Day By Day


  • B Woodman

    “You can check out anytime you like. . . . “

    • Damn it! That was going to be my line!

  • B Woodman

    “Plenty of room at the Hotel Kommiefornia”

    • Bill M

      If companies keep leaving, there will be.

      • MasterDiver

        Vermont is following the same suicidal path. Not for nothing is it called Kalifornia-East.

        • JTC

          And it’s people Vermonsters…which would explain the phenomenon of the little commie who inspired this post.

  • “Mirrors on the ceiling…pink champagne on ice…”

  • WayneM

    They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the Hildebeast…

    • Kafiroon

      Thread winner?
      I know it is early but that will be tough to beat.

    • Ed Woods

      Strike “the” for rhythm and meter. Looking good!

    • S Hooks

      They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the Hildebeast…

      To fit the rhythm and meter try:

      “They stab it with their steely knives but they can’t kill Hildebeast…”

  • JTC

    RIP Glenn Frey…he wrote those lyrics in ’77, prescient eh?

  • Brasspounder

    The warm smell of subpoenas
    Rising up through the air

    • Jon


  • B Woodman

    Shit Sammich.
    Definitely NOT on the DDQ menu. . . . .unless there’s a special uninvited guest they’ve captured.

  • Spin Drift

    As to the sammich shouldn’t it be a fried chicken breast pounded flat from crossing the road?

    It’s finger licking good!

    • B Woodman

      There’s a Shrillery joke in there somewhere. .. something about two left wings and no breasts?

      • Shonkin

        Two left wings, two fat thighs, and two small breasts.

        • B Woodman

          Thanks. I’d forgotten about the two fat thighs.

        • Also a couple of plump cankles.h

  • capn

    First frame – an actual photo of (please fill in the blank Chris) all cartoonized but really well done.
    Or have my eyes finally given up with the fine detail stuff?

    Back to the regulatory BS that passes for “Laws” these days …
    This is how Kongress gets around that pesky business about having to read and write the laws that Big Gov needs to be able to extort all of those dollars from all of those peons. (us)
    They just create a department of “whatever it is that they think they need” and tell that department to write up those pesky regulations while they put in a round of golf or a three hour fishing trip (wink wink).

    WHY are we paying these parasites again? Oh Wait they are paying themselves from our pockets I remember now.

    I have no factual numbers to quote but I’d bet that more than half of the CFR’s are written by the department involved rather than Laws passed by Kongress. Way more than half …
    As best I remember the CFR’s are now over 23 feet of shelf space. (2002 specs IIRC)

    CFR’s = Code of Federal Regulations

    • Shonkin

      Bingo! It’s refreshing to read a post from someone who actually understands that the Federal Regulations are the fault of the Congress. They pass the laws that require the agencies to write the regs. If said agencies don’t do so, they get sued in Federal court by environmental pressure groups, labor unions, or whoever, and more often than not a judge tells the agency to enact regulations within a set time or else.

      • interventor

        Exactly, to tame the beast, force congress to take responsibility for its actions.

        • Old Codger

          And exactly how, pray tell, does one go about doing that? For the life of me I cannot come up with a way. Most politicians are as adept at dofging responsibility for their actions as they are at lying.

    • David Gonzalez

      Actually, Skipper, 29CFR1910 (the OSHA regulations), in large part, were concocted by the labor unions. This makes perfect sense, when you consider that they (the union bosses) want their minions (the working stiffs) to remain alive and relatively healthy—the better to pay their union dues, much of which, of course, becomes brib . . . er, “contributions”, to the Democrat Party bosses. Cynic? Moi? : )

  • Th30 Moore

    The stinky smell of Hildabeast shat, when she got the subpoena at last.

    • interventor

      I’ll watch it on TV. The stench will last for weeks.

      • Old Codger

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. I don’t expect to live that long.

  • JTC

    Surely they got these quotes mixed up?

    GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz calls tonight’s violence in Chicago a ‘predictable consequence’ of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and posture toward protestors.

    GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio blames President Obama and ‘the left’ for violence at Donald Trump rallies:

    Say it ain’t so, Ted.

    • H_B

      I know, right?

      Maybe he had a bad night? Maybe his advisors blew a brain-fuse? Maybe the campaign strain’s getting to him?

      Regardless, slimeball comment by Cruz. “Words merit violence”? Really, Ted??

    • H_B

      Yup. He really did that… I’m suddenly not at all enthused about seeing him on the Supreme Court when he’s trying to make political hay out of a Soros-funded shut down of free-speech and -assembly.

    • Definitely not one of Ted’s better moments. He should have been better than that. The longer this political cycle goes, the more disappointed I get. Palin, Beck, Carson, and so many otherwise rational patriots are having moments that I could only characterize as being ill-advised at best, and WTF at worse.

      I am firmly in the #AnyoneButHillary camp, but I am also in the #HighRoad lane as well.

      If Eagles can soar, why can’t our candidates do so as well?

      • Bunkerbuilder

        I try not to judge others by not either their best five minutes or the worst five minutes they have had. But the 99.99% of the time between.

        Unless We go to World War again, the next President should never be as tired as they were running for office….. Cut them all a tiny bit of slack for months of stress and travel.

        Looks like Trump might not need the SService….!

      • H_B

        Find a video of last night’s debate; everyone was unusually civil to one another and on topic.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Really just blame the group that pulls the strings of all of those people who met secretly to formulate a stop Trump strategy. . that included the current candidates and Bush and Sen. McConnell and billionaires, and Rove and more. They also pull Obama and Reid, and Pelosi and more people’s strings. It is often called an establishment, and they have shut the previous traps and want this one shut.

      I already cast my ealy ballot that will hopefully trump that game, at least for the short term. That desire for control that they have never gives up, nor does it do any real good, but creates much evil.

      Expect anything. They are in a great game for control and for trillions in effects. They will not let this much power slip away without g everything. I mean everything if it looks like they can get away with it, or they have no other options.

  • Would that there would be one, just one, candidate that you could have not the first instant of hesitance on. WTF is wrong with this mudball?

    • eon

      Self-anointed elites with utter and complete contempt, hatred, and loathing for everyone else. Who react like rabid dogs when anyone dares to challenge their self-proclaimed “fitness to rule”.

      It’s like the old monarchies. Kings ruled because they were kings, not because they had any actual ability. Socialism is basically monarchy sans the need to have a “bloodline” to get to the throne.

      It’s worth noting that socialism, in internationalist and fascist forms, took deepest root in European and Asian polities that were previously absolute monarchies- China, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.

      It might have taken deeper root in England than it has if not for Cromwell, who was less a socialist or fascist than he was a misplaced Roman. (Compare and contrast- Cromwell vs. the Irish, Julius Caesar vs. Vercingetorix.)

      It has never really taken root here, less because of our “glorious heritage of democracy” than because of our innate and traditional suspicion of supposedly “enlightened elites”. A suspicion which has been proven valid over and over again by those self-styled “superior ones”.

      Chicago yesterday showed what happens when someone threatens the elites’ power, even inadvertently. They call out the dogs. Reasoned debate is not in their makeup; it’s “Obey me or die”, 24/7/365.

      If you think the American, pseudo-Eurotrash elite’ don’t think that way, check out the causes they support. From gun control to deep ecology, it’s all about reducing the population to themselves, their loyal retainers (i.e., armed thugs), and an appropriate number of slaves per Mandarin.

      Violence is their default response to any difference of opinion. While piously proclaiming that only their cultural enemies are violent.

      The moral is that elites are a bad idea. They tend to assume they possess virtues which justify any outrage in their never-ending pursuit of greater power. To be used to harm others, ultimately just because they can.

      clear ether


      • Well said. But shouldn’t it be 24/7/52 ?

