Day By Day


  • Oldarmourer

    Under the 14th as written, it seems that a lot of dems will claiming the 5th

    • JTC

      There is inevitability, and then there is the inevitable.

  • Too Tall

    America deserves the government it elects, and they deserve to get it good and hard. – P.J. O’Rourke

    Before the 2022 elections:
    57% Top Marginal Tax Rate
    10% “Official” Inflation
    10% “Official” Unemployment
    10% Interest Rates
    Recession (long, deep, and hard)
    Investment as part of GDP turns and remains negative
    Productivity turns and remains negative
    $5.00 a gallon gas
    That’s just for starters

  • My Way Or --->

    The USSR went bankrupt because Gorbachev, in his wisdom, thought he could annex Afghanistan and greatly underestimated the buttheaded stubbornness of those “hillbillies” in the ‘Stan. They have a millenia-long history of NOT being conquered.
    So by 1989, Gorbie had to pull out, admit defeat and tell the Politburo “We’re broke. We can’t do this any more. You’re all dismissed.” He dissolved the Politburo and sent everybody home. The USSR that started in 1919, was barely 70 years old, bankrupt, and barely able close itself down. The US dollar – $1.00 – was worth 1.25 million rubles (not a joke).
    So much for bragging about “a better system”.
    I watched Gorbachev address the Poliburo. I had no idea that there was so much Latin in the Russian language. They didn’t even have a written alphabet until a monk named Cyril developed the Russian alphabet. (Cyrillic alphabet)

    And now? These wienies who think they know everything really believe it’s a better system?

    Don’t laugh so hard you fall off your chair. You might hurt the floor when you do.

    • interventor

      Gorbachev took power in 1985. Brezhnev took power from 1964 to 1982. Andropov took power from 1982 to 1984. Chernenko took power from 1984 to 1985 (rumor was he was embalmed at the time). Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and withdrew in 1989.

  • Kafiroon

    Excellent expository.
    But get out the fire extinguishers and get back to a safe distance.
    Sam is in the kitchen!

    • Fox2!

      Surprised the fire department hasn’t required them to install commercial kitchen quality fire suppression system. Water deluge, Halon flood, etc.

  • The Rocks

    No worries about Sam in the kitchen. Zed is there to keep things from burning down and on the bright side Sam is not trying to do a turkey.

  • Lifeofthe Mind

    I follow the argument but it is hard to concentrate while Sam is stirring the pot.

  • formwiz

    Zed is right. Don’t like the way he spanks women, but his politics and history are on the money.

    And may he be on Sam for a long time.

    • PaulS

      I don’t like spanking women, but my woman don’t like being spanked, I’m adaptable. 😉

      • Pamela

        I understand there are some in the Swamp who pay $$$$$ for that service

  • TJ

    For what it’s worth, y read is that Trump actually got something like 75 million votes, possibly up to 80 million,  before the Feinstein-Clinton counting software redirected 30% of his tally to Biden – and even then, they had to synthesize over a million votes post election in the battleground states – in addition to their pre-election fraud – to eek out the narrow false victory Biden is calling a mandate.

    • Punta Gorda

      “God D$%# Finklestein shit kid!”

  • Mike-SMO

    Is Sam’s dress Nomex?

    • Punta Gorda

      Nothing wrong with her cooking until the turkey gets involved…

    • Doggo

      There’s not enough dress there to provide protection even if it was nomex. Thank the creator!

  • Pete231

    If the schmuck does get elected, what’s going to happen to Biden’s body double ? Will Round-Heels Harris be replaced by a Stepford VP ? Will San Fran Nan turn into a sock puppet ? Will the Mad Poopers continue to make deposits in her driveway ? Will Chuckie Schumer ever achieve total cognizance by listening to the sound of his own ranting ? And, will the Wizard of Oz give AOC the brain she so desperately desires ? So many questions, so few answers…….

    • Old Codger

      I suspect that Kameltoe will be acting president from day one. She’ll be the one making all the decisions and nominating major appointees (from the list already determined) while Dopey/Gropey Joe is skinny dipping and sniffing/fondling female WH staff and SS agents. I expect that by Memorial Day – Labor Day at the latest – they will have executed their 25th amendment coup and Compost Mentis Joe will be back skinny dipping in his own pool once more.

      • WayneM

        IF the Democratic/Media Complex succeed in their treachery, I doubt Biden or Harris are making decisions; neither has shown much aptitude in such. Instead, they will keep a finger in the wind and try to stay ahead of the mob, feeding the progressives just enough to keep them from burning down the White House…

  • Lyle

    The next phase is a push for global “unity”. It won’t be communism because we’ll call it something else.

  • Halley

    Today’s positivity and confidence is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, Mr. Muir.

