Day By Day


  • JSStryker

    That would be interesting!

  • Pamela

    Chris ~ You Good Sir are my Hero!

    • GruntGI

      Heh. Thanks for the inspirational link yesterday!

  • JTC

    Salute! 😉

  • JackDeth 72

    Naomi In Lingerie League Regalia?

    Absolutely Nothing Wrong With That.

    Nice to See That Your Thumb and Fingers Have Healed, Chris.

    Well Done!

    • Interventor

      To quote Bob Hope, “Sarong, so right.”

  • She’d kick some ass for sure!

  • WayneM

    Funny how women manage to read our minds so easily… lol

    • Bill M

      It would almost seem that we are an open book.

    • MommaMackie

      Husband was accusing me of reading his mind long before we were married. Could possibly be the reason we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year!

      • Pamela

        Mine says the same thing. Been over 38 for us.
        I just have to look at him …

  • Halley

    There are men who imagine women in lingerie.
    There are men who imagine women out of lingerie.
    To each his own.

    • Bill G

      I still recall a long ago cartoon, I think in the ‘Sex To Sexty’ mags, that showed a honeybunny and her Sugar Daddy looking at an expensive wisp of material. She was saying to him that if he bought it for her now he’d be able to talk her out of it tonight.

    • MasterDiver

      I like to imagine the lingerie draped artfully across the foot of the bed, and my wife beckoning in THAT way…

      Zar Belk!

    • JIMV

      well said

    • Interventor

      Then, there are men with a two stage imagination.

  • George Atkisson

    I’m assuming the Russian word is “Nekulturny”. Roughly translated as “wrong, off color, insulting”.

    • Interventor

      No culture.

  • Bill G

    This could be the start of some very personal fouls.

  • Tom Stockton

    Given Anatoly was born and raised in Eastern Europe (?), I would have suspected he would have said red “card” (soccer) instead of “flag” (American football). Then again, he IS catching on to our Western ways… Hahaha!

    Tom Stockton

  • “Backfield in Motion”….!!

    • MasterDiver

      “Illegal use of the hands!”

      Zar Belk!

    • BeijaFlor

      Does ‘Toly get – or give – the “first down?” 😉

    • Pamela

      Is there an illegal use of tongue flag?

  • DonS

    I love how Chris has Naomi talk Hebrew to ‘Toly, and he replies in Russian…
    Chris, what was ‘Toly’s expletive in the first panel? Anyone?

    • random internet guy

      It means “shameful”

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      I think its detestable or disgraceful maybe?

  • DonS

    …and I love how Pamela’s mind works… LOL! ;?)

    • Pamela


  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

    I miss Anatoly’s obnoxious shirts.

    • Pamela

      There is something to be said about a “Go to Hell” shirt.

      • JackDeth 72

        That’s just Naomi’s first steps in changing Anatoly.