Day By Day


  • Buck

    Is Sam talking to the Mark of the F 150?
    I’m thinkin’ NOT if Zeds’ giving it time…

  • Too Tall

    I thought Open Carry in Texas meant towing a M198 155mm Howitzer behind your F-150.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I am hoping that it means whatever is necessary for the possible task at hand. I may check that someday. But shall not be infringedcan be construed to cover everything. Politeness is a limitation unless dealing with impolite people or situations.
      Being armed is being polite, as long as is possible.

    • James/G

      Only if it’s Ron Jeremy compensating… 😆

    • MasterDiver

      I was thinking of a HEMET with an MRLS package.

      Zar Belk!

    • JR Gierlach

      Can a F150 tow 15,772 lbs? Asking for a friend.

      • Henry

        Not if it has tongue weight. But if you can put a wheel at each corner, you’re good to go.

        • merle

          Good luck with braking…

      • MadCat

        Good Luck with that. Maybe with a 6.00:1 rear-end.

    • Arkay

      Give it time, Too Tall.

      • Too Tall

        Array, I regret that I never had the privilege of shoveling dirt together with you. The few enemy survivors would likely still be reeling from shock and awe.

        Probably would have led to some blog with a title such as: “The Infinitely Expanding List of Things Arkay and Too Tall Are No Longer Allowed to Do to the Enemy.”

  • Mike-SMO

    I understand that Mah Deuce provides good dynamic braking with some extra acceleration in reverse.. A bit noisey, however.

    • Caved1ver01

      Speaking as someone who actually fired a 0.50 cal machine-gun in his misspent youth, I’d be interested in seeing how a 0.50 cal is properly mounted on a F-150.

      • Too Tall

        Very carefully.

        Certainly a lot more securely than I’ve seen it mounted on small, white, Toyota pickups in some of the world’s most desolate hellholes.

      • CuriousB

        Why bother with a 0.50 cal – mount a M134 mini gun. You would have to use the rest of the truck to carry the ammo.

        • Browncoat57

          Ever seen Magpul’s VW van with the minigun mounted on the roof? Had it at an NRA show five or six years ago. Not sure of the cargo rating of a 70s VW Vanagon but chances are it wasn’t enough to do the job properly.


          • CuriousB

            That’s what I’m talking about!

          • Steve

            I see your minigun van and raise you Black Rifle Coffee’s Prius with an M61 Vulcan:


            (I will admit that the van is probably at least a *bit* more practical …)

      • merle

        Ring mount thru the new sun roof.

  • Pamela

    Will it have a catch basket for the shells?

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      At today’s price of ammunition, it should. Fifty cal was never cheap to begin with, but now……..

      • email me Toxic One, your last year Portago needs doin’! And your email seems to bounce back.

  • Graybeard

    Mounts nicely on a pintle atop a post welded to a base plate bolted to the truck bed floor. Spent brass drops through the open receiver bottom into the truck bed. Helps to set the pintle high enough that the ammo feed can clears the truck roof in traverse.

    • Too Tall

      You’ve installed this accessory in your pickup truck, or do you have experience firing a Ma Duce mounted in the side door of a CH-46 or H-47?

    • John

      I take it you mount it that far forward to get best depression up front and stability on the move, otherwise you’d set the mount closer to the rear axle to get a walk around for an all round field of fire.

    • That is a good mounting rig EXCEPT the base plate bolts replace the bed mount bolts right through the frame, same as a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch . That is correct regardless, but much more so since the newer Fords have frickin’ ALL ALUMINUM beds. My 2012’s bed is steel but even then the doors and hood are Al.

  • Graybeard

    Gun trucks for convoys in ‘Nam.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Self modified?
      There also is Gun Trucks of Vietnam Smithsonian Channel
      Vietnam US soldier solutions were a source of knowledge to some arming up in Iraq.

      Having the people is the best source of local knowledge and strength. I made up a modified saying of Mao decades ago about ‘if you don’t have the people, replace the people.’ It was meant as a warning. It is actually part of our enemies plan.

