Day By Day


  • Masonry saws can be rented, there might still be chewy bits inside.

    “But it’s nice you trying!” Watch that accent kid, you sound like Kamala Harris trying to blend with the masses in a black Episcopal church. (You have to watch those Indian-Americans, India has long been a deeply racist country.)

    • interventor

      More aligned along the caste system. Admittedly, the Hindutva party claims to be the true Aryans.

  • Too Tall

    Zed’s look on “and a politician” is priceless.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Out of the mouths of babes………

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Tile saw?

    • GWB

      And ruin a perfectly good tile blade?

  • WayneM

    Alas the poor turkey who gave it’s all
    After Sam’s cooking, there’s no butterball

    For the charred remains just cannot be cut
    Perhaps a chisel for the turkey’s butt?

    The kids are still hungry but there’s no food
    Call for a pizza, if you’re in the mood!

  • Pete231

    And, she’s a ginger…….

  • ses1066

    I was trying to remember the children’s names and found that the ‘ABOUT’ selection is rather dated.

    Chris, can you give us an update there? After all, your ‘universe’ has a lot more than the 8 total listed.

    • JTC

      That boy has no idea of the details of that “universe” he has wrought…genius is about creating not maintaining. 🙂

      It’s up to the conservators of the DBD Archives here in the Gallery of Deplorables to keep up with and update it all. Not to mention that vague concepts like age and time are a bit slippery around these parts.

  • nonncom

    With a body like that, cooks can be hired….’sides, she’ll keep your vehicles up to snuff….

    • interventor

      There’s always take out, it Sam’s what you come home to.

  • Just Joe

    And when she throws in that ‘snuggle factor’, all is forgiven.

  • JTC

    Note that repulsed look on the faces of the kids mirrors Zed’s as he spits out the word, “politics” all reflecting the same distaste and disgust for the foulest of fowls.

    But there is always a chance for redemption even for burnt dead turkeys…

    2020 awaits.

      • JTC

        War on tango organizations, absolutely. But it’s not about dope, that’s just a fund-raising gambit. Solve that aspect almost overnight with decriminalization and access to superior products at a tiny fraction of the price through legit channels, emptying jails of users and eliminating a shit-ton of ancillary crime that targets innocent citizens and not just addicts.

        They will then soon be de-banked and dis-armed, far easier to destroy at the border (NOT cross-border, fuck that) for those that continue with the true crime that they wreak…shoot to kill on sight; won’t take the scum that run their “cartels” and the gov agents that enable them (but I repeat myself) to get the message.

          • JTC

            Oh they’re worried about it…but as stated it’s the tangoes and their enterprises that are supporters (and actually participants in) the terror orgs…like DNC etc. that will have their fundraisers shut down. But their main interest is the illegal invaders/voters which are only tangential to the dope mules. Have to make an exception to the border crossers only rule to include domestic tangoes too. 🙂

        • Pamela

          You think Judge Roy Bean would have a field day with some of those murdering miscreants? Get a rope.

  • JohninMd.(help!)

    Look on the bright side of things…. ,Zed doesn’t have to replace the barn roof — again….

    • Indeed.

  • We live in stupid times. Our birthrates are below needed replacement amounts so liberals argue we need immigrants to fill the jobs and do the work while we’re on the cusp of easily replacing half the workforce with automation if it weren’t for humans still being marginally cheaper while liberals argue for $15/hr minimum wages and more paid benefits.

    But maybe now they’ll start reading their own press releases and the big Democrat-owned cities will switch from Planned Parenthood to free walk-in sterilization clinics:

    Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say
    More than 11,000 experts sign an emergency declaration warning that energy, food and reproduction must change immediately.

    Since 81% of the US population is classified urban and living on only 3% of the land, it makes sense to require the large Progressive-dominated metropolises to reduce their populations to environmentally-sustainable levels. It’s only fair, they are the epicenters of the damage.

    • interventor

      We are warned of oncoming massive unemployment as AI replaces workers.

    • Agenda 21?

  • canuck49

    Jeez, they live in Texas for god sake!! Cant Zed find anyone who can BBQ or Deep Fry a suitable bird for him? Sam is going to burn the F___ing house down one day! Lol!

    • Yup, that’s about it, bringing in replacements who won’t be needed. A part of that is also keeping the Social Security & Medicare ponzi schemes going, need those young workers to funnel their “contributions” straight to the old people. When the jobs go away the imports will stop contributing and start taking, so everything will crash harder and faster. Make the peasants beg for communism!