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  • JIMV

    cannot comment on Chinese spam but I am looking forward to floozies, nudity and politics…Hope it arrives soon.

  • Halley

    37-23-36 also adds up quite well.

    • JTC

      38-24-38 gets 100 And a big A.

      The Ass Man scores again. 😉

      • MasterDiver

        32-26-34 is my favorite equation for the last 35 years!

        Zar Belk!

    • noncom

      “A pair of 45s really opened my eyes, my temperature started to rise”….from “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress”…

  • Charles Newton

    Ditto… just what are Chinese spam comments anywho? Comments in Chinese, about Chinese, from China…

    • JSStryker

      Example: “I make $2000 a day working for Google/Facebook/whatever, you can too just go to and see how it can be done” That is chinese spam.

      • JSStryker

        Please do not go to the www site I used as an example, I have NO idea what it leads to.

        • Bill G

          A Duckduckgo search didn’t show anything for Ripoffartists at .com. .ca is an artists website with no recent activity and .org is a site reporting on such individuals.
          But if you do get in trouble go for great legal help at 1-666-SHYSTER!
          (The 666 area code is not in use.)

          • Larry

            Their local office in Baltimore is Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. Great folks, they charge a lot though. 🙂

          • JTC


            D,C,&H is in Our Fair City IIRC.

            I miss Click & Clack. Coupla libtards, but funny as hell.

          • MasterDiver

            DC&H is right next door to the Skinn and Flynt Finance Company, I. Fleecem, President.

            Zar Belk!

          • tj

            Clearly, that area code must be direct to Wolfram and Hart.

        • pyrodice

          I clicked it, dud address. I guess nobody wanted it. Too bad, would be a good place to look up ripoff artists!

  • JTC

    Speaking of math, demographics, and “stepping up”, we’ll see if the call goes out for white boys in Houston.,,and the answer is of course it will.

    They mostly don’t want us there (city is less than 25% white and less than 50% of that is male). And they have joined the suit to provide shelter and comfort to criminal invaders. It’s Texas, but not really. But they will want us now.

    That’s a big step-up. But you know the call will come and we will be asked to -told to- handle it, and you know we will…and be criticized and castigated for not stepping up to do enough, fast enough, even when we do.

    That’s going to be a graphic and tragic demonstration of what this whole story arc is about, right there in Houston.

    Chris, don’t know if the captcha method still works to keep the chinks and trolls away, but I’d sure be will to take another quick step to put in my .02…I’m in awe at how you do what you do, and anything that helps you and helps the ‘toon, helps us.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I like those numbers. Wise man. It is hard to get past them. 🙂
    I would even rather not.

    I do have an ethnic Han Chinese American former girlfriend. She still calls from far away. Loss of jobs made her a big only legal immigration advocate. No. that’s not the spam. Invasion/Conquest talk? That might encourage it. I think Rinko Kikuchi, Lee BingBing, and Angelababy are hot. But taken. Could be? Now how can I descend this comment into Dadaism? …

    • JTC

      Seems like it has already descended into (hot) Mamaism… 😀

      • NotYetInACamp

        That is funny in ways that I won’t tell you.

        • JTC

          Best funny is no tellin’.

          Enjoy the descent.

          Be safe. 😉

          • Deplorable B Woodman

            Just make sure you can climb back out.

  • Pamela

    SPAM is best when sliced thin and fried crispy.
    38? Are we talking Smith and Wesson?

    • NotYetInACamp

      No Ma’am. (said respectfully) I believe it is more like Betty & Boop. Jane & Russell. Dorothy & Lamour. Mae & West. Eva & Gabor. Marilyn & Monroe. (I am talking in an old code to confuse antifa)

      • Kafiroon

        The “respectfully” part totally confused them.
        And by presstitute example, they do not use ‘search’.

      • Pamela

        Oh. You left out Jayne & Mansfield

        • NotYetInACamp

          Some of the Big Guns need to be kept in reserve. 🙂
          And confusion.

          • Pamela

            That’s why I stay in the background. 😉

          • NotYetInACamp


        • JTC

          I think all of those actually begin with a 4 and end with a Magnum.

      • Peregrine John

        Hour & Glass

      • Interventor

        Also left out, Sophia & Loren, a larger influence than even MM.

    • Grunt-GI

      Ahhh. I do love me some fried Spam.

      And I think Zed’s “math” is off just a bit. I think it’s more like 38DD-24-36. Isn’t that why the joint is called the “DD”?

  • Kyle Kiernan

    New toon? I read DbD religiously and I haven’t heard of any new strip. Is there one?
    What is it? and when is it?

    • Browncoat

      ‘Redvolution’… Any day now I’m guessing.

    • PaulS

      Did you skip by during the fund raising? 😉

      • Kyle Kiernan

        Oh that! I thought it was salacious prize for fundraising drive. Did not realize it was to be a new spinoff. Excellent. Thanks for the link.

        • Grunt GI

          Oh, it’s gonna be a prize all right…can’t wait.

    • Will Cushman

      I must have missed it too. There is a post below that links to the original announcement.

  • Z-man51

    A few days ago there were discussions regarding Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” and the requirements for becoming a ‘Citizen’ versus a civilian. While enlisting (notice that all enlisted had to be recommended for Officer’s Training before becoming an officer) in the Mobile Infantry was the quickest route to citizenship, those that volunteered for law enforcement, fire fighting, off-world explotation and other hazardous careers (to include “human guinea pigs”) were also elevated to “Citizen” status. Heinlein required that the service had some hazard to one’s life or well-being be included so one’s ‘duty to the body’ was proven before they were given power over others.

