Day By Day


  • Wayne

    I thought Naomi & Anatoly were patrolling the ranch regularly. I guess they missed a few?

    • Chris Muir

      Not until they get settled in w/their house and flying the new chopper.They talked about it,before w/Sam.

  • Southpaw

    Fortunately, they left behind all books and magazines written in English

  • JTC

    No, they’re being paid to steal our shit by the One who is stealing our dreams.

  • B Woodman

    Uh oh. I sense gunplay in the near future. In self defense.
    Remember the Four Esses.
    Time to take off the kid gloves and play hardball against the army of illegals that have been invading us for decades. Remember, they invaded us. We didn’t invade them. And a backhoe will make a large enough hole.
    ‘Nuff said.

    • B Woodman

      Dear Troll,
      Notice the end of the first sentence, “self defense”.
      That is all. Out.

    • Pity they don’t have an AR-15 in that chopper…

  • Bill G

    At present, these illegals are not stealing our American Dream.
    They are being given it, by the leaders of both parties in D.C.

    • Bad Cyborg

      They’re not stealing our American dream. They don’t HAVE to. Why steal when you can get it given to you.

      • JT

        That’s just it. The American Dream *can’t* be handed to you.

        This is just greater security than the illegals know at home.

        They’re being cultivated and farmed for votes, bought and paid for with crumbs from the table, while liberal elites ride in limos and private jets.

  • Ming the Merciless

    “Children” covered up with tattoos? MS Treize “children” will rape YOU, gut you and piss on the mess…

    • Ming the Merciless

      And they show videos of these Templarios and Zeta kidnapping each other’s wives, stripping them naked and hacking them to pieces to finally cut their heads off with dull fire axes…and we all have to thank you hippie druggie democrats and leftists for it…soon in your own neighborhood!

  • LifeofTheMind

    Interesting legal point that this raises. A state can declare itself under invasion and petition the United States for assistance. Under the Constitution the Governor of the state may raise and use forces under his own command to repel such an invasion, pending effective assistance from the federal forces. Also, despite what the XIVth Amendment says about persons born in America being citizens, birthright citizenship does not apply to “camp followers of an invading army.” Read that again because it is interesting. The state can declare itself under invasion. The state legislature or the federal Congress or a judge can declare that the illegal women, or even legal immigrant or US citizen women who voluntarily have children fathered by an illegal, are “camp followers of an invading army” and those children are not US citizens by birthright.

    There are a few other categories where the XIVth Amendment grant of citizenship does not apply. Children of a foreign sovereign or diplomat born in America are not automatically granted citizenship. If William became King and came back to visit with Katherine and she gave birth in America that child would not be a US citizen. Children born on a warship transiting the territorial waters are also excluded.

    • Pamela

      So like Mary Mallon, can these women can be declared under the Invasion clause to be A Danger to Public Health and Safety? Possibly a Danger to Public Morals as well? I know this last one is a stretch …

    • Bad Cyborg

      Only fly in the ointment is that the capital of Texas is THE MOST LIBERAL enclave in the state. Sometimes Austin makes Kali look almost conservative. Houston is pretty liberal and heaven knows we got more’n a couple of Dhimmicrats in high positions in San Antonio/Bexar County but for my money Austin is the most liberal/progressive area in the state.

  • KenH



    And get the miniguns mounted

  • How dare they rip off private property?

    That’s the government’s prerogative.

  • Chris Muir

    Ignore the ‘Iphigenia’ troll who comes out in the early morning hours to leave its droppings.I remove it as soon as I see it.

    • B Woodman

      Thank you.

  • bill3542

    blacks are being replaced by the new minority voting block for the Dems…so now will have the Mexican plantation with its free handouts.

    there is a cure…razor wire, minefields and bloody heads on posts facing Mexico.

  • Tea Party Grandma

    Life of the Mind- I would like to quote you on my FB page, but was wondering where you are quoting from so that I can reference the original legal document as well.

  • JTC

    Why are images of children conjured?

    Because the spawn are an invasive species intentionally introduced to overwhelm native/semi-native ones who have been cultivated to produce and provide

  • RooftopVoter

    Chris, doesn’t that Chopper have a few “modifications” ALA Bond?

    Sure would be handy……….

  • interventor

    Perhaps, we could place animated heads on posts at the border. Rather like the ones used in the zombie movies and TV series.

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