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  • Pamela

    Sarah would remove your nuts, dry them and hang them in her truck window as a decorative motif.

    • Driftwood

      Or off the back bumper to warn others. 😉

    • Grunt GI

      However, if you could be trapped on a desert island with Sarah or Hillary who would you rather be trapped with?

      Sarah to be sure…she can hunt, fish, cook, and would definitely be a good person to share bodily warmth with in a sleeping bag.

      Hillary would just kill and eat you.

      • Henry

        Just not necessarily in that order.

        • epilitimus

          I believe the proper line (parapharased) was ” She’ll rape you to death, eat your flesh and sew your skin into her clothing. And if you are *very* lucky she’ll do it in that order.”

      • Grunt GI

        Bwahaha, just watched Serenity again over the weekend. What a great movie.

        AND YES, the Proglibs would love to anesthetize the masses into their compliant little social justice labs rats….to have peace and order throughout the solar system…on their terms.

        Good thing we had the Trumper to put the signal out in the ‘verse that there are a few of us Browncoats left that aim to misbehave.

        And with Sarah or Melania that wouldn’t be hard….if they were single, of course.

        • NotYetInACamp

          The proglodites, Demhiminis, and RINOs all seek to meddle.
          We aim to misbehave against such.

          In our version we have won the battle of Serenity valley and are pushing towards the Central Worlds with extreme vigor and likelyhood of success. We are trumping them.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Nice photo.

            I have always liked nerdy intelligent girls with more to them.
            River Tam would protect me, rather than my having to be concerned the other way. 🙂

            They had two of the nerds from BIG bang in an episode where Summer Glau got on the train and the car they were on. They, in succession, took the opportunity to see if they could impress her and more. They, successively, drove her nuts. I thought the skit was funny. She almost ran off the train at the stop. Serenity destroyed.
            As presented on the film, she is even smarter than I am. Nice.

      • Unca Walt


        • JTC

          An awesome Mama Griz, and an absolute MILF.

          I ended up thinking she was lucky McCain’t lost so she would have a better chance at the top slot in ’12. But by then it was apparent that she was no “Reagan in a Skirt” as someone had said, and that she was way too in-your-face cra-cra for POTUS.

          Then Trump came along…Palin in Pants! but with his own campaign cash. Still surprised she didn’t take a slot in the admin.

    • Merle

      Or maybe bronze them & hang them on the rear bumper? 🙂

    • Don in AK

      LMAO! You got that right, Pamela. I’ve met the lady, she’s the real deal.

  • AlphaMike

    Have you seen this story about the spiclette breeder who was put into a detention center before her brain surgery was completed? Priceless. Hard to say whose head explosions are sweeter, hers or the liberals’.

    As for McCain, would that he’d died in that prison from which he’s built his fraudulent mythos. His countrymen would have been spared first his insufferable posturing and later his treasonous collaboration with American saboteurs.

    • Kafiroon

      Yeah, that is tough for her… but she could be in a Venezuelan hospital.
      So there is that going for her.

      • AlphaMike

        Karmic justice would entail sending her exactly there, or more fittingly, to a North Korean one. Except that they’d probably just shoot her for being a foreign spy. So much the better.

      • JTC

        Tell ya what, “sara”…we’ll take you and operate on you if El Sal will take McCain’t and “operate” on him.

        • JTC

          (Referring to the invader sara, not our Mama Griz.)

  • eon

    Yesterday at Bloomberg Al Hunt delivered himself of this whopper;

    Leaks Are Part of Government. We Need Them.

    Most of it was a hagiographic paean to Watergate and Daniel Ellsberg. But at the end he came up with this gem (Ok, paste zircon);

    It’s possible to criticize Snowden and still see the value of some his actions. The subject of leaks is rife with inconsistencies. It was Obama’s administration, not Reagan’s or Bush’s or Nixon’s, that brought the most cases against leakers, though it moderated its pace in its final years.

    As I recall, Al, you weren’t overly concerned with the prosecution of leakers by the God-Wannabee’s DoJ. In fact, your criticism of Wikileaks, etc., was positively…Nixonian.

    The relationship between government and the press is both adversarial and symbiotic.

    Depending on whether the President at the time has an Evil R or The Magic D next to his name.

    When Trump encouraged the Russian-orchestrated leaks last fall of hacked private e-mails from Democrats, Nunes, the Intelligence Committee chairman, raised no objections.

    Today, with a president who disdains transparency, has an authoritarian streak and is insensitive to the limits of power, leaks are vital.

    Funny thing, Al. For eight years you didn’t have a problem with the God-Wannabee having all those traits, on steroids. Anymore than you cared about Bill and Hillary having the second-worst case of same since Nixon. (Just ahead of Carter and just behind The Self-Exalted One.*)

    I wonder if the progressive media realize just how hypocritical they sound to anybody who isn’t a Critical Dance Theory major at Hahvahd, a BLM “activist”, or a professor of Burning Down Western Civilization 101 at Berkeley?

    clear ether


    (*NB: I apparently accidentally coined that appellation for him on LGF back in February of ’09, so I couldn’t resist using it One Last Time. I just hope it’s the last time I need to use it. – e)

    • Interventor

      The Russian hackers started in 2015 and got serious around April 2016.

