Day By Day


  • Kevin M

    Some habits you just don’t give up.

  • JTC

    He tunes, she triggers, he fires…QED PDQ.

  • B Woodman

    “I probably tuned her in some.”
    Reminds me of an old radio operator’s joke that ended “Come in Tokyo. . . . ”
    I leave the rest to your lurid imaginations.

    • Wayne M

      Beat me to it… Didn’t that show up in Revenge of the Nerds too?

  • B Woodman

    “First “bullying”, “microagressions”; now ‘triggering’? More “settled science” crap.”

    Chris, you left out “silent dog whistles”, and, I’m sure, a slew of other Libtard talking points to PC-ness. But no matter what, Libtards will ALWAYS find something to be butt hurt about, in order to gain control over you and I. Fuck! with being PC anymore. Libtard’s “feewing” are NOT my problem.
    Something I read long ago on another site ( to the effect that words are merely vibrations in the air. Whatever meanings you assign to them, to hurt or to heal, is YOUR problem, not mine.

    • interventor

      Democrats — the party of permanent aggrievement.

  • JTC

    I’m guessing Tucker didn’t have quite the same um, fruition as Zed…he’s wearing the exact same twisted, pained expression as prior to the tuning session…

    • Unca Walt

      I dunno… Tucker looks purty pale and wan…

      • B Woodman

        You trying to say Tucker looks tuckered out?

  • Shonkin

    Ah-ah-ah! Don’t touch that dial!

  • finebammer

    Skye and Sam: Corsican sisters.

    Roger. Out.

  • Bill G

    QED? Well, I guess it was demonstrated.
    Several times apiece, perhaps.

  • Crotalus

    I didn’t recognize Tucker at first. I thought Chris was going for “Bond. James Bond.” a la Sean Connery.

  • Buy more beer and make the popcorn, folks, I think Mr. Muir has a few monkey wrenches up his sleeve……..

    • interventor

      Not to mention, monkey shines an

  • interventor

    Not to mention, monkey shines and monkey business.

  • Pamela

    Careful, you’ll poke your eyes out if you get too close.

    Why did Tucker shave his ‘stache? Talk about missing out…

    • No, I’m not going to say the first thing that came to mind with that comment.

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