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  • That pouty face is going to get a lot worse if she figures out what you just did.

  • eon

    Kiko, be thankful you’re not an only child. That way, you always get called first- for chores.

    clear ether


    • epador


    • Bill

      I think the whiner in the first panel is not Kiko but the other daughter who’s name I have forgotten.

      • PaulS

        Mari, I think.

        • Mari

  • KenH

    Direct traceback to SKYPE the Skank, for this stuff….
    She dead yet?

    • AlphaMike

      The optimal depiction of Skye’s demise would be not merely painful, but painfully public. A grim spectacle witnessed by millions of manless, childless pink pussyhatters as their dried-out loins squirm in solidarity. A solidarity which would only prove their incorrigibility, as witnessing such karmic justice would do nothing to teach them the error of their ways.
      As with our feminized criminal justice system, the only solution where rehabilitation (inevitably) fails is the capital route.
      I envision a landscape dotted with pink, pussyhatted graves. Perhaps someday…

      • Cliff H

        Perhaps she should be shot while protesting a Milo Yiannopolis event?

    • Grunt GI

      Wow y’all are so visceral toward Skye.

      I think it would be more fun to watch her return to the DDQ after blowing through Mama’s money, see Travis with the hipster beard and finally find someone with the PSYOPS ability to get in her wacked out head and start opening her eyes.

      As much fun as we’ve had watching Damon reveal the real world to Jan, whoever gets inside Skye’s head is going to have even more fun.

      And, let’s face it, Skye is so much fun to watch…and not too hard on the eyes, as long as she doesn’t talk to much 🙂

      • noncom

        Agreed on all points….she’s the broad you go to bed with and immediately can’t wait to hear the door slam as she’s on the way out….oh, and don’t forget to wrap that rascal….

      • JTC

        The Skye-High order has been placed. We shall see what is delivered. 😉

      • MudMarine

        I lean toward Grunt GI in my opinion. But I defer the Chris. After all these wonderful characters belong to him. He created them and shares them and his fertile imagination with us, for which we are greatful.

        But personally I think Chris has plans for Skye. She’s making cameos in panels now, which in my mind says Chris is slowly preparing us for the great reveal – “The Return of Skye!”. For what purpose only Chris knows. 😉

        • Chris Muir

          I wish I knew,I have no idea, actually.I truly operate ‘day by day’!

          • MudMarine

            Hey Chris,
            I say if it works for you and for us, it don’t need fixin’ 😉

    • Kafiroon

      With such continuing vitriol towards a drawing of a person drawn uphold certain values in the continuing political and life statements made for this strip; I wonder if you should see a doctor about that.

  • JTC

    “We are real news, Mr. President.”

    The fact that you think whether you are real or fake news IS the news while the real real news goes on? Heh. Trump did that to you.

    Market Disruption. It works. 🙂

    • WayneM

      Watching the blamestream media losing their collective shit daily is rather amusing. So far, I’ve not tired of it. Anyone else?

      • MudMarine

        Oh hell no! We’re up at mother-in-law’s and she watches ABC “News”.

        They’ve spent more air time on Bao Bao than Trump and very little on any protests. Looks like they’re covering up and playing rope-a-dope (Ali). Seeing which way the wind blows so they can survive

        • WayneM

          I would much rather watch the American media…

          Canadian media seems to involve daily tongue baths for Trudeau the Younger. I’m not sure how they don’t all get hairballs.

          • MudMarine

            Eww, brain bleach please! I can’t unsee the image your words evoked.

            Ok, right back at you. Do you realize that under her clothes Nancy Pelosi is totally naked? There, turnabouts fair play 😉

          • Steve

            Maybe he shaves?

          • Ron

            I can’t watch ANY news if they start talking politics. The CBC is blatantly Liberal they don’t bother denying it. I just can’t stand listening to PM CareBear speak: it’s all uh, uh, er,uh, um.
            US news is all Trump marginalized me/made it snow/ate my cat ad nauseam.

        • MudMarine

          Tonight’s news featured major coverage of Bao Bao’s departure, accomdations for the flight including how many lbs of bamboo shoot cakes she had available. I was too fascinated for words, I was fixated on the breaking news. I fell asleep, sorry – NOT!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Please. For the sake of future psychiatric visits….for Mari’s future mental health….change that code name to something non-political.

    • Deplorable B Woodman


    • JTC

      As if. ;/

  • jackdeth72


    The little girls’ version of “Mom Always Liked You Best!”

    • It is inevitable. Try as they may, it is inevitable. My sister, 14 years my senior. My brother, RIP, 12 years my senior. Then me. All those years later. Trippy thought.

  • Marc Bartolomeo

    Or in my late grandmothers case she told everyone of her grandchildren this “Remember this you are my favorite grandchild.” That was all 12 of us. 🙂

  • eclark1894

    Mari’s complaining because her sister is always called first. I was the youngest and my mother would call me first NO MATTER where I was or what I was doing.

