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  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    ‘Cuda Jan, Cuda.

    • RooftopVoter

      Never know, after all we got shocked at the ‘Vette……..

      Might be a segway into another surprise.

      • Old Codger

        “Might be a segway into another surprise.”

        As long as it isn’t a Segway. 😉

        • RooftopVoter

          Depends, that Segway got a Hemi?

  • RegT

    All four on the floor.

  • formwiz


  • Grunt GI

    As long as she is careful on the downshift.

    And yes all those feminazis are fugly.

    • And they dress funny.
      And they smell bad.

      • Old Codger

        “And they smell bad.”

        Whyever would you get close enough to one to find out?

        • John

          Unfortunately they are too often found in public.

    • WayneM

      Super mega fugly with molded mango twist
      (tip of the hat to Kevin Bloody Wilson)

  • Steve_1066

    Hmmm … hands forward to hands backward. Is Chris giving us subliminals?

    • RooftopVoter

      Nah, just giving us a double shot of T&A. ( Though that dress isn’t exactly conducive to it…..)

  • KenH

    Jannie-prog gotta prog…..
    Plus, please jam down her throat, that so far, EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM group that was offered money to help fight radical extremism, REFUSED. Spin-gurgle THAT all she likes. But they are only proving the point

    • silvergreycat

      Jan needs to read/contact Dr. Phyllis Chesler (who was married to an Afghan muslim, lived with him and his family in Kabul, during the 60s)…

    • Old Codger

      EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM group that was offered money to help fight radical extremism, REFUSED.

      And, from what I’ve been able to discover, it definitely WASN’T chump change either. What I don’t get is why they didn’t simply take the money and send it – along with most of their other “donations” – to the Muslim Brotherhood. My understanding is that they’re all just fronts for raising funds and money laundering for the MB anyhow.

  • Car? What car? Wasn’t talkin’ ’bout no car!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Take em though the paces, girl. You know how to use that stick right with the clutch.

    • JTC

      Heel/toe, heel/toe…kinky.

      • John D. Egbert

        Remember our motto here at camp: Erotic is using a chicken feather; Kinky is using the whole chicken. And, as always: Clean Mind, Clean Body — take your choice.

        • Old Codger

          “Erotic is using a chicken feather; Kinky is using the whole chicken.

          Never heard about anybody getting kinky with a chicken but ther WAS a guy in Wichita the cops caught getting frisky with a duck. He was at a park doing his thing and getting all “kinky” with the duck when somebody dropped a dime on him. Seems the duck was a screamer.

          • Interventor

            Japanese joke about Koreans preferring ducks to women. Koreans joke about Japanese men having small equipment.

  • eon

    The feminists somehow manage to ignore Islam’s fourteen centuries of enslaving, abusing, torturing, and murdering women.

    And they also believe that Proud Islamist Holy Warriors (i.e., murderous street thugs) will somehow put them on the pedestal they think they deserve.

    At some point, stupidity becomes a terminal condition.

    clear ether


    • Old Codger

      “And they also believe that Proud Islamist Holy Warriors (i.e., murderous street thugs) will somehow put them on the pedestal they think they deserve.”

      And, doubtless they will. Just not in they way they’re expecting.

      And be damned careful about comparing Islamists to street thugs. I hear they have an anti defamation group, too.

  • No, she wasn’t talking car. And what eon said is spot on.

    “At some point, stupidity becomes a terminal condition.”

    They’re simply looking for help with that. Suicide by thug.

  • JTC

    This thread has raised an interesting question.

    In this area I have seen many ugly women gravitate to the little Mexican Indian workers who tend to be industrious, quiet, rather subservient, and almost totally lacking in the skills of navigating the American system for things like bank accounts, renting a house, and in general handling the interactions necessary to functioning in everyday life…and often really need someone well-versed in all of that to help them get green cards, benefits, etc. They also no doubt fuck like a grateful rabbit, even if the fuckee is virtually unfuckable for the average American man.

    Could it be as some have said that these fuglies and buglies think “sponsoring” muzzies will bring in a fresh batch of needy nearly-men with low thresholds of what they want and need in a woman?

    Everybody wants to be wanted and needed…is it really as simple as that?

    I wish it were so innocuous, but I don’t think so.

    • Kafiroon

      That could be a good point. They could even make it and them legal if need be.
      They can always dump her later.
      But, I do believe the muzzie “boys” will just jump their bones for the hell of it and No benefits for her. And if the femnazis do not like that, it may get them stoned.

      • Th3o

        The mistake is that they think that ‘stoned’ is something different from what their ‘chosen men’ think.

      • Doggo

        Doing the fucking that Americans won’t do?

    • eon

      They’re looking for someone to dominate, and not just or even necessarily in the leather-clad-Mistress-with-whip sense.