    It could very well be, in “evolutionary” talk, that we are witnessing on the Left the sad effects of actual brain-rot due to the neural short-circuiting inevitably following the injection of too much Orwellian political correctness, combined with lethal doses of TDS. But, while their loss of thinking ability is merely tragic, the disintegration of their moral compass is terrifying.

    The 71,000,000 strong MAGA army is now fully aware that this was the endgame in the Left’s long-planned Coup. Too much speculation over the turmoil of these decisive coming weeks can only lead to nervous breakdowns… so as the Founders always say – In God We Trust

    • William Henry

      Our country has needed a enema for a long time but this will involve rope…. lots of rope.

      It’s long overdue.

    • Old Codger

      I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the Creator intervening. Remember the prophet Hosea and his children’s names and then think about the ultimate fate first of Israel (10 northern tribes) then of Judah.

    • John

      The reason we need Constitutions and the Rule of Law is simply because we all start out as Barbarians. Ask any parent.
      The process of civilizing those Barbarians starts, or should start, in the home and continues, or should continue, in the socialization process.
      Unfortunately that process is bifurcated. There are those who come to recognize the wisdom of those who came before them and seek to better themselves by this guidance and the sweat of their brows, and then there are those who think themselves already wise and ignore such guidance.
      Only a fool thinks themselves already wise. The Wise know that wisdom must be sought, indeed hunted down and subdued with it often slipping from our grasp.
      Sadly, we often fail to instill this imperative to Seek Wisdom in our youth and the result it truly Criminal.
      In God We Trust
      But tie up your camel.

      • Lyle

        Whether you know it it not, you’re talking the difference between the formerly Protestant world and Babylon, to which the former Protestants have been running back with their tails between their legs.

  • Larry J

    As Stalin noted, it doesn’t matter who votes. The only thing that matters is who counts the votes.

  • formwiz

    The fact Twat and all the Gargoyle and Facebarf clones are afraid to show the videos of fake ballots being trucked in proves Zed’s point.

    Deep down, they’re afraid the people will find out and get mad. Kinda like the Nazis did all they could to keep the death camps a secret.

  • 1RapidRobert

    The link is already gone

  • William Henry

    I’m looking forward to the next revolution but the sad thing we will end up Yugoslavia…. a bunch of nation states that are meaningless in the real world.

  • Shkmiffle

    Sitting in the morning sun, smoking my cigar, enjoying my coffee, reading my Constitution, and waiting

  • Robert

    @Too Tall:
    Re: America deserves the government it elects, and they deserve to get it good and hard. – H. L. Mencken, actually. But I agree with you 100%

  • It seems like the Chinese government is now far less authoritarian than that of the US in literally every regard.

    Less censorship
    Less police harassment
    Lower taxes
    Fewer regulations
    Less corruption
    More transparency
    Fairer elections.

    I still think they need to check the amount of votes received and compare it to registered voters. If there is a difference, that state needs to re-run it’s election.
    I don’t think the pansies that make the call for looking at the14th and what it implies will do anything about it.
    My Pop was a Registered Alien. Paid taxes and had an opinion but never voted. Stayed Canadian but lived here. He was a “Resident” of the U.S. but not a “Citizen” because he never got Naturalized. He received social security because he paid into it most of his working life. He was a permanent resident because he married my mom and adopted us kids, but he still had to renew his green card and Canadian passport every ten years. He had an opinion and a voice but never tried to vote.

    Anyway, we need to check the number of votes cast/counted against the number of registered legal voting listed.

    • Oldarmourer

      Friends of mine maintain a ‘winter home’ in the US…
      They are not Amercian citizens
      They each received multiple ‘mail-in’ ballots…
      Those were pitched in the trash…up here…
      Now they’re interested in finding out if they actually ‘voted’
      I’m going to assume they did…several times…each.

      • John M.

        That’s why I’ve started shredding ANYTHING with my name on it, or if it’s too big to shred, I use one of those blackout markers over names, addresses, barcodes and QR targets. Now that winter is coming on, a lot of it will go in the kindling box.

  • DogByte6RER

    Project SOS … Save Our Senate

    The re-elections of Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to both US Senate seats from the State of Georgia are absolutely critical wins or the Senate will likely go Democrat. Both of these Senate seats are headed for run-off elections.

    Please consider donating to one or more of the following campaigns/organizations to help re-elect the two Senators and keep the US Senate in GOP control:

    The Georgia Republican Party at:

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee:

    David Perdue for US Senate:

    Kelly Loeffler for US Senate:

    The Republican National Committee:

  • Halley

    I just saw that the MSM has called the election for Dewey. Truman lost!!!

  • JTC

    The whole deal about watermarked and tracked ballots should be real, may be real, and if it is real and every ballot cast is tied directly and only to one registered voter, then that should be that.

    And if not then why not?

