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  • I thought it was still The Hitler Channel!

  • Bloody genius!

  • B Woodman

    My wife vehemently disagrees with me (having done our best to raise several children who went astray themselves), but if there were to be ANY blame for this debacle at all, it should be on the mom & stepfather who “raised” such an arrogant law breaking brat, NOT Officer Wilson.

  • We can rely on the “History” Channel for instruction in UFOs and Nostradamus.

    • Bad Cyborg

      History Channel is to history
      SciFi Channel is to science

      • And MTV to Music.

  • Bill G

    Hysteria channel, indeed.
    Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts!

  • Bad Cyborg

    Ya know, Chris? There is more’n a grain of truth to today’s (as always outstanding) strip. But like the various bred-for characteristics in dogs, the tendencies were already there waiting for someone to concentrate them. I once opined to a “person of color” (after first apologizing profusely for any possible perceived semblance of racism) that it appeared to me that blacks appear to me to be singularly susceptible to demagoguery and that browns appear similarly affected although to a lesser degree. I also noted that I had not noted a similar susceptibility n people of European descent. I did acknowledge phenomena such as Hitler and Mussolini. I also observed that even allowing for H and M there were many more currently active Black demagogues than I could find in a historical search for comparable White demagogues combined.

    He sighed mournfully and allowed as how he had had similar thoughts on occasion. He thanked me for expressing my observation and giving him the opportunity to express similar thoughts. He knew he could never express such heresy within his own circle.

  • Immanuel Goldstein

    I used to work with a man who was an immigrant from Ethiopia. He had very dark skin. He was educated, spoke perfect English with a wide vocabulary, was a fervent Christian and very ambitious. He had nothing but contempt for American blacks, and actually called them shiftless without a trace of irony. He couldn’t understand the mentality of dependency that black Americans displayed. With an immigrant’s eye, he saw nothing but opportunities everywhere he looked. His mind was afire with business plans. He found an Ethiopian Christian church that he joined, married a girl within the congregation, joined the community and the last time I saw him, was well on his way to a successful life in America. What a difference he was from the Ferguson rioters.

    • Your story reminds me of something John McWhorter wrote in “Losing the Race” about Jamaican students coming to Berkley. The first year, they worked very hard, but after a year enmeshed in the American black community at the college, they soon fell away from that, and became lazy and entitled.

  • JTC

    The breeding program, while successful for many years, is now threatened by the internecine violence and madness that is so common in lab-grown species, not to mention that the internal trade bosses like Jackson and Sharpton have grown long in tooth and increasingly impotent in keeping the crop on- message.

    Time to bring in a ready-made fresh and aggressive crop of fast-breeding specimens whose allegiance are is bought and controlled with OPM…anybody know where we can find a group like that?

  • MIke

    @JTC: “(Cue guitars) South of the border, down Mexico way . . .”

  • Ming the Merciless

    It may have been non voluntary, but Barry Hussein over supplying the police
    and opening the border to the Maratrucha Treize could be seen from afar as a balancing act versus his good fellas Rev Al and Jessie Jack?

    Still, Ferguson is a joke compared with what’s going on south of the border with the 40 kids pulled out of a bus, burned alive to ashes and one, for the example, having his eyes ripped off and not scalped, but all his face and head skin ripped off still alive and left to die on the plaza by mister Mayor and Madam Mayor directing the proceeding… This is what Barry Hussein opened the border to…

    • Ming the Merciless
      The Mexican Government only acknowledged the massacre because French and British media got involved in the Iguala killing and they arrested the mayor and his wife…but there over a dozen of other massacres and mass disappearanced that they are denying, as in most case, Nieto is complicit. These exterminations have no reason whatsoever except instilling a climate of terror in Mexico by the Nieto government. Only self defence groups are jailed.

  • Observer

    And meanwhile, more ammunition has been sold since Obama took office then the entire US military has used since the Founding of the country!

    The Day of Reckoning is coming.

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