Day By Day


  • NotYetInACamp

    Yes it is.


    • Pamela

      With Redemption comes Atonement. You can’t have one without the other.

    • doc

      Please let this be the dawn of the light of reason…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Is she fully “redeemed”? I doubt it.
    Will she return to her Libtard ways? Eventually.
    But she is taking that step in the “right” direction.
    And by her actions, she shall be known.
    Time will tell, time will tell.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    At least she finished shaving her head of those dread-ful (see what I did there?) half locks.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Do the antifas that Skye just left behind, do they know where Skye lives, where she came from, the DD Ranch?
    Will they come after her for some imagined special snowflake sleight or “money owed”?
    Stay tuned, boys and girls, for the next THRILLING chapter in the ever continuing saga of “Skye and Those Who Would be Kings”.
    (h/t to the Saturday morning “Sky King”)

    • Bill G

      Out of the blue, of the western Skye…

      • MasterDiver

        Flying that beautiful Cessna 310-B.

        Zar Belk!

        • S'aaruuk

          EXCELLENT!!!! I’m not the only ‘Olde Farte’ around here who remembers Sky King and the “Songbird”. Had the damnedest crush on Penny…..howzabout you?

          • S'aaruuk

            Addendum: Back in the late 80’s I dated a girl that Kirby Grant was her uncle. Even SHE thought he was an a$$hole the way he treated people IRL. *Sigh* Celebrity does strange things to some people.

          • S'aaruuk

            Addendum 2: Master Diver…..don’t forget the old twin Beech they sometimes used. While I loved the 310, the sound of those big radials on the Twin Beech was music to this old ‘air-dale’s’ (USAF) ears. πŸ˜€

        • John D. Egbert

          Actually, I much preferred the original Songbird — a Cessna T-50 Bobcat. Much more attractive bird to my aging eyes. ‘Course, I also much preferred the Piper Apache to the C-310; still do.

      • OHhhhhh…..! Saturday mornings, every week. Anyone besides me ever watch ‘Hopalong Cassidy’?

    • Well, if they do and Tabasco finds out about it, do you think there will be anything left of them to feed to the coyotes? Nah. Me neither.

    • I have heard stories of antifa hunting down members they believe are disloyal.

      boy, are they in for a surprise.

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Skye is going back to Japan, not Texas. But if the Antifa POS’s did think to try and hunt her down in Texas, they might not make it out of the state.

      • noncom

        Of course…..she’s broke….

    • “Flew back TO JAPAN.”
      She’s not going to the DD, and they aren’t likely to try to reach across the Pacific.

  • Interventor

    For Skye, the dawn of knowledge. It’s a long trip to Damascus after an epiphany.

    • KenH

      She ran out of money
      And she likes being waited on hand and foot

      • Polly Cy

        A welcome breath of sanity in the smog of wishful thinking..

      • PaulS

        Exactly , and didn’t they get tired of her mooching behavior and have her earning her keep prior to the time she left Japan to mooch off her sister, subsequently abandoning her children? Round and round it goes!

        JTC, I don’t think the laws of thermodynamics support your hopes for Skye.
        But she is hawt! πŸ˜‰

  • GruntGI

    Bwahaha. I knew it. Just like Jan, even Skye can only believe the lies for so long.

    Good for her. I predict an interesting homecoming.

    And yes, it might be fun to watch those ANTIFA idiots show up at the ranch.

    • NotYetInACamp


      Then Antifa can meet the pups.

      Then anything.

  • grayjohn

    Leftists are like meth addicts. I’m not holding my breath.

    • DrUrchin

      I have known some who truly reformed.

      I wonder what happens to antifada terrorists who try to trespass on an estate in Japan. I suspect they are even less tolerant than we are in America. I should ask my Japanese acquaintances.

      • eon

        In Japan, estate owners simply call the police.

        The police treat such miscreants about the same way they treat prostitutes and their pimps.

        And that hasn’t changed substantially for the last century or so.

        A tonfa to the kidneys is just the start.

        clear ether


    • Dov

      Me either. I notice the Antifa wackjobs are headquartered in Portland, that part is completely true to life. No matter how hard the PDX leftists work to destroy their city/county economy, no matter how much they trash their own city, no matter how much they s**t their own nests, they still suck the far-left Kool-aid here in Moscow on the Willamette.

  • Hal Knisley

    Wow! Didn’t see that coming

    • Unca Walt

      With Chris M. at the helm, “Didn’t see that coming” could be the descriptor for this blog.

  • epilitimus

    Last time something unbelievable happened it turned out to be a dream/hallucination. I’ll reserve judgment for a while.

