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  • Henry

    Not as hard as it is to put a safety on on that!

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Revolvers got safeties?
    The best safety I ever learned about was to keep my booger hook off the bang switch until prepared to fire.

    But, yeah, I catch what Sam is saying. No sense in storing our votes/rights away for four years, only to pull it/them out and find out it’s useless.

    As for ammo, from what I read and understand, since the ChiFlu DemPanic, there have been a lot more gun and ammo buyers – even leftists (shocking!). The ammo manufacturers are dancing as fast as they can, but so far, they’re not able to make a dent in the demand.

  • Too Tall

    Redheads do not come with a safety. It would be easier to put a safety on nitroglycerine.

    Note than one can get nitroglycerine to do a slow, warm, gentle burn, instead of detonate. Similar to what one desires with a redhead. Both require the skills of a dedicated professional, Do not try this at home.

    • Pamela

      Three Laws Never to Break
      Can’t push on a rope.
      Can’t compress a liquid.
      Never piss off a Redhead.

      • Unca Walt

        Been married to one for 61 years. Life is good.

  • JTC

    Easy Red, one-by-one…

    74 million was the round-count in the ballot box until…well you know.

    The revolvers hold 370 million rounds at a ridiculously conservative 5 per, and they are on default safety always, double-safe after the cartridge dump (and beautiful cartridges they are!) But that is in the ammo box, the last one to open up, is it time?

    Whatever comes next, Trump didn’t whiff. Yuge accomplishments in spite of it all, but he’s just a man, an awesome street fighting CEO hired by us the Deplorables. If anybody struck out it was us in failing to provide sufficient surveillance and ground support. DT might be a contributing factor going forward but it’s on us to choose the path and take it.

    Bringing us back to whether it’s time… If it is and I think we are very unavoidably close, putting your tools away for four years? Might as well reload that thing and eat the barrel right now.

    • formwiz

      Check out HR-1, Pelosi Galore’s omnibus bill to legalize vote fraud.

      I love hearing all the “moderates” or whatever talking about ’22 and ’24.

      Unless something is done, there is no ’22 and ’24. And the Rs that haven’t been bought (and probably a lot who have) are looking at political careers that end in 2, 4, or 6 years.

      It’s either a fight, and, considering how the Demos treated the troops last week, we may be in better shape than anybody thinks or it’s a march on Rome type thing.

      And I mean 5, 10 million people camped at the Capitol building with the National Guard (this time with loaded weapons) alongside them until we have truth and justice.

      Pelosi Galore and Shi have grabbed the tail of the dragon with all this and I think they thought we’d all crawl away and cry like the Lefties did 4 years ago. And then the Antifa false flag blew up and 4 Trump supporters were murdered and now DC looks like Auschwitz.

      Not what they thought would happen, I’m guessing.

      When in the course of human events…

  • formwiz

    Trump did a lot and he followed the Constitution, if not always the law.

    He could have sold out to Shi, took the money, never uttered a peep about the stolen election, and gone on his merry way.

    He didn’t, however, and his life is going to be Hell if the Lefties are allowed to do everything to him they’ve threatened.

    No, he didn’t whiff although some people who claim to be Conservatives sure are.

    • Guderian

      Never commented before, but have read DBD for many years. Pam’s comment reminded of an episode of of Joni Table Talk on Daystar Network about vaccines in general when they started talking about the (at the time) ones being developed for the Wu Flu. One of the experts they had on had proof that Fauci actually has a patent on Covid-19. I don’t trust the man any farther than I can throw him.

      • PaulS

        Dwarf tossing is illegal in my State. 😉

      • Pamela

        I wonder what the reaction would be were he to be given all the “vaccines” ?

        • John M.

          …at the same time…

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


        Welcome to the mad house.

  • John M.

    Unloading and putting them away? There’s no more kids in the house – the grandkids are in their 20s and haven’t started the next generation yet…

    I don’t know about a rifle behind every blade of grass, but there’s a loaded firearm at every window, along with the sidearms we carry during the day. That locked door is for YOUR protection!

  • Exgunman

    You cannot have the hammer cocked when the cylinder is open,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Norm

      You can on a S&W revolver if you pull back on the cylinder latch. Don’t know about Colt’s or Rugers.

    • Pamela

      That’s what many Critters think and the Karins too

  • Kafiroon

    Those rounds may well be worth more than money anytime in the next four years. That tool may prove to be more important for your life than anything else in the next four years. Both are usually needed immediately so storage could be fatal.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is speaking reality.
      (The fantasy is / was a trap. The enemy minions live a trap that is a horror to real people. The horror.)

  • Halley

    All possible explanations why Trump would needlessly punt, at the most crucial juncture and for the first time in his life, are very, very dark. Worse, are explanations of how something/someone could possibly force, or be vampiric enough to slyly manipulate, him into punting and handing MAGA to the wolves.

    I see nothing yet to move me from the Nothing Makes Any Sense camp.

    • LowKey

      I’m starting to wonder if the Praetorian Guard who follow the former officeholder for the rest of their lives aren’t there just to protect the principle, but to keep them in line.

    • B C Aeich

      You have hit on my theory, I don’t know which large agency could have the audacity to make threats strong enough to make DJT walk away, but they must also have a sense of immunity to any scrutiny!!! The Donald is not the type to quit any fight…

      • formwiz

        He’s started the Office of the Former (should have called it Real) President to carry on the fight.

        He’s quit nothing. He followed the law better than the Demos have. Yeah, he could have made them throw him out of the White House (wish he had), but that gained what?

        I also think he felt guilty about the 4 Trump supporters murdered in the Capitol. He must have heard about the false flag because he’s raised more Hell the last couple of weeks.

