gus Bailey

    Someone put me some knowledge. Why is Jo pregnant? Why is she running around naked? (not complaining, just confused).

    • John M.

      I don’t think Jo is pregnant, just a little “mommy paunch” like many of the women she has been in contact with.

      I understand she’s out pulling wire with Zed, and while I appreciate the view, why is she Au Naturel? Saving the extra energy needed to “clothe” herself?

      Also, is it me, or is Jo’s face looking more like the original Holy Tera?

  • DogByte6RER

    I am sick and tired of these politicians acting as if they are some sort of divine priesthood and that the government building in which they meet in (the US Capitol) to scheme and to screw over the average American is some sort of sacred temple.

    Last summer when Leftist terrorists from Antifa and BLM were actively trying to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland, and after they completely destroyed entire police department precincts in cities like Seattle and Minneapolis, the faux outrage from the establishment media and political class rings hollow and full of rank hypocrisy.

    The so-called “People’s House” doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy feelings, but rather just a sense of foreboding, distrust and cynicism.

    • Swansonic

      Remember the Pueblo!

      Strive at all times to Bend, Fold, Spindle & Mutilate.

      • Pamela

        When that happened my Dad was War Ops for the Fleet. He had Planes ready to go to stop it. Johnson said NO.

    • PaulS

      And nearly all of those sponsored by representatives from TEXAS! WTH!

      • The Nth Doctor

        The majority were sponsored by *one* representative from Texas: the excreable Sheila Jackson Lee, whose district is primarily inner-city Houston. She’s a typical left-wingnut Democrat — and a black woman, and thus just about guaranteed continuous reelection in her heavily black-and-hispanic district.

        Of the two which weren’t sponsored by her, one was by Al Green, another Houston Democrat. He, too, is a black politician in a heavily black-and-hispanic district, and will likely be able to keep that seat warm for as long as he wants it.

        Michael Burgess’s district (the lone Texas Republican on that list) is part of the Dallas metroplex. I’m actually not sure why his bill is being included in this list; all it’s asking for is for the DOJ to provide a report to Congress on how many firearms transactions are denied as a result of background checks, and whether or not the resulted in prosecutions and/or the recovery of illegally-sold firearms. It looks like he wants a report on how effective the background-check system really is and whether or not the DOJ or BATF actually bothers to take any action on them.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    The swamp critters have always wanted to call the National Guard the “well-regulated Militia” described in the 2nd. Amendment. If so, shouldn’t they be terrified of all those citizen soldiers being tasked with “protecting” Washington DC? Those attack dogs just might end up biting their handlers’ legs!

    • My Way Or -->

      Thanks for posting that link, Pamela.
      The subsequent info to that article is on Twitter: PBS states that it has fired Beller, as they do not condone what he says or his attitude.

      You’d think that, if he’s really an attorney, he’d know enough to keep his yap shut, wouldn’t you?

      • cb

        Fired? Or got a nice offer from the new DOJ?


  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Military brass from the Southeast Asia era were familiar with the term “fragging”. I wonder if the politically-selected lap dog commanders the corrupt dems think they control have ever heard that term?

  • PCChaos

    Beller is typical of the pricks who are leading the country now. He wants us dead, or in camps, and our kids in camps. Useful idiots. The first to go…God help us. I’m thinking more like Davy Crockett every day.

    • John M.

      …and like the sheep they are, they’ll go stand in front of the wall without ever questioning why their “leaders” want them there…

      I agree — Davy Crockett had the right idea.

  • Will Cushman

    No one does a better job depicting shiny mirrored surfaces than Chris Muir. His artistry is awesome. f

    • Pamela

      Oops. The Brush Beater Forum at AP was taken down..I think