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  • Greg B

    You’re still not letting us know how Zed is doing.

    • Vorlonagent

      Be glad the DD *probably* isn’t burning…

  • formwiz

    Good for you, sweetie.

  • David

    (hold up three fingers)

    “Can you read between the lines?”

  • Ed

    There are certain questions that a gentleman (or lady) neither answers nor asks.

    • CAPT Mike

      Well said

    • GWB

      That’s no lady, that’s a doctor.

  • Wow, Zed dreamed Blonde Doc dead-on…wonder what other of his dreams will come true?

  • Pamela

    Yo Doc! Should have learned that PAIN raises a person’s blood pressure in your first year.
    I have found that putting a few 9fmj clips at a target does help to lower it some.

    • Swansonic

      Yup. Take some calming breaths, gently squeeze the trigger, repeat as often as needed…

    • Swansonic

      And I am sure you have better range discipline than Jan did the time Damon got her to an outdoor range with Sam and Zed – far back in the archives.

      • Pamela

        My Dad taught me to shoot when I was 14.

        • Swansonic

          Started training my 12 yo daughter last year.

          One of the important Life skills IMO….

        • Uunca Walt

          Better late than never, Pamela. 🙂

    • Gideon Reed

      Please. Mags (magazines).
      Not *clips*, unless of course you happen to have a nice M1 Garand just hanging around the house.
      Don’t want to sound like one of the sub moronic progs/libs
      when it comes to things that go Bang.

      • Pamela

        Actually I do have one of those original beauties

        • Gideon Reed

          Ooo, Ooo!! C’n I peek?

      • Stormhawk

        Sgt York called them “clips”, my Dad and my uncles (who all served with distinction in WWII) called them “clips”, some Medal of Honor holders called them “clips”, many street officers who served with distinction and some who fell in the line of duty also called them “clips”so your argument is invalid.

        • Gideon Reed

          Sorry Mate. Actually I do not have an argument of any sort, here in particular.
          *This* is a place where I go to not have an argument of almost ANY kind. Only thing missing is a good single malt and some nice tabsc.
          However, never mistake basic good nature with reflexive docility.
          Enjoy the day,

        • markm

          Sgt York’s 1903 Springfield was loaded with stripper clips or loose rounds. The M1 Garand used by most WWII troops was loaded with a clip, and there was no option for stuffing in loose rounds. But when I learned to fire the M16 in boot camp, we loaded a magazine with stripper clips or loose rounds, then stuffed the magazine in the rifle.

          There is a difference. And many of the people who don’t know the difference are for banning things associated with guns, without bothering to even learn what it is they want to ban. For instance, an idiot Congresswoman tried to ban “barrel shrouds”, but when challenged to define that she said it was “the shoulder thing that goes up”. I’m not sure what she was thinking of, but a barrel shroud is at the other end of the gun.

          So learn the difference and keep it in mind, otherwise you’re likely to be mistaken for an idiot gun-grabber.

      • Common misnomer, understood in meaning by nearly everyone. When you attempt to explain a true “clip” such as one for an M1 or my old Austrian M95, most are baffled. You can explain a “stripper clip”, but that’s another animal. Suffice it to say, it is a common misnomer.

        • rooftop voter

          That’s it to a T cmblake, those WW2 vets carried rifles that used Enbloc clips, not Magazines, and York would have used a stripper clip to charge the internal magazine of his bolt action rifle.

  • Malatrope

    Well, at least this has the touch of reality. Lots of unanswered questions, though. Was the drone operated by Trump security people? Was there any part of the dream that was tinted by actual events? Sam’s pretty beat up. Zed? In critical care?

  • Kafiroon

    Guns? Home? Who? Me?
    I’m totally skeered of them things.

    When not in my hands.

  • This’ll get your pressure up too…

    Trump’s new credo is somewhat nationalist, but he’s always been a profiteer; not wrong if you’re CEO of Trump Inc., but more problematic as CEO of USA Inc., wonder if he can make the transition.