      They don’t understand the fundamental difference between the hierarchical Latin American culture and Islamic culture.

      Even though Latin culture is derived from Islamic culture (because Islam dominated the Iberian Peninsula for nearly eight centuries, from the early 8th until the mid-to-late 15th AD), in Latin culture having a specific ancestry defines where you are in the pecking order. Mexico is ruled by “hidalgo” families of nearly pure Spanish descent. The “Hispanic workers” they are accustomed to dealing with are the “lower classes”, who are the result of generations of being considered second-class citizens in their own country due to be of “mestizo” (mixed or mostly native non-Spanish) ancestry.

      Up here, they relate to their employers the way they relate to the “ruling class” south of the Rio Grande. They either kowtow to them, or go the criminal route and challenge them, and everybody else. (Hence coyoteros, drug cartels, and etc.)

      The whole “La Raza/ Aztlan” thing is largely the result of a Palestinian/ Israeli parallel mindset. “We can create a Paradise once we have driven the interlopers off OUR stolen land- or enslaved them, which is better.”

      The ruling class in Mexico encourages this, as it is a safety valve for the stresses their own rigid society induces- plus, they dream of all the $$$$$ they can seize once the Reconquista is victorious.

      Feminists see this and do not understand it. All they know is that that cute cabana boy does whatever they tell him, in or out of bed.

      Islamists are a different matter entirely. They are trained from birth to see anyone weaker than themselves as prey. And they have an “honor/shame” based culture in which strong males dominate, and everybody else (including younger, weaker males) are their property in all ways, including sexually. (Hence Rotherham, the Afghan problems, and etc.)

      Feminists are playing with fire expecting these males to act like cute cabana boys. It isn’t likely to happen except in a deliberate seduction, followed by the target of same ending up in more trouble than they can imagine.

      As the old saying goes, if you would bait a tiger, use a long stick.

      Feminists have tried to destroy not only men in our culture, but also women who do not share their “agenda”. Now they think they can import males who will bend to their will more compliantly.

      They keep making assumptions. Assume is a six-letter word that… well, you know.

      clear ether


      • Thundercloud65

        Muslims are still pissed about losing Spain. How dare those unclean infidels for taking their land back!

        Today when they attack Christians they always bring up the Spanish Inquisition. They’ll never mention that the Inquisition was brought about by their conquest of Spain. It began as a means of ridding them from that country but later on was used to get rid of protestants, and Jews.

        The Inquisition was an evil brought about by the evil of Muslims. You’ll never hear that mentioned by modern day revisionist historians.

        • eon

          They also never bring up the fact that the Holy Inquisition in Spain and New Spain (Mexico) used the techniques of interrogation and “behavior modification” they had learned at the hands of the Muslims who were, like the Inquisition, mainly trying to ferret out Jews.

          (NB; See the term “marrano”, meaning “hidden Jew”. Even today in Spain, having a name known to be that of a marrano family line is considered a blot on the escutcheon, so to speak. One such name is “Zapatero”, borne by among others José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain 2004-11. This might explain his antipathy toward Israel and the second Bush administration in the U.S.)

          In Spain, the Inquisition even used the torture chambers built by the Muslims, in Toledo, Madrid, and elsewhere. In Mexico, of course, they had to build their own; they built them to the same specification as the ones “back home” in Spain.

          The true extent of Islamic influence on Latin culture is something you generally don’t find in history classes today.

          As the old saying goes, “race” is not destiny, but “culture” damned well is.

          clear ether


      • JTC

        Exactly the historical analysis I expected from you eon, thank you.

        And I think very accurate; not only as to the surprises waiting for fems looking for dominance as they push for more imports to dominate, but as to the historical effects of Islamic culture on the Spanish-derived latino classes.

        That effect is not limited to Mexico where if you’ve ever wondered, the taller more euro-esque types run the politics and economy while the shorter more aboriginal ones make up most of the working and lower classes. It is also prevalent throughout much of central and south America as well as really close to home here in Florida among the Cubans and some of the Caribbean cultures. We see very distinct classes and behaviors from nationalities where many tend to lump them together…(A spic is a spic…only not; btw that term has been turned into an epithet whereas it originated as a lazy southern pronunciation for Hispanic, much the same as negro morphed into nigra and nigger. I won’t say the terms were not intended as derisive and certainly they are now, but the evolution was not so hateful as most think.) These latino classes and cultures are so distinct that many strongly dislike the others, and often can barely communicate due to vastly different Spanish dialects that may sound the same to us but are not, and are in fact used as identifiers among what are often very cliquish peoples.

