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  • JIMV

    If the Congress refuses to do its job, fire them all!

  • Subotai Bahadur

    “Double canister at ten yards.”

        • JTC

          They don’t want to do their job? That’s fine, let them boil in their own evil juices, they are not needed or wanted, the real job is getting done better without them. Their only hope for power is to destroy their nemises…Trump, the Deplorables, and America. Let them all burn…here or hereafter, or both.

          • JTC

            This is what apparently was banned and upheld by SCOTUS in my last link upthread:

            “The decision has been cast by the Supreme Court that Islam will NOT be taught in American Public schools; the deciding vote was cast by none other than new Trump appointee, Neil Gorsuch. The decision is based on the premise that Shariah Law (or any ideology) that conflicts with basic human rights should not be taught in schools.
            Gorsuch made a statement that will inspire as many people as it annoys: “We should (n’t) be teaching any religions in this country besides standard Judaeo-Christianity, as our founders wanted, and we certainly shouldn’t be filling the children with lies about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ when they see the carnage on the news almost every day.”
            It’s a strong point he makes, but one that is represented in the nation’s founding documents. Whether or not you believe that schools should be teaching ANY religion is not really the point; the United States IS culturally Judeo-Christian. And the fact that are so many atheists actually proves this. In no other religion on the planet are there such things as atheists; it is a creation of the Judeo-Christian culture.”

            The article goes on to speculate about what would have happened to SCOTUS and on this issue had the election gone as expected.

          • JTC

            BTW, that link is to an admitted um, embellished news site. As I’m sure yours is. But hey, in keeping with the theme of today’s ‘toon, fight fire with more better fire!

          • NotYetInACamp

            Further info found. I knew that I saw it before.

            Tucker Carlson : U.S. taxpayer dollars funding Islam indoctrination program at DOE : 3/29/2017

            The program includes detailed information, including videos, assisting students to understand and perform the 5 Pillars of Islam – prayer, fasting, alms giving, pilgrimage to Mecca and the proclamation of the Muslim faith. Christian Action Network (CAN) founder Martin Mawyer tells Tucker why this is problematic. CAN is demanding the removal of the Islamic indoctrination program know as the ‘Access Islam’ program from the DOE.

          • NotYetInACamp

            JTC. “… fight fire with more better fire!” ?

            You mean that we are sending in Ann Barnhardt? !!
            Let there be fire burning dragons. 🙂

  • Guitanguran

    Outstanding. Hands must be healed up.

  • NotYetInACamp

    This has been bothering the hell out of me since I was first politically aware. I got laws passed before I was aware while in grade school. I stepped on Bill Ayers when I was a Frosh. Never paid a cent, and lobbyists quaked when I made an appearance at a commission chamber. I only had the power of truth, logic, science, morals (and God and the American way and Western Civilization) on my side.
    The dragons are hungry. I’m not stopping them from feeding on the trash.
    The GOP demanded we give them the House so the could stop the marxiast moon god follower. It was done. They did nothing.
    Then they demanded the Senate to do what needed to be done. The Senate was handed to them and the new Senate Majority Leader on a silver platter.They did nothing.
    They said they could do nothing without the President being a Republican. So we made it so. They have fought the President every step of the way and have joined with the enemy Democrats to conspire against the best interests of the citizens of the United States of America.
    The dragons are properly hungry. Let them feed.

    I may have to watch a Game of Thrones episode. I only know that the character playing Lady Me, a Norse chieftain’s daughter slain by alien warriors and brought back to life by the Doctor with unintended immortality, plays a popular assassin on the Game of Thrones.
    Lies are acceptable in political speech as not actionable in courts under most circumstances. I suppose that dragons also have rather wide ranging rights in the use of their free speech and concurrent dragon breath.

    Ryan opposed DACA as unconstitutional years ago, before he supported it right now. Pelosi wishes to meet with Speaker Ryan concerning continuing DACA.

    Apply the law. You know what to do, Mr. President. Protect our citizens and those who belong there.

    If fought. Expel all of the invaders and all of their children as all law has recognized as the right of every sovereign nation throughout history.

    • Pamela

      Ashildr aka Lady Me from the Doctor Who episode The Girl Who Died .