        • eon

          Well, it’s 24/7/366 every four years. The calendar is still a month out of sync with the sidereal year (and the equinoxes and, thus, the seasons), because even with a “leap day”, the “corrected” Gregorian calendar isn’t any more exact than the old Julian calendar was.

          The only intelligent calendar has six 30-day months, six 31-day months, and that darned “leap day”only when needed (not “automatically” every four years). It’s been proposed over and over again (I have an Everyday Science & Mechanics magazine from 1932 that has an article on the subject), but so far, no takers.



      • H_B

        eon, I’d like to thank you for turning me on to and a couple days ago – however inadvertently that came about ^_^.

        • eon

          Serendipity is the key to knowledge.




  • ExNuke

    Our problem is they won’t put None Of The Above on the ballot and require every citizen of voting age to actually vote. If they went to the extremes that I would prefer when NOTA won the election the losers would be in prison for at least 3 election cycles.

    • John Greer

      Add changing the voting scheme from “One Voter One Vote” to Approval Voting (Everybody votes up or down on every candidate/proposition) and you’ve got a deal here.

      • John D. Egbert

        Everybody voting up/down on every proposition is what doomed the ancient Greek empire. Too many factions; nothing got enacted, including measures which would have saved their collective butts and country. I think that doing the same with candidates would likely lead to the same dismal conclusion.

        Rather than forcing every eligible voter to vote, it would be much better if a way could be found – consistent with the Constitution – that would only allow informed voters to cast ballots, much as was originally written into that hallowed document; only land/business owners could vote. Imagine the screams from the left . . .

        • David Gonzalez


          Don’t remember if I ever told you about my “Homecoming Queen” theory: every girl is eligible, everybody gets one vote. Result: utter chaos, with the eventual winner garnering her own vote, her boyfriend’s vote (if he knows what’s good for him), and maybe her best gal-pal’s vote (if the gal-pal realizes that she isn’t pretty enough to be a credible choice for Homecoming Queen and wants to keep borrowing the other girl’s nifty sweaters). Thus, less than one percent of the student body is happy with the outcome—the remaining 99% are left safety-wired in the pissed-off position. In fact, that sounds mighty like the elections they have in European democrat/socialist republics, where there are two dozen or more “recognized” parties. Over here, at least a bare majority of the electorate is more-or-less satisfied—depending, of course, on how many votes the Democrats are able to steal, a la the 2000 presidential election in Palm Beach County!

  • Bill G

    The ‘Sanders Stacked Sammich’.
    No money, just your soul.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The capture of the most productive economy and society in the world, and then its intentional destruction, has been a multi-generational effort.

    Just as Mellisa Harris-Perry, a self hating racist, and Bill Ayers, a weathered terrorist turned progressive professor now pensioned. they will tell you.
    And they are but mere pawns.

    And sometimes regulations mean that you can never leave the business, or must pay huge sums to close a business.

    They want the regulations which bind us to be everlasting, and to take all possible choice from us.

    I recall when former Florida Senator and Governor Lawton Chiles wanted to build an open sided cook shack for barbecue on his ranch in North Florida it turned into a fiasco. He just wanted to cover his open pit barbecue, like it had been before.
    The regulations ended up requiring the equivalent to a single family home with bathrooms and plumbing with open sides and a fire extinguishing system for the pit with hood and vent system.
    This all was several miles from any other residences or dedicated roads. In the end it did not resemble the barbecue shack he had when he was younger. But, it had a permit.
    There are entire businesses dedicated to regulation threading sapping the wealth and intelligence of our society everywhere from Washington, D.C., to the smallest hamlet here in our regulation suppressed progressive sculpted society. K Street is dedicated to regulations and laws
    Now building on a Federal military base or similar federal land, the local and state regulations do not apply. You can still build houses not on stilts on Coast Guard and U. S. Navy bases in the Florida Keys.

