Day By Day


  • Interventor

    Lady on horseback resembles Sarah Palin.

    • silvergreycat

      And the one caught resembles Mr. Obama…

    • Malatrope

      Chris may be subtly informing us that Sarah Palin is one of his Don-level supporters…

  • KenH

    Uh Huh
    Strip it, make it dig it’s own grave
    Then KILL IT

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Shoot it with a silver bullet. Then cut off its head and stuff the neck with garlic. Then burn it to ashes at high noon on a bright sunny day.
      Think that covers it all?

      • Ama

        Don’t forget the bacon

  • Halley

    The god-man still walks amongst us, lighting our way with His mere presence. Like an immaculate conception, His college transcripts remain one of life’s most sacred mysteries.

    • Too Tall

      According to Dean Wormer: “Mr. Soetoro has NO grade point average.”

    • Bill G

      Equally protection is given to the videotape of the Khalidi meeting.

    • John Trauger

      Pay no attention to the test scores behind the curtain.

      An education system designed for whites and by whites cannot properly educate those of color properly. Nor can their tests properly judge them.

      Eh, Obama’s done now anyway. His entire life is that of an underachiever skating on the privileges in the system. We don’t need to know his test scores to know his test scores.

  • Was gonna ask, “Sarah down for a hog hunt, and got a big swine?” And what’s with the Don Patron deal? .Missed that, if it was shown….

    • TomZ

      Fund raiser level.

    • Interventor

      But, all she got was a skinny peccary.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Oh, bravo!! Well played!

  • Pamela

    I don’t think Chris is talking Tequila…
    And the man in black does not deserve even the cheapest knock-off

  • Would that it would work this way… Enemy invaders not in uniform are guilty of espionage and may be executed on the spot, by law.

    • NotYetInACamp

      You are talking my language.

      The recognition across the board that we have been invaded and are crawling with enemies and potential enemies puts a whole new light on recognizing who the enemy are, and what they have been boldly doing here and across the world.
      Just because some people will not admit that they have enemy armies surrounding them does not make a difference when they conquer and or kill them.
      Medina did not know that it was falling until the ‘peaceful’ Mohammedans broke a peace treaty and slaughtered two of the three tribes in power there, driving off the third with the third tribe sufferng heavy casualties.
      Such victories are celebrated to this day by the groups doing the treachery.
      Just walk right in like you own the place and use their good to defeat them.
      But that is no time to be nice at all. God gave us the right to defend ourselves. That Will be done.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The law should and will be followed. The apraisal of the situation is dictated by the circumstances. A drum head equivalent may be more than enough. Under most circumstances some trial should be given. Even under these emergency conditions proper decision making nust be done. Done just and honorably, it covers a lot of territory.

      Still no power here at one house past the internet. 🙂

  • WayneM

    Hmmmm…. I’m going back to yesterday’s ‘strip’ to… ummm,… check if Jan is wearing the same shirt… Yeah, that’s it….

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Oh, to see O’Bozo without his protective service, and at the point of a gun as the illegal he is, has been a dream for many. Thank you, Chris.
    Stay safe down there, y’hear?

  • JTC

    Hurricane could not have taken a more desirable path to reduce damage, weaken it, and minimize flooding and storm surge. Thanks to God for answering the prayers of all who spoke to him on our behalf, and thanks to those who did. No power, trees down, streets flooded, we can deal with that. Amen.

    • MasterDiver

      Waiting for high tide to see what the impact in the SC Low Country will be. The entire Carolina coast is under Tropical Storm, Storm Surge, and Flash Flood Warnings, with Tornado Watch/Warnings popping up as the storm bands cycle through. Power outages all over, most likely downed trees on power lines. We lost power ~noon, but I had the generator all set to go with 3 days of fuel on hand. Probably got about 24 hours to go.
      Zar Belk!

  • Halley

    Still love Sarah, too. Can’t understand why she isn’t Secretary of Energy…?

    • John

      Why embarrass her with a job that’s slated for demolition?

  • Pamela

    Who is the Gentleman providing overwatch/escort services with Naomi?

    • pool dog


      • pool dog

        a gentleman I fear I am not….

      • Pamela

        Howdy Rhett.
        Since I have not seen ungentlemanly behavior.. or you acting like a politician or lobbyist..

      • Pamela

        p.s. What is that lovely piece of hardware you are carrying…

        • pool dog

          you’ll need to be more specific about the hardware….after all, Naomi IS on my flank there!

          • Pamela

            The piece of hardware with the 20 round mag attached.

  • Nemo

    Don’t you just love a woman with a black rifle?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Johnny Cash’s body may be in the ground, but his memory lives, as long as those who enjoy country music listen to his songs.
    “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, because you’re mine, I walk the line”.
    Aye, Johnny laddie, you may be out of sight, but never forgotten.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Sorry Damon, got to disagree, cash is not dead. Cold, hard cash is KING! Fistfuls of green paper is mighty fine, but suitcases of metals is mo’ bettah.
    Now excuse me for a bit while I re-stack mah silver…….what a lovely sound is the clinking and pinging of silver……