      • NotYetInACamp

        And in the Doctor Who story arc, Lady Me (Ashindra – Maisy Williams) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) have been enabled by Clara’s removal from the time line to take the long way back to Gallifrey to return Clara back to the time line at the moment before her death where Clara had been extracted. Basically an infinite journey is possible.
        Of course, I think both women are extremely attractive and would be fit companions on an infinite journey through time and space.
        Joining them on the TARDIS with immortality. A pleasant daydream. 🙂

    • Pamela

      Stop the money and benefits. Simple solution.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Your logic is sound.
        No benefit from illegal acts.
        No citizenship reward as a result of unlawful acts, EVER.
        No welfare.
        Any charity will go first to US citizens.
        Any charity to afflicted individuals will happen away from the USA and enable more people to be helped, and end the multiple invasions that are taking place right now from many nations and cults.
        As Mexican law states, it is illegal to change the demographics of Mexico. yet at least 1/3 of Mexico is now invaded into the USA by direct intent and actions supported by all of the Mexican governments over generations.

  • I thought, I truly thought, that we finally had it in the bag. That we finally had the numbers to fix this crap. That we had all three branches with enough power to get this country right again. We have accomplished a few things, but we have too many enemies within to just hoist the sails and go. My heart hurts, but scar tissue is toughest. I can, and will, get as cold as need be.

    • NotYetInACamp

      And then Bill Whittle explains the Great Unlearning.
      These are our replacement citizens the indoctrination chambers/universities and high schools are turning out.

      The unlearning.

      There is still much work to make America great again. Much intentional damage to knowledge and wisdom has been intentionally perpetrated on our culture, onto our people.
      A replacement strategy using ignorant or evil cultures is underway. It is a asymmetric war. Let the dragons take their prey.

      • JTC

        Love me some Whittle and love the term the Great Unlearning.

        But you actually zero in on what is occurring in academia now more than his accurate assessment of boredom and obsession with the woefully misnomered “social” media.

        As you say, this is intentional damage and unlearning of our culture’s hard-won knowledge and wisdom with the planned strategy of replacing it with the ignorance AND evil of their own great endarkenment. They are following their playbook.

        It is also directly related to the kind of erasure and removal of our history and its icons as we saw in the aftermath of the South Carolina riots. Stage a conflict that virtually guarantees public pronouncements and support for their oppressed side and use that as a pretext to riot and destroy and deny knowledge and history and culture 250 years in the making. That was not a grass-roots movement, that was a strategically planned -and very successful- mission from leftist elites and the eastern mystic “culture” that they so admire and think admire them.

        Unlearn Americans and America, replace it and them with brainwashed eloi adherents to worship them and ultimately to implement their own demise -and ours-. Assymetric warfare? Yes it is. Can’t say it ain’t a heckuva a plan…and they are patient.

        Good insight NYIAC, maybe you should forward that to Bill for a followup vid.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Work. Work. Work. 🙂

        • JTC

          So this pops up on MSN; could there be a more perfect illustration of what we are saying here?

          I was talking to a man in Georgia in 2006; it was the week after Christmas and his son who had just finished post-grad study at Georgia Tech. In talking about him, the old man teared up and began to shake…”They educated God right out of his soul” he said.

          And they haven’t stopped there in the dozen years since. They won’t stop until they own them all…and they’re doing it with the full support and nasty belittling divisive hateful “reporting” of media like the WaPo.

          • NotYetInACamp

            The young woman learned what her brain-washers wished her to learn. She has been indoctrinated. I wonder if the guy was illegally present person /invader given that they discussed that trump might want to throw him out?
            Ot they could have read some of my posts that explained what the law was if our nation really applied the law. i have read posts by llegally present people who even understood and complained that their younger siblings born here might not have citizenship. they get it. That is the opening gambit and position. Apply the law. The final deal may have some disrespect for all of those who did it legally and for citizens of the USA in it. Time will tell. Those invaders who understand law are quaking in their poop fill britches and boots. President Trump has an incredibly strong position in this. If he gives away anything (people will be pissed) he must get a lot. Like all Mexicans are Mexicans, forever. Never US citizens. (far position. same for US citizens) No chain immigration. Birthright citizenship does not exist. All of those birth vacations to get the child a US passport because they are born here are voided. The Chinese are on that tear now. And so on. And so on. A return to law should be the order of the day. Law breaking should never be rewarded.

          • JTC

            So striking how her enlightenment was presented as so obviously making her superior to these backward ignernt folk, who you know, only loved her, raised her, sacrificed for her and fed her AND those smarmy writers.

