Day By Day


  • JJ

    Ah Hah!. Sam’s still not cooking. At least not with the stove…

  • Wayne M

    So many double-entendres… Saucy Sam spicing things up which stirring the pot…

  • Pamela

    Willing hands make quick work of any size meal…

  • Leo AutoDidact

    Now, now, now, is that fair to Don Portago who’s Money and Political Influence seems to have helped them so much over the past few years?

    Not that Sam’s Mom couldn’t keep them both dancing happily for YEARS, but she seemed a more forthright Lady than that.

    (or am I mis-reading the implications, here?)

    • Bill G

      It seemed to me the references were to Zed’s father Wade, an old-school bigot, and Sam’s Japanese mother who was the cause of Wade refusing to talk to Zed for so long.

      • Norm

        “Bigot”?? More likely a WWII vet who witnessed the many Japanese atrocities committed against non-combatants and can’t get over it.

        • JT

          I like Wade but if he let 60+ year old memories come between him and his son, he has a problem.

          If so, I suspect the presence of twin grandbabies helped him solve it.

        • interventor

          Wade is a Korean War vet, I believe. There is racism on both sides of the Pacific — many Japanese don’t want gaijin in-laws.

  • Bill G

    There’s cooking going on, no doubt.

  • Charles Gallo

    From yesterday – the comment RE Tinkers Dam was right, but NOT “Pot Metal” – Pot Metal was literally “that alloy- somewhat unspecified that was sitting in the crucible – aka the “pot” Auto companies would just gather up mixed non ferrous scraps and add them to the ‘pot” . More controlled versions had specific alloy names (Zamak – alloys 2,3(most common) 5 and 7

  • This has great promise. And to the vehicles, Don Portago, and the agency wanting to call in a favor from Zed, I can see many variables.
    JLong, thank you for that clarification on the tinkers dam vs damn thing.

  • B Woodman

    Maybe change Zed’s name (temporarily) to Luke, aka, “Cool Hand”.

    • Pamela

      Cool Hand Zed? Sam’s perky enough as it is…

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