Day By Day


  • John M.

    …and a lot of those frogs are ready to jump!

  • JTC

    Death by venomous frogs. That’s Deplorable.

    Gov. Blackface was was sent on a suicide mission…by why and by whom?

    • eon

      By his own dogmas and power lust.

      Progressives need no more “sending” than that.

      It is the way of fanatics.

      clear ether


      • GWB

        He may also have to redeem himself by martyrdom to the cause.
        It’s the way of cults.

        • JTC

          Bingo. Except he was sent into certain martyrdom. But who is their Rev. Jim?

          Doesn’t matter I guess, as long as he -and ultimately all of the cult- drink the Kool-Ade. Frog juice flavored.

    • TBeholder

      The usual suspects: hubris and solipsism.

    • Raconteur

      Bought & paid for by Bloomberg & Soros.

      • John

        Don’t forget the US taxpayer.
        It’s not an accident that 4 out of the 5 richest counties in the country are in the DC area.
        It is also not an accident that the Democratic Party is now the Party of the Rich.

  • Jim

    It’s now the Commiewealth of Virginia…

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Oh, BRAVO, Chris, BRAVO! Well played.

    BTW, did any of those frogs look like they were carrying rifles or sidearms?

    • GWB

      Won’t be allowed to. They passed a bill – almost first thing – to not allow ANY firearms on capitol grounds. Not even legislators with CCWs. (Capitol police deny they asked for it, though the Dems claim they did.)

      Now, they did NOT say anything about pitchforks, torches, rope….

      • Raconteur

        GWB, the rule only applies to the buildings, not the Capitol grounds. Look to see thousands of open carried guns.

      • John M.

        …buckets of tar and bags of feathers…

      • Henry

        Allowed, shmallowed. It’s time we aimed to misbehave.

        • Jefferson A Selvy

          Where is the muster?

  • Kafiroon

    Since they are feeling froggy, I don’t suppose he has ever seen or played Frogger.

    • Pamela

      Froggys doing conceal carry. Give them all warts in REALLY unpleasant places.

  • interventor

    When, I left Prince William county in 2009 for points south, it was solid red. Leave a place and it goes downhill. Since then, its blue. County I moved to went solid Republican, I did vote for the Democrat county coroner as he kept costs down.

  • The latest is the progs have voted the State office bldg. A “gun free zone”, before Lobby day on the 20th. Estimated a possible 100,000 folks showing up, vs. the usual 1-2 thousand. They keep doubling down – latest bill filed would ban indoor ranges in bldgs.not govt. Owned, w/ 50 or more workers. Seems like it was written to harass the NRA HQ in Fairfax, to force them to close the range. Lots of crap in VA., The proposed laws are truly draconian….
    This is gonna be in courts for years, with zero compliance regardless….

    • GWB

      The ban extends to the entire capitol grounds. And that range thing is written with the 50 person threshold as an exception, which sounds like there’s future plans there.

      • Raconteur

        According to VCDL the rule “only” prohibits guns in the buildings, not the grounds. Still looking for the actual rule to read…

        • NotYetInACamp

          You can read the rule when the Democrats damn well let you find out what’s in it. -paraphrasing Nance the self deemed Ruler of the World, well Congress and the USA at least..

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Wait!? Where did my last post go?!

  • Pamela

    Well there are the Frogs. Which one is next? Lice and Gnats? Blood Water? Those really NASTY Flies ? Boils all over? Livestock? Hail hard enough to burn them down? Locusts eating everything in sight? Darkness worse than a Demon Spawns Soul?
    Death of the First Born Sons? It gets to the final one and there are going to be Mom’s putting the vermin down.

    • Kafiroon

      Cool! That ought to even make the presstitute media.

  • Bren

    More recently, they’ve denied the VCDL permission to use a larger stage and sound system.

    Also, the only exemption for the no guns policy are for Capitol Police, so any out of town LEO coming to support the protesters will also be disarmed (legally speaking) assuming they comply, which a lot of protestors are saying they won’t.

    One saving grace is that this only applies to the buildings. The grounds are under the governor’s authority, and he hasn’t had the stones to declare those gun free (yet)

    Any of you within marching distance need to be there, virginians or not. It’s that important.