        BTW If somebody had the power to make threats, it would have happened 4 years ago.

    • JTC

      Holy fuck, he and his family are in de facto house arrest? Where are we?

      • formwiz

        What??? Get real.

  • cz93x62

    I’ll share my fire with ya, Halley. “Things making sense” is a scarce commodity, even in the best of times. I’m not unloading my business tools except to clean them after firing or every mid-month…..whichever comes first. I got in that habit 43 years ago when I started at the sheriff’s department, and i see no reason to change my M/O now. Low ammo supplies? Perish the thought–I reload practice ammo that mimics carry ammo performance, as well as cast bullets. Tools are a man’s best friend, once a good woman is in your life.

  • steveb919

    Been thinking about getting some more 3″ 12 gage 0/0 buck. That will sure mess up some legs with out killing somebody. Just a thought.

  • Mike-SMO

    I hope that President Trump has a plan in the works, since voting is now close to useless. Most states are infested with the Automatic Democratic Majority Machines.

    If a “Republican” ever gets elected, it must be because he/she has made a deal. They didn’t fight at the Federal level and none of the swing state Republican legislatures did anything beyond some theatrics. Sell-outs or cowards and not to be trusted taking out our trash.

    The only fun is likely to be that the Ideologues will never stop. The Bosheviks and the Nazis both knew how to deal with the fellow-travelers, which didn’t do Germany or Russia any favors.

    Maybe Trump whiffed but he was at the end of a really long line. Next?

    The corruptocrats were at least satisfied with what they could steal. The ideologues of Antifa/BLM are in it for conquest. Better keep that revolver loaded, and don’t hesitate. You know it will be either a “misunderstanding” or the result of “racissss”. And be aware, that you can not survive.

    • Punta Gorda

      Mossburg says otherwise…

    • Punta Gorda

      And if I g9, I’ll stack their asses up like cord wood before I die.

    • LowKey

      I wonder if it would do any good for red states to pass voter id laws; making said ID’s free of charge AND providing mobile units in order to forestall the usual legal complaints from the left…cost or access supposedly being harder for minorities.

      Might not change things at the federal level, but might do some good at the state and local elections.

      • Kafiroon

        How can anyone in low financial condition, Not have ID? EBT cards and all other “Gimmie” cards need ID. I look ancient and the local dollar stores refuse to sell me beer without showing ID.

      • formwiz

        Doing so as we speak.

    • Raconteur

      The meaning of “Dominion” in the voting machines is taking on it’s actual definition: (5) law : absolute ownership.

  • S'aaruuk

    @Mike-SMO, and if I cannot survive, then it’s my sworn duty to take as many of the bastards with me as I can. It’s really just that simple.

  • William Henry

    If you hadn’t started stocking up on ammo 20 years back you did wrong…. now that we have a retarded sock puppet in the office who is anti-gun and a climate change freak we may need them.

    • MRAD

      You aren’t kidding! I learned my lesson back in 93-94 during the AWB! $100 Glock magazines, hard to find reloading supplies….I vowed to never be caught flat footed again!

      • MRAD

        ( PS: And I’m not! . The only thing I could use is a little more H1000 powder for my 338 Lapua Magnum….but what I have will do…)

  • Unca Walt

    Folks — I gotta say it again. We may be under Insurrection Act standing. Where the troops around the Capitol report ONLY to the Military Command. Trump is out of the power loop at this time. The Military Command is not in any hurry to stop “an enemy that is making a mistake”.

    This quote works:

    “They cannot be told; they must be shown.”

    All the… well… zany stuff the Jo-Ho Team is doing is “showing” those who do not/cannot see.

    2000 sojers were deputized as Federal Marshals. This is a unique and very special thing. In the Capitol.

    • Halley

      What says “2021” better than hoping to wake up to the military asserting emergency control of the State and arresting The Coup, their whoring media collusionists, and all the Great Election Fraud criminal Uniparty enablers in congress?

      Hope springs eternal

    • JTC

      Well, what Halley says at the end down below.

      But as we hope we have to change…that’s one slogan the bobo’s writers got right, albeit with rather not-right definitions.

      So how long are we giving our Martials to impose an eponymous lockdown law before our own plan for change, to remove ourselves from an irredeemable, irreconcilable, and irretrievably broken union by peaceful or other means, make some hard choices and enact some momentous changes?

      • JTC

        Meant to say thanks to Unca Walt for giving me JoHo…as that pair will be forever hereafter known by me

    • formwiz

      National Guard reports to a state governor, most of whom are recalling their troops.

  • DogByte6RER

    I was always taught by the Old Man … the safety IS your finger.

  • JTC

    While I get the entendre, shouldn’t it really be Bang-Dead?

  • Chief D.

    After government gifts of an Agent Orange heart attack and Camp Lejeune cancer, I don’t even buy shingles with a 10yr guarantee…so Life in Prison, with 3 hots and a cot, for manslaughter or worse ain’t much of a threat….or so my friend said.

  • interventor

    When, I first heard the words, “Jen Psaki,” I thought, “Great, a new type of sake.” Then, I saw her and realize she was a rare thing — a homely red head. FYI, my mom was a red head,

    • JTC

      Pretty sure that’s one of those koolade dye jobs the lefty x’ers like isn’t it?

      • interventor

        Wouldn’t doubt it!

  • Chezz

    DJT has not whiffed. Years ago he “filed bankruptcy” just to see who his real friends were. This is no different. McConnell &others have come out of their rino closet. Joint Chiefs said, in their memo, JRB would be inaugurated, and they would fulfill their oath. Their oath is to the Constitution, not the prez. Against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I’m not certain that the mil. recognizes the Boy Blunder as CinC. It’s going to be very interesting.


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