Day By Day


  • If he’d said ‘A wiser man than myself once said, “Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. ” ‘ you’d get a squee from me too.

    • Chris Muir

      dammit,you’re right!:)

    • 1sttofight

      Jim Beam makes you do crazy things…..That is all I am gonna say about it.

    • Chris Muir

      squee for u tomorrow,drew!

  • Chas C-Q

    That commercial in 2010 advertised that Ram was now its own make, no longer a model of Dodge.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Exactly! ;-p

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Thanks, CCQ, I needed that. I have nothing against obscure references unless I wasn’t there.

  • GWB

    Huh?!? This one went RIGHT by me.

  • itsspideyman

    Hey Chris! You have to follow that up with beef on the table, have Sam say “what’s that?” and have Wade say “Beef! It’s what’s for dinner!”

    • Spot on. Not a dry chair in the house…

  • qoheleth

    At least she didn’t give him a quote from “Ghost Rider.”

  • Pamela

    *Sigh* there’s a poem in there some where, maybe a few scars that need tracing *Sigh*

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