    Soon there will be nothing left of manufacturing in America; to some degree that is a normal transition and evolution of technology, and protectionism has always stuck in my craw, but when the other team not only doesn’t play by the rules but is actively predatory, survival might require it. Right now I can roughly communicate in Spanish when it is profitable, but I’m way too old and way too independent to have to learn Mandarin or Russkie.

    • interventor

      I may be in error, but I believe the plant smelt bauxite to aluminum. Due to recycling, aluminum is mostly recycled now. Costellium plant in my area is planning to increase production.

      • Constellium, I think.

        We are reduced to fighting for scraps.

        Quite the metaphor

    • rooftop voter

      Pawnbroker, did you catch the line in your article where they very delicately tell us China is dumping Aluminum on us?

      “Smelters in the Asian country are still profitable, helped by higher physical premiums in the region.”

      This is what Trump is speaking to…………

      • My point exactly when I said “predatory”.

        Sub-cost dumping to squeeze out competition; call it the Wally effect.

        China is to manufacturing as Wal Mart is to retail.

        Trump has engaged in it on a different level, which means he knows how it works, let’s see if that helps him deal with it globally, or if it’s too late.

        Irony has its way of course; right now Amazon is eating Wally’s lunch, and SoKo et al is hitting the chinks hard. That’s good, but it won’t help us. The way out for the USA has always been innovation and game-changing, which can maybe continue in the right environment. We won’t do it by scrapping, recycling, etc. Trump is putting his money where his mouth is on the campaign trail, have to see where that trail leads I guess.

        • rooftop voter

          Ok, I didn’t understand what you meant.

          You are right on……..

        • markm

          It’s not necessarily sub-cost. Lax environmental regulation saves a lot of cost; an American smelter has to treat the slag or store it where rainwater can’t leach out, while Chinese plants often just bribe someone to look the other way and dump toxic waste in a gully. Most of the smelting cost for Aluminum is electricity, and Chinese electricity should be cheap (from cheap and dirty coal, without much of a filter in the stack). And at every step in the chain, labor costs are much lower – the guy cleaning the floor in an American factory drives a car to work, while most of the engineer’s in a Chinese factory ride the bus or bicycles, because they can’t afford a car. We have OSHA and workman’s compensation; the Chinese tend to go by the 19th century rule that the employee works at his own risk. That makes a huge difference in mining operations.

          • John Greer

            If Lockheed’s announcement of building a prototype fusion plant in five years and a production model in ten isn’t hot air, shutting down domestic production may have a silver lining. It would eliminate old plant and we start anew with modern (and much more economical) primary production that can undercut any conventionally powered scheme.

          • “Dumping” is by definition “sub-cost”. But in the context under discussion here, that term refers not production expenditure of the dumper, which as you mention is affected by comparative overhead, but by production expenditure of competitive producers in the target market.

            In international trade, dumping is the export by a country or company of a product at a price that is lower in the foreign market than the price charged in the domestic market, and sub-cost is a price that is lower than the production costs of competitors in that market. As dumping usually involves substantial export volumes of the product, it often has the effect of endangering the financial viability of manufacturers or producers of the product in the importing nation.

            This is undertaken to achieve monopoly and control of the market, and therefore pricing, which will then be raised to a level on par with what can be realized on the domestic or other non-competitive markets.

          • And as John G. alludes above, and I mentioned in my original comment, our ability to combat and compete with these predatory methods lies in our ability to disrupt the market with game-changing innovation, not in third-world methods and old-world technology. I believe we still have it in us, if gov will get out of the way.

  • So, how’s Zed?

  • Constellium, I think.

    We are reduced to fighting for scraps.

    Quite the metaphor.

  • Little-Acorn

    “Do you have any drones at home?”

    Just wait.

  • chuck...

    It depends, Doc. Do you favor anal at gun point or will a smile do it???

  • jackdeth72

    So refreshing to see women of character, professionalism, station and exceptionalism getting along so well!