  • KenH


    Redemption my ASS
    She going home to sponge on MOMMMMMY
    This Bitch Will NEVER Change

    • PaulS

      I like to stick with reality, but, what if she did change? Could you ever change your view of her?

  • Bill G

    Yesterday’s story started out with her feeling maternal; apparently something totally new to her.
    Maybe she’ll have some new ideas as well.
    Stay tooned.

    • Doc Epador

      So whose the Daddy?

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

        It was teased that they were Anatoly’s at one time but I don’t think we actually ever heard exactly whose they were.

        • xpd69

          Artificial insemination. Trying to con ‘Toly into thinking he was the father. Backfired badly when it was revealed he was “sterile” due to Chernobyl..

          • SheepDog

            Yeah that’s what Skye admitted finally. But Toly isn’t shooting blanks, ask Naomi.

      • PaulS

        Oh no! That would be BAD!

    • WayneM

      I noticed that too. A remarkable change for Skye who was never noted for being particularly maternal.

      • Grunt GI

        Hmmm, an interesting plot twist…who is Skye’s baby daddy?

        • Bill G

          What are the chances that she knows?

  • Ryk

    Skye should be utilizing OBama-care, good luck surviving that.

  • Pamela

    The woman behind Skye looks like Sarah Palin…

    • GWB

      You caught that, too, huh?

      • S'aaruuk

        Good….I’m not the only one who saw that.

  • Sometimes, if you’re blind, you have to run into a wall to get a reality check.

  • JTC

    Hoping it’s real. Does seem like a sudden and radical (heh) epiphany.

    But that’s just how it happened for Saul as the scales fell from his eyes.

    May there be many well-intentioned but naΓ―ve souls who have been blinded by the lies, who will come to see clearly the hidden evil agenda they have been lured and conscripted to serve.

    Stay tooned indeed. Another good one Bill G.

  • Calvin

    I imagine that like Jan, Skye will come only so far. She will fall back into her old ways because she is used to the dynamic of opposing what her in-laws believe though she may believe her ways anymore. It’s just a habit. She’s been enlightened but she has had her “come to Jesus moment yet”.

    • Ron

      The other possibility is that she’ll go WAAAY over the line to the right. Overcompensating in the delusion that this will these people who have used / let her down.

      • Ron

        Sorry – insert ‘punish’ those who have used / let her down.

  • Sometimes it’s never, sometimes it is a slow awakening, sometimes it’s a switch being flipped. We shall see. Stay tuned! Next Bat time, same Bat channel!

    • Pamela

      At least there will not be any men in tights running around…

  • RHT447

    As the note says “The left is a lie.” Sooner or later, we all must choose.

    We are ever confronted with two kinds of pain: the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. You can avoid one, but never both.

  • Halley

    Skye is waking up. She’ll be thanking you, Chris, for helping her emerge from the darkness into the light.

  • Toad

    Easter came a little late for Skye, but better late than never…

  • LowKey

    She seems to have spent most of her life hooked on the idea that by supporting and obeying the left that all her problems in life would be solved for her and her needs provided for.
    She’s finally come to the realization that the state doesn’t actually create anything it provides it just redistributes what it steals from others but like any other middleman it takes a percentage, and when the progressive left is driving it constantly increases that percentage.
    She’s been addicted to the fantasy that the state would be the solution to all the ills of the word and now she’s hit bottom, looked in the proverbial mirror and realized that the path she’s been on only leads to misery and dispair
    Like any recovering addict, she’s going to have a hard time going through withdrawal. She’s going to slip into her old ways from time to time, but she’s got a chance of beating this.
    As far as rehab facilities go I doubt you could find anything better for this particular bad habit than the DD. It’s about as far opposite the leftist nanny state philosophy as you can get.

    Not to mention a ride along with a certain lawman who’s sweet on her might wake her up to certain realities…especially a lawman who has to patrol an area that’s heavily used as a smuggling route by illegals and coyotes.

    What will be fun is Sky after she beats this thing. Ever notice how the most vehement and outspoken critics of something tend to be those who once were involved with it? I’m looking forward to seeing Sky wielding a club against a crowd of Antifas while wearing a MAGA t-shirt, right along Stickman.

    • MudMarine

      OMG! Wild thought! How would a reformed liberal look as a Texas Deputy Sheriff? Whoa! Chris, I have no doubt you could make Skye rock that uniform & Star πŸ˜‰

      • WayneM

        Skye in boots & spurs? Mmmmmmmm

        • Pamela

          Don’t forget a corset….

