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  • Final frame: “Don’t ever run for public office honey”. I tell you what, I’d for damn sure vote Zed!

  • Wayne M

    Rather than a hitching post, that looks like a tie ring… but I can’t imagine that being married to Sam would ever get tiring.

    • interventor

      Not tiring, however, I suspect she can make sure Zed sleeps soundly.

      • Wayne M

        And then some…

    • Bad Cyborg

      Actually I can believe being married to Sam could get “tiring”. Downright EXHAUSTING at times. 😉

      (but whatta way to exhaust yourself)

  • Wayne M

    There’s room here for a line about sucking and blowing in the LGTB community but that is apparently encouraged… teehee…

    • JT

      I don’t have a problem with saying to GLBTs “Hey, you’re one of us. Don’t do anything in public you wouldn’t want to see straight people doing.” This actually includes gay marriage. The government sledgehammer ought not be casually brought down on anybody.

      But the Left is pushing not just equality but dominance and that’s a different animal.

      • H_B

        JT, Last line: nutshell.

  • Calvin

    I’m looking for backers here in Kansas City. They’re going to give us a reality show featuring cross dressers (yup, in Kansas City) but I want to go one further; The (REAL) Transgender Prostitutes of Kansas City. It has it all and I’m sure that it will bring American culture to it’s collective knees. Haa, haa, haa, haa….

    • B Woodman

      “Backers”, or “fronters”?
      Remind me to never drop my soap in the gym shower with you around.

    • Gideon Reed

      Too late. That “reality show” was debuted at the front gate of NSA, a couplea three daya ago. Two cross dressers dead, and a Security Man shot.
      What a drag.

    • Gideon Reed

      EVERYTHING IS UP TO DATE IN KANSAS CITY,….they’ve gone about as far as they can go,,,,.
      Hmmm.Straight AND I like stage musicals.

  • B Woodman

    Zed may not have found his pony. But he DID find a carot for his filly.

    • Wayne M

      Ba-dum tish!!

  • Will C

    B Woodman- Not to be overly picky but the unit of weight used in the gem trade is ‘carat’, not ‘carot’. Good pun, by the way.

    • Unca Walt

      You missed B. Woodman’s double-tap. “Carot” is extremely cleverly either misspelled “carrot” or misspelled “carat”… but BOTH misspellings work.

      Two points offa Will C’s pickypoints.

  • B Woodman

    Yep. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Progs / Libtards / LGBT crowd forgets that a federal vrrsion was signed into law over 20 years ago by their second mostest favoritist president, Slick Willy. And that over 20 states have some version of the same thing.
    And they want to get all butt hurt (how appropriate) about the new Indiana law? Pahleeeze.
    What the LGBTs are afraid of is that ordinary people now have protection of law, and can push back against the diatribes, smears, lawsuits and gubberment regulations and fines.
    The ordinary people are waking up to their true RIGHTS (and responsibilities), and the realization thst they don’t have to bow to the whims of the Libtards anymore.

    The People are finding Their Voice.

    Which is appropriate, when you consider that it was the LGBT (etc) crowd that got the signatures on the petition to put Prop Eight on the CA ballot. But when The People spoke, and said NO, they got all butt hurt (there’s that word again) and took their own ballot to court and had it overturned.

    • The LGBT community screams “religious freedom”, then screams when it comes about. They want to do their thing, that’s on them. They’re free to do it. BUT(!), others are free to do theirs as well.

    • Dick Parks

      Right on, B. Libs won’t be happy until they can find a way to legislate admiration.

  • B Woodman

    Sorry for the misspellings. I’m doing this on a first gen Kindle Fire, and the touchpad is somewhat erratic. And I don’t always catch and correct my errors.

    • finebammer

      if misspelling is your worst problem, you’ll be fine!

      shut down a name-calling lib on twitter today with the Clinton factiod. Also used Obama’s support of RFRA in Illinois too.

      it was TOO easy.

      • OpenTheDoor

        “name-calling lib”, is there any other kind?

      • B Woodman

        (thunderous applause!!)

  • RJL

    In the next to last frame showing the house from the outside, is that another government friend to the right in camo?

    • Chris Muir

      No; but it sure as hell looks like it!

  • Bill G

    Ayup. The long-standing RFRAs are something the left wants people to ignore.
    And they especially need people to ignore who voted for the earlier ones.
    The Farce is strong, among them.

