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  • David Foley

    Greek, well i don’t know .. .but i can read lips ..

  • formwiz

    As I said a couple of days ago, Sam has it all over Leonidas fore and aft when it comes to the Spartan gear.

    And her aft is as nice as her fore.

    • nonncom

      Yes….Chris does have a way of making her look just as good going away as she does coming forth….

      • Drumwaster

        God gave women buttocks because, sooner or later, they have to walk away from us – and at least this way there’s some consolation. — Spider Robinson

        • That may be where the expression “Back atcha!” comes from?

        • I like that! Hah!

  • JTC

    Nothing says Greek like a fine rounded cheek.

    Once you go Greek, all else is weak.

    It’s all Greek to me…waiting to see just how graphic this novel gets.

    • Gus Bailey

      Hear Hear!

  • capn

    Oh Sam … what a lovely figure you share with us. sigh

    Ah yes JTC may I recommend the hot tub scene?

    Does anyone have the relevant dates handy?

  • Iconoclast

    The Marx quote is doubly apt where Ø_FusterCluck is itself entirely a farce which has had a tragic impact on this nation.

  • B Woodman

    “I think we know who has the graphic mind, hon.”
    Yes we do. It’s Chris Muir. Chris, thank you for the graphic of your mind. Delectable.

  • Bunkerbuilder

    So, Some of Karl Marx’s quotes make sense…

    Will any thing Obama said be quoted 150 years from now?

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Only if someone has a particularly mordant sense of humor….

      • John Greer

        Or as a textbook example of the mentality that led to the dissolution of the Republic.

  • PaulS

    Fine lines Chris, very fine lines.

    • Bill G

      Verbal and drawn.

  • Bill G

    Genocide. It’s the islamist way.

  • 'TreHammer

    David F. posted…”I can read lips”…Now, that’s funny!…

  • Pamela

    Least we forget History, Pericles was a child when Leonidas with his 300 Spartans, along with 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans, stayed to stop the Persians.

    A question to ponder- The Islamic-Fascists destroy anything prior to their Prophet because nothing is greater than he, and anything after his demise. Then why are they using technology which was not even conceived or dreamt of during that era?
    Should they not as true believers, reject any and all creations of others, to be faithful to his memory?

    • Paladin

      Yea, if they want to live in the 6th century, we should help. EMP strike over all mooselimb countries, take out any hydroelectric facilities, naval blockade, …. yada yada yada. Oh yea, take all the oil.

    • chuck...

      They aren’t the Amish, they used the highest Tech available from their conquered lands. It cost less than re-tooling as they moved forward…

    • B Woodman

      The BEST policy would be to develop our own energy (oil, coal, nuclear) (notice I did NOT include “renewables”), and cease buying oil from the ME. Let them drink or drown in the stuff.

    • Then why are they using technology which was not even conceived or dreamt of during that era?

      The reason, Pam, is simple: It is far easier to destroy than to create. In order to “prove” the “greatness” of their theology, they must rely on the simplicity of their tactics — death and destruction by any available means. Their strategy is regression to the lowest common denominator, because they excelled in the dark ages.

      • Pamela

        So like Thieves in the night they steal and destroy the future to maintain their past. The end all be all of existence to stroke one man’s ego.

        • Wayne M


          They use twisted interpretations of the ravings of a treacherous lecher from the past to justify the path of wanton destruction they generate as they scorch their way to their fictional caliphate where all of their ilk will be princes & rulers and all others will be slaves.

        • That’s right, Pam. Whine, rage, steal, destroy, murder, and savage what they could not accomplish themselves. Because they are history’s losers and loutish wannabes.

  • Insomniac

    Convene the rump council!

  • B Woodman

    Oh, Gawd!!! The “concerned troll” is back!!
    Ya ALMOST had me, up to this point:
    “nor can America destroy ISIS, because that would anger Israel.”

    Now, if you wanted to NUKE the troll, “The range is now open, the range is now open. Fire at will, fire at will.”

    • Pamela

      I miss all the good stuff starting work at 5 am.
      Love troll hunts though.
      Especially with night vision and the dragon off the leash…

      • B Woodman

        Next time, shall I chain and leash the troll (that is, if Chris ever allows him back) so that you can have a “shot” at the hunt?
        I await to serve m’lady’s pleasure.
        (and the rest a’ you mugs, get’ch’er minds out’ta ta gutter)

        • Pamela


          Last troll tracking I did was in 2002. Meth lab in the area was bringing in young runaways, hooking them on tweek, then pimping them out. I took exception to that.

          • B Woodman

            I hope you did THAT episode up righteously. Love to hear the details.

  • Foolio

    I thought the phrase was “It’s all Greek to me.” At least, that’s what I heard growing up. Am I wrong?

  • I wished they did a Game of Thrones-type TV series based on Herodotus’ “Histories”.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    So, I googled Theron. He was a Greek tyrant in Silicy. He doesn’t seem to have much to do with Leonidas, Spartans, etc. Granted, his method of seizing power may well have been a model for O’Bama, but I’m not quite getting the connection.

    Chris, I hate to make you work more, but sometimes I wish there were study notes or something. Yes, I read the link, but that’s different. Interesting, but different.

    • Chris Muir

      It’s a mashup of the movie ‘300’ and other items of historical note. The movie ‘300’ is NOT actual history, it’s entertainment,like this. But there are essential truths in both.

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