      The French kicked out Islam in the 700’s. They foolishly colonized Algiers and suffered that war. Now the Muslims are replacing the French due to the weakness of the minds of the French caring, loving, perverted leaders. All for the better good destroyers.
      We are suffering that replacement invasion. The all for the greater good, loving, caring, never let one person die helpers of all but Western civilized people are engaged in that.
      Get your5 tons armored up in case it is needed. Obtain access to all that may be needed. learn the skills. Remember the skills. The enemy must mean to take it to us here directly. They have already taken it to our streets after 60+ years of continuous hard effort.
      If the corona variants, starvation, Coronal mass Ejections, Nuclear winter, vaxxes, vaccines, tainted food, fertility loss, whatever don’t get us, those skills and assets likely will be needed. The UN did plan for 500,000 of their members to replace us (supposedly join us) here in the US. Europe, New Zealand, Oz, Canada, and elsewhere will get their own replacements.
      If they are shooting at you, kill them. That is a law of life. It is a legal defense for your actions when properly done. That is the lesson of the gun trucks in ‘Nam. There are a lot of good postings available after searching. When somebody already solved some of the problems, use the solutions.
      And never stop voting, but secure the honesty of the elections first.
      Stay your course on the truth of what you know.

      • Browncoat57

        Very interesting link. Thank you for posting that. I have a friend who will find it even more interesting, if he hasn’t already seen it.

      • How totally cool NotYet…

        Makes me both proud and sad as I consider that I barely missed being there with my classmates, but marrying and with a baby on the way in ’71 as I was turning 18 and registering for it, I was down the list a ways as that shithole conflict wound down.

        Lost some good friends there. And to have seen how they were treated then and to some degree and increasingly how Real Patriots and Soldiers are treated now? Sorrow and anger sometimes bordering on hate. But I remember them and the sacrifice of their youth and sometimes their lives, not just on the day of remembrance but always, and I find comfort that they are in God’s loving embrace.

        • NotYetInACamp

          I knew too many that did not come back. And some that were scarred for life.
          I advocate avoiding war by strength and wisdom. Sun Tzu is a good start.
          My grandparents ancestors have a history of thousands of years of war. That is the Magyar and the Irish. There is a better way, but those at war with you will proceed anyway. Now the excuse of good is used to destroy us.
          That attacking Vietnam war vets is based in the same philosophy and brainwashing education that has patriotic displays attacked even in the services these days.
          See something, say something apparently does not apply to seeing Marxist chaplains and infiltration across the services as the Lt Col in command of the Space Force pointed out. He was removed for no longer being able to have his command have confidence in him bs. Yet if he would have done something woke, no problem. Truth is being persecuted, though I have never talked politics with an active duty officer.

          BBC had many articles and videos about why the people are coming to the US and how. Our enemies withing have helped make much of the world hell holes so that people are on the move. Famine and starvation is being manipulated again. Invasion mass migration results historically. Whether man made or nature, it is on its way to us.

          God Bless all who have been in or suffered from war.

  • Blasternaz

    M-151 pintle mount, M-2. Works well as it’s center mounted. A friend has a Range Rover Defender with a ring mount welded between the roll bars. Mounted everything from an M-60, M-2 to M-134 on it. M-2 caused the springs to bounce but I guess it just added to the beaten zone. Currently, modified Hummers carry everything up to and including Bushmaster 30mm. Ask me how that works….

  • steveb919

    I noticed the name “BAO” in the toon. It is the name of my dog. In Chinese it means “Precious Treasure” .

    • JTC

      Is that you up there P? And hopefully Mr. P downstairs, so to speak?

  • epador

    .We live in a city with Dark Sky ordinances which are routinely ignored by the CA refugees. Mrs Epador has hand gun training and skills but really wants to shoot long, however her main motivation is to shoot our the 200 watt landscape lights 500 feet away that annoy our back porch nights ( and they are on a dawn to dusk setting). My question is what should I buy and train her with, besides the “silencer?” I’ve tried to talk her into drive by slingshot missions, but so far no enthusiasm.

    • JTC

      Not to encourage her on what is apparently a criminal mission, but theoretically your idea for drive-by is excellent as opposed to medium range rifle fire or any gunplay at all in what I assume based on your stated need for a can is an occupied area.

      But while wrist-rocket slingshots can be very effective (I have a crazy cop story about that from 20 years ago at the old dead blog), she should look into some of the incredible new air rifles; amazing trajectories and range and no muffler required.

      • epador

        We have gas hand guns. In the past we have just gone at 2 AM and unscrewed bulbs till the neighbors got the message. However this house has 6 bulbs above even my hand reach. I’ve considered black spray paint…