Day By Day


  • Steve Bunten

    Chris, I’m thinking more about adding Scotch (single malt) to the milk to make it go down easier.

    • KenH

      Have some of the Macallan Gold, I’ll join you
      Cheers, pard

    • derfel cadarn

      Go down easier ?!!! I’m think it is time to water the tree of liberty. Illegal foreigners and corrupt politicians in cahoots to steal America from it rightful owners is TREASON! These are indeed the times that tries one soul.

  • epador

    I’m more for a little hydrocarbon primer followed by a match…


    What the “resident” progressive socialists, facists, islamists, communists, dictators, and ALL other enemies of this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are beginning to FEAR about now ….

    There are approximately 13,621,583 American men and women who are trained and experienced in eliminating the threats of the enemies of the United States of America.

    World War II (1941-1945)
    Estimated living veterans: 1,711,000

    Korean War (1950-1953)
    Estimated living veterans: 2,275,000

    Vietnam War (1964-1975)
    Estimated living veterans: 7,391,000

    Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991)
    Estimated living veterans: 2,244,583

    • JSStryker

      Spadata, you’ve just listed the vets from those war periods don’t forget us vets that served between the wars!

    • JcTPatriot

      Amen, JS Stryker, don’t forget about us Cold Warriors! We are capable, and ready!

  • Pamela

    Pick a harbor, any harbor, add, stir, repeat for as long as it takes

  • Uffdaphil

    A lot of us Tea drinkers will appreciate the Black Friday bargains coming soon. The 5.56 Wolf Gold is especially tempting @ sub $.28/round. Every Constitution loving household should have at least a case or two of tyranny solution just because. And don’t forget the magazines.

    • SteveInCO

      So you plan to go out and buy some .308 then?

  • Bill G

    We need to get rid of the slow-motion liberals in the Republican party as well as this clown, Obola.

  • Robert Cons

    Chris: Well done!

  • Gideon Reed

    May I offer a simple George Smiley caution?
    Beware Agents Provocateur.
    Moscow rules are, or should be in effect.

  • Guitanguran


  • Ed Brault


  • Unca Walt

    It’s my birthday. I am going to celebrate by shooting my bring-um-home SKS in my back yard… have to keep my accuracy level up.

    Fortunately, I have 3000+ rounds for it.

  • grayjohn

    TEA for me. No more Repubikoolaid.

  • Observer

    Tea…? Lead, my friend. Lead is the solution to the problem.

  • 1sttofight

    Personaly I think some hot lead would go good with that milk.

  • Pamela

    Gentlemen! Please they are not worth the powder.

    Though isn’t Treason still a hanging offense?
    A nice length of hemp rope for a long drop is more cost effective.
    Multiple uses, and it will wash up after quite nicely.

    • SteveInCO

      Target practice is never a waste of powder.

  • Shonkin

    Other than public condemnations, there’s not a lot the Republicans can do until January. The Demos still control the Senate until then.
    A lawsuit? (1) Obama’s been appointing judges for the past 6 years. (2) Andrew Jackson proved that a lawless President can defy the Supreme Court with impunity anyway. After the Cherokee Nation won their case in the Supreme Court, Jackson sent troops in the middle of winter to evict them from their homes in defiance of the law.

  • bill

    You’d think with all the H1B visas Obama is issuing to some spouses we could get a good glass of Chai out of this mess…..

  • Dutchman

    How about this – penalty for being an illegal is a green card, but never citizenship?
    Never being able to vote, just like other resident aliens.

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