    • TBeholder

      So the step-by-step monopoly on megaphones IS closely following? Not that it’s surprising.

    • GWB

      I could have sworn the grounds were being made “gun-free” too.

        • NotYetInACamp

          And so the Virginia Democrats create yet another US Constitution Free Zone in these here united States of America.
          It also insults God’s granting the right of self defense to humanity.
          This is yet another way that tyrants act.

    • Halley

      Why was no one upset when Michael Jackson did whiteface?

      • NotYetInACamp

        Because he had assumed the identity of a middle aged white woman by then. And most of it was skin bleaching with white makeup.
        Let’s face it. Everyone knew that Michael Jackson was just weird.

  • An idiot. A martyr? Time will tell.

    • Punta Gorda

      No. Time won’t tell. They will just cover it up or make him polecat of the year.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Come the 20th, Let the Fire Fall…

  • Pete231

    Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy !!

  • Bill G

    The left was feeling froggy after eight years of Obola, and Hildamort was to carry their banner all the way to a permanent democrat majority.
    That worked out well for them, didn’t it?
    Now they’re feeling so froggy on gun control that Nuke’em and Northam have made it absolutely clear what their true agenda is.
    They’re so froggy for socialism that they are completely in the open for it.
    And neither the New Media nor Donald Trump will allow their true faces to be hidden again.

    • TBeholder

      > that they are completely in the open for it.
      They grew too oblivious listening to echo chambers, yes.
      So the most overeager ones ran blindly and stumbled. And it was a major setback for them.
      But also, what those more cautious are doing while the Radical Radicals are being desperate and angry and loud?

      > And neither the New Media nor Donald Trump will allow their true faces to be hidden again.
      Perhaps, but the faces change.
      The show must go on, the actors can be replaced — remove Pelosi and the kindergarten she failed to control, install Toolsy and obedient booklet pushers from NGOs. “We don’t have anyone irreplaceable”. No problem.

  • cb

    Feeling a bit boiled aka infringed, eh lil’ frogs ?

  • Old Codger

    The Virginia legislature can pass all the bills it wishes and the Governor can sign as many of them into law as he wants but both the legislators and the governor forget (or perhaps simply do not KNOW) one critical principle of human activity: All compliance is voluntary. All compliance – I say again ALL COMPLIANCE – whether it be to laws, constitutions, military orders, royal decrees or the bylaws of the Tuesday Afternoon Quilting And Literary Society is voluntary. Passing laws and/or giving orders is super easy. The hard part is getting COMPLIANCE or en-FORCE-ing said laws/orders/edicts.

    Best put in a good supply of popcorn. Things look to be getting mighty interesting in Virginia real soon,

  • Governor Northam should take a good look at his own State seal, the Great Seal of Virginia, upon which is inscribed the motto SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS (THUS ALWAYS TO TYRANTS).

    The dead and vanquished tyrant depicted at the bottom, killed by a freedom lover standing over him, looks a lot like Northam to me…

    • GWB


  • Fronk!

    I must confess. I am saddened and deeply disturbed by ALL of the nonsense that’s taking place in our country now. Don’t get me started…

    • NotYetInACamp

      The point is to get all of us good souls started.
      For an overwhelming win.

  • Kafiroon

    I know a lot of people think going to Richmond will show the anti-gunners how strong we are. Is this “The Hill To Die On!”? That Capitol Square is a killing ground.
    Note: Typical police response to “GUN!”.
    Remember Twin peaks Texas? ALL police bullets.
    Please take a few minutes and read Brackens Buffalo Jump.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      TY. I tried posting that link early last night, somehow it disappeared down the rabbit hole.

    • Bren

      LEO goes hot on the 20th, it’ll be a two way bloodbath. Those protesters have taken aboard all the shit they’re prepared to, and will return fire with accuracy and volume. It wouldn’t surprise me, if that’s the case, if they storm the building and start dragging traitors out into the street.

  • cb

    Tar and feathers banned yet? Asking for a friend…

  • JTC

    Someone upthread said Gov Blackface’ soul was bought by Bloomie with his suicide gun campaign his quid pro quo into martyrdom. And that is likely true.