  • Tiger Tomcat

    Y’all forgot that Skye is a pistol packing Liberal, so if the Rose City Antifa’s think that she will be an easy hit they will be in for a surprise.

    • tomstockton

      Tiger Tomcat, a tip of the hat to your avatar! For a plane designed in the ’50’s and ’60’s, the Tomcat was King of the Skies for a good long time. Still think it’s one of the best-looking aircraft to ever fly!

      Tom Stockton

      • Pamela

        I was privileged to see a Grumman Hellcat F6F taxi, take off, fly and land on Saturday night right before the sun went down. That Pratt & Whitney engine has one of the most distinctive sounds. The Pilot wing waved to all of us watchers.

      • MudMarine

        I never saw a Tomcat in real life. But I’ll love F4 Phantoms all my life! Watching them lay down napalm or HE or strafing runs which saved my sorry ass many, many times in Nam.

        I was in adamant one time bored out of my mind around 2-3 am & just walked down to the end of the runway to watch them take off on missions. Those dual engines lit up the world and drowned all sound in it except for their roar. I told the guys about when I got back to An Hoa, they were all jealous as hell. πŸ˜€

        • MudMarine

          Damn autocorrect!!! An Hoa, not Adamant. Stupid phone!!

          • MudMarine

            Triple damn! “When I was in Danang”.

        • Merle

          My personal gratitude goes to F-8 Crusaders and an AC-47.

  • Halley

    Once it viscerally hits you that the Left’s proclaimed intention of “helping people” is just a clever smokescreen for their real purpose, which is punishing people (gulags or graves) – then you’re gone, never to return. Cutting through the quicksand swamp of imposed guilt to reach that insight is what most “progressives” just aren’t capable of, so best wishes, Skye – you can do it!

    • eon

      What usually does it is when someone like Skye realizes that the ruling elite’ of the left regard everybody but themselves as “expendable”. Including people like her.

      Being a Special Little Snowflake isn’t as much fun when you realize that the people who have told you you’re an SLS really don’t believe that anybody but themselves qualify for the status.

      clear ether


      • Dread

        You hit the nail on the head eon. Only now we have the elites in both major parties, stretching for a global socialist government. It’s like being on a battlefield where half of your army is fighting for the enemy.

        • Old Codger

          now we have the elites in both major parties, stretching for a global socialist government.

          Which is why we needed someone who was NOT a career politician. A global socialist government would be terrible for business. Politicians don’t give a damn about business. An entrepreneur is both concerned with business and knows what sort of conditions are good for business. I could not be less concerned about how much money Trump or Gates or the Don make. I don’t care if the economy creates hundreds of new billionaires – because an economy which creates new millionaires and billionaires is a healthy economy and can only exist under conditions which include individual liberty. I don’t care if Trump is just acting under his own self interest so long as some portion of his self interest is congruent to mine.

  • Since you’re featuring Rose City Antifa, wish you had touched on Mike Strickland and that obese Portland Antifa regular who was behind that whole mess. He makes a great poster-boy for their movement. Probably lives in his mom’s basement and blames her for his weighing 350 pounds.

  • PaulS

    Okay, I see a lot of hopeful speculation about Skye actually making a real change. Are there any in the audience here that accomplished such a thing after the age at which they had learned to dispose of their bodily waste independently? Seems to be a black swan scenario.

    • Halley

      Definitely black swan, but possible. I was able to dispose of all leftist mental waste by age 40, though I’d been more iconoclast than left. I suspect Chris enjoys Skye too much to let her mind, and life, permanently rot away…

    • JTC

      Of course. God says awakening, salvation, and redemption is always possible.

      It is much the same with other core beliefs and guiding principles I think.

      For me it was age 26, in 1980, and we all know what happened then.

      From 3rd gen. yelladog union card carrying D to Reagan R in one year.

      Are things really so much different now?

      • armedandsafe

        JTC, I was converted when Eisenhower came upon the political scene. Only 2nd generation card carrying unionist D, but I looked carefully at the two party’s proposals and accomplishments and made the decision. Dad was rather disappointed, but we agreed we would not argue about such things.

    • Kafiroon

      Yeh, I was a student at U. of Wis. of the Socialist haven of Madison during Veit Nam. We had more street blockades than Berkeley. There was almost always some group up on the “hill” (Bascom) shouting about something.
      Then I got a good paying job with the University and one part was getting and taking visiting doctors etc. to the airport. That meant you had to drive all they way around the lake vs. through town. That sucks when you get a flat pay for time spent.
      Eureka! screw those commie bitches!

