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  • JTC

    Would that it were just the democrats’ sedition.

    Then *we* would have a clue.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “I am your singing telegram..”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “They (working blue collar conservatives et al) haven’t done anything yet.”
    Key word……YET!

  • epilitimus

    Sam, with nothing on, in the swimming hole.

    Oh wait, we were talking politics weren’t we…Oh what the hell I like my vision, er version, better.

    How does she keep that dress up? Got to be some kind of adhesive.

  • NotYetInACamp

    A game winner answer.

    Not just pump the good Americans into as many positions of power so they can change the ugly change the acting Muslim brought to our land.

    (And place one of the opening scenes of Firefly where our intrepid pilot shows his dinosaurs reenacting once again that leopard does not change its spots, a poisonous snake does not rid itself of its fangs and poison sacs, and that the poisonous snake will bite and kill the good Samaritan swimming across the river with the snake on its back.) All easily seen. With Soros assisting doing in the USA to the USA what Soros has done in over 100 countries in bringing down their governments. So Trump, and the people who elected trump are in Soros and the Democrats bulls eye. Even more so, they are in ours. Waiting. Preparing. Waiting. Planning. Making a living. Waiting.

    • JTC

      With money broadly defined as power and control…
      Follow the money. Always follow the money.

      It leads to D’s, yes. But also to R’s, And I’s. And T’s.
      There are many on that payroll, whose “money” is threatened by DT.

      So he, and we, are in their crosshairs.
      I am confident that we are the better marksmen.
      We just have to be sure of our target, and what is behind it.

  • Subotai Bahadur

    “The Democrats, with sedition, in the cities.”

    And once again, I note that study of siege warfare in modern times might be profitable; with emphasis on utilities and shipping routes in and routes that could be used to get out. I believe the subject is in a Field Manual or two.

    • Pamela

      Then there is Motormouth Maxine with her multi-million $$$$$$$ homes on her $174,000.00 a year public servant salary. Follow the money.

    • MasterDiver

      I believe the modern term for such activities is “Interdiction.”

      Zar Belk!

  • Halley

    There are many sordid things “progressives! prefer not to talk about in public. I suspect #1 with a bullet is their agreement with The Communist Manifesto. But coming in at a strong #2 must be how they’ve succeeded in eradicating any real-world meaning from the word “racist”. They’ve managed to so utterly confuse/paralyze even mostly-rational people on the Right with their ThoughtCrime bludgeons on “race” (in the service of Marx, of course) that there isn’t a hope in hell for generations of any reasonable discussion about it. Given the corrosive brain-killing ideology she’s up against, Skye’s willingness to learn is impressive.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Chuck Schumer using words in bizarre Bizzarro world destructive critical theory ways. With (La Raza supporter) DNC Vice Chair Perez tooting the chorus in agreement.

      Schumer just labeled all people of every race that disagree with him as White Supremacists. as I see his word usage slaughter.

      Remember, to leftists, reality has nothing to do with it. Only what sounds good to them NOW has any relevance.

      Skye was occasionally in the presence of her family. There may or may not be enough to make a final difference.

      Like one of the leaders of the unite the Right false flag psy op in Charlottesville was an employee writing on CNN in 2012. And he was an ardent Obam and Hillary fan until he was allegedly struck off the horse with a red pill in November od 2016.
      They could not do the Alinsky Rule thingy of Identify. Personalize. Demonize. The right would have nothing to do with it. WTF is the alt right anyway. it’s like neocon. it must not really be Right, as neocons are not conservatives. So was “Baked Alaska”, another leader organizer of the march and events at Charlottesville, a former” supporter of Obama and Hillary was now an alt-right leader.
      Baked Alaska also got into a long term ‘harassment’ by a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) leader who started out as a KKK publicist, which he stopped and became liberal and founded SPLC when he saw who paid more money. They even had a staged smacking.+

      Reichstag’s fires abound in days like these.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The proggies leftist communists had to do the event they needed to fit their narrative on the right. They needed to get alt-right, right and all of the trigger words attached to the conservatives and right and libertarians, and others.
        The right had not cooperated as victims and as the names they call the right people.

    • GWB

      Skye’s willingness to learn is impressive.
      Well, she does come from pretty good stock. Look what the older model turned out like.

  • Bill G

    The left riots and burns when and as they want with impunity; one seemingly right-wing demonstration is turned into a brawl and the left is all over with claims of constant conservative violence.
    I haven’t heard of what’s-his-name being shown to not be the once and future CNN worker, so I assume he is that person with no acknowledgement from the left.
    The term is agent provocateur.

  • derfel cadarn

    From my view point sedition is now a lonely outpost, far behind on their drive to treason and revolution

  • aelfheld

    I saw a video of that car in Charlottesville.

    It was obviously a deliberate act.

    He wasn’t trying to escape, he was trying to run people over.

    • Dan Treppil

      Agreed. This is a foolish assertion to make, even in a cartoon.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      If I were to be able to get on the jury, I would argue for either “jury nullification” or “not guilty/hung jury”.

  • Shooter 2.5

    Yes, aelfheld. I agree he was trying to run people over. What troubles me is there doesn’t seem to be any video of the car before he started his high speed run down the street. What I did notice is after the car struck the other car and came to a stop it appeared to be a lot of rioters who had weapons surrounding the car. That looked like a lot of weapons for a “peaceful” rally. I hope someone loses patience with these peaceful ninjas and hold the leaders responsible for any and all damage.

  • Pamela

    Slavers always try to re-invent themselves. Change the name. Change the label. Change the talking points. Change. Change. Change.
    And it remains the same. Graft. Corruption. Greed. Avarice. Covet.
    The only difference between them and Bernie Madoff, is Bernie got caught
    and brought to justice. Chameleons the lot of them.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Steve Quayle – America in Spiritual War Between Good and Evil
    Many good points in this. Good overview of why now is.

  • MAJ Arkay

    Hmm, just occurred to me that Zed’s place is a mite moist right now. Hope the ranch roof is good metal… We’re wet and getting wetter, but the warm wind helps dry stuff off almost as fast as it gets wet.

    Meanwhile, north of Houston, Spousal Unit’s parents’ farm is mostly under water. Sure glad they sold it several years ago.

    Y’all pray for coastal and east Texas, please?

  • KenH

    You’re gonna have to kill them all. Sooner or later. They’ll never , ever change

  • M Renault

    Clue comes from clew a ball of yarn Ariadne gave to Theseus which he unwound as he made his way into the Labarynth on Crete to defeat the Minotor and then rewind to solve the puzzle of how to escape. It takes constant attention to see clearly what is happening right before us now.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Democrats, with sedition, in the cities.

    What? Antifa? Violence?

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

    President DJT calls it, yet again.

    Members of Antifa Berkeley haver turned violent — shocking, we know — with the black-clad protesters shouting, “This is for Charlottesville” as they take over Martin Luther King Jr. park. Police have reportedly retreated, at least for now:

    • JTC

      Cool thing is, they’re the only ones who showed. Let them burn that motherfucker down.

      I’m liking this plan of announcing a big right-wing flash mob and then pulling a no-show. Organizer of this one says she called it off today because she’d be the only one there. She could barely conceal her snicker.

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