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  • That girl in Koln in yesterdays strip – I think I met her grandmother 53 years ago in Hanau.

    • Boobie the Rocket Dog


      • John M.

        I don’t know about Old Country Boy, but I was at Fliegerhorst from ’68 to early ’70.

        • Boobie the Rocket Dog

          ’66 to ’68. USAF weather detachment.

      • R Daneel

        41 years ago

        Lamboy Kaserne

        • Cliff H

          Thirty-five years ago Hessen-Homburg in Hanau, 45th Medical Bn.

          • JTC

            Vielen Dank an alle Amerikaner, die in Deutschland und in der ganzen Welt serviert!

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Mmmmmm. Back to the strong suit!

  • formwiz

    Have to admire Damon’s discipline.

    • Grunt GI

      And ability to concentrate.

  • Bill M

    They’re smelly, noisy, fling sh*t, smear same all over…I think baboons may already be running the country.

    • interventor

      Baboons, politicians, there’s a difference?

      • NotYetInACamp

        Baboons don’t commit genocide across continents.

        • H_B

          Chimpanzees will pursue and murder (but not eat) a monkey if they can catch one. separate troupes that encounter one another will also fight. The “animals don’t make war, only man” meme is BS. They do, they’re just not good enough at planning to get a campaign going.

    • James McEnanly

      Considering that a group of baboons is called a congress, I am not surprised by the similarities.

      • GWB

        DING! Thread winner!

    • Roger That

      • Greg B

        And that’s an insult to baboons.

  • Grunt GI

    Obama might like bowing to Islam but our sailors paid the price. Can you imagine Reagan or either Bush allowing Iran to take our sailors prisoner?
    Absolutely disgraceful.

    But Jan is nice. Looking forward to additional awesome art.

  • Обама, singing The Muslim National Anthem™:
    الجميع بعقب اللعنة!
    بعقب! بعقب! بعقب اللعنة!

  • KenH

    Just SHUT UP
    Or become a porn star

  • Spin Drift

    I’ve read that pictures showed a significant lack of ammo on the boats. If that is true then someone should be hung from a yardarm. No wonder they surrendered. Can’t shoot back, then your options are limited. American sailors had better leadership in 1803.

    Another example of elections having consequences.

    “Give me a fast ship fore I plan to go in harm’s way.”

  • JTC

    Pretty unfair to baboons, whose behavior we may find disgusting, but is innocently guided by God-given instinct, as opposed to the 0ther simian whose actions are vile and evil by choice, serving his prophet iblis.

    Gimmee a baboon anytime.

  • MJ Larkins

    Never underestimate the idea that Obama is actually doing the Mad Mullahs of Iran’s bidding voluntarily…

    • GWB

      Technically, *he* is doing Valerie Jarret’s will. *She* is doing the mullahs’ will.
      (Follow the strings off the puppet.)

  • Jorge_Banner

    Two and two make four and baboons ARE running the country.

  • Kafiroon

    Note the lack of machine guns on the surrender photos. Other pictures of those boats show them armed to the teeth. So. Removed before or after surrender?

    And at least baboons stick up for Their tribe and will fight for each other.

  • B Woodman

    “How is behavior racist?”
    FINALLY!! Someone says out loud, in a nationwide forum, what rational people have been saying privately and individually since 2007.

    THANK YOU, Chris!

    • Exactly, absolutely spot on.

    • John D. Egbert

      Also, how can a religion be racist?

  • First frame, Damon. It’s not that Ovomit is acting like a baboon in heat. At all. This MGMMPOS set the whole damn thing up to embare-ass America in the eyes of the world. This entire scenario was not possible without specific orders from higher command.

  • steveb919

    Oblamer may act like a baboon but just look at mooshell. Who could blame him.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Who could?
      Obama is acting like a female baboon in heat placing his rear end in the air so that any baboon might service it. It is an act of submission.

  • Wait a minute. Isn’t a group of baboons called a congress?

  • Bunkerbuilder

    Sadly, Obama, Kerry and the Hillary Rodham have left several “fetuses” of defeatism gestating in the “belly” of American foreign affairs for the next administration to Abort or bring to very costly terms….

    Not since Ted Roosevelt pretty much guaranteed a major War with Japan and ended up splitting Korea for most of a Century has a President & Cronies borrowed so much future ill will for a nation. Or when his nephew failed to defund lend lease to the USSR in 1944, setting up a future with a Warsaw Pact….and a Forty-Five year long cold War.

    Will history have BHO/BHS as the mother of the Fifth Crusade Wars?

    • Bunkerbuilder

      Where were or are the inquiries regarding the rules of engagement the navy boats were under? Were they allowed to be armed in timely manner?

      Where is the USA’s news reporters?

      These “Baboons” will soon have Nuclear ballistic missiles instead of turds to throw around the world’s monkey houses.

    • Ted Roosevelt? He was dead at least 20 years before war with Japan. I will give you the benefit of the undoubtable and assume you meant Franklin Roosevelt. Otherwise, you are just another progressive rewriting history, trying to blame everything on Republicans.

      • John D. Egbert

        A common fallacy: TR was not, repeat NOT, a republican. He ran and was elected as a self-described Progressive, heading up the Bull Moose Party. Incidentally, the last time a third party won the Presidency.

        • Gyro

          He was a Republican as McKinley’s VP and ran for re-election as a Republican. Later he ran third party on the Bull Moose ticket and lost.

          • Otto Didact

            Maybe so but he was as big a liberal as his cousin ever thought of being. There is nothing in the constitution authorizing the FedGov to own any land a federal building is not sitting on. Remember, the constitution was not created to limit the FedGov (i.e. what is not prohibited) but to ENABLE the FedGov (what is not expressly authorized is prohibited – see amendments 9 & 10). The constitution only authorizes the FedGov to purchase land for some sort of federal office – post office, govt office bldg, armed forces installation, etc.

            While a possible future state is still a territory, all the land in the territory (not otherwise owned) is controlled by the FedGov but once a territory is admitted to the union, all land is spposed to revert to the state. Congress had no authority to create national parks. But since when have libs given a rat’s ass about the constitution?

  • Bill G

    He’s bending over, but we’re being screwed.

    • Otto Didact

      So THAT’S why every time Obama speaks I hear “Dueling Banjos”!

  • Pamela

    Baboons have wicked long canine teeth. So did the current occupant of the big chair, have his removed? He’s all lisp and no bite?

    • Ozymandias

      His policies certainly bite…

  • Bill

    Based on watching 13 Hours last night, something worse than baboons are running the country. Thank God the people on the ground are not.

  • eon

    You so do not want to see a male baboon with a chicken of either sex. Trust me. (Or just read The Green Berets by Robin Moore.)

    Either way, you will need brain bleach afterward.

    Sort of sums up what we as a nation are getting, at home and abroad.

    Ugh. Now I need brain bleach.

    clear ether


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