    • Christopher Cole

      I was an active duty SSGT in the USAF when I went from an LBJ Democrat to a Libertarian. I had some wonderful philosophical discussions with one of my SGTs and I realized that my father had been right when he told me, in 1964, that unless you honestly examine both sides of an issue, you do not have an opinion; you are a parrot. And this was in 1979.

    • MudMarine

      LOL, never! In ’68 I was able to vote for my first time, I was 20. Absentee ballot from Viet Nam for Nixon. I’ve never strayed from the conservative side & now I’m a few weeks from turning 69. Pretty good stretch. My wife has always been the same. We were married in ’77 & voted together for Reagan in ’80.

    • JSStryker

      I was a DINO when I first registered to vote in 1975, changed my affiliation to Republican after Jimmah Carter was elected president, switched to independent sometime in the 80’s when I had an epiphany that everyone in congress was the same but I continue to vote republican because the other option is a non starter.

  • Pamela

    This is either a crisis of conscience for Skye, and she is questioning the reality of her existence, or she does have a physical form of cancer on top of the moral cancer she willingly has allowed to afflict her for decades. The possibility of having the Grim Reaper breathing down your neck will cause a crisis of belief and faith. Is this Skye’s cascade moment?

    • MudMarine

      I’be been thinking the cancer thread carries the over from the note, “Progessivism is a cancer”. Maybe I’m wrong

    • WayneM

      Feminism is a social cancer. Likewise progressivism. No doubt Skye is as gravely afflicted as if she underwent chemo.

  • Spin Drift

    The cancer thing really hit home, and you thought 2016 sucked. Three friends have all been diagnosed with the big C this winter. As one totters to their supposed age of wisdom the compatriots to whom you can share a wee dram thin out. It’s sort of like watching the last of the Doolittle Raiders toast their companions. One left now, is this the official passing of the Greatest Generation?

    Sound And Fury

    • MudMarine

      The cancer thought was from the Sarah looking woman behind her. I think Skye just clipped the rest of her hair so she wouldn’t look like an Antifa freak.

  • DCE

    Perhaps Skye’s enlightenment took place in a similar fashion as someone going bankrupt – First, a little at a time, then all at once.

    One can ignore the evidence of their own eyes for only so long before reality makes it past their programmed barriers and enlightenment takes place.

  • Halley

    I’m sure anyone who’s had a Skye sibling commiserates with Sam’s hair-pulling frustrations. You can’t kick common sense into them, they have to find out for themselves, hopefully not the hard way.

    • MudMarine

      Not a sibling. As life long Conservatives my wife & I somehow raised a Liberal Democrat daughter. But her oldest daughter has been a steadfast Conservative, is a few weeks from 17 & a champion on the debate team as a Republican. She’s also 4.0+ (I didn’t understand >4.0, I graduated with a 3.90) was an athlete until last year when she went political.

      She’s been class President a couple of times and is generally awesome!! We give her all the credit but we chuckle privately that our daughter is experiencing a little Karma kick. She voted for O twice! Says she voted for Trump this time, but her lips were moving so who knows?

  • Jess Sain

    Wow, somebody on the left getting a clue. There is one for the history books.
    Normally their condition is due to an overwhelming lack of common sense, we’ll see if it sticks.

  • sigofmugmort

    My wake up came in the form of Basic and AIT at Ft.McClellen AL. followed by a year in Korea Where I found out how much is NOT reported and how distorted what IS reported

    And I know a lady who is now much nicer and much more conservative. to quote one of her friends “she is much nicer since she shot herself in the head” btw Black powder pistol .50 she did not realize was loaded(grazed her temple)

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    As for me, it was the Mayday demonstrations in 1970. Me and several amigos attended, cuz no draft age boy likes the idea of going to war, if he can’t see a GOOD reason. (Got out of High Skrool in ’72) But I learned things around the campfires in West Potomac Park, before Jerry Wilson’s PD chased our asses out of town. All the major anti-war groups had their own campfire, for gathering “the troops” and keeping them focused. We were more “lone wolf” than joiners, so we were asking the rounds of various groups, lookin’ for the party. Kept seeing the same two “square” looking casual dressed guys meeting with the leadership of several Organised groups, off to the side. Being a curious lad, I followed these Jokers and saw them get into their car, away from the gatherings. Diplomatic tags? WTF?
    Got the number, later ran it by my cuz-in-law, a Metro cop. SOVIET EMBASSY? huh……
    That ended my trust of the politics of the movement back then. Dad was Guadalcanal Navy, so shitting on the warriors wasn’t a thing I liked, anyhoo. Trusting Nixon seemed wierd, too…. I just thank God for Ronnie!