        Anyway, the point is that classes among Hispanic cultures are as distinct as they are among the ones in our part of America. That is not obvious sometimes as the Mexicans we are most familiar with are the working classes -the Indians as I termed them upthread- and these are the ones most desperate to escape their homeland and the ones easiest for the fuglies to “help” and dominate, while the ruling classes of Mexico are actually in comparatively good circumstances.

        None of this addresses the current emergency immigration measures that Trump is forcefully if incrementally putting into place just as promised. Certainly they have their classes or sects but their motivations are much more based on Islamic teaching and goals (death to Israel and all infidels) than on any economic or lifestyle needs. That is something these self-described feminists are going to learn the hard way, aided and abetted by the various enablers among us, and something we must all hope Trump maintains the pressure to eradicate, as he forms necessary alliances with Israel, the many European places which are rapidly coming to some harsh realizations, and yes, Russia. This is a worldwide scourge and an all-out war, and (to paraphrase the idiocy of Hillary in her campaign to kill the American family), it’s going to take a world to defeat it.

  • Pete231

    ” You can put a man on the moon, build giant skyscrapers, fly cross country in a jet airliner…. but , you can’t fix stupid.” -Ron White-

    • Old Codger

      And even if you did manage to fix the current brand, the universe is infinitely creative when it comes to fools, morons and stupid.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Well played, Sam, well played.

  • JTC

    Flynn is out.

    That hurts, but if he did something stupid and if Ron White is right…if you can’t fix it get rid of it asap. Decisive action once again.

    Hypothetical: If HRC had been elected and one of her chosen circle was caught in a similarly compromising situation, would she handle it as well?

    Trick question, the media would never have let us know about it, or rather would have reported on it as bold visionary alliance-building.

    • Thundercloud65

      The whole affair makes me think that Obama has a spy network in the civil service. One that will be hard to get rid of because it’s next to impossible to fire a government worker.

      • WayneM

        If the American civil service is anything like the Canadian version, 0bama and his ilk don’t have to do anything to put that apparatus in place. The bureaucrats automatically gravitate towards socialism/collectivism/statism.

        When Stephen Harper and the Conservatives took government in 2006, there was a steady stream of so-called “whistle blowers” who felt the sting of a previously unused conscience and dumped stuff to the media. Initially, it was legacy from the previous government so it was less embarrassing. After several misfires, the media started talking about how Harper was teflon.

        When the “whistle blowers” continued, the politicians eventually started tightening information sharing practices. Suddenly the media were talking about how secretive Harper was… so controlling… and scientists were claiming they were being muzzled.

        Long story short, it worked. Harper was branded as a control freak. When Trudeau the Younger was elected and made a tour of various federal offices, in a number of cases, the non-partisan bureaucrats greeted him with sustained applause and cheering.

    • PaulS


      How about “Tell Vlad I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.”

      Certainly that flexibility has gone off any known scale after being summarily ejected by term limits.

    • Old Codger

      WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!! You’d think a retired 3-star general officer would be a tad less stupid when it comes to politics and talking to foreign nationals.

      How the feck did the info get out anyhow. Were the fibbies tapping his phone? Was HE recording his calls to document them for posterity?

      • Interventor

        FBI records Russian ambassador’s phone calls.

    • Mr. Flynn sometimes uses poor judgment. He tends to be rather arrogant. His mistakes could wreck an entire administration.

      If you think an association with someone outside an administration doesn’t matter, then look up what happened with Christine Keeler and John Profumo. It almost brought down the British government.

      It DOES matter. Mr. Flynn has poor judgment, just as Profumo did.

    • Spin Drift

      Anybody have thoughts on choices for NSA as I would bet a dollar to a donut that the Big D reads DBD?

      I was thinking if you have Russian problems then you should go with the biggest Russian expert with experience in International Intrigue you can find. I’d try to convince Condi Rice to come onboard with the administration. This move would counter the demonrats continuing theme of the Russians influencing our Government and stealing elections. Condi has already gone toe to toe with Putin and friends.

      War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • Bill G

    Today’s feminists are as far from feminism as Planned Parenthood is from women’s health.
    And the feminists who get one of these imports will get buyer remorse very soon, learning directly what sharia teaching means.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Knowing women who married both Muslims and Mexicans of the undocumented invader kind, all have had buyer’s remorse and divorces. The ones who married Muslims also had to worry about the father kidnapping his children, especially daughters, as they belong to him in Sharia law.
      Remember. the Greeks, Italians (Romans), Spanish and French all used to be mostly blonde. Muslims come to rape the women and kill all of the men and old women, and to take slaves. All harem girls of the glamorized movies, were captured Christian women made slaves.

  • John D. Egbert

    Flashback to Old Codger yesterday: Thanks for catching/fixing my senior moment. Reading “. . .Triumph” right now — should’ve known better.

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