    • I don’t buy into the whole Trump-is-our-savior BS, either. To me, he’s nothing more than a self-promoting carnival barker who contributed heavily to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and the Clintons and their “Foundation”. His positions on key issues just prior to his running for prez were FOR Obamacare and socialized medicine, FOR corporate and bank bailouts, FOR amnesty, FOR the Kelo (anti-property rights) decision, and he is the epitome of corporate crony capitalism (who now has fellow multi-billionaires Icahn and Buffett supporting him), who’ll use pennies on the dollar from his own multi-billions to buy, use, peddle, and influence favor. Sorry. I’m not buying it.

      • Erik

        Thank you. Glad to know I’m not alone.:-)

        Sadly, many people think that *this time* he’s being sincere on issues, because now he’s saying what they want to hear. Or unicorns. Something like that. Personally, I think he jumped in just to troll the Republican primaries and help his good buddy Hillary, and things just got out of control…

        • Yep!

          Gee… he met with Bill Clinton just a day or so before he announced he was running. Hmmm…

          Like the Wizard of Oz saying, “Don’t look behind the curtain, nothing to see here.”

  • Grape

    White coat syndrome? What’s behind it, Doc?

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    I have a suspicion we are going to see more of that Doctor 😉

  • Cliff H

    Don’t be too hard on the pretty blond doctor – her response to Sam was that her refusal was a “healthy response” – in other words the good Texan Doc thought it was the correct response, as was the rise in blood pressure when the question was posed.

  • Bill G

    The lady’s a Doctor, and a Texan. She has to follow rules but doesn’t have to like them.

  • Polly Cy

    I keep feeling like we’re in one of those Star Trek alternate universe episodes. Maybe that lightening bolt ripped the space/time continuum and there are several dozen more potential timelines. This could easily keep splitting off new realities until the new show debuts. That’s what -January 917?

    • MasterDiver

      Here on the Rim of the Galaxy, the fabric of Space-Time is stretched thin. Occasionally, it wears thru in spots, letting Alternate Realities come in contact, even to the point of allowing things, and people, to pass from one to the Other…

      Commodore John Grimes, “Rim Ghosts and Other Phenomena”

      • Polly Cy

        I bow to the Master

  • M225

    I want to live in this world. ALL the women are hot, armed (for the most part), thick skinned and partners in life. All the men are manly men that work hard, speak the truth, shoot straight, love and respect women. All work together to reach the end result.

    • OpenTheDoor

      You gotta get out more.
      By the way, all conservative women are hot, just as all Prog women are ugly, clear to the bone.
      My beautiful, intelligent, conservative engineer wife, the redhead, is from Berkeley, I think Chris used her as a model for Sam. All true, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.”.
      It CAN happen.

  • Alex J


    The correct answer to “Do you have guns in your home?” Is “May I see another physician?” Or possibly “Ouch, you’re hurting me! Is there an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice near by.”

    On my most recent doctor’s visit, my Doctor asked me that question… he wanted to brag about his latest AR build… Can I get a rimshot?

  • Sejanus

    1. Thanks, Stormhawk, for quashing an increasingly popular pomposity. Clips & mags are conversationally interchangeable, so lets all quit pretending otherwise.

    2. Trump’s actions and comments demonstrate he would be as arrogant an oppressor as our current wannabe dictator, with as little substance to him.

  • Blonde Doc was being ironic, she spits out the term Obamacare and immediately demonstrates one of its prime intrusions.


    1. “conversationally interchangeable” is not the same as “correctly interchangeable”. Words have meaning.

    2. What “actions and comments” are you speaking of exactly, that makes him in your mind the same as the pretty pc puppet known as zero?

  • B Woodman

    “Speaking of which, y’all have any guns at home?”
    Sam’s answer SHOULD have been,
    “You can ask me that, but I don’t have to answer.”

  • Spin Drift

    An answer to the “Do you have guns in the house?” is “Yes and the chillun’ can put two in a quarter at 25 feet. That is our type of gun control.” It shut up our pediatrician.

    Molon Labe

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