    Another discussion regarded rapists and what would be considered a fitting punishment. Years ago I found out a friend of mine had been raped and the rapist was only given 2.5 Year’s! I asked her what she would have liked to be the punishment and what she said chilled me. First, build a teepee type structure in a field out of gasoline and oil soaked logs. In the middle is a groin-high stump with 3-4 large ‘U’ staples and a butter knife. The convicted prisoner is brought in, stripped and his penis stapled to the stump. The logs are then lit: He has the choice of cutting it off with the butter knife or burning alive. If he does cut it off and makes it out, a hidden sniper blows his brains out! After recovering my composure and thought about it, I thought it would be a fitting punishment considering the physical and mental destruction the crime causes all its victims, regardless of sex or age.
    Now if only we can get rid of the snowflakes saying it’s “cruel and unusual “.

    • MasterDiver

      Now THAT would be a Beulaland Balance!

      Zar Belk!

      • MasterDiver

        Perhaps we could try it out on ol’ Billie Jeff Clinton, But we could only do it once, Damn!

        Zar Belk!

    • eon

      I prefer the Earth Federation’s method as described in H.Beam Piper’s Terro-Human Future History stories (Little Fuzzy et al).

      Murder, mass murder, rape, attempted smuggling or enslavement of a sentient being, didn’t matter. After a speedy but scrupulously fair trial before a judge and jury and an appeal, if found guilty the criminal received a pistol bullet to the back of the head. Quick, clean and appropriately ignominious.

      Frontier societies not only do not tolerate “predators”, they cannot. When you may have to depend on the person standing next to you to preserve your life and theirs both, the untrustworthy are not merely a useless extravagance, they are a deadly danger.

      clear ether


    • Pamela

      That’s Justice

    • tj

      That would be an appropriate punishment.
      In that regard, I’ve considered that an appropriate punishment for rapists would be defenestration by throwing from a 10 story building, with a five-story-long hangmans’s noose of piano wire around a certain appendage.

  • JackDeth 72

    I always thought Spam was an Hawaiian thing….

    Not Chinese.

    • Interventor

      WWII invention for troops.

  • Bill G

    I”m too old to see all the spammers, scammers, schemers and schumers getting away with their crap; do whatever you need and know that we’ll be imagining far worse things happening to the creeps.

  • Jon Nelson

    Who did he have in mind when he stopped counting? When the NSA was watching her and her sister skinny dip, it was confirmed that her chest was 38, not 36.

    • Pamela

      You forgot their Mom

  • PaulS

    If you mean it will be graphic instead of text, you will likely have to change it altogether since it is already “in the wild “.

  • Doggo

    The Chinese read DBD? Who knew? Chris, you could be responsible for bringing American Redvolution to a half a billion people yearning for freedom! Maybe they would even contribute next July at the swimmin’ hole.

    • Pamela

      The Russian spammers are just as bad.
      Especially the spammers promising a really good time if you bring the pretty girls over for a “date”.

  • tom ploszaj

    Chris keep up the work, I’m sure we’ll adjust to your constraints. I for one love reading our group’s comments daily. Maybe, if Chris needs to limit the comment section to be more efficient creating content, someone here having the expertise and time can copy Chris’s toons to another site like where we can continue our interaction.

  • WayneM

    I wonder if there’s a way to do a domain block so the Asian spam goes away?

    • JTC

      Dang, this morning the site was telling me that to comment I had to have a freakin’ wordpress account…something I don’t need or want.

      I told Chris that in an email and even said I guess this is goodbye and good luck. He answered that was wrong and now it’s fixed.

      And it is. Whew!

      • Pamela

        Same here JT.
        DBD is the only place on the WWW that I hang out or comment at.

  • MasterDiver

    DC&H is right next door to the Skinn and Flynt Finance Company, I. Fleecem, President.

    Zar Belk!

  • Kafiroon

    I haven’ spotted it in this reading of comments, (usually 2, sometimes 3 a day) but I tend to scan. Captchas seem to work, as spam bots cannot read them and manual labor types will not take the time.

  • Pamela

    Chris~ Sweetie what do you mean you’re getting too old?
    You look fine as far as I’m concerned.

  • Dread

    New toon?

  • Sam

    For many years I’ve advocated a “don’t pay taxes, can’t vote” policy when it comes to voting. My thought is that if you’re not paying property taxes directly (because renters generally don’t recognize that that’s covered by a part of their rent), then you don’t get to vote on tax levies to pay for stuff. Don’t pay income taxes, can’t vote on anything income taxes pay for. Getting free stuff from the government? You don’t get to vote for the people giving you the free stuff. That way, if taxpayers feel the elected representatives are giving away too much stuff, they’ll vote out the bums and vote in someone more fiscally conservative with other people’s money.

    I must admit though, that I have no idea of how to actually enforce such a plan.

  • It’s not so obvious with the current style, but the usernames are also links to a website if you supply one (like mine), and spammers like to use those as well as putting links in the comments.

    Kinda sad, in the old format I used to get a lot of hits when I commented here, not so much now. But Chinese bots can’t tell the difference.

  • Mine has a spam block setting. I’m wordpress. Wonder why you can’t?

  • anonymitty

    The men (and here and there, women) involved in the rescue and recovery efforts in Houston and surrounding areas are greatly appreciated. Many are white, some are black, some Hispanic. It really doesn’t matter. Some are Houstonian civilians, just doing what they can. Some are National Guard—they’ve got the good stuff for the hairy rescues via copter from fast water, that sort of thing. Some are Cajun Navy.

    There’s a common effort and your uniform is not your skin, but your intent. Come to help and you’ll get a hero’s welcome. Come to loot, well, you risk a hot welcome. But there’s really been very little of the latter.

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