Day By Day


  • Merle

    Most of the long term Dem-run cities are already shitholes…. 🙁

    • Observably. Rat sh!t pits of misery.

  • JTC

    Love the sentiment, hate the name.

    Sorry but it’s a bidness first, or it’s nothing.

    • Polly Cy

      I was underwhelmed, too. Clubs are okay, I guess, but a conservative hammer, or maybe a conservative howitzer would be more effective.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “The Conservative Club”
    So much for “laying low”. Just shout it from the NYSlime front page.
    Other than that, I like it. Brief. Catchy. Sounds honest. I’d be honored to be invited to attend opening night.

    Or maybe I could pull a Groucho Marx, “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member”.

    • John Trauger

      Especially now. Even though Trump is in power, the Deep State still hates them. They probably still remember their humiliation last time around.

      Our Heroes were saved thanks to don Portago’s influence. Portago has probably lost his influence along with his money.

  • Interventor

    Ain’t nothing, but the low down dirty blues.

    • nonncom

      “The Double D dance Club and Eatery…We serve nothin’ but right wings”…

  • Epador

    Redbones, ER maybe RedRibs and Not Dem BLUES.

  • Calvin

    How about New California with an emphasis on the Spanish accent.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I love it.
    I couldn’t think of a better gin joint roadhouse dive to pass out in and wake up in.
    It’d be better than Sam’s place in Casablanca. A better clientele. I’ve woken up outside of worse. (Wouldn’t drive.)
    As to the first paragraph, I have oft given my opinion on such, even recently. Though I am pretty sure that I have already been a slave. …

    • Kafiroon

      I would have gone with “Sam’s Club”

  • Too Tall

    Are Conservative Club membership card included in the 2018 DBD Swag? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Is the deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey from 2016 still lodged firmly in the rafters? Perhaps it needs a brass nameplate inscribed with “Her Thighness.” After all, it is probably in better condition that her namesake.

  • WayneM

    Political names like conservative and liberal aren’t making much sense anymore.

    I would rather call it as I see it… “Liberty Lodge” or “Freedom Club”

    • GWB


  • Bill G

    As Polly Cy pointed out, something more efficient than a club is needed.
    “Liberty Hall” came to my mind, but it is already widely used, with an Irish location being one with a lot of history behind it. In the original building, which was razed and replaced by something now used by a union and still using the name.

  • Halley

    It has always baffled me why those intrepid souls who do most to propel society forward are called “conservative” while the slobbering custardheads who try to drag it backward get to be called “progressive”.

    • Simple reference:

      1984 – Ministry of Truth

  • eon

    Call it simply “The Blues Club” and progressives won’t think twice about it. They’ll just think it’s an outpost of their brand of “enlightenment”, not realizing the difference between “blues” and just “blue”.

    They’re unlikely to try to “make it their own”, either, because few of them have musical tastes running much beyond rap today. (The posturing pseudo-intellectuals claim to like jazz, but few even understand what it is.)

    Once the few infiltrators realize that there’s no Starbucks cappuccino with a complimentary snort of Mexican coke, they won’t bother coming back.

    clear ether


    • GWB

      Going to disagree on this one, eon. I’m involved in the music scene online, with my own place and frequenting some others. And there are a LOT of folks there who would be identified as progs by at least some of their behavior and beliefs.
      Now, it *is* a smarter set, since most of them shut up about politics and just enjoy the music. But enough leaks out to know some of who is who.

      Another large set would describe themselves (probably) as ‘libertarian’. But, honestly, they just want the sex and drugs, and the rest of freedom can simply melt away as far as they care.

      • GWB

        Oh, and I neglected to mention that my scene is pretty eclectic: blues, rock, pop, jazz, American Standards, electric swing, country, folk, and probably a few others mixed in. A *lot* of time spent in blues and jazz/American Standards.

  • GWB

    Da Blues Digs
    or similar

  • PaulS

    CTC – Critical Thinkers Club
    Plus, it rhymes with DBD. 🙂

  • Halley

    “Club” as in = the kind needed to beat down Antifa, rioting campus fascists, rabid pussyhats, Deep State assassins etc..?

