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  • WayneM

    Wait… are those hypno-glasses? Could it… urk…

    All glory to the Hypno-Hillary!
    All glory to the Hypno-Hillary!
    All glory to the Hypno-Hillary!

  • LifeofTheMind

    They uploaded a bug into the Hypno-Gyno-Hillary program.
    Now I have this urge to buy a Vegamatic.

  • Doc Epador

    Damn I am inebriated enough to have enjoyed it.

    • There is not enough alcohol on this planet to fix that.

      • interventor

        There is not enough Klingon blood wine to convince Worf to pick up that spawn of Jabba the Hut.

        • MasterDiver

          There’s not enough thionite on Trenco to get me to do that!


          • eon

            Damn. Beat me to it.



  • Damn, Doc E, you should thank your lucky stars that beast is on the teevee and not on a barstools next to you; imagine the morning after.

    On second thought, don’t; just the mental image is making me nauseous. You seem like just a nice guy that can’t hold his booze and I wouldn’t wish that even on Slick W.

  • Pamela

    There are some things a person should never do.
    One is participating in a snuff film.
    Another is para-phrasing Conan the Barbarian.
    She did both.

    When will the lamentations start…

    • You forgot the Star Wars line about droids.

    • Swansonic

      I think we’ll have to wait until some people with female hardware who still identify as female show up in the Democratic Party……

      Not holding my breath… Well, I am holding it but for different reasons…

  • Oh God, roboHill. Gack.

  • Ozymandias

    They’re just getting started on putting the pain in “campaign”… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • John Carifidy

    Stare at a green pant suit long enough and look away, the after image is orange. It suits her.

  • So, HanoiHillz biggest point tonight is pushing gun control via executive order a’ la Aussie seizure methods.

    Meanwhile on her PR firm’s (NBC) evening news, terrorist attackers are dispatched on the spot by armed citizens who are encouraged and congratulated by the mayor of Jerusalem to do what the cops and military can’t, namely pull your piece and shoot to kill when attacks happen.

    And all without a hint of the irony. Amazing.

    • Amazing, isn’t it?

    • eon

      The standard liberal answer to any question is either “fight climate change”, “fight Israel”, and/or “kill and eat gun owners”.

      I guess it makes them feel warm and fuzzy all over.

      clear ether


  • I don’t think Hillary has worn a blue dress since The Blue Dress surfaced.

    • Mister B

      Dresses don’t hide the cankles. Therefore, all pant suits, all the time. I, for one, am grateful.

    • Pamela

      Would the humor of the situation be lost on the left if women were to show up at her rallies wearing blue dresses and pearl necklaces (of the ocean variety) asking how Willie was?

  • Grape

    Panels 1 and 3 stimulate much wishfull thinking.

    The one in the middle is just a worn out rerun.

  • Bunkerbuilder

    I heard the Clintons are registering all the undead from every cable Zombie show, and all the fresh cadavers the Voodoo shamans/ward heelers can reanimate in the Greater Chicago land area for Hillary’s Primary run…

    Some of Hillary’s voters voted for Andy Jackson…and JFK

  • Bunkerbuilder

    LarryArnold: That is a blue dress with a “Pearl Necklace”….

  • KenH

    Jaannnnie sweetums can meh all she likes; we all know that she would vote for the Shrill Screaming Beastbitch in a heartbeat, no matter what

  • Ed

    “Alcohol gets the blame for a lot of things it didn’t do.”

    • Bill G

      Imagine if distillers/brewers/vintners were sued the way these folks want to sue gun manufacturers.

  • Rubert Haskin Jr

    Hilary a ‘They live’ alien?….Hmmmmmm.

  • Bill G

    Do not resist. You will be assimilated…just to toss in another set of evil.

  • B Woodman

    Sounds as much like The Force as it does Baghdad Bob.
    “These are not the State Department Top Secret email you are looking for. . . “

  • OpenTheDoor

    Even the Kwisatz Haderach wouldn’t ride that sandworm.

    • B Woodman


    • NotYetInACamp

      She may have the bearing and substance of a worm, but her claim of humanity would fail the test, imo.

      Gom Jabbar –
      “I am old, but my hand can drive this needle into your neck before you can escape me.” ―Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam

  • Alex J

    Wait?! There was a live-televised showing of the un-dead last night?

    Who knew! I enjoyed watching real history as the Chicago Cubs clinched the NLDS in historic 100+ year old Wrigley Field. The world may very well be coming to an end – “Cubs win World Series”

    We now return you to your Zombie Fest Marathon a.k.a. Democratic Presidential Primary.

  • And all I see is a green pants-load.

    • Joel

      It would have been better if her pants-suit was brown with all that bovine fecal matter being thrown about.

  • Spin Drift

    The pantsuit should have been orange and white stripes. I watched a total of 45 seconds. Mr “finally out of the closet” tossed her a prepared question on the State Department e-mails for which she did not even stop to think of an answer but just went into a prepared statement. Before I puked or shot my TV I switched to Yukon Men where the women are tougher than any DemFemMan. Yukon women give birth to real men.

    Spin Drift
    Molon Labe

  • James1776

    I love the Baghdad Bob reminder….

  • NotYetInACamp

    Missed it. It was sweet.
    But. Jumping in anyway.


    (Just trying to be the one good Dalek. And possibly exterminate all of the other evil Daleks, too.) Whovian. We Won’t Get fooled Again. 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    I missed the GIMMEDATS !

    No problem. I couldn’t be so lucky that they would just go away. But I can wish that.

  • The debate is easy to summarize:

    1. I will take away your liberties –
    2. I will take away your guns –
    3. I will steal your money –
    4. I will give your money to my supporters –
    5. I will give amnesty to illegals faster –
    6. I will trample the Constitution more –
    7. I will trample your children’s futures more –
    8. I will weaken America more –
    ….than any of my opponents.
    >>>>> Said EACH of the candidates.

    • B Woodman

      Yep. Didn’t watch it (would raise my blood pressure up to astronomical levels), but from everything I’ve heard summarized on the radio by others braver than I, that about sums it up.

    • eon

      9. And then I will have you slain while sucking on a bong and giggling nonstop.

      Doing something a bit further down, too, I suspect, but this is a family blog- isn’t it?



  • capn

    Yet another reason to not own or watch the “boob tube”. I just happen to be dumb enough as it is, I really don’t need any more indoctrination.

    OK … maybe not that dumb after all.

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