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  • Calvin

    American Militants in Search of Happiness = A.M.I.S.H.

    Old SNL reference.

  • KenH

    Shut up Janny
    Not everyone was born with a platinum spoon in their mouths….

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Media lies and misdirection in action.
    If it was done TO a (fill in the blank_____ black, immigrant (illegal or legal), muzzie, anyone other then white), the media will blare it out to the world.
    If it was done BY a (fill in the same blank as above), (crickets…..)

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Maybe THAT’s what old Ponce DeLeon was looking for in Florida, was the Fountain of Blacks. Looks like Damon and Javier are gonna live forever.

  • JTC

    You lie down and expose your soft white underbelly to poor misunderstood underprivileged OTW and you’ll get what you asked for. I’m sure they’ll open an outreach there in the station to help these unfortunate children.

    Speaking of which, only our progressive betters could take badass proud Irish-blooded redheads and make them into a whole ‘nother snowflake victim group.

    I guess they didn’t check out the redheads hereabouts. Bullied? Yeah, I got yer bull right here!

    • MasterDiver

      Call her a “victim” and Maureen O’Hara would have given them a roundhouse right that would knock them into next week!

      Zar Belk!

      • Unca Walt

        Bullied redheads? My ass.

        My redhead actually received a Letter Of Apology from the IRS. They promised never to repeat their transgression toward her.


    • Kafiroon

      My redheaded grand daughter is attending Johns Hopkins in the fall in Cancer Research. But the scary part is that she is deadly accurate and fast on the draw from concealed.
      I do Not harass her.

    • WayneM

      Thanks for the link, JTC… I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for red heads.

    • JTC

      The only thing delicate that I’ve witnessed about redheads in general is that unique and delicate beauty, as demonstrated in that link; here’s all 130 of them btw:

      How are those gorgeous people victims of anything other than being designated as one by those who would label every “minority” class as one? They’ve actually succeeded in convincing many OTW groups of their victimhood and created a permanent dependent underclass…but from my experience I don’t see that happening with redheads. If anything any attempts to mock or make fun of them might result in a more concentrated badassery.

      Must be my Mama’s side of the family -the Tomerlins- coming out. A pilot, a lawyer, business owners, maybe a coupla alcoholics…but nobody’s “bullying” any of them.

    • Pamela

      Red Heads are VICTIMS? Are they F’ing kidding me? We are more likely than any group of Females to take a dull, rusty drywall knife to some persons scrawny nads than allow anyone to label US as VICTIMS! Fuck that noise and the POS electric car they rode in on.

      Dayum. The same boys that made fun of me and my curly red locks wanted to date me when I was all grown up. Too bad. So sad. Was not interested.

      We are Rarities of the first order.

  • Pete 231

    Still waiting for “The Big One” to take out the Left Coast and turn them all into chum. Would be nice to have some beach front property here in Colorado….

    • Old Codger

      You’re gonna have a long wait. The San Andreas is a transverse fault. When it slips east-west roads wind up with segments on either side of the fault north and south of their former position. I can’t remember which side was moving north but there is no possibility of any places suddenly having ocean front property.

      It’s awful disappointing, I know.

      • Bill G

        Curses, foiled again! “Raises a fist to rage against an uncaring universe.”

      • Bill M

        The west, or ocean side is slipping north.

  • Best non-offended response to youths = blacks I’ve seen yet.

  • S'aaruuk

    And you can bet that if a couple of their “contributors” had been legally armed on that train several of these little shitmaggots just might have left in body bags…which in my estimation wouldn’t really be such a bad thing.

    Would sure as hell send a message loud ‘n’ clear. 😯

    • The 300

      Then they would’ve gotten the George Zimmerman treatment. We’re talking California here. The only justifiable self defense in that state is antifa radicals defending themselves against offensive speech.

  • Ah, the LSM. Gotta love their sensitivity.

  • Bill G

    Will BART Stations begin to dedicate spaces for Midnight Basketball?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ah! So the yutes can recreate themselves in between train ride collection trips. That would be kind of the BART. So considerate.

  • Dread

    Was out of cell range all day yesterday, and couldnt read the strip or comment. So, a day late; Mighty fine sunset Chris! Mighty fine!

  • noncom

    40 to 50 huh?…..I better start carrying a few extra clips….

    • JTC

      Wow, what do you tote, a Garand? *

      *I may know something about firearms, but I also know better than to correct the firearms terminology of an apparent Sarge… 😉

      • John

        Last I checked bulk ammo still comes in clips. They’re used to load the magazines, fixed or detachable. Carrying extra clips is less bulky but slower to utilize because of the extra step in loading.

        • JTC

          Yeah, which was the gist of my joke about him carrying a battle rifle. But I think noncom was actually speaking of a more normal carry weapon, i.e. glock, etc…not aware of any ammo for any of those coming in strippers. 🙂

          • Pete in NC

            I recently read an advertisement for the Colt 1903 pocket that called the magazine a “Clip”. IMHO, if Colt could use the term back when the company made quality firearms, then we could allow the use today. No point in being a snowflake about terminology (especially when there are so many other, more important things to get riled up about).

          • Pamela

            M-1 thumb hurts. A whole bunch.

  • JTC

    This is out of place here, but totally noteworthy…go SpaceX, go private enterprise! I didn’t see this one as I sometimes can from Sebring; too early and too much haze. But the first mil-sat launch is big success and they land that rocket right back on the pad upright at the Cape! Awesome.

    How long before I can book a flight?

    • Mort

      Yeah, right on Space X… Let`s see the fat kid from Nokor
      match anything close to that…course, our guys sitting
      just off shore from that wonderland, can probably knock
      out anything they attempt to launch, with a radio wave,
      laser, or something we don`t know about yet, if need be.

      • Mort

        Re: Failed N Korean missile tests…if the only fat guy in
        Nokor executes another of his scientists every time there`s
        a failure, expect launches to cease at some point.

        He has such innovative methods of eliminating his victims,
        poison, torn apart by starving dogs, I imagine he will have
        a difficult time inducing new people to join his missile
        development program.

  • caved1ver01

    I just love Damon’s rapier wit focused at his well intentioned but progtarded spouse. It’s obvious his genius children inherited HIS intelligence.

    • pool dog

      Oh Jan has intelligence…….just lacking a bit in the wisdom department.

  • Andrew Benghazi

    I think you mean URBAN youths.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Our suicided in the Miami Herald lobby former county commissioner and former member of Jimmy Carter’s government called them yutes his own name for them: Urban American Warriors.
      Guy successfully promoted Metrorail by hiding the expected billions of losses until after the vote. He mainly was caught with handfuls of cookies from the cookie jar and his hands still in it.
      Our police chief turned mayor later negotiated away over a billion in extra losses to the baseball team. He was not mayor the next term. The guy refused to demand a look at the baseball team’s n\book, contrary to all wisdom except his potential future benefit.
      Dose 40 to 50 yutes are idiots and rank amateurs when it comes to theft.

  • Mort

    Today`s brilliant cartoon, makes me think of Bernie Getz.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Would those yutes even be horrified about any of this. Their “normalcy Bias” would just keep them robbing on.

    The yutes really do matter, it is just that they never broke the Progressive school and society controlled brainwashing that ensures they stay victims entitles to wild as they please. ‘
    The horror.
    Yet, again, they pale in comparison to governments and those playing the ‘great games.’

  • Pamela

    I wonder what Jan is whispering in her daughter’s ears…

  • Jess Sain

    I always think of “My Cousin Vinny” and the line Utes…yoots, and how Fred Gwynne looked at him and said “What?” One thing is for sure, deese yoots are not dem yoots.

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