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  • Big Jim

    C’mon, Sam, You KNOW a clawhammer is for NAILS not cars. There’s a whole BAG of different types of hammers for automotive and machinery work.

    • John M

      Maybe she was getting a nail out of a tire?

      • jane

        Sam knows what she’s doing…

    • John M.

      Besides, she might have gone to BFH mode, and that one was the only one that size she had…

      • Bill G

        Sam is certain to have something larger available. And she’s sure to know what I saw as the first rule of the shade tree mechanic, that while a small hammer has a definite limit on how hard it can hit, there is no limit on how softly a big hammer can hit.

        • eon

          The same way a full-sized Bowie knife can perform all the cuts of a small-to-medium knife and generally do a hatchet’s job, as well.

          BTW, I used to use a two-pound blacksmith’s hammer for- stubborn- king pins.



          • Big Jim had it right; I’m sure Sam knows better but this time her creator Chris didn’t.

            Claws are for carpentry because they have a hardened face to stand up to long term use on nails which have a relatively soft head. Ball peens and dead-blows are for machinery because the ball peen has a malleable face and of course the dead-blow is weighted plastic, so as to not dent or damage machine parts and so fragment (hardened hammer face on hardened machine part, something has to give and a tiny fragment can take out an eye quick). Some shadetree mechanics have a claw hammer in their toolbox, but no way Sam would one have one in with her mechanic tools.

            Ages 16-18 in an old-line hardware store and 18-24 in a mill working on steam turbines teaches you a lot of useless miscellanea, but some of it comes in handy.

            All that said and to the gist of the ‘toon, any one of those hammer types would be insulted to be in the box with that tool Biden.

  • I hate that mullato’s white half as much, if not more. MGMMPOS!

    • SteveInCO

      I find myself (as I have for the last 6+ years) not giving a damn what color or mix of colors the man is. He’s an anti-American turd; that’d be true even if he was chartreuse with hot pink polkadots; and that’s all that matters.

      I really gave it to the last Leftist POS who tried to claim opposition to Obama was racially motivated; I don’t think he dared try that line again.

    • Not long after zero’s election, a lady customer (of the gentrified SJW type) asked what I thought of him. My answer was pretty strongly derogatory but I withheld obscenities…like I said it was a lady, and a customer.

      She haughtily and accusingly sneered, “Why, because he’s black?”
      I answered, “No ma’am, because he’s red.”

      Her look of confusion was instant, and telling, and priceless. She left without a word, kind of in a daze.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Obama was a result of the effort I heard about from black people around the world when I traveled, for them to come here and breed the white man out of existence. They hate the white man in much of Africa and the Caribbean. Actually around the world. They can be fine with individuals, but, as groups, not so much. obama grew up in Indonesia where they hated all non Muslims, and the white man.
    The communists atr the Hall across the street also said that to me when I engaged them in conversation as a child.

    Love is one beautiful thing. Genocide by diffusion is disgusting.

    I could not make that up. When I used to say what people had told me I was attacked for such comments by so many Progressive brainwashed people.

  • Bill G

    From Shoeless Joe Jackson in baseball to Clueless Joe Biden in politics.
    What a country!

    • eon

      Joe should be a hoot on the campaign trail. Imagine him lecturing an audience on the nature of the alternate universe inside his trousers, or suddenly breaking off what he’s saying to have an engaging conversation with the invisible hamster he just spotted under the podium.

      Not to mention “proving” his commitment to the Second Amendment by starting a speech by firing off both barrels of a side by side shotgun in a random direction.

      Although Joe’s greatest value is more concrete. Like The One, he has a compulsion to prove that he’s The Smartest Guy In The Room. His usual method is to free-associate on every subject that occurs to him.

      In the process, he generally ends up blurting out something that his crowd wants to do or is about to do- that his crowd would rather the electorate didn’t know about until after the fact.

      As such, he’s terrific “mine canary” for progressive totalitarian delusions.

      Far from shutting him up, I want him babbling nonstop. Who needs scopolomine when you have Joe?



  • Grape

    The difference between a nail and a screw is the twist. Sam and Zed both know that.

  • markm

    Biden is the dream Democratic candidate – for the Republicans.

  • We appreciate the fact that Sam’s boob tube was thin enough for her nips to poke through.

    It’s obvious: you need to start selling a DbyD line of women’s clothing, just the kind of stuff Sam and Skye and Jan wear! 🙂

  • Pamela

    Sam is so thoughtful helping with vermin control. Lots of bugs and rats that will need smashing at 1600 when the next occupant moves in.

  • RayNAiken

    Biden = Dumb as a bag of hammers.

    • John D. Egbert

      What an insult to hammers everywhere! Shame!

  • My explanation upthread fails to mention the obvious (because in the sixth decade certain parts like brains and (etc.) go a bit soft. 🙁

    As mentioned, there are machine hammers (ball peens, dead-blows, and eon’s hand sledges) and there are builders’ hammers like the claw which you don’t use in mechanics due to fragmenting which can take out an eye, damages the machine part, and ruin the striking face of a forty dollar Estwing (seen many instances of that when folks pawn a toolbox).

    But the bit I failed to mention is that a woman of Sam’s talents knows that it ain’t how big it is but how hard it is…

    Not that, you buncha leches, her mechanical talent! We’re still talking hammers here…I’m gonna start calling my ball peen Joe; soft and obtuse.

  • John Greer

    A claw hammer is what you need to pry something apart in a confined space…like under a car or inside the head of a Progressive.

    • Burgie

      Aw, that would be a pry bar, but, then again, I’m nit picking. Sorry, I promised my wife I’d stop doing that…

    • interventor

      You assume there is something in the vacuum of a progressive’s head. Erroneous assumption!

  • Xdcpd085

    OK, just what the hell does Sam Keep finding to work on underneath the center of that Dodge charger?

    Having owned a similar 1969 GTX, I assure you there is nothing under that part of the vehicle except they nuts that hold the bolts to the seats.

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