  • Pamela

    It’s a sad day when the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion are assailed by a gnat’s ass portion of the population. “I’m hurt, so I will stomp my feet, then sue to silence any objections, force my will on you and steal you blind.” All with the Government’s backing and approval.

    If they really want butthurt, there parts of the world right now, that would welcome them with open arms as long as the play the girl’s part.

    • John M

      …and certain other parts of the world where they’ll get thrown off the roof for their “beliefs!”

  • Hahaha. I used to have a character in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. His name was Darth Biff. His catchphrase was “I find your lack of faith disturbing…butthead.”

  • eon

    I’m still trying to figure out why somebody who is aiming to solemnize a relationship they supposedly actually care about would deliberately involve people who don’t agree.

    The two highest weighted probabilities are that they are looking for validation (which they really shouldn’t need if they really have a serious relationship), or the sadistic pleasure of rubbing “the enemy’s” nose in their “triumph” (which is another form of validation, come to think of it).

    (Yes, I can psychobabble with the best of them. Abnormal/Applied Psych, criminology program, college. If you know the buzzwords, it’s fairly easy to get straight “A”s.)

    I’m forced to conclude that it’s less about “lifestyles” or “choices” than it is about claiming political victory in a fight they picked to begin with. Which to that point, nobody else cared about on the principle of “don’t bother me, I won’t bother you”.

    Progressivism is a philosophy best practiced by the emotionally immature. Ultimately “You will be made to care” really means “I need to beat you up to make you admit that I’m right about everything”.

    Not a good philosophy for supposed adults, really. More appropriate for six-to-eight-year-old playground bullies.



    • Gyro

      Which is why the philosophy leads to the deaths of tens of millions when applied fully.

  • Bad Cyborg

    eon wrote: “I’m still trying to figure out why somebody who is aiming to solemnize a relationship they supposedly actually care about would deliberately involve people who don’t agree.”
    The short answer is “Because, in today’s world, they can.” Same reason why a hound dog licks his balls.

    The very farthest thing from any true progressive’s mind is “live and let live” or “I’m OK; you’re OK”. Unless you profess total, utter and complete agreement with them, you are most certainly not OK. Further they believe that not agreeing with them is proof that you are somehow inferior to them and that they have every right in the world to use whatever means they see fit in order to bring your professed views into congruence theirs – AKA “the right way”.

    • eon

      See “crusader mentality”. And those who practice this are generally among the first to prate that Islamists are “just exacting just retribution for the Crusades”.

      The hallmark of progressivism is the ability to hold two opposite and mutually-exclusive things to be absolutely equally valid, do it simultaneously, and maintain that they are not contradictory at all.

      Another term for this is “schizoid personality disorder”.



  • I am SO glad I wasn’t drinking coffee as I read this strip just now. Hah! 😀

  • JTC

    Sam’s right about the career advice for Zed; like me I think he’d be way too opinionated to survive in a role where the ideal candidate is just a vessel to be filled with and carry out the directives of his constitutency.

    Gov has no damn biz passing laws to counter other laws that shouldn’t have been passed to start with…just leave me the fuck alone and free to conduct my capitalist business and to provide or not provide my services as I see fit.

    For that matter it has no damn biz giving or withholding official approval of marriage either; straight, gay, or whatever. Fact is, most gays would agree, they just want the same freedoms and rights as anybody else, and in marriage that comes down, as it usually does, to money; married couples have rights and benefits that unmarried don’t. Their choices might disgust me, but I’ll defend their freedom to make them.

    Of course that’s not what all the activism is about; attention whores are all the same no matter the “cause”, whether they are dressed up in drag to offend in public, or celebrities anxious to prove how progressive they are, or whackjobs all ninja’ed up with a front-slung AK down at the coffee shop.

    Hunker down on that awesome ranch and enjoy that freedom and that fine redhead, boy…but do prepare to defend that lifestyle by whatever means are necessary when the activists of this formerly great and free nation decide that it shouldn’t be legal and allowed.

  • B Woodman

    Two quotes from a favorite Sci-Fi author, Isaac Asimov, in his “Foundation” series;
    “It’s a poor blaster that won’t work in both directions”

    “Now any dogma, based primarily on faith and emotionalism, is a dangerous weapon to use on others, since it is almost impossible to guarantee that the weapon will never be turned on the user.”

  • B Woodman

    THERE it is! I knew I had it close, but here is the original.

    “An atom-blaster is a good weapon, but it can point both ways.”

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