    They say it is because they know better, but it really is for control.
    Often regulations intentionally contradict internally or contradict other regulations so that the government regulators can selectively enforce them against those they desire to enforce them against.

  • Pamela

    Carl’s Jr is moving to Nashville. Yeehaa

    Maybe the killers of the forest and all the slaves to the government teat can relocate here: 11.35° N, 142.2° E

    There’s room enough for all, and as for leaving, well not so easy.
    It’s all that bureaucratic paperwork required.

    • On the plus side for the radical greens, the boffins say you can hear the whale songs quite clearly there.

  • AlexJ

    The events last night in Chiraq are a mile-marker for Obozo’s complete transformation of our kountry. Hunker down and keep your ammo ready – it will get worse

    • interventor

      Copied what brought Nixon to office. Unintended consequence.

    • eon

      I’m thinking the BLozos, etc., might just have handed IL, OH, and FL to DT on a silver platter. Remember the Days of Rage in Chi-town in 1968.

      I’m pretty sure the SDSers, BPs, etc., would have rather had even the Hube than Tricky Dick. But their “street carnival” there made McCarthy, Muskie, and eventually even HHH radioactive to the voters.

      Here, they used violence to try to silence a front-runner at the behest of the leadership of both parties. Very NSDAP 1932 of them, and don’t think I’m the only one drawing that comparison.

      Cleveland will be interesting. Of course, I’ll be watching from a semi-safe distance (30 klicks south of the state capitol, Columbus).

      I’ve been to The Mistake On The Lake twice. Glad I was in a marked, fully-equipped cruiser, both times.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        “…I was in a marked, fully-equipped cruiser…”

        Front seat or back? 🙂

        Srsly, it occurs to me that considering events of late, that might be a distinctly UNsafe place to be…

        • eon

          Driving once, riding shotgun once.

          Prisoner transfers. One pickup, one delivery, as we used to say.

          And I agree. Today, I’d use a plain wrapper, like a minivan. Me, three other officers, and the perp. No uniforms, heavy weapon loadout (kept out of sight until needed).

          And I’d still drive no further than one of the ‘burbs (except for the Heights- no way, no how) and tell CPD to meet me there to take charge of the guy.



    • billf

      AlexJ,my ammo is ALWAYS ready.I’m afraid,(I hope not,but I’m afraid) it will get worse any day now.

  • BillM

    “The Sanders stacked sandwich” When anybody orders it:
    The staff goes out into the restaurant, grabs something from each of the
    paying customers plates and builds a sandwich—which is free.

    • Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder

      The staff rolls the Sanders Stacked up to your table on a cart,
      17″ high with a roman orgy worth of foodstuff piled up in a column;
      then they take 52% of everything off and give it to the other tables.
      It’s free for them, but you still pay. A lot.

    • JTC

      Not free…sammich goes to one who swears its the best restaurant evar and that they will always eat there while badmouthing all other eateries.
      Then the restaurant tacks a service fee onto every paying customers tab for the privilege of having part of their sammich taken…TANSTAAFL.

  • B Woodman

    What to name this one. . .. .?
    Maybe, “The Politician’s Omnibus Special”
    Balcony and pork, no bread, no plate, no napkin.
    And paid for by JEEP (Just Empty Entire Pockets)

    • Pamela

      The Ping Pong Patty Special consisting of a bug infested bun, under-cooked meat of unknown origin, pesticide and salmonella drenched toppings all paid for by theft and avarice because they say so.

      • B Woodman

        Isn’t that a description of the “Moochelle Muncher”?

  • interventor

    Cruz won Wyoming primary easily. Trump third, any one know why?

    • H_B

      It’s a party-only convention, not a true primary. They had a statewide straw poll a few weeks ago, but it’s “nonbinding”. So this is what the local apparatchiks want, not necessarily what the Wyoming electorate wants.

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