    But if this huge charade sticks, and it will, I still think DT should have a lovely Thanksgiving at the WH and then hand them the keys and walk away, back to his beautiful homes, beautiful family, and beautiful life. Give them a few senate rinos too so they have the complete control they think they want. Then just sit back and watch as the Keystone Kops (reference to the keystone state that purportedly put them over the top) completely fall apart, taking the nation with them. Harsh but probably the path of least resistance and damage until they implode and explode under the pressure.

    And the Deplorables -and maybe Trump too if only as an inspiration, godfather and mentor- will stand ready to pick up the pieces and put the this Humpty Dumpty Republic together again.

    That or civil war and secession. Either way I’m down with it.

  • John M.

    OK, Biden says he’s in office – where’s my free stuff?

  • WayneM

    I sincerely hope this was the extinction burst of the collectivist movement… but I doubt we’ll get rid of communism that easily. There’s too many deeply entrenched “true believers” in academia, unions & the burgeoning bureaucracy at various levels of government. As long as they can continue pushing Marxism without consequence, we will never be rid of it.

  • Oldarmourer

    Interesting reads today about people being added to the voting rolls (illegally) by the ones counting the votes (again, illegal); ‘found’ ballots, more software ‘glitches’, and the hint that this was planned for all along, that hunter’s laptops held a few juicy details and that this was allowed to happen so it could be dragged into the light of day after..aka “give them the rope to hang themselves” and that there are already FISA warrants (legal ones this time) in effect and have been for some time…if this is a setup, I hope it’s the best one ever…remember, Guiliani specializes in anti-mob prosecution, and all of Trump’s Supreme Court appointees were part of the Bush-Gore process…

    One can find a Scripture passage for any occasion, if one looks hard enough 😉
    and for this one, I like Tehilim (Psalms) 92:8
    “…When the wicked spring up as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they may be destroyed for ever…”
    Let them stretch themselves that little bit too far, then start up the mower…

    not one to post to unvetted sites but this one says a lot…
    we should hold Western elections to at least the same standards as 3rd world ones

    This isn’t technically my business, I’m not American, but the law is the law and once upon a time I took an oath to uphold and enforce the law and the statutes and ordinances attached to it…
    I dislike cheaters in general and those who prey upon the citizenry in particular
    That, and what happens down there just emboldens the same thieves up here.
    Good luck, check the rope for weak spots and pick a sturdy lamppost.

    • Fox2!

      Let them stretch themselves that little bit too far, then start up the mower…

      To borrow from the Chicoms,

      “Let a thousand flowers bloom”

      and then cut their heads off.

  • Roger

    I’ve lost all my optimism. When the far left control the mass media and schools, they’ve got a lock on perpetually brainwashing the masses. There will always be some that question the leftist “truth” but the majority just go along with what they’re told, even when it’s obviously lies. Throw in legalized drugs to further dumb down the population and you could see a thousand year rule by the left.

    The only satisfaction I can see, is that as we conservatives dwindle, the left will start turning on each other. To be a leftist requires that you feel superior to others. Some environazis will turn against others, because some support the liberal idea of letting millions of illegals in, while others see that destroying the environment. Gaynazis will turn on feminazis over letting “transgenders” participate in women’s sports. Blacknazis will still need to punish whites, and the vast majority of whites that live near them are liberals… That sort of thing will increase, and the liberal “victims” will start whining and maybe a few will finally see the light- but TOO LATE!

    • JTC

      Hello Roger and welcome,

      Your observations of the results and future internecine warfare among the leftist factions are dead-on, however you do not mention it who truly wields and controls the true power and future of the party…

      AOC, she of the zero knowledge and experience but giant mouth and for whatever reason is the speaker of the far left, is already “warning” Biden et al to pack the cabinet with greenies, and commies…

      She will get her way and they will go her way for that is the future and she is the beta of the Dims, they will follow her and her ilk to destruction, hopefully not completely destroying the Republic in the process.

      “Socialism R Us”


      “Socialism B Us”…

      I haven’t quite decided yet which of those I will secure as an attack website, but one or the other. After the fact to be sure, but there is still a lot of educating to do.

      • cb

        As someone said: If voting made a difference they wouldn’t allow us to do it.

      • JTC

        cb, I recall seeing somewhere that peelosi’s daughter heads up the marketing for the Zoom outfit that facilitates virtually all business and learning during distancing diktats. Talk about a depository of information ripe for use as needed.

        All fits together rather nicely doesn’t it?

  • Kafiroon

    So approximately 71 million of us are being told to take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut; Blithering Biden and the Hoover won.

    It is not over until the fat courts “sing”.
    After that some boxes may have to be opened.

    • JTC

      Postmodernism…such a pretty new name for such an ugly old thing.

      No fat lady singing in Mexico, such sweet irony.

  • ottersmith

    That very large non-publisher is stopping me from posting this link to an illustration of Benford’s Law. (Not a statute, an observation of how the world seems to work.)

    • JTC

      Making it the unpublisher.

      These commies sure irony-challenged ain’t they?