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  • KenH


    • JTC

      She ain’t wrong…’pubs as personified (pussified?) by McConnel/Ryan are only concerned with self-preservation literally and politically.

      I was really hoping their hot air would keep expanding to the point of explosion rather than this interminable deflation though.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Air bags. They really are expensive. Air bags cost us trillions upon trillions.
    Their true cost to us is actually incalculable.

    • Wood

      Can we issue a recall for faulty airbags? Works for the auto industry…

  • What NYIAC said.

  • But honestly, I don’t think anyone worth a tinkers damn is happy about the destruction of any historical monument. Certain things, like those that came down in the old Soviet Union, I can understand. But these idiots are trying to destroy those things all the way back to the founders. Celebrations of our freedom and the birth of the very nation that gives them the freedom to bitch.

  • Even the communist statues are a worthy reminder of their errors and omissions and vanity. Leave them alone, the concept when they were erected is different to the view people have of them now. It is all about perspective.

  • Bill G

    It’s been fun watching new democrats demonize statues put up by old democrats of older democrats, but if they’d rethink and repurpose the status they’d want more of them.
    If they considered the status in the light of what the result was and not what the South wanted they’d realize they are monuments to Big Government.
    The base issue for secession was States Rights; slavery was one part of it.
    The State, local and not federal, was what was important to the people then.
    Dr. Walter Williams has written that the States signed the Declaration of Independence only on the premise that they could withdraw.
    The South tried, and Big Gov slapped them down.
    Just as the left today want’s Big Gov to slap down any challenge.

    • Brasspounder

      South: “This just isn’t working. I want a divorce.”

      North: “Bitch, you leave me and I’ll fuggin kill ya. Ya got dat?”

    • eon

      Today, they suddenly have a love of “states rights” when it comes to things like sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, enforcing anti-gun laws that contravene SCOTUS decisions re the Second Amendment, and so on.

      Just don’t you dare talk about “states rights” regarding Federal lands, EPA regulations, etc., when THEY run the government in Washington.

      In short, progressives operate on the old principle of the schoolyard bully flipping a coin to decide who gets your lunch money, him or you.

      They say, “Heads I win, tails you lose”.

      And that’s how it should be, according to them. Every time.

      clear ether


    • MasterDiver

      Did you mean “Constitution” not “Declaration”?

      Zar Belk!

      • Bill G

        Oh, my. Yes.
        Thank you.
        Excess blood in the caffeine stream in the early hours.

  • Dread

    She’s right. The RINO’s do celebrate what they say. Meanwhile, they support the (pick your term) New World Order, Globalism, World Wide Socialism, Tyranny of the masses through socalled religion, (Islam). Elitist asslicks! Everyone of them!

  • noncom

    McConnell is a major piece of the establishment in DC that needs to be vanquished….Trump has his hand on the plug and the creatures of the swamp are revolting….

    • PaulS

      Yes, they are!

    • “the creatures of the swamp are revolting….”

      Intended double entendre?

  • Unca Walt

    I do not understand why these antifa idjits cannot see the one-to-one correlation between them and ISIS regarding destroying history they have chosen not to like.

  • Pamela

    Cheap Blowup Dolls. Would you use a pool toy patch kit to fix…

  • WayneM

    Many people believe the reason why the media and assorted politicos remain curiously silent regarding the domestic terrorism of AntiFA (as in Anti-First Amendment) is tacit approval of their goals… smash the status quo & replace it with communism… but it seems to me that this is a demonstration of the abject cowardice of the media and politicos.

    After all, it takes no guts to condemn the assorted small number of neckbeards and maladroits who are the actual the alt-right. Meanwhile the media lumps anyone right of Marx in to artificially inflate the “ranks’ of the alt-right to make them appear to be a legitimate threat… meanwhile BML, Anti-FA and numerous other regressive collectivist groups threaten to dox, defund, de-platform and destroy anyone who dares to mention their violent destructive activities.