    But Bloomberg believes he can buy the presidency too. Remember at the end of ’15 when all the usual suspects said Trump was taking Big Money and beholden to it, and DT responded his campaign was self-funded? It was true…out of 19 million he had raised at that point, 13 plus was his own money…so then came the uproar that he was trying to buy the nomination.

    So funny, given that by the end of ’19 not one buy two of their commie billionaires…the one dude whatever his name is who made his billions off the capitalist system that he now rails against has contributed 110 MILLION to his invisible cause, crazy right? Who’s trying to buy his way in now?

    Well yes that’s crazy, but the winner is…Bloomberg with more than 215 MILLION of his ill-gotten gains going toward his lust to be emporer. That’s right, 17 TIMES what Trump had invested at the same point in the race. And it’s working somewhat; he has zeroed in on Super Tuesday states in lieu of the minor early states…a pretty good strategy as the other clowns need to make or break their fundraising in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. and he’s bought enough of a bounce to buy himself into the next debate. And he’s got plenty of dough left to toss in the kitty going forward, including TEN MILLION for a 60-second spot on the Super Bowl. So who’s trying to buy his way in, and while it’s unlikely to get the nom, it absolutely will buy influence primarily over 2A, just as it has with the sad sack Northam…never forget to follow the money…always follow the money.

    All with nary an outcry and barely a mention buy the media -also largely bought and paid by him and his big money comrades like Soros. We are very close to losing all vestige of fair and free elections and self-determination. Prayers to God that we not allow that to happen.

    • John

      Bloomberg is (whether he thinks so or not) out to destroy the last vestige of the Democratic Faithful who believe the party is the “Party of the People”.
      This is long overdue, the Democrats abandoned the working man long ago, the most obvious indicator being their dedication to a “free trade” that sold American jobs overseas for the sake of cheap foreign (usually slave) labor, but the general Democratic trend has long been to sell out to the Corporate Elite, with Bloomberg himself as their poster child.
      Because of this the Republicans are being herded back into their Classical Liberal roots (remember who championed Abolition?} where they (and we) belong as champions of personal Freedom.

  • coffinman

    VA will be the flash-point for the next civil war, and it won’t be pretty. Stock up on your SHTF supplies, patriots!

    As an aside…

    “…I’ll take, ‘the bloody obvious’ for $500, Alex!”

    • Chris Muir

      I disagree with Bracken’s take, but must post it here as it is related.

  • Pamela

    They need to meet up somewhere else. Strange that Northam and his boys have opened Richmond up to MS13 and the Cartells to come in and wipe them out.

    • John

      It would be the height of irony to have Gov. Blackface gunned down in the street by MS13.

  • ottersmith

    “Voting has consequences ” — I forget. Time for the NRA to pack it ALL up, locks, stocks, barrels, paper, offices, sales, …
    and move to Texas (or some other arms-friendly state. No one wanting something NRA should have to even approach Virginia. Fly over, possibly.


    • Bren

      NRA was the group pushing the false no guns on the grounds crap. They also agreed with the bumpstock ban, and have given zero aid to VCDL. After 25 years of watching them give winnable ground away over and over again, I’m done with them. Let them move to DC with the rest of the swamp creatures.

  • Spin Drift

    This symbolism is needed at the Virginia Sate House: One man, black pants white shirt, carrying a shopping bag in each hand, one filled with US Constitutions the other filled with Virginia Sate Constitutions. ONLY ONE MAN TO STAND AGAINST THE STATE. Our Tienanmen Square.

    Spin Drift

  • Pamela

    Recall them all! Now.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Anyone who says that they are not voting, or are not contacting their Congressman, or talking to their friends, or talking to as many people as is possible for them, to support the US Constitution and the Second Amendment, is asking for what Venezuelan voters got when the callad a strike for the last election before Hugo Chavez got a super majority in Venezuela’s Congress and that Congress voted Hugo Chavez to deem any law he wanted as the law of Venezuela.
    As Socrates , I believe, said thousands of years ago “If you don’t pay attention to politics, politics will surely pay attention to you.”

    Win without having to actually fight -paraphrase of Sun Tzu