Day By Day


  • Al T.

    Lookin’ pretty shifty there, Z.

  • Al T.

    Well it’s still 11/25 as I write this, but this is the 11/26 post, so while I will spend a traditional Thanksgiving doing traditional Thanksgiving things with the people I love, I just wanted to say that on the long list of blessings that I am definitely thankful for, this place right here has a place on it.

    Thanks, Chris…this virtual world is a literal treasure.

  • Pete 231

    Driving a stick is a good thing as long as one doesn’t short shift it too much…….

  • B Woodman

    Happy Thanksgiving, all’y’all. Give thanks for the people and the family in your life, the most precious gift of all.

    As for Sam and Zed, she’s an engineer, she knows how to handle a slip stick, and he’s Special Forces, he knows how to twitch a hair trigger and hit the target bull’s eye. ‘Nuff said.

  • Ryk E Lee

    Maybe I missed it, but is Zed s eyepatch a permanent fixture, now? Logic gleaned from basic observation dictates, if it was a wound in the healing process,that would be a sterile bandage on his noggin.

  • Well, the ranch is an Argentine Embassy property. What bills? As for Zed, a little more intel on the eyepatch would be nice. As for Sam, she is a serious prize, no doubt.

  • Grape

    Red line speed shiftin’ hard on the synchros, but more fun than double clutchin’. Bullet proof bottom end and heavy duty rear helps keep everything together. Spin ’em and listen to the roar. No pink slips.

  • RegT

    Being the salacious individual I have been since I fondled my babysitters breasts at five years old (I actually still have that memory), I have to say, I’d love some stick time on the lovely object of your “Advertise your stuff” ad with the tan lines. I never would have thought a cartoon could rouse old Nessie, but the ladies of DBD and your advertisement have straightened me out about that notion. Lignum vitae, indeed. Thanks, Chris, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    • Fox2!

      You realize that that is Skye, don’t you?

  • Bill M

    Happy Thanksgiving folks.

  • GWB

    Happy Thanksgiving, Chris!

  • Iconoclast

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and especially to you & yours, Chris!

    Certainly among the items for which I give thanks is the fortuitous discovery of DbD these many years back!

  • simrion

    I don’t post often but I wanted to wish everyone here a Safe and Enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends. I will personally raise a glass in toast to the esteemed author of this fine comic!

  • WayneM

    Happy Thanksgiving to my favourite neighbours to the south…

  • But why would she sell the pink Vette to a Mohammedan Sowdi?

    • capn

      He had the Cleveland’s and she wanted to erase the DD construction tab?

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • EagleRising

    Happy Thanksgiving All. Thanks Chris for many years of quality entertainment.

  • Bill

    Happy Thanksgiving to the most interesting man in the world.

  • texascarl

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  • Bill G

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Zed is someone to have with you in a clutch situation.

  • Pamela

    Paid down the debt. A wise woman, unlike some who would have wasted it on folderols to prop up sagging egos

  • Polly Cy

    Such gracious bounty
    We can’t repay.
    So count our blessings
    Day by Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

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