  • JTC

    Note to DT: Women ain’t companies. There are some things you can admire but not acquire. Don’t be a heel, Achilles…That behavior can be dangerous to you and us. Don’t let it, stick to what you know.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I should just leave at I find both of those women hot. As they have husbands there is nothing else.

    My own interaction with hot and true love had its problems. The easy and likely best answer is that mistakes were made. Whose? Irrelevant. We lost.
    So ‘Love the One You’re With’ again has relevance. Like Zero in “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” I could use getting into the thick of the war again. (Zero was a refugee, by the way. Also of a group that is logically suspect at first sight or meeting.)
    As to sarah, she should have rejected McCain’s demands and hit with hard truth. But McCain was a sacrificial lamb, or more so a Judas goat meant to lead the Americans to destruction.

  • Southpaw

    With a purpose full of grimace and a terrible sound
    He pulls the spinning high tension wires down

    He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
    As he wades through the buildings towards the center of town

    Oh no, O’s State Department’s got to go



    Oh no, no more leaks from deep below



    History shows again and again how
    nature points out the folly of Dems…


    • Deplorable B Woodman


    • Now that song is in my head, Thank you so very much. 😛

  • formwiz

    She was and always will be.

    And the best thing about ’08.

    • MudMarine

      You got that right! But McCain’s team ‘managed’ her and mostly shut her up. If they’d unleashed her, with her charisma, patriotism, and strong voice (not to mention she is hot), she could have swung the election. With McLame not sure that would have been good.

      But her passion when speaking about America would rev up a locked, cold froze engine.

      Trump should definitely tap her for a post.

  • The left is beginning its ‘running scared’ meme. Slowly but surely will it pick up its pace. The fractiousness is not placated or relieve by the ‘new’ demigods they picked this weekend, whatshisname and theotherfella. Squabbling, posturing, positioning – it’s all slowly raising its head. And the more obnoxious they are, the more they drive the wavering ‘mildly left’ toward center/right.

    Isn’t there supposed to be another anti-Trump march or something, shortly? (Yawn.) Well, if they get destructive, they get fines and jail time now. How ’bout that!

    • AlphaMike

      Fines and jail time for this lot are rather like treating a deep flesh wound with bactine and a Band-Aid.
      Much more prudent would be for Trump to demonstrate exactly what he meant by his campaign promises to let the police do their job. I would expect to see far more batons and bullets than these infantile spoiled decadents have grown used to.

      • Bullets are good. I like the bullet idea. Hummer with a mini-gun.

    • But they polizei ARE doing their job. There were 200++ Inauguration Day protestors arrested for destruction of property, vandalism, arson and also for injuring some police officers. The destruction charges carry a $25,000 fine plus 10 years in jail. The charges for injuring cops carry an additional $10,000 fine plus up to 30 years in jail. Not a joke. Which means that if they get these sentences, they’ll be locked up until lthey’re middle-aged, and in 20 to 30 years, how easy do you think it would be for them to find work when they have ZERO skills?

      • PaulS

        Oh, they will have skills, years in FelonyU with nothing else to do. Think they will take up knitting?

      • JTC

        Delilah, I have a policy of only betting on sure things. Yet I’m down for 100 to 1 that you won’t be able to find proof that any of those hired thugs* gets prosecuted for any of those major crimes, let alone sentenced to prison.

        *Y’all notice how Donald is peppering his tweets and talks with the Paid Protest thing…first time I really saw that referenced was right here, I wonder as I often do if DT has someone watching us for material.

        • NotYetInACamp

          I assume that. Be it correct or incorrect.
          Various ideas enter the zeitgeist from locations that are easily spreading the ideas, or less so. This location has an interesting audience. Then the they tell someone, they tell someone, etc effect has been known to work well. Truth entered in there works best. Sometimes we may be incorrect, but I can’t remember when. (Don’t remind me, please.) That is why open honest discussion brings good and great ideas out and able to be evaluated, and then used. Since my experiments in college I have found that truth has the greatest spreading power. The Overton Window always plays a varied role in each recipient of the idea. And sometimes ideas are like hand grenades. A miss is as good as a hit.

        • Kafiroon

          I’ll take some of that for walking, free.

      • Norm

        We have to rely on the courts to convict and apply those sentences. Any bets?

    • Interventor

      8 March

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Sorry, Donald, but I think Todd AND Sarah might have had something to say about that as well as Melania. So, DOWN, BOY, DOWN. HEEL!! Don’t fall into that honey trap.

    • Old Codger

      Well, Chris did have him say “If not for Melania” after all. I think the Prez was only extolling Mama Griz’s babaliciousness – in his own inimitable way! After all, her picture is in the urban dictionary beside both of the words “milf” and “cougar”.