          • JTC

            And after Trump’s decision today to end DACA (aka enforce the law…how in the world does the man have the energy to focus on his promises as he engineers outstanding gov response to huge natural disaster and juggles the potential for a huger man-made one?), poetic justice would be if the ungrateful little twit’s illegal mate got his walking papers; hey, maybe she’d like to go to Guatemala with him? Perfect! And I’m sure the WaPo lackey will write the epilogue of unintended but just consequences.

  • Halley

    He outsmarted and outmaneuvered 16 GOP contenders, then he outsmarted and outmaneuvered the nuclear-strength force of the evil media in collusion with Organized Crime(D), with only a burgeoning, ragtag coalition of Deplorables at his back. My bet is he will, once the entire chessboard has been set, outsmart and outmaneuver them all again.

  • Doc Epador

    Are you sure he doesn’t sit down to pee?

    • eon

      ALWAYS sit to pee, in a stall, in a public restroom. For purely tactical reasons.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Dang, and my wife calls me paranoid for always choosing back toward a wall and face toward the door in restaurants etc.

        In the men’s room I do tend toward the farthest open urinal, my left hand handles my bidness while my right hand cradles my “business”. It can be out of pocket and into a BG’s ear pretty quick, and he just might get pissed on too.

        • Merle

          You too, eh? Thought maybe it was just me…..

      • armedandsafe

        I teach this in my concealed classes. I first make a show of examining the back of each student’s head, Not finding any eyeballs, I then proceed to that lesson.

  • KenH

    If you paying attention, RED, the two primary important good-guy characters want to make a completely different world. And at least ONE of them is ok with killing a million or three to make that happen…..

  • JackDeth 72

    It’s nice to see that Cthulhu doesn’t discriminate. Still works for the highest bidder and has a fondness for President Trump.

  • Halley

    Roark, as in Howard?

    • Someone got that heh


        Hmmm, Trump as Hank Reardon? I need to ponder that.
        Now we need a Ragnar Danneskjold to dismantle the IRS
        And a Francisco D’Anconia to educate the populance

      • NotYetInACamp

        I should have remembered more of what was in that Ayn Rand book I read in college on my own time. I should have remembered more. Reminiscing sadly.

  • Bill G

    A whole new meaning to the idea of toasting a politician.

  • MasterDiver

    His real Name is Donar’ Stormborn Tagareyan!
    Father of Dragons!

    Zar Belk!

  • Rather in reference to Halley, let’s make sure we help to set up his checkmate.

  • Pamela

    Pookie! I was wondering where you went. Please tell me that the President is feeding you all sorts of nummy things and is letting you play with your food, making sure you get plenty of exercise and flight time. Oh and belly scritches.
    Mr. President, Pookie loves scritches behind his ears and at the point where his tail starts. Watch out when you do that as he not only purrs, but will spit flames.

  • JIMV

    Slightly off topic…When does the new cartoon start? Is it a subscription effort? Everyone has been sadly overdressed on Day by Day of late!

    • Chris Muir

      what with thumb, hurricane Irma, later this toon is free, no subscription, you will see a button on the dbd main page that u can press and it will take you there.:)

      • Oorah!!!!!!!!!!

  • JIMV

    Thanks for the effort!

  • NotYetInACamp

    And yet the GOP and RINOS, minor subservient Republicans, and Democrats / Progressives are still trying to distract as they are stuck on stupid. Whatever they hope and pray to Satan will work against the President, they will continue to fling against the wall in hopes that it will stick, and get the morons to prostrate themselves and pray in joy that their normalcy bias jones has once again been stuck with the emotional heroin doseage.

  • Spin Drift


    5×5, priceless and excellent!

    Former Houstonian
    War Damn Eagle

  • Barry Davis

    The only people that can fire Congress are the voters. Theoretically the House can be fired every 2 years, but the problem is those same voters that keep voting for Congressman Foghorn Leghorn in every election. While complaining it’s all those other guys who are the bad ones. Term Limits for ALL Three Branches of government would solve the problem of ten term Congressman Foghorn Leghorn because he’d be gone at least 6 terms ago. Term Limits for the Supreme Court would make it less important who you vote for POTUS because the justices would have an expiration date on their job just like everyone else. This would return the checks and balances to the three branches.