    Think of it as a small child (media & politicos) standing in a cage with an elephant (Alt-left) and a mouse (Alt-right). The mouse is trying to escape. As the mouse scrambles about, the elephant is getting freaked out. Meanwhile the child shrieks for someone to deal with the mouse, oblivious to the fact that shrieking further agitates the elephant.

  • JTC

    According to a poll just published…

    “McConnell is the only Republican elected official polled that is not viewed favorably by a majority of his own party.
    Only 32 percent of Republican respondents view McConnell favorably, while 40 percent have a negative view of him.
    President Trump, meanwhile, is at 79 percent of polled Republicans having a positive view of the president.”

    PDT: “It’s about time…” no doubt about that.

    But “It’s been 25…” Who is that, Kelly? It’s been 25 what?

  • DJ Elliott

    The problem with both parties is the unconstitutional monopoly of power they have had since the Civil War. The 2-party system is not constitutional. Neither party existed when the US Constitution was enacted and for 40 years after. The vote for President in 1860 split 4 ways.

    Power corrupts. We have been dealing with a 2-party political monopoly of power for a 150+ years. Is it any wonder that both minority parties have a vested interest in status quo? Change could remove them from power…

    [40 percent of US registered voters are registered Independent.]

  • Christopher Cole

    Want to really drain the swamp? Register Libertarian. Work Libertarian, vote Libertarian. The more people who register as Libertarians, the harder it will be for the duopoly to suppress the people.

    If you really want to drain the swamp, run for office as a Libertarian. Regardless of what level of government, you can scare the duopoly and make a difference, especially if you win.

    Christopher Cole
    First Vice-Chair, Pima County Libertarian Party

    • JTC

      Lord, can you imagine if that poor scared little hoplophobic invader-friendly pup Gary J. was having to face the frothing masses that Trump is? If a legitimate third (and fourth and fifth) party manages to promote some legitimate candidates then the way of the future might (finally) be no-party fixed-budget at-large elections. Not with wackadoodles like the Big L party has fielded so far though.

      • Christopher Cole

        JTC, Governor Johnson faced such while Governor of New Mexico and while campaigning in 2012 and 2016. He is scared of nothing in Washington D.C., nor probably anywhere else. Look at his resume. And as far as a fear of weapons, the Libertarian Party favors a strong military to defend this country, and opposes military interventionism elsewhere. We do not need to defend Germany, South Korea, etc. since they are wealthy enough to defend themselves. We need to stop getting our youngsters killed for the benefit of other countries.

        While I agree that some candidates have been less than sterling, have either of the duopoly never fielded crazy candidates? Of the four candidates for President in 2016, Governor Johnson was the sanest and most rational. Which is why he was constantly portrayed as crazy. He threatened the duopoly with sanity and rationality.

        • JTC

          CC, glad Chris leaves comments open on previous ‘toons now, for occasions just such as this.

          I can and do often refer to myself as a little l libertarian but of course there is little (heh) relation of that to the L party.

          GJ is a good self-made man with many good positions and he did a great job on the state level, but no he has never and could never face the onslaught that Trump does…recall his tendency to freeze and freak in the national spotlight.

          But his failure to grasp the threat of immigration is the fatal one, for him and for us if he was in charge of that. Understandable considering the demographics of his state but the attack on the US is not by Americanized Mexicans or even Mexicans in general although that border is the back door of the actual attack.

          And of course that is a direct tie-in to his naïve positions on international engagement and military intervention. Nation-building? Fuck that, it’s why I now have almost no respect for Bush the younger. But killing the rats in their own nest and preventing as much as possible their spread and infestation of our homeland is the only path to survival.

          In short, what works locally just does not transfer to the complication of the world or even national stage. Gary is best served and can serve best in promoting his conservative ideals domestically and leaving the big picture to those who grasp and understand how the former depends on the latter.

          Also, the big L party is forever tainted, you know by what. New parties, or non-parties, are our best hope…whatever we call ourselves, libertarians, constitutionalists, patriots, pragmatics; the time has come for Americans to place their support for America without the constraint and stigma of organized religion…I mean politics. (Same thing; I’m a believer but church is politics, and politics is a dogmatic religion).

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