      • Pamela

        If Donald were married to me the first time around, there wouldn’t have been a second or third Mrs. T.
        Mainly he would have been minus a few body parts if he had strayed back then.

  • If evidence can be found that McCain is indeed the source of the leaks, then he should be prosecuted and imprisoned.
    Now let’s take a deep look at the finances of the McCain foundation.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    McCain’t (thanks JTC) should just………..disappear.
    Taken out to the desert (and the SW has LOTS of desert), buried up to his knees, and left out in the sun for someone (a hunter?) to find his gnawed, bleached bones in 20-50 years.
    Did I forget to mention one little detail? Buried up to his knees…….head first.

    Boys and girls, just remember to practice as many of The Four Esses as you can:

    That is all. Out.

  • Pete231

    McCain is a fraud and a traitor who used his POW status to enhance his rep. The Code of Conduct lists the articles of resistance concerning POW internment. Many of our people were treated very badly and broke under the duress. When McCain returned he could have apologized for his failure to adhere to the Code. Instead, he played the role of conquering hero and used it as a stepping stone to public office. Read the story of a real hero, James Stockdale, who went above and beyond the Call of Duty.

  • As for ’08. I already knew everything I needed to know about Ovomit, AND McVain. I voted for Sarah, hoping almost beyond hope (obviously) that the VN sympathizer would die in year 3 allowing Sarah to serve 2 more full terms.

    • Farmist

      yep, felt totally the same

      • JTC

        Might not be too late for that. I’ve always felt DT might go one term and out after doing what he said he’d do and accomplishing what he set out to; considering the warp speed of his first month that could happen.

        What better scenario than SP stepping in at the top of the ticket then? I mean Trump has proven to me that in your face cra-cra is not a disqualifier, quite the opposite, it’s just what Dr. Deplorable ordered. She’d have the financial backing, and she’d sure as hell have mine. And we could depend on her to keep on keeping on what Donald will have done by then.

        Four years of Trump and eight years of Palin? Hmm.

    • Chris Muir

      Yup.Sarah would’ve been an excellent Prez.To this day, she still has the best record of governance compared to any.

      • MudMarine

        Totally agree & we voted for her too. McLame daughter was on her shirt tails as far as we were concerned

        • MudMarine

          Strike daughter, autocorrect sided me again. It’s getting old

        • Thundercloud65

          She referred to Sarah’s family as the ” Wasilla Hillbillies” I have disliked her ever since.

      • Don in AK

        Right on, Chris.

  • WayneM

    Out-performing McCain basically means having a pulse.

    • Dread

      I’m gonna use that quote. Oh, he’ll yeah, I’m gonna use that quote!

  • chester arthur

    Well,if not for Melania AND good guy alpha male Todd Palin.Sarah’s got a good one there.

  • JTC

    A quick read shows McCain’t started perpetrating his fraud on the American people and the American treasury early on, with inept piloting skills and the ditching of multi-mil jets. He stayed in due to the influence of family, and then stayed alive as a captive (after another inept pilot episode) for the same reason; a trophy son and grandson of four-star admirals…and who very likely sang like a bird. Absolutely no doubt he was as much a traitor then as he is now. Can you say “Firing Squad”? I knew you could.

    • Absolutely no doubt he was as much a traitor then as he is now. Can you say “Firing Squad”? I knew you could.

      That was my thought exactly.

    • Old Codger

      Nah. Firing squad’s too quick. Vikings had a method of execution I favor for McCain. The slit the condemned’s belly a couple of inches, then, using a hook, fish out a length of his small intestine and nail it to a post. Then they chase the condemned around the post with a red hot poker to his backside in a demented, demonic version of a maypole dance. finally, when the condemned has completely disemboweled himself, they allow him to lie down and die – slowly.

      Unfortunately, the 8th Amendment would appear to preclude it.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Maybe. But Islam allows burning people alive, flaying people alive (The Indians did that to captured enemies in the North East. The more control, the greater the enemy was honored.), Burning them alive as ISIL recently favored, feeding a mother her own children after starving her. Then telling her what she had eaten. Another ISLI/ISIS trick. And so on. (Ignore punctuation. I could make it correct, byut why?) McCan’t ended up being a major supplier of them.
        In the right circumstances that we are close to entering, there are no rules. That is the method of Islam. Any agreement with the, including treatment, is expected to be broken as desired by Islam. The prophet Mohamed showed that the was of Muslims is to only use a treaty or agreement so long as it gives one an advantage. Then it must be broken. Islam never agrees with the kafir.

    • John

      I love it.
      “We need an independent media.”
      Just how is it independent if it serves only one Party?
      It was not an accident that the MSM lost their monopoly to the Alt-News.
      And rather than mending their ways the MSM seems to be doubling down.
      The Anti-Trump riot that occurred on Inauguration Day was described by them as “Anarchists”, a fake fact if there ever was one.

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