  • armedandsafe

    Keep in mind the the note she left was to her fellow companions in the “movement” rather than to her family. Sending such a message to her family would be, could be, indicative of coercion to get back in the good graces ($) of said family. Such a note to her companions in the “movement” seems sincere.

    • eon

      Perhaps hoping for an epiphany on their part as well.

      clear ether


  • Patrick

    Back in the day, worked for a “NFP” dealing with environmental challenges – was hopeful and naif at the time. The view from inside rocked my perceptions and idealism to the core. It was just bizness as usual dressed up in lefty idealism bows and ribbons. Same thing happened working for the DFL. After that I became a cynical realist (a happy one to be sure). I don’t carry all my views in one basket, I might be “conservative” on one thing, and “laissez faire/”liberal” on another. But there is no trust remaining from me in any of the ideologically driven agendas out there anymore, liberal or conservative. Skye in this case may indeed follow in the footsteps of Jan in realizing the fallacies of the left, or she may simply be more of a pragmatic opportunist. Keep spinnin’ the tale Chris!

  • John

    The beginning of my epiphany was when I was browsing in a bookstore and saw the title “The Virtue of Selfishness”. I was so intrigued I bought it.
    Many books later and a lot of arguing taught me that not only was Rand so right about so many things even _she_ didn’t understand the full extent of her understanding.
    I was looking for a common denominator for our species mutual misery, and I think I found it. Rand even touched on it but never drove the issue home.
    The problem to solve, and the discipline that must be practiced (and it’s a full time job) is Intellectual Integrity.
    Everything you believe must agree with everything else you believe. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong somewhere and one cannot assume that one knows what’s right.
    That realization alone has revealed so much to me about myself and those around me.
    BTW It also settled me into Libertarian politics.

  • A news note: Pres. Trump has invited all 100 Senators to the White House for a briefing on North Korea. I have no other info than that right now.

    The North Korean government is holding three American citizens, two of whom are South Korean by birth, as prisoners, the third being arrested over the past weekend.

  • writeby

    More specifically:

    (New) Left Progressive Politics is the product of the (New) Left Postmodern
    intellectual, who is the high priest of the (secular) religion of Supernaturalist
    Idealism (consciousness creates reality, etc.), this mongrel theology the result
    of influences by: “extreme realist” Plato (source of Chrisitanity via Plotinus &
    Augustine), Christian philospher, Augustine (“Give me chastity and continence,
    but not yet.”), empiricist David Hume (“Morality is a-rational Sentimentalism”),
    German Idealists Kant (“The destroyer of Everything”) & Hegel (father of
    totalitarianism), and pragmatists Pierce, James (“Truth is but an expedient in
    our way of thiking.”) & Dewey.

    The theology of Supernaturalist Idealism can be expressed as follows:

    Metaphysics: Genesis of Social Constructivism

    Epistemology: Faith in Subjectivism, i.e., emotionalism

    Morality of Relativism, for which their moral standard is Nil & from which come the precepts of of Multiculturalism.

    >The one Mortal Sin in this morality is “Whiteness”; thus evolved the Doctrine of
    Original Racism:

    Because whites in the past have created inequality (thru slavery (slavery by people
    of color against people of color being okey dokey))–and continue to do so by
    trumpeting such blasphemies as American Exceptionalism while steeped in White Privilege–whites are inherently Evil (because their minds are evil; their consciousness the source of their Sins), stained forever with the Sin of Original Racism. This Sin
    can only be washed away by a baptism of fire, either by means of reparation, riots
    or outright enslavement.

    NOTE: “Maleness”–the War & Rape Mongering Penis of Patriarchy–is a Venal Sin,
    to be dealt with by psychological or outright castration and replaced by the Peaceful, Compassionate Vagina of Matrarchy.

    Politics: Gospel of Egalitarianism enforced by the law of Politcal Correctness

    Compliance with these are enforced with ecclesiastical fervor by Jesuit like
    Soldiers of Social Justice in obedience to the Scholastic Church of Academe, the casuistries of its clergy the foundation for a new catholic catechism.

    In the name of Equality, Harmony and the Holy Collective.


    • Pamela

      I happen to like Penis. A whole lot. And everything that is attached.
      The other stuff in that crap wanna be lunacy, Shit No!
      Anyone who follows that is shifting the World and the Chronicles of Humans out of balance. Falling into the Abyss to feed their egos means the end of Humanity.

  • JTC

    As with all cancers, prayers for remission and full recovery.

    And, maybe, the beginning of the second wave of the cascade.

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