  • Pamela

    Well whatever the club is named, the music will be of the Cool Hot variety, the beer out of a bottle and cold. the food flavorful tasty, the Men all Male (none of those panty waist hurt me now types) and the Ladies will be beautiful smart and packin’ HEAT.

    • Richard

      A Heinlein kind of place.

    • Kafiroon

      There must be a large sign proclaiming:
      “If asked to hold someone’s beer, Don’t Drink It!”
      Absolutely imperative in Wisconsin.

    • Too Tall

      Pamela, you have a beautiful mind.

  • CC’s. Not to be confused with Cici’s, of course.

  • JTC

    Pamela’s description of desired product, atmosphere, and clientele is dead on.

    Gotta get ’em in there first though; it ain’t like the place is on the main drag. First-impression, visceral attraction (marketing) is critical to that.

    And it won’t happen with the stuffy Conservative Club moniker. First off, it’s like an in your face dis-invite to people whose “roots” are inextricably intertwined with the roots of blues, jazz, gospel, and ultimately rock. There are many of them who are not of that “half the nation” mentioned by Zed at the top; quite the opposite as native minorities find themselves displaced and otherwise dissed by the illegal deluge being foisted upon this nation, and many more who can and are coming around to see that their erstwhile leftist benefactors are busily replacing them as voters and recipients of their (our) largesse.

    I hate the word “inclusive” as it has been so co-opted by leftists just like “liberal”, “progressive”, and yes, even “conservative” by their co-horts in the swamp. But can you imagine the power of a group comprised of our own deplorables and joined by native blacks in a block interested in the survival of our country, ourselves and our heirs? It’s just a matter of time, education, and experience.

    White folks and black folks have a great deal in common as to their interests in history, music, Christianity, and survival. Plus, pre-emptorily and psychologically excluding them by way of a stuffy club name is to essentially exclude them from their contributions to that music and atmosphere mentioned…and not of least importance to any business, the cash register. Talk about survival, the business won’t without revenue from customers of like minds and tastes.

    Shoulda had (another) naming contest. I need me (another) honorary invite. 😉

  • FFastone

    2 names.
    One side would think that it is in defiance of the right and the people in the know could just sit back and laugh and let the cash register ring.
    or simply
    “Just Desserts” the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal.

    • Pamela

      I have this craving for something different,
      something with a little more life in it.
      Not only more life, but textured flavors,
      something I can wrap my tongue around –
      a taste bud jump start if you will.

      I want it to explode in my mouth,
      have the sticky sweet juices run slowly down
      as I lick my lips to catch every last drop.
      Precious beads of nectar on a base
      so firm, yet somehow soft and silky smooth.

      Spice scented… full bodied and satisfying
      and oh, so subtly intoxicating.
      Slightly addictive where one serving is not enough
      for it leaves a desire, a craving…
      a lust and yearning for more.

      Do you feel the same, I wonder?
      Are you satisfied?
      No, not satisfied or sated…
      for it is always there
      constantly pulling us back
      for a little more.

  • Halley

    “The Conservative Club With Hot Women Running Around Almost Nekkid”


  • The Independence. Or The Independents. Or just The Indies.

  • Sierra6

    I agree with JTC and Pamela and suggest: Red’s American – A Blues Club.
    When greeted at the door you would hear: “Welcome to Red America and be refreshed!”

    • NotYetInACamp

      Somehow could blues dive and roadhouse be worked into it? And maybe best joint of some sort. Much can`also be put in the subtitle. Blues Place also could be worked in some versions. Sam’s American Blues Club and juke joint. So I beat almost dead sea horses.

  • JTC

    (Chris’ stylistic logo letters, sax man on one side, sex bomb on the other)

    Smokin’ American Music.
    Home of cool blues, cold beer, hot ribs, and hotter women.

    Tell me that billboard out on the main road won’t bring ’em in. 🙂

    • Too Tall

      Ding, ding, we have a winner.

    • NotYetInACamp

      You are on the mark and have hit a target.

    • Swansonic

      Love it!