  • Spin Drift

    In other news, especially since Chris has very empowered women in this ‘toon I’d like to mention the US Women’s Chess Champion (Nazi Paikidze-Barnes) boycotting the World championship in Iran.

    They, the World Chess federation, want her to wear a hijab and have limited contact with men while in country. So she is not going and letting the small world of chess fanatics know. The thing is if the Iranians get their way with this then what is next? After the hijab will she have to go full burqua? Will she have to undergo FGM to play chess in Iran? Where does the veil of slavery propagated by the pedophile prophet end?

    She chose freedom of choice to not subjugate herself as a slave to a political movement cloaked as a religion. This is what should be leading the news. Personal character to stand for what she believes as opposed to the hive think of most muslims.

    I also think that it would be an unbelievable thumb in the eye to the subjugaters of the world if the Donald had a Free World Women’s Chess Championship at one of his properties. What side of the aisle does the left come down on for this? Would they denounce it as anti-muslim but Pro-Women. Their heads would explode.

    For once in my life I’m pro Nazi.
    Still searching for Bobby Fisher

    • Old Codger

      I strongly suspect that, under global Muslim rule, women would even be allowed to play chess at all. Muzzies don’t like women. They tend to consider them 2nd class citizens – at best.

    • mort

      SD, as a one time chess enthusiast, (but not a good player)
      I couldn`t agree more, thanks for posting that.

  • JTC

    Spin, so no one from Iran or the other Seven Sinner nations would be allowed in, and if Donald’s is actually a Free World championship I can tick off quite a list of others that in my view also would not qualify. I’m down with that, fuck them, but I can also imagine what the Free Press (snicker!) would do with that…”Trump’s America Afraid of Chess Challengers” etc.etc.etc.

    It’s bad for competitors like her who have prepared for this for so long and would likely excel, but we probably don’t need another fake news distraction. Maybe a neutral place like the U.N. (double snicker!), or srsly, a place where the only controls and conditions would be fair play. Then we could do the spinning of being afraid to compete by those who won’t show.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I like Zed’s observation of the workings of his wife’s motherly interaction with the children.

    I wonder how this would be effected by France’s possible law that a lie is fake news? Is a ‘special name’ a lie? Would ‘sweetie’ said to some people be a lie? The options for those who decide are boundless in application and choice of application. Yet another control mechanism of the global deep state. Just a mild deviation from sane thought (theirs). Don’t mind me.

  • AlphaMike

    More first-rate entertainment. I only wish I had been there to help “traumatize” the little proglet myself. Unlike our government teachers, I place high importance on education.

    This traitorous snowflake and his little proglet-in-training knew what was in store for them when they attempted to “observe” the goings-on, and they got it. You can practically hear the mincing fear in his voice as he reveals his fear of Americans to his equally spineless readers.
    As for his simpering offspring, it’s always heartwarming when young traitors are given an early shot of reality that their worthless caretakers fail to provide. Since she’s been sooooooo traumatized by witnessing freedom in action, her two possible paths going forward are enlightenment—unlikely, her father’s kind being what they are—-or eventual suicide after being “triggered” too many times. Most likely, and so be it.

    • JTC

      Read the comments there AM, hilarity ensues.

      It’s as if their “comment policy” involves editing…Nooo 😀

    • MudMarine

      Wow! Just Wow. Welcome to the Twilight Zone (without sparkly vampires 😉 ).

      Besides their ignorance of religious freedom and why the Pilgrams immigrated to this land, the violence of their comments based on one man’s interpretation is shocking.

      I read as many comments as I could stomach and then started looking at the screen names, Bloodhammer, Ben Cartwright’s Horse (?), quirky gal, etc. I know we use screen names which mean something to each of us, but some of those were freaky. I tell you I was scared for my granddaughters, shaking with fear – oh wait, the all have varying levels of Tae Kwon Do belts and know how to shoot, as well as being capable of eviscerating (verbally mostly, but messy if need be) attacks on them or other innocents.

      Dude is a loon, certifiable! He better not attend a liberal protest. He could be shocked or scared to death at their real violence.

  • JTC

    The truth about Sweden, but you’d never know it from the headline:

    Way beyond fake news is the fake reality being engendered and encouraged by the same type of apologists, deniers of reality, and worse, intentional self-dealing obstructionists as we are dealing with right here…until the truth lands on them and everyone around them like a ton of bricks.

    Would that their version of the preference cascade and a point man like Trump can save them…there are signs of that awakening all around the world, hopefully not too late.

    • MudMarine

      Maybe Sweden’s women need to revert to their ancestors and train to be Shield Maidens (called maidens even though some were married and mothers). Travel in small groups with small shields and large swords and/or axes.

      I love edged weapons. Most people pee themselves or worse when faced with the probability of being cut severely or axed (no adverb needed for axed). That might save some women and end some mooslims. Win Win in my book. Oh and don’t report it, it’s just self defense